Chapter 1007 - Warning

Chapter 1007 - Warning

Wang Lin’s current cultivation was not the same as before, so not many situations could make him feel danger, especially after he became a 5-star royal ancient god.

Unless the enemy’s cultivation level was late stage Nirvana Cleanser or above, it would be impossible for Wang Lin to feel a strong sense of danger.

However, the moment the white figure appeared, Wang Lin’s sense of crisis reached a peak.

Wang Lin hadn’t experienced the feeling of all his hair standing up in a while now. His pupils shrank and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. The blue light in his eyes shined as he stared at the white figure.

A quiet sigh came from inside the palace. The white figure walked out, and what appeared before Wang Lin and company was a beautiful woman!

This woman was very beautiful, almost to a demonic level. Even though Liu Mei didn’t lose in appearance, she lacked an unspeakable feeling. It was as if this woman was a flower of the world. She would bloom and wither along with the world.

She only showed half her body. After her gaze swept past Wang Lin, she looked at everyone else before retreating.

However, just a glance had caused Wang Lin feel as if a hammer had mercilessly smashed his heart. He felt a buzz in his head and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Then he retreated a few dozen feet and his expression became gloomy.

If Wang Lin was like this, everyone else was worse off.

Master Hollow Wind’s eyes widened and became bloodshot before he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His mountain-like body trembled and rapidly shrank until he was only half of his original size. Large amounts of origin energy entered his mind as he retreated dozens of feet before he stopped. His face was pale and he was aghast by the situation as he shouted, “Flower Celestial!”

The three Chen brothers weren’t able to resist at all. With one glance, Master Yi Chen’s eyes went unfocused and the sounds of things popping came from his chest. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and fell from the sky. At that moment, the panic in his eyes reached a peak.

As for Master Yi Xiang and Master Yi Long, it was as if their hearts were pierced, and blood spewed out from their pores, soaking their clothes in blood. They fell from the sky and began to cultivate without hesitation.

Big Head and Lei Ji were the same.

Lei Ji’s large body wasn’t able to withstand the shock to his mind. He knelt down on the ground and his face was ashen.

Only the silver corpse remained normal, but there was a flash of strange light in her eyes.

Just one glance contained such terrifying power, and this made Wang Lin gloomy. This was merely one of the four outer caves, but it was already so dangerous. Once they entered the final cave, it was obvious there would be danger at every corner!

“I fear this trip to the Demon Spirit Land will be the most dangerous trip I, Wang Lin, have made in my life!” Wang Lin had anticipated danger, but he didn’t think that their power would be bit lacking in just the outer cave with the people he brought.

Seeing the white figure disappear back into the darkness of the palace, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. With his intelligence, he obviously knew that that gaze was a warning!

Warning them, especially Wang Lin, to not enter!

If it was any other time, Wang Lin would chose to avoid this place after facing such a warning and powerful attack. After all, what he was doing now was same as invading someone’s cave.

However, this was a trip Wang Lin had to make. All of this was for Zhou Yi. His greatest wish was to revive Qing Shuang, and the one with the best chance to revive her was her father, Qing Lin!

Wang Lin still felt grateful toward Zhou Yi, like how he felt grateful toward Situ Nan. Situ Nan had helped Wang Lin get on the path to become a cultivator, and Zhou Yi had played a critical role in his cultivation. If not for Zhou Yi’s Ascendant Crystal, Wang Lin would have already died along the path of cultivation.

Moreover, although the poison inside Situ Nan was suppressed for now, both of them knew that if it was not dealt with, the consequences would be extremely serious.

It could be said that the hopes of both of his most important benefactors, Situ and Zhou Yi, were all here. Even if it was dangerous, he could not choose to retreat!

Even if he had to invade someone else’s cave and do unjust things, Wang Lin would have no regrets. In this world, it was hard to say who was right or wrong. As long as he was helping Zhou Yi and Situ Nan, to him, he was in the right.

However, for the white figure in the palace, the person who invaded the cave was in the wrong.

“Since I made the choice, then I must walk down this path!” Wang Lin took a deep breath as he stood before the tortoise shell, and his right hand reached toward the void. A thunderous rumble echoed across the cave as if a spatial rift was opened inside it.

As the cold wind blew, strands of black light began to gather. Soon, the illusion of a spear appeared in Wang Lin’s hand!

Large amounts of thunder filled the area and crackling sounds echoed inside the quiet cave. At this moment, the shadow of an ancient god appeared behind Wang Lin. As he grabbed the God Slaying Spear, the ancient god shadow also reached out, and there was a loud rumble.

A God Slaying Spear unexpectedly appeared in the shadow’s hand as well!

A powerful surge of origin energy filled the cave. As Wang Lin took a deep breath and lifted the God Slaying Spear, the gravel on the ground began floating into the air.

Not only the gravel, but even the water in the river seemed to stop flowing and floated into the air. Debris from the four broken towers also floated into the air.

At this moment, the entire came became strange.

“I don’t wish to hurt anyone. Even the four souls earlier were just remnants and not the original bodies. Even now, I only want to break this shell and open the passage to the cave!” Wang Lin’s third eye slowly appeared, and hidden under the third eye, the five stars rotated rapidly. The power of an ancient god filled Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin’s body suddenly moved and then the God Slaying Spear gently moved. As the spear moved it was as if space itself was being sliced through.

Holding the God Slaying Spear, Wang Lin moved like lightning toward the tortoise shell. When Wang Lin got near, determination filled his eyes and he shouted, “Master Hollow Wind, silver corpse, help me break the shell!”

Master Hollow Wind clenched his teeth and moved. His body rapidly shrank until he was the size of a normal person. Then his body released a golden glow and a giant stone tablet appeared!

There were many runes on this stone tablet, and it gave off a golden glow. When Master Hollow Wind pointed forward, the stone tablet whistled through the air toward the tortoise shell.

There was a loud bang when the stone tablet smashed down on the shell, causing it to flash violently. The silver corpse spat out a five-colored smoke that headed straight for the tortoise shell. The five-colored smoke covered the tortoise shell and started to melt it.

The tortoise shell began to flash even more violently. At this moment, Wang Lin mercilessly threw the God Slaying Spear down.

This God Slaying Spear was like a mad dragon that whistled through the air toward the tortoise shell. It was so fast that the tip of the spear touched the tortoise shell almost instantly!

A circular ripple suddenly spread out from the spear and caused a loud rumble. At the same time, fine cracks appeared on the shell where the spear collided.

The moment the cracks appeared, the five-colored smoke entered the cracks. Adding the impact of the golden stone tablet, the cracks became even larger until the shell completely collapsed!

When it collapsed, the entire palace was lit up. The pieces of shells were all pushed back by the force. The God Slaying Spear was current displaying all the power Wang Lin could release with it. After breaking through the tortoise shell, it shot toward the palace under it.

Along with it was the five-colored smoke. However, at that moment, the sense of crisis that made Wang Lin’s hair stand on end appeared once more. This time it was even stronger than before!

A white palm extended out from the palace and pointed at the God Slaying Spear. Countless flowers of various colors appeared in the sky. There were so many that they immediately covered the sky and stopped the God Slaying Spear.

As for the five-colored smoke, it immediately turned into a five-colored flower that floated in the air.

The white figure walked out and raised her beautiful hand. She coldly stared at Wang Lin and pointed at him!

At this instant, Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank, then he opened his mouth and spat something out. It was the protection treasure Master Flamespark had gifted him, a Thunder Celestial Realm fragment!

There were some cracks on the fragment that were caused by the All-Seer’s spell!

At this moment, the celestial fragment flew out and immediately grew until it was 1,000 feet wide. It was like a shield protecting Wang Lin!

However, right when the celestial fragment appeared, countless flowers bloomed on the fragment. These flowers were all extremely gorgeous, and they released a nice fragrance.

“I have already warned you!” A soft but extremely cold voice echoed. Just as this sound appeared, the celestial fragment covered in flowers suddenly shattered!

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