Chapter 996B – Adapt to the Situation

At this time, there was the sound of breaking air, followed by a loud shout, “Brother Shang, stay your hand!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He looked up and met the eyes of the woman who just spoke. He didn’t think there would be such a coincidence as meeting her on the first day here.

Shua –

Shua –

With East Zhou Duly at the front, several figures fell down. She looked deeply at Qin Yu before arriving at Shang Lingyu’s side. “Brother Shang, this person is a friend of mine. He must not know of your status, thus leading to this misunderstanding. I ask that senior-apprentice brother be merciful and forgive him.”

As she spoke, she turned her head and glared at Qin Yu. “Qin Yu, why don’t you come here and apologize to Brother Shang?”

Qin Yu lightly coughed and rubbed his nose. He seemed to be underestimated here. But it was clear that from East Zhou Duly’s perspective, she was doing this for Qin Yu’s good.

After all, he was just a native cultivator who came from a small world that hadn’t even given birth to a true Origin God yet. Although she had no idea how he managed to get here, much less become enemies with Shang Lingyu.

Even if he had fantastic talent…sometimes one’s family background was even more important than talent!

Shang Lingyu furrowed his eyebrows, “Miss East Zhou, is he really your friend?”

East Zhou Duly nodded. “I haven’t known him for long, but I owe him a great favor.”

And it was indeed a great favor.

If it weren’t for Qin Yu, she feared she would have been defeated in the competition already. It would have been impossible for her to obtain the qualifications to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls.

Shang Lingyu hesitated for a moment. He slowly said, “Since that’s the case, then as long as this person apologizes to my little sister and Shadow Three, I will forget about this.”

It was unknown when Shang Junjun arrived by his side, but when she heard these words her lips twisted together. However, she knew that since East Zhou Duly was speaking up for Qin Yu and she even said she owed him a great favor, then Shang Lingyu would have no choice but to give up.

After all, the status of the East Zhou Family’s daughter was no less than that of Shang Lingyu.


Even if I cannot teach you a lesson, you still have to lower your head in front of me. I want to see just how you will remain so arrogant!

On the street, the cultivators watching this battle from inside and outside the restaurant all felt disappointed.

They thought that they were about to reach the true climax, but the play had been completely deflated with East Zhou Duly’s appearance.

As for whether or not Qin Yu would lower his head?

What else was there to say? Unless he was an idiot, he would understand that East Zhou Duly was doing her best to protect him.

There were impenetrably thickheaded and arrogantly stupid people, but few people remained foolish in the face of death.

It seemed that things were going to end like this…

What a pity. They originally thought that the cultivator in the carriage had a great background that could compete with a disciple of Peach Blossom Spring, which would lead to a hot-blooded fight where two stars collided.

But it was clear that the disparity between them was far greater than they imagined.

The quiet street gradually fell silent. Many eyes fell on Qin Yu, mockery and disdain within them.

Just before, he had put on an epic performance as if no one could stop him. Now, he was going to lower his head in defeat. It was indeed a bit humiliating.

But when it came to getting slapped or pretending to be stupid, it was nice to see as long as it didn’t happen to them.

East Zhou Duly furrowed her eyebrows together. She hadn’t spent much time with Qin Yu, but she had been able to sense that this boy was a prideful person.

With everyone watching, forcing him to bow his head and apologize might be too difficult…but even if it was shameful, it was better than losing his life.

She knew how strong Shang Lingyu was. If it weren't for that reason, her family wouldn’t value him so much.

Seeing Qin Yu still not moving, East Zhou Duly took a breath and said, “Qin Yu!”

Honor or whatever else was not worth mentioning in the face of life and death. If he couldn’t even adapt to such a situation, he might as well be trash.

Qin Yu revealed a helpless expression. He wanted to become a follower of East Zhou Duly. In the end, it was seeking help from her.

If he was to refuse her good intentions here and cause her to lose face, it would be inappropriate no matter how he looked at it.

But Qin Yu wasn’t left in an awkward position for long, because someone soon gave an explanation for him.

“Qin Yu?” A cultivator standing on the side of the street furrowed his eyebrows, as if he was recalling something he nearly forgot.

Because of the excitement he felt that stopped abruptly, his thoughts were still running slow.

So after a brief pause, he finally recalled this name and why it sounded so familiar.

His eyes flew open. Qin Yu was standing beside the carriage with a calm and helpless expression. The cultivator stared at him in a daze as a violent storm raged in his heart.

That’s right, it was helpless, it was indeed a helpless expression!

If this cultivator hadn’t realized Qin Yu’s identity, he might have thought that he seemed bitter and hesitant. But now, he was sure that Qin Yu really was feeling helpless about what was happening in front of him.

It was no wonder that he was still fearless even after discovering Shang Lingyu’s background. If he was Qin Yu, everything could be explained.

“Qin Yu!” Someone suddenly shouted out loud.

The cultivator whose thoughts were turning suddenly felt annoyed. He regretted thinking so much and having his moment of fame taken from him.

I can’t wait any longer; I have to speak out now otherwise it will be too late!

“Qin Yu, he is that Qin Yu!”

With two loud shouts in a row, the long street suddenly fell silent.

Countless cultivators widened their eyes. They looked at the black-robed man standing near the carriage and their hearts shook as if they were struck by thunder.

During this recent period of time, if one had to choose what the most shocking and eye-catching event was, it definitely wasn’t the young Saintess of the Illusory World creating something known as the Heavenly Demon Dance that could enchant the soul and mesmerize the senses.

Alright. This dance was indeed attractive and anyone who was qualified to view the portrait of it would act like idiots for the next few days as they were lost in a haze.

But what was even more incredible was the crazy cultivator at Stranded God Canyon who had continuously solved problems of the rules like a madman, going all the way to the 99th problem before giving up, and doing this at least three times.

Moreover, the most important point was that Stranded God Canyon had suddenly vanished…everyone had their own guesses about what this meant, but they knew it was related to that crazy problem-solving cultivator.

And that cultivator’s name was Qin Yu.

Shang Junjun’s eyes widened. When she looked at Qin Yu, she couldn’t put him together with that incomparably formidable and mysterious cultivator.

He was Qin Yu? He was that Qin Yu? This was impossible!

Shang Lingyu furrowed his eyebrows together, a dignified look in his eyes. No matter how arrogant he was or how high his self-esteem was, he couldn’t be placed in a position as high as that person from Stranded God Canyon who had caused such waves.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his shaking heart. He turned to East Zhou Duly and slowly said, “Miss East Zhou, he is Qin Yu?”

This was not just purely asking about a person’s name.

East Zhou Duly wryly smiled. As she thought, once this name was exposed it would have the effect of frightening the hearts and minds of people. But what a pity, he wasn’t that person, otherwise why would he need to come here and trouble himself with explaining his actions?

“My friend is indeed called Qin Yu, but he should only share the name with that one from Stranded God Canyon. There shouldn’t be any connection between them.”

Shang Lingyu relaxed his eyebrows. He nodded, not saying anything else.

Shang Junjun took a deep breath, her field of vision flashing blank. Only then did she realize that she stopped breathing for a moment due to her nervousness.

But this didn’t matter. Everything was fine as long as Qin Yu wasn’t that Qin Yu!

I knew that someone like you could not be that person who’s rumored to be extremely formidable!

At this time, a closed shop on the quiet street suddenly opened up from the inside. Several cultivators smiled and watched as a few people walked out. Looking at their shop sign, it seemed that this was a business related to spirit pets and combat beasts.  

It was clear that this shop possessed considerable defenses. When the doors were shut, an isolating array formation cut off contact with the outside world, so no one inside had noticed the fight between Qin Yu and Shadow Three just now.

As the group of people arrived in the unexpectedly quiet street, they were given a fright. What sort of situation was this?

Before they could figure out what happened or ask around, the smiling cultivators hurried forward and bowed, “We greet the Fourth Young Miss!”

Amongst the juniors of the family, East Zhou Duly was fourth in line. They were all servants of the East Zhou Family and now that they saw East Zhou Duly who was likely to become an important decision maker of the family in the future, it was already a surprise that they didn’t fall to their knees.

East Zhou Duly was just thinking about how to relax the atmosphere. As she saw these people her eyes flashed and she said, “What are you all doing?”

A cultivator respectfully said, “Reporting to Fourth Young Miss, some time ago, a group of precious spirit beast cubs were brought into the store. They were in poor condition so we asked the Beast Control Clan’s Mister Zhou Pei to help us. We were just about to send Mister Zhou away.”

Beast Control Clan’s Zhou Pei…East Zhou Duly had heard this name before. Or to be exact, he was one of the people competing for the final spot as one of her followers. For anyone that had considerable strength, she had already looked over and memorized information about them and thus she knew them fairly well.

This Zhou Pei was one of the more noticeable ones. His cultivation base wasn’t weak and he had various spirit beasts to help him. His overall strength was quite good.

East Zhou Duly nodded at him and said, “So it’s the Beast Control Clan’s Zhou Pei. Well met.”

With her status, this was already a courteous reception towards Zhou Pei.

But what caused East Zhou Duly to furrow her eyebrows together was that Zhou Pei didn’t respond to her words at all.

The several cultivators of the spirit pet shop all changed their complexions. One of them lowered their voice and quickly said, “Mister Zhou Pei, the Fourth Young Miss…”

But before he could finish speaking he was interrupted. Zhou Pei walked forward and bowed to Qin Yu with a pleasantly surprised expression. Joy and happiness surged on his face, as if he were more excited to see Qin Yu than his own parents.

“Fellow daoist Qin Yu, it hasn’t been that long since we last met in Stranded God Canyon and yet your elegant demeanor is even more vibrant and graceful than before. You must have had immense harvests. I feel nothing but envy!”

He looked around and saw Snowside. His smile became even more exaggerated, “Miss Snowside, you are more beautiful than ever. I recently obtained a bottle of excellent snow clam paste. When it was refined the snow clam was 10,000 years old and it works marvels in improving one’s appearance. I would like to gift this to Miss Snowside. Only someone like you, who is as enchanting as a flower, can match such a treasure.”

As he spoke, he flipped his hand and took out a sapphire bottle that had a valuable appearance. He presented it with both hands, an expression of utter sincerity on his face, as if he would be saddened if she didn’t accept.

Of course, this only proved that Zhou Pei’s acting skills were first-class. As for the sadness, that was because another treasure was leaving him.

This was priceless 10,000 year old snow clam paste. He had obtained it with great effort and wanted to use it as a gift to flatter East Zhou Duly, but now all his efforts were for nothing.

Even with East Zhou Duly’s tough will, she still felt a buzz in her mind as a bout of dizziness overcame her.

As mentioned before, she had looked through Zhou Pei’s information ahead of time. Naturally, she knew that he left Stranded God Canyon not too long ago through an offering.

Moreover, the information contained a few records about how Zhou Pei had offended Qin Yu and had suffered as a result.

In other words, Zhou Pei knew that Qin Yu from Stranded God Canyon and felt nothing but awe towards him…looking at this current sight, as long as one wasn’t an idiot, they could draw the only possible conclusion, no matter how unbelievable it was.

This Qin Yu was that Qin Yu. They didn’t just share names, but were the same person!


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