Chapter 1008 - Burial Flower

Chapter 1008 - Burial Flower

When the celestial fragment collapsed, the smell of the flowers landed on Wang Lin. He felt an unimaginable impact hit his body, and his insides popped and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Terror filled Wang Lin’s eyes and he quickly retreated!

“Who the hell is she!? Could she really be a flower celestial!?” Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb. He knew he was fortunate he had the body of an ancient god. If he was a normal cultivator, he would have died without a doubt!

Even so, the pain from his body made his mind tremble. The collapse of the celestial fragment shocked Wang Lin.

Although cracks had appeared on the celestial fragment due to the All-Seer’s spell, it was still an extremely powerful protective treasure.

However, it had collapsed in such a strange way from one point of the woman’s finger. Wang Lin couldn’t help but gasp and quickly retreat.

The woman was surprised, and she walked out a few steps. Looking at Wang Lin with her cold gaze, she raised her right hand and gently pointed at the void!

At this instant, the sense of crisis drowned Wang Lin like a flood. He only felt a pain from his chest as if a sharp thorn was going to pierce it. Under this intense pain, he activated his ancient god power without hesitation. Popping sounds came from his chest and then an illusionary plant appeared before his chest, but its roots were broken by the ancient god power.

The woman in white frowned and calmly said, “No wonder you dared to invade the cave, you indeed have some qualifications.” With that, her jade-like hand pointed to the side.

Master Hollow Wind, who was ready to escape in case something went wrong, was immediately surrounded by blooming flowers. The fragrance covered him, and his expression immediately became pale. He immediately sat down to cultivate in the sea of flowers regardless of the crisis. He had to cultivate to force the poison out of his body as fast as possible.

The moment he sat down, the flowers closed in and surrounded Master Hollow Wind. From a distance, you could see an endless sea of flowers, but not Master Hollow Wind.

The three Chen brothers and Big Head were terrified. They wanted to retreat, but they were covered by flowers. Before they could use any spells, they were surrounded by the sea of flowers.

As for the silver corpse, she was also surrounded by the sea of flowers, so it was impossible to see her anymore.

Looking around, Wang Lin was the only one remaining!

The woman’s cold gaze fell on Wang Lin. Wang Lin felt his mind tremble once more. A ray of blue light shot out from his right eye and the azure light shield appeared before him. Immediately following that, popping soundings could be heard before him.

Flowers appeared in the air and shattered as the azure light shield swept by. The flowers scattered, but the strange fragrance became even stronger.

The woman in white frowned even harder. She took a hairpin out of her hair with her right hand and, after looking at it, threw it forward!

A sharp sound that could pierce the origin soul immediately echoed across the cave. The hair pin flew directly at Wang Lin!

It was so fast that even Wang Lin wasn’t able to keep track of it. He could only hear popping sounds echo around him as he retreated.

Every pop meant the azure light shield being hit. The feeling of life and death crisis enveloped Wang Lin’s body. He couldn’t see through her cultivation, but he felt that her cultivation was more terrifying than Master Flamespark’s.

The woman raised her right hand once more, forming a strange seal, and softly said, “Burial Flower!”

After she spoke, countless flowers bloomed wherever there was light. There was simply too many flowers, causing the cave to become a world of flowers!

The moment she said “Burial Flower,” the flowers seemed to reach their peak and began to wilt. As the stems rapidly withered, the petals fell off like a rain of petals. As the woman’s hand formed that seal, all of the petals surged at Wang Lin as if they wanted to drown him.

Without a path of retreat, there was a flash of cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes. It had been a long time since he was pushed into a corner where he could die at a moment of carelessness. His hand formed a seal without hesitation and he pointed up at the sky and shouted, “Call the Wind!”

Black wind appeared within the sea of flowers and gathered on Wang Lin’s right hand. It turned into four black dragons and blasted out cold air.

Without pausing, his right hand changed seals and he shouted, “Summon the Rain!”

As the four black dragons roared, a large amount of rain descended and covered the sky. Large amounts of celestial spiritual energy gathered from all directions and entered the raindrops in the blink of an eye.

As Call the Wind and Summon the Rain were used in succession, they began to fuse. Within the wind, the power of the rain was mighty, and within the rain, the wind was even colder! As a result, this caused the countless raindrops to turn into ice crystals. As Wang Lin pointed, the four black dragons roared and the ice rain fell straight toward the woman in white!

This was a moment of crisis, and Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold. His hands formed a seal once more, and without hesitation, he shouted, “Magic Arsenal!” With that, a ray of black light flew out from his mouth. It was the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp!

The 18 Hell Sealing Stamp flashed brightly. As Wang Lin waved his sleeves, the battle souls inside the stamp flew out and filled the cave. They charged at the woman in white along with Call the Wind and Summon the Rain.

Magic Arsenal caused a ripple in the sea of flowers. This was the first time Wang Lin had used all three of Bai Fan’s celestial spells. The power of the three spells was unsurpassable. The black wind blew back the petals and the ice crystals caused popping sounds to echo across the cave.

Finally, the countless battle souls from Magic Arsenal, especially Blood Ancestor’s, swept the area. The three spells formed a storm that swept the world.

Rumble, rumble!

The rumbling was heaven-shaking. The fusion of three of Bai Fan’s spells forced an opening in the sea of flowers and closed in on the woman in white.

Wang Lin took a step forward and cracking sounds came from his body. He changed from his original size to more than 1,000 feet tall!

The azure light shield changed with him and became hundreds of feet large. It circled around Wang Lin.

The aura of a royal ancient god spread out without reservation. Wang Lin let out a roar as his right hand mercilessly threw a punch.

A powerful gust of wind appeared and increased the speed of the three spells before it. It broke through everything and arrived before the woman in white.

The four dragons roared and countless ice crystals rained down. There were also countless battle souls filling the sky!

The expression of the woman in white changed slightly as she stared at Wang Lin’s large body and softly said, “Ancient god…” She raised her right hand, and a flash of green light emitted from her hand. Then a mysterious ball of light appeared.

The moment he saw this ball of light, Wang Lin, who had turned into an ancient god, felt that powerful sense of crisis once more. This time it was several times stronger than before, and all of it was because of that ball of light!

The woman in white’s expression became even colder, and she threw the ball of light. It flew forward at the storm and collided with it in an instant.

There was no sound, but the scene before him brought Wang Lin a great deal of shock!

The moment that ball of light and the storm touched, they collapsed. The collapse of the ball of light caused a strange change. The three spells that were original fused separated back into three spells.

However, they changed once more and continued to degrade until they disappeared into nothing before the woman! Even the battle souls from Magic Arsenal went back into the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp.

All of this was done in an instant, and Wang Lin’s expression changed greatly. His fist had lost the storm around it, but still closed in on the woman in white.

The woman in white’s expression was calm and her eyes were cold. Another ball of light appeared in her hand and she threw it directly at Wang Lin.

“Source origin!” Wang Lin clearly felt that there was a sliver of source origin inside that ball of light. Only source origin could cause the three spells to collapse like that. If it touched him, even though he had the body of an ancient god, he would collapse!

During this moment of crisis, Wang Lin’s third eye suddenly opened. As the ball of light closed in, a sharp, red light came out of the third eye!

The power of the third eye was released completely!

The moment the third eye opened, the red light opened up like a fan and covered the ball of light. Then the source origin inside the third eye slowly came out.

This was the first time Wang Lin had battled with the source origin energy inside his third eye. Although the red light looked peaceful, it was extremely dangerous!

The moment the red light came out of Wang Lin’s third eye, the expression of the woman in white changed for the first time!

The ball of light dissipated at a rapid rate under the red light. However, as it dissipated, the bit of remaining source origin energy within Wang Lin’s third eye also rapidly dissipated as if they were canceling each other out.

This process only lasted an instant, but it felt like thousands of years for Wang Lin. After the ball of light dissipated, Wang Lin quickly retreated, then the dim, red light disappeared and the third eye closed.

The clothes on his back were soaked in cold sweat as Wang Lin retreated. The woman in white didn’t change, but her eyes became serious and she slowly said,

“Ancient god, Bai Fan’s celestial spells, source origin energy. Who are you!?”

Wang Lin dreaded the woman in white a lot, but he had to break through and enter the cave! At this moment, Wang Lin’s mind trembled and he remembered the strange expression the old man had after seeing the Stop spell!

Wang Lin rarely gambled in his life, but right now he had to gamble!

“If I fail, then I can only escape to find Ancient Demon Bei Lou to help me break through this celestial cave. No matter what, I must enter!” Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he lifted his hand and pointed. The Stop spell suddenly appeared.

The moment the woman in white saw the Stop spell, her expression changed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he decided to slap his bag of holding. The celestial pagoda appeared and Qing Shuang’s corpse floated between Wang Lin and the woman in white!

It was as if the woman in white was struck by lightning!

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