Chapter 996A – Adapt to the Situation

My name is Shadow Three and I come from the Peach Blossom Spring Holy Land. I was ordered to follow disciple Shang Lingyu and become his shadow, obeying his will and treating him as my eternal master.

In truth, many years ago I also had a chance to become a disciple of Peach Blossom Spring, but I failed by a hair’s breadth. In order to be able to stay at Peach Blossom Spring, I willingly became a Shadow Guard.

My name is ‘Shadow Three’. ‘Three’ represents my strength, meaning that in the entire Shadow Guard system, I am ranked third.

This isn’t just empty boasting. A third place ranking is considerably fierce.

So at the start, I never placed Shang Lingyu in my eyes. Although I was respectful to him, that was only because the system of order within Peach Blossom Spring could not be defied.

It was afterwards that I discovered the true potential and ambition hidden beneath Shang Lingyu’s surface. When I was moved to true admiration, that was when I finally regarded him as my master.

While I was confused about why he valued a cousin from his family who wasn’t even a close relative, out of respect for him I still obeyed his will and followed his orders.

So when she explicitly revealed her stance, I attacked without hesitation.

At that moment, I leapt out, instantly breaking the array formation that covered the restaurant.

I arrived in the skies above the carriage in the blink of an eye. When I looked down, my eyes were surely very, very cold.

It was because the cultivator in the carriage insulted not just Shang Junjun, but also provoked the honor of Peach Blossom Spring.

He clearly knew that Shang Lingyu was here and yet he still dared to swagger in. He obviously didn’t care about him at all.

No matter how strong this person is and regardless of whether he knows the immensity of the heavens and earth, since I am Shang Lingyu’s Shadow Guard, there is no chance I will hold back.

I believed that even if this person had a great background, there was no way they could compare with the Peach Blossom Spring Holy Land behind me.

But what happened next proved that I was mistaken. I was very, very mistaken.

The carriage and the person it represented weren’t easy to mess with.

And in truth, the moment I attacked I could already feel this.

Because as I attacked with all my strength, the feeling was like a fist crashing into a mountain. The counter-shaking force was like a river bursting free from a dam, surging endlessly!

So I was sent flying backwards, blood gushing out of my nose and mouth.


Inside and outside the restaurant, the long street suddenly fell into silence.

The cultivators who didn’t know what happened had their jaws drop down. What sort of rhythm was this? You took the initiative to jump out and deal with the carriage, but in the blink of an eye you were sent flying away and were even vomiting blood as if it was free?

Although it can be considered fun and exciting to watch you vomit blood, can you at least tell us what happened?

And inside the restaurant, the people who heard Shang Junjun speak up earlier received an even greater impact.

This might be the first time they had seen Shadow Three, but with his status he had to be tyrannically strong…it had to be known that he came from Peach Blossom Spring!

But with just a single strike he had fallen into such a distressed state…no, that wasn’t right. To be more precise, before that person even revealed himself, Shadow Three was slammed away while crazily spurting blood.

This was clearly even more terrifying!

Shua –

Shua –

Eyes fell onto the carriage that came to a stop on the street and awe shined within them. Then, these eyes shifted to Shang Junjun, and there was an unusual light in them.

The general meaning was – you wanted to put on a brave front but now your face was pressed into the ground and ruthlessly rubbed again.

Shang Junjun’s face didn’t actually touch the ground, but now it was thoroughly distorted.

This was it. Yes, this was it!

At the beginning, Yun Zhan’s guard had been blasted away with a single strike. Now Shadow Three suffered the same fate.

Is your nickname the Guard Terminator?

But Shadow Three came from Peach Blossom Spring so he naturally had his own strengths. He wasn’t someone that Yun Dapeng could compare with. So although he had blood gushing from his nose and mouth, he tried his best to not seem distraught.

Bang –

Shadow Three landed on both feet with a loud crash. The ground shattered and he was sent careening backwards, each step leaving behind deep ravines.

He finally managed to come to a stop. His chest tumbled and only after spitting out several mouthfuls of blood did he feel a bit more comfortable.

Shadow Three looked up at the carriage, his gaze shaken.


He took a deep breath and suppressed the shaking in his chest. He slowly said, “Miss, please leave.”

He was a Shadow Guard. He had been ordered to follow Shang Junjun, and ensuring her safety was his top priority.

Now, he no longer believed he could completely protect her.

But Shadow Three was a Shadow Guard of Peach Blossom Spring. To a degree, he represented a part of Peach Blossom Spring.

So it was impossible to leave like this just after he was heavily wounded by someone.

Even if he wasn’t a match, he would rather die here than take a single step backwards.

Shang Junjun screamed out, “I’m staying here! I’m not going anywhere!”

Shadow Three furrowed his eyebrows together. But as he thought about how this was the East Zhou Family’s dwelling, he no longer said anything. His battle with the person in the carriage had likely been discovered by now. No matter what the situation was, the East Zhou Family wouldn’t watch on as something happened to Shang Junjun.

When he spoke up and asked her to leave, he had already done his duty as a guard. Now, he had to fight for the honor of Peach Blossom Spring…even if he had to die.

He took a deep breath and straightened himself. Without any movement, crackling sounds started to emit from his body. At a speed visible to the naked eye, his pale face flushed red with blood and his aura rapidly rose. He broke past his limits but his aura showed no sign of slowing down.

Peach Blossom Spring’s Shadow Guards were the shadows of their masters. In crucial moments, they could sacrifice themselves to die for their masters.

Since they had to die for their masters in dangerous times, how could they not have methods to erupt with strength?

Shadow Three had gone all-out!

Bang –

Bang –

The air currents around him exploded, causing space to distort. A vast and endless peach tree forest appeared around him.

Within this peach tree forest, pink peach blossom flowers were in full bloom. The entire street was filled with the fresh fragrance of peach blossoms.


With a deep roar, a wild breeze flew through the peach tree forest that appeared in the space distortion. Countless flower petals were swept up, tumbling forward and gathering in layers upon layers that surrounded the carriage.

It was rumored that Peach Blossom Spring was covered in countless peach trees. They bloomed all year round, representing some sort of supreme Great Dao.

It was naturally impossible for Shadow Three to display this sort of Great Dao, but his secret art that stimulated all of his strength contained a trace of it.

Even if it was only an extremely small portion, it was sufficiently terrifying. No one in the God boundary could match it, and even a common Origin God would have to yield and withdraw.

In a room, the meditating Shang Lingyu opened his eyes, a sharp light exploding within them.

Peach garden!

Shua –

He stood up without hesitation. Taking a step forward, he disappeared from sight.

A moment later he appeared beside Shang Junjun. The jade pendant at her waist emitted a bright light.

“Big brother!”

Shang Junjun was overjoyed. Her eyes immediately turned red.

Seeing that she was fine, Shang Lingyu relaxed. He looked up at the carriage which was surrounded with countless peach blossoms and he frowned.

He was well aware of how strong Shadow Three was. Yet, he was forced into a situation where he had no choice but to go all-out. It was easy to see that this other party was incredibly strong.

“Big brother, the person inside the carriage is the one who humiliated me, so I asked Shadow Three to attack. But, I never thought things would be like this…it was my mistake, I hope big brother forgives me…” Shang Junjun sobbed, a guilty look on her face.

Shang Lingyu said in a soft and comforting voice, “It’s fine, I’m here.” Just as his voice fell, his complexion changed and he looked towards the street.

At almost the same time, the countless peach blossoms that surrounded the carriage suddenly collapsed and tumbled away into nothingness.

Shadow Three looked as if his spine had been removed. His aura and vitality dispersed and he collapsed to the ground.

Shua –

Shang Lingyu’s figure flickered and he appeared beside Shadow Three. He took out a pill that was covered in scales and placed it in his mouth.

Shadow Three’s aura immediately stabilized. Although he had taken heavy losses, his life had been preserved.

Shadow Three’s eyes were full of gratitude and guilt. “This lowly one was incompetent. I am not worth wasting such a precious pill on…”

Shang Lingyu clapped his shoulder. “If you are alive, you can help me more. Don’t think about such things and continue resting.”

He flicked his sleeves and an invisible strength rushed out, wrapping around Shadow Three and sending him somewhere safe. Shang Lingyu stood up and looked at the quiet carriage.

“You injured my person, so don’t you plan on revealing yourself and giving an explanation?”

This voice was calm, but it was filled with an undeniable momentum.

Snowside leapt down from the carriage. She looked at Shang Lingyu. This man’s aura couldn’t be considered too strong, but he gave off a feeling of extreme danger.

But she didn’t feel any worry. Right now, the current Qin Yu was unfathomably mystical and even she couldn’t sense his depths. He shouldn’t suffer a loss here.

Creak –

The carriage door was pushed open from inside. Qin Yu stepped out, immediately attracting everyone’s eyes.

His expression was calm as he said, “An explanation is needed, but I think it should be you giving me one.”

Whoosh –

There were countless loud gasps in the restaurant. The moment Shang Lingyu appeared, they subconsciously stopped breathing.

It had to be known that he was a disciple of Peach Blossom Spring! That legendary Peach Blossom Spring!

Because of this, when they heard Qin Yu’s tough and strong words, the impact they felt was even greater.

Shang Junjun sneered, “You have no idea of death or danger!”

Although no one else spoke up, looking at their expressions, their innermost thoughts were about the same.

Shang Lingyu calmly said, “Before, you came into conflict with my little sister. I have no idea what the reason for that was, so I will not mention it for the time being. But today, I saw with my own eyes as you nearly killed my Shadow Guard.”

“He attacked me first and I cannot fight back?”

“Fighting back doesn’t necessitate killing.”

“It’s only because his skills are inferior.”

Shang Lingyu narrowed his eyes. “Are you saying that if I have enough strength, I can also try to kill you?”

Qin Yu said without expression, “You can try.”

It was true that he didn’t dare to provoke the strength of Peach Blossom Spring, but this was a mere disciple. Was he supposed to lower his head here?

“Very good.” Shang Lingyu slowly nodded, “Then allow me to experience your strength.”

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