Chapter 1004 - The Existence in the Depths of the Celestial Cave

Chapter 1004 - The Existence in the Depths of the Celestial Cave

At this moment, even the three Chen brothers opened their eyes. As they cultivated, the celestial spiritual energy entered their bodies. After frowning a bit, Master Yi Chen got up and said, “Fellow Cultivator Wang, this matter is improper! Although I don’t know much about restrictions, even I can see the hidden killing intent here. If we are going to open it by force, it is best to wait for us to recover so we have a higher chance.”

“No problem!” Wang Lin waved his hand and interrupted Master Yi Chen. Wang Lin’s command was absolute to the woman in silver. She didn’t hesitate to enter that 100 step area.

The moment her right foot landed, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. The woman in silver didn’t stop and immediately took the next step. She had taken nine steps in a row.

The moment her 10th step landed, ripples appears within the 100 step area and a faint mist appeared within the area. The mist quickly shot toward the woman in silver.

In addition, as everyone watched, the 100 step area before them twisted as if there was a power tearing it.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed rapidly as he calculated like crazy in his mind. He calmly said, “Attack with a spell to the left, then retreat back!”

The silver woman immediately obeyed. Her right hand flashed and turned into a rune that suddenly landed on the left. There was a bang as if a storm had swept by the area. The mist was all blown away and even the ripples disappeared.

The woman silver calmly retreated outside the 100 steps range.

Master Hollow Wind was startled by this, and his eyes shined brightly. Not only him, but even the three Chen brothers were startled, and they looked at Wang Lin with strange expressions.

Without giving them too much time to think, Wang Lin stepped forward and leaped ahead. He landed where the woman in silver’s 10th step was.

“As I expected, the restrictions here are very different from the outer ones! Although the changes to the restrictions near the river are endless, they only take one form. One is the dirt and the second is water vapor!”

Flashes of deduction appeared in his eyes as he continued to calculate. All the restrictions within the 100 step area slowly formed in his mind.

Wang Lin had learned restrictions in the Land of the Ancient God, and he continued to improve them for over 1,000 years. Then, in Allheaven, he inherited the Annihilation restriction!

Although the restrictions were strong, Wang Lin was not the same as he was in the past. Although his growth in restrictions was not as fast as his cultivation, it was still very fast. Wang Lin knew that his talent in cultivation was lacking, but he had amazing comprehension when it came to restrictions.

This was something Wang Lin became aware of at the Land of the Ancient God.

Having cultivated until now, Wang Lin had seen through it all. One’s talent in cultivation was how sensitive one was to spiritual energy. The more sensitive one was, the better their talent!

However, restrictions had nothing to do with one’s sensitivity to spiritual energy. Restrictions all depended on one’s calculations and deductions. It depended on one’s mind!

Wang Lin wasn’t lacking in the mind, and his growth was almost superhuman in this regard. Otherwise, he couldn’t have walked so far in his 1,000 years of cultivation.

He stood at the 10th step and looked ahead. The restriction light in his eyes formed a storm, and in a flash, everything before him changed!

The originally calm 100 steps contained 39,714 restrictions in total! These restrictions weren’t independent, but all connected together. If one was activated, everything would activate with it!

If it was Wang Lin before he learned the Annihilation restriction, he would have found this a headache and wouldn’t dare to carelessly step inside. He would have to wait outside and deduct more than 30,000 restrictions before he dared to attempt to crack them.

However, Wang Lin’s knowledge on restrictions had reached a completion, and he had inherited the Annihilation restriction. He had also obtained the heart restriction, which was the peak of the Annihilation restriction.

Everything in the world could be trapped by restrictions. A universe could be contained in one’s heart. Just one movement from one’s heart could cause endless restrictions to form!

While he deduced, he lifted his feet and walked 10 more steps!

The restrictions within the 100 step area immediately activated as if a stone was tossed into a lake, setting off a chain of ripples. The power coming from the ripples even shocked Master Hollow Wind!

“Celestial restrictions are indeed intricate! I wonder how the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou broke the restrictions in their cave.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t stop and continued to walk forward.

Sand appeared within the 100 steps, as if it had become a desert, and covered the area. The sand and stone formed a storm and roared. The storm shot directly at Wang Lin.

Outsiders couldn’t see this, but Master Hollow Wind and company were all powerful cultivators. They didn’t need their eyes; they used their divine senses to see the shocking impact within that 100 step area.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change. The moment the storm charged at him, he lifted his right hand and a restriction flew out. This restriction landed on the storm and made it collapse immediately. However, the storm was simply too big; it seemed to cover the world.

Although it collapsed, it didn’t affect the power of the storm. But the point of the collapse was on the lower part of the storm, right where Wang Lin was.

As a result, the collapse continued, and Wang Lin walked through this storm.

This simple restriction was something Wang Lin had learned after calculating countless times. The time, location, and size of the restriction all had to be perfect, or he couldn’t produce a collapse just big enough for him to pass.

Although it looked simple, it was not something ordinary people could do.

Master Hollow Wind’s eyes shined brightly as he stared at Wang Lin. He gasped as he was aghast at what he saw. He just couldn’t believe that Wang Lin, who had only cultivated for such short period of time, had this much ability in restrictions.

“His calmness isn’t fake, he is truly calm. I fear he has already deduced all the restrictions inside. He isn’t going to break through by force, he will use restrictions to break restrictions!”

The three Chen brothers gasped and looked at each other. They respected Wang Lin even more in their hearts.

After piercing the storm, Wang Lin moved even faster and walked 90 steps. He was only 10 steps away from the stone bridge!

Just at this instant, the storm disappeared, but water vapor appeared and the sound of waves could be heard. In Wang Lin’s eyes, the 100 step area suddenly turned into an ocean, and the angry waves smashed down on him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was waiting for this moment! The moment the angry waves smashed down on him, Wang Lin’s right hand hit his bag of holding and an item appeared in his grasp!

This was the heart compass that the inheritor of the heart restriction had to have!

Holding the compass, Wang Lin stood straight. The waves hit his clothes, and his long hair drifted backwards, making him look like a celestial! His left hand moved over the compass and crackling sounds came from the compass. Then it began to rotate.

Wang Lin’s left hand became like a shadow as he continued to moved, and his eyes flashed. Without pausing, he took a step to the left. He then moved several feet in one step and dove into the angry waves.

However, the moment he closed in on the angry waves, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He shook the compass in his hand and a large amount of restrictions flew out.

“Break!” As Wang Lin shouted, the compass that flew out released a black glow. The restrictions around it rumbled as they pushed outwards.

In an instant, the angry waves collapsed as if they had become obedient and shattered inch by inch before Wang Lin.

The moment the waves disappeared, a scream came from inside the celestial cave and echoed throughout the cave as a sound wave.

“There was indeed someone controlling the restrictions!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. When he saw the restriction for the first time, he felt that something was wrong. The restrictions in the outer layer were all dead restrictions with no one controlling them. They all changed according to a rule and moved according to it.

However, the restrictions within the 100 steps were different. He had the vague feeling that someone was controlling them. This was why Wang Lin had the female corpse enter 10 steps to probe.

After observing the changes in the restrictions after advancing 10 steps, Wang Lin was certain his guess was correct!

At this moment, he walked forward with the compass in his hand and stepped on the stone bridge. He then looked at the celestial cave before him and calmly proceeded forward.

The cave of a celestial would not be simple; Wang Lin naturally knew this well.

“I just don’t know what is inside the depths of the celestial cave to control the restrictions to prevent outsiders from entering.”

Master Hollow Wind revealed a gaze of admiration as he, the three Chen brothers, and Big Head quickly followed.

Wang Lin stood on the bridge and carefully looked at what was before him. The inner part of the celestial cave was like a garden with flowers everywhere. Although it was a celestial cave, the colors gave anyone who looked at them a feeling that it was a mess.

Four pavilions carved from jade were on the sides, with a huge palace in the center. It had dragons and phoenixes carvings decorating it, along with other celestial beasts Wang Lin didn’t know of. This gave this palace a sense of celestial might!

In addition, there were 10 golden statues outside the palace. The 10 statues were all wearing armor as if they were celestial soldiers!

“Xuan gold!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as all 10 of these golden soldiers were made of Xuan gold. This Xuan gold was one of the key ingredients to strengthening the body of a celestial guard!

A terrifying aura came from the depths of the dark palace and surrounded the area.

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