Regressor Instruction Manual

Regressor Instruction Manual

60 Reviews
흙수저 (wooden spoon)
One day, I was summoned to this world.
Beasts were everywhere and an unbelievable crisis was approaching.
My talent level was at the bottom. 
[Your talent level is at its lowest.]
[Almost all the stats are abysmal.]
Whether it’s the chosen warriors or the talented mages or the regressor who went back in time - I have to use everything in order to survive.
Regressor Instruction Manual.
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809 Chapters
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wooden spoon/KW Books


Editor: Veela

Status in Korean: Ongoing

Release rate: 1 chapter per day

Original work ©wooden spoon/KWBOOKS

60 Reviews
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2 years ago
Yes Daddy;

The MC is the Daddy of everyone, a responsible upstanding Dad, and every character in this novel would call Him Daddy if he asked them to. Most of them beg Him to let them call him Daddy. I feel obligated to comment Yes Daddy on every chapter that releases even though I've already read this.

MC isn't for everyone, and many of the characters are imperfect, especially the main cast/party. There's a lot of social/political opera, plans crafted with calculative precision, but the MC is never infallible. The MC is almost never in a position of physical dominance, and all of his power comes from clout or manipulation. I personally enjoy this novel, but some parts can be hard to stomach and others can be very graphic.



2 years ago
I honestly never thought that i would ever see RIM on wuxiaworld but here we are lol , honestly the main story has already been unofficially translated and i had a really really fun time reading it . This is one of the most entertaining books i've ever read till this date , the mc is literally a genius but psychotic scumbag who will utilize and exploit everyone to survive and get ahead of others , and when i mean everyone i mean like literally everyone there are seriously no exceptions to that rule , he manipulates his best friends , his lovers , fuck he even brainwashes himself in the story just so that everything can go according to the keikaku ( keikaku means plan lol ) , and dont even get me started on his harem its literally one of the most enjoyable and entertaining part of the novel , some instances in the novel might make you feel bad at how he is treated but honestly speaking after some time you start rooting for harem members due to how shameless he can be and also due to the antics he pulls off , so yeah all in all i would honestly recommend you to give this book a try but since its really different from the books usually translated on WW , i would recommend to take it with a grain of salt .

2 years ago
I predict this to be a fairly popular novel on this site. Not only is it well written, but the pacing also is nice and there's never a dull moment. Unfortunately, for me, it's just not my cup of tea. I can already tell from early on that this novel will have a very heavy emphasis on manipulation and in my opinion childish interpersonal drama. Which are personally my least favorite kind of stories to read.

The reason I'm even writing this review is in large part to serve as a warning to those like me. Like I already said the story is good enough it's just not my genre.

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