Chapter 1002 - Second Avatar (2)

Chapter 1002 - Second Avatar (2)

“If I had 100 more years, I could have completed the Demon Split Spell… Unfortunately, this demonic sense is too weak and the main body has been devoured. This demonic sense is like a tree without roots and could dissipate at any time… The Cloud Demon Tower has collapsed, so I can no longer stay! I don’t dare enter another demon country to absorb demonic energy…”

This demonic sense carefully flew forward; however, he was simply too weak and could be wiped from existence at any moment.

While he flew in the sky, he was slowly dissipating. In the end, he was about to collapse, and even his memories became blurry. He was about to dissipate completely.

Just as he was about to disappear forever, he vaguely felt demonic energy below him. The Soul Refining Tribe was right below him!

There weren’t many Soul Refining Tribe members back then, only a few hundred thousand people. Most of them were spread out, looking for places with soul fragments. Only a few tens of thousands of people remained in the tribe’s lands.

These people were all worshiping a black stone statue feverishly. Demonic energy came out of their heads and surrounded the area.

The demonic sense of the Cloud Demon that had dissipated too much and was moving only subconsciously charged at the black statue. The moment it entered the statue, it seemed to become alive, and the surrounding demonic energy began to gather toward it.

As time passed, the Cloud Demon slowly settled down in the the statue. He had lost too many memories during his escape, and the rest became blurry.

He was not even the original body and was just a sliver of demonic sense. All the demonic energy coming from the Soul Refining Tribe members’ worship was filled with thoughts of a person called “Wang Lin.”

At the start, he resisted it, but when the number of Soul Refining Tribe members passed one million, he gradually felt like his name was Wang Lin under the constant worship of the tribe members, that he was their ancestor.

He spent hundreds of years with such thoughts. As the Soul Refining Tribe grew to millions, the constant worship made him completely abandon his past, and now he thought he was Wang Lin.

As he was changed, the statue slowly changed into Wang Lin’s appearance. He also became Wang Lin inside the statue.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and looked at the ancient demon that looked exactly the same as him. The strange light in his eyes became even stronger. Even he found what he saw unbelievable.

Combining his own speculations, Wang Lin gained a detailed understanding of what had happened.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stared at the ancient demon and muttered, “For an ancient demon to be sent to my doorstep, it would be a pity not to take it… Since even he thinks he is me, then… just let him be my second avatar!

“My original body is an ancient god, my first avatar is a cultivator, and my second avatar is an ancient demon. I wonder if I can create a third avatar that is an ancient devil! At that time, when they all fuse…  I wonder if I can revert back to the Ancient Order!” Wang Lin’s heart pounded as he looked at the ancient demon that delivered itself to him, and he smiled.

His body flickered and he left the statue. His divine sense and cultivation returned back to his body. He looked at the black statue before him and his smile widened.

He took a deep breath and sat down, placing his hand on his knees. Then he spat out essence origin energy that shrouded the stone statue before placing down restrictions on the statue.

If he wanted to make this his second avatar, he had to refine it until it was one with his mind. He had to be able to manipulate it at will and it could no reject his origin soul. Instead, his origin soul should easily be able to replace it if needed.

Although this sounds simple, in truth was extremely difficult. Although it could be done by force, it is only useful against puppets far weaker than himself. Even if it succeeded, it would be useless as an avatar.

However, if it wasn’t weaker than him, he couldn’t use force.

In conclusion, it became the first hurdle to overcome.

Since he couldn’t force it, he had to slowly refine it day by day and consume a lot of time for a low chance of success. However, even if it succeeded, there was still a flaw; there was still a chance the avatar would rebel.

However, this wasn’t a difficult matter for Wang Lin since this ancient demon already believed he was Wang Lin, so not much refining was required. All Wang Lin had to do was integrate his divine sense and make sure the ancient demon knew who the original was!

This wasn’t difficult for Wang Lin. He had a higher cultivation level than the ancient demon and he was an ancient god.

However, Wang Lin was cautious in the remaining few days. Not only did he completely integrate his divine sense into the ancient demon, he also left an imprint on the seal. Also, he left a large amount of restrictions inside the avatar. If this avatar ever rebelled, Wang Lin could immediately subdue it with a thought. 

If he stopped here, it wouldn’t be Wang Lin’s style. In addition, he used some of Celestial Emperor Qing Lin’s methods to control puppets on this second avatar. Only when he had absolute control did he relax.

Looking at the the stone statue before him, he felt as if it was one with him.

“It is a pity this second avatar has no physical body and must exist inside the stone statue. It can’t separate from it for now, and if it attacks, it mainly uses the demonic sense! It’s also very weak, only late stage Ascendant.

“However, this is a sliver of demonic sense. If it has enough demonic energy, it will grow and reach the level of an ancient demon…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that he couldn’t rush this and that he had to do this slowly.

After dealing with the matter at the Soul Refining Sect, Wang Lin didn’t take the stone statue with him. Instead, he laid down some powerful restrictions and ordered the Soul Refining Sect to continue to worship it.

“This second avatar is a seed. Right now, it’s not of any use to me, but once it grows…” There was a glimmer of anticipation in Wang Lin’s eyes. Then his body flickered and he disappeared.

Although the Sky Demon Country had won the battle against the Fire Demon Country hundreds of years ago, their casualties were too heavy. Even today, after hundreds of years, their population was far smaller than before.

Even the most prosperous Sky Demon Country capital, while not bleak, wasn’t as bustling as when Wang Lin first arrived.

There were still shops along the streets, but not many pedestrians. The few pedestrians only took a few glances at the shops before quickly leaving.

There was a long river through the inner city that connected with the river in the outer city and formed a cycle. At this moment, Wang Lin quietly sat on the side of the river and watched the river flow.

If a power could turn back time to hundreds of years ago, then you would find that he was sitting exactly where he sat before.

At this moment, he was still the same person at the same position next to the same river, but there was no flower boat on the river and there was no zither music to flow into his ears.

A trace of melancholy appeared in Wang Lin’s heart as he looked at the empty river. It was as if he could her the echo of the zipher music from hundreds of years ago. However, this music was very weak, as if the wind could cause it to dissipate and never be heard again.

Thinking about it now, if not for drinking with the Demon Emperor for a night, Wang Lin probably would have never seen the face of the woman who played the zither.

Even now, Wang Lin still only remembered her lonely figure and the zither music filled with sadness.

Sitting there while watching the sunset, Wang Lin immersed himself in his memories. At this moment, he felt the passage of time. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of years had passed. It could wash everything but his eternal memories.

“Perhaps this is the tragedy of life…” Wang Lin let out a sigh. Time existed because one had memories. If one had no memories, then there was no passage of time.

“I wonder if Mo Lihai is still around…”

There was a wine jug beside Wang Lin. This wine came from the same shop as back then. After generations, the label was still the same, but the wine...

Wang Lin picked it up and took a sip.

“Even the taste has changed…” Wang  Lin bitterly smiled and put down the wine jug.

“Of course it changed. The descendants of that old man don’t have the skill of their ancestor, so they can’t recreate the same taste as before.” A calm voice came from behind Wang Lin. It was filled with exhaustion.

Wang Lin didn’t turn around and let out a sigh. “We haven’t met in hundreds of years. The Demon Emperor isn’t as carefree as before!”

A sigh came from behind Wang Lin. A middle-aged man wearing purple sat down beside Wang Lin. He was extremely handsome, showing a hint of what he once looked like. However, now he had strands of white hair and looked older.

“Drink it and try it.” The middle-aged man took out a wine jug and handed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took it and drank a sip. He smiled and said, “It’s the wine from back then!”

“I knew you would definitely come back, so I saved a lot to drink with you!” The middle-aged man waved his hand and another jug appeared. He took a big gulp before he smiled and said, “Brother Wang, do you feel melancholy without the zither music from back then?”

The sound of the zither music slowly came from the distance, carrying a trace of loneliness and sadness. A moment later, a large ship came down the river.

At the head of the ship sat the woman with her back toward Wang Lin, playing the zither.

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