Chapter 995 - Small Enmities and Great Enmities Are Still Enmities

Looking at the endless complex of buildings, several invisible auras shot into the heavens. They were like towering mountains that supported the skies, releasing endless oppression.

This was the strength that the East Zhou Family outwardly exposed to deter and frighten any possible enemies. And Qin Yu didn’t doubt that they had even more strength hidden below the surface.

They were truly worthy of being known as a colossus that ruled a hundred worlds. Their strength and heritage were terrifying beyond imagination!

Snowside shook the reins, causing the old horse and lame horse to come to a stop. She turned and asked, “We’ve arrived. What should we do now?”

Qin Yu smiled. “Of course we have to look for a place to stay first.”

“Like this?”

“Like this.”

Snowside curled her lips. “When did you learn to play with such mysterious and secretive methods? You obviously want to run right up to them and expose yourself.”

Qin Yu thought that if she was so straightforward, wasn’t she afraid that he would become angry out of shame? He snorted and said, “You don’t understand.”

In fact, everything Snowside said was right; he was indeed feeling impatient. But that was another situation altogether. He couldn’t go up and reveal himself on his own initiative, otherwise why would he cause such a stir in Stranded God Canyon?

Qin Yu had to guarantee that the East Zhou Family would invite him on their own initiative. This would reduce any unnecessary troubles to the lowest level possible and allow him to occupy a relatively active position.

As the carriage continued forward, a banquet was being carried out somewhere in the core region of the East Zhou Family.

East Zhou Duly personally accompanied a man who was drinking wine across from her. She occasionally turned and spoke to a petite and beautiful woman beside him so that she didn’t feel left out.

The atmosphere of the banquet was excellent. It continued for four hours. After the guests and host finished conversing with each other, they departed.

East Zhou Duly stood up and led the two people away. The man stood straight and there was a calm look in his eyes. He occasionally glanced at her with appreciation and acclaim.

The woman beside him tried her best to appear tranquil, but there was some caution in her eyes that she couldn’t conceal.

After all, she had always been proud about her family background. But if her family background were compared to that of East Zhou Duly, the difference was as great as clouds and mud. If it weren’t for her cousin, she might never have had a chance in her lifetime to be invited to a banquet by such a person. Moreover, this person had been kind and warm to her the entire time, leaving behind a favorable impression as warm as the spring breeze.

After bidding his farewells, the man walked away. She followed close behind. All of her claws and fangs were retracted and she became incomparably gentle.

At this time, the man spoke up, “Little sister, I heard that you encountered some trouble two days ago?”

He finally asked me!

Shang Junjun took a deep breath and refreshed her spirits. After she arrived at the Shang Family, she never mentioned it once because she believed her big brother would inevitably learn of this from other channels.

Hum hum, for my cousin to ask me about this so quickly, I must thank those loose-tongued bitches.

But on the surface, her face flushed red and she revealed an awkward and shameful appearance. “No…it’s nothing…”

Shang Lingyu glanced at her. “You have been causing trouble these past years, so it’s good if you are taught a lesson. Your temper needs to be smoothed out and it’s for the best if you learn that there is no limit in this universe, and there is always someone higher. This will help you not get into trouble in the future.”

He paused and then continued to say, “Starting from today, Shadow Three will temporarily follow at your side and help you handle any trivial matters so others don’t disturb your mood. Go out and take a walk around. There are many fun and interesting places to visit in the East Zhou Family’s dwelling.”

Shang Junjun respectfully bowed, “Yes, big brother.”

A happy look flashed in her eyes.

Although it seemed that Shang Lingyu had scolded her, her cousin really did care about her. Otherwise how could he arrange Shadow Three to be by her side?

It had to be known that a close guard was something that only disciples of Peach Blossom Spring were qualified to have, and their strength was extremely formidable. If Shadow Three had accompanied her from the start, she never would have been humiliated by that boy.

You, and that cheap slut with you, I had best never encounter you two again, otherwise I will teach you what fear and regret are!

Shadow Three wore a mask, making it impossible to see his appearance. Only his cold and indifferent eyes were exposed to the outside world, looking like they had been hewn from ice. There were no fluctuations of mood within them. Just from him standing there unmoving, one could feel a cold chill rise up in their heart.

He was like a bloodthirsty beast that was lying dormant. When he bared his fangs and claws, everything would be destroyed.

Shang Junjun held a meeting in the name of getting to know people better. Because of Shadow Three’s existence, she made a big splash.

In particular, it was unknown who at this meeting pointed out Shadow Three’s background, but after it was learned that he came from the lofty Peach Blossom Spring, everyone looked at Shang Junjun with envy and awe.

So the rumors were true. A peerless genius had appeared in the Shang Family who had entered Peach Blossom Spring. And, this genius was Shang Junjun’s older cousin. Both sides had been close with each other since they were children and he doted on her.

Now it seemed that this was the truth. Otherwise why would he dispatch his own guard to follow Shang Junjun?

This was obviously to support Shang Junjun. After today, the undercurrents of rumors that had swirled about would soon disappear.

Shang Junjun’s injured feelings were immediately patched up and satisfied. With a faint smile, she accepted everyone’s compliments, whether they were direct or cryptic.

But even if she harvested the awe of all these people, there was still some regret in her heart.

Since the boy from that day knew her big brother was a guest at the East Zhou Family, he wouldn’t dare to approach again. She feared he had likely run off to some distant land. If she wanted to encounter him once more, the chances were almost nonexistent. When would she be able to vent this anger in her heart?

Perhaps she should try and figure out a way to have her cousin ask the East Zhou Family to help find the boy? With the East Zhou Family’s strength, as long as they took action, they would cast a net that covered the heavens and earth. No matter where that boy was, there would be nowhere he could run off to.

Mm, once I return, I will find an opportunity to seek help from my cousin. Just what sort of status do I, Shang Junjun, have? How could I be humiliated by you and not retaliate!

As she thought of this, she felt that today’s meeting was meaningless. Of course, she had already shown what she was supposed to show, and let these people know the disparity between them. If she left now, there wouldn’t be any losses.

As Shang Junjun was about to announce that she was leaving first, she suddenly froze where she was. She watched with wide eyes as a carriage turned onto the street ahead.

Several young men that surrounded and constantly flattered her immediately sensed the change in her expression. When they followed her eyes, their complexions also changed.

As the center of the banquet, the actions of Shang Junjun and those beside her were soon seen by everyone else. The lively and bustling banquet quickly fell silent.

Everyone looked at the carriage on the street which was steadily approaching. Although they kept warning themselves that they had to remain calm, their twisted faces indicated just how wildly their emotions were surging.

Some people watched Shang Junjun. Many women raised their hands and covered their mouths, whispering to each other as their eyes brightened.

Although it hadn’t been long, news of Shang Junjun being maliciously humiliated by others and losing all face had spread out far and wide.

Everyone wanted to know just who this person was that didn’t fear the name of Peach Blossom Spring and where he came from.

But unfortunately, no one had been able to trace the depths of that person and his identity remained unknown.

So perhaps it was out of curiosity, but countless versions of this story circulated around, all of them with varying descriptions of that person’s appearance.

This was an ordinary carriage that had a light layer of dust covering it. It was clear that it had travelled a long distance, traveling over mountains and crossing rivers to come this far. The two horses that pulled the carriage had well-defined characteristics.

One horse was very old with hair that had lost its luster and eyelids that drooped down. Even so, it put on a vigorous and energetic appearance as it tried to tease the lame horse beside it.

It was unknown what happened to the lame horse, but its left hoof had been left disabled from some past accident. Even though it was lame, its gait was steady and it was incomparably arrogant. It paid no attention to the flattering of the old horse, and whenever the old horse approached it would give it a little nip.

The one driving the carriage was a maid. She had a beautiful and charming face. Just looking at her, one couldn’t help but feel heat begin to rise in their heart…

Although there were many versions of this story, everyone had heard the above contents numerous times already.

So, when the people saw the carriage driving down the street and contrasted it to their memories, their expressions became even more excited.

The carriage was ordinary, with a light layer of dust.

Two horses pulled the carriage, one old and one lame.

It was a woman driving the carriage. Although she was still far away and her appearance was a little blurry, that couldn’t conceal her charming looks.

Of course, what was even more important were the wild fluctuations of emotions revealed on Shang Junjun’s face.

These people weren’t blind. Could they not see her grim and dark expression and her teeth that were being gnashed together?

Ah…could it really just be a coincidence?

No way!

Shang Junjun had borrowed her cousin’s formidable guard to put on an act in front of everyone to regain her face. What did it mean for this person to appear here now?

Coincidences existed, but not to such an extent!

Compared with this, slaps to the face were just children’s games. This was the same as directly lifting up a foot and jumping on a person’s face.

But no matter what, there was one point they were all sure of.

There was going to be something fun to watch.

This was not just because all private fights were strictly forbidden in the East Zhou Family’s dwelling, but also because…if there was a person that didn’t give Shang Junjun face and instead ruthlessly rubbed her face into the ground, could such a person have no background?

It couldn’t be forgotten that when Shang Junjun spoke before, she clearly indicated that her cousin Shang Lingyu would be here. Yet, this person had come. What did that mean? It meant that he was an absolutely strong person who didn’t place her cousin in his heart!

A great show! A great show was incoming!

Shang Junjun took a deep breath. She kept her chest tall and proud, revealing an astonishing curve. She swept her eyes around and smiled. “It looks like everyone already knows about my bitter experience from a few days ago. Then, that saves me the time of having to explain things.

“They say that when enemies meet, their eyes blaze with rage. There is no great enmity between me and this person, but little enmities and great enmities are all still enmities. Since we meet again, it is impossible for us to pretend that we haven’t seen each other, so I must do my best to take back what was taken from me.”

She looked at Shadow Three who was standing behind her, so quiet and still that he really did resemble a shadow. She said in a soft voice, “I remember big brother mentioning to me that due to the Zhou Family’s respect towards his status, they gave you the privilege of taking action when faced with unexpected situations, right?”

Shadow Three’s cold voice resounded from beneath his mask, “Yes.”

Shang Junjun smiled. “Very good. Then what are you waiting for? Go and bring those two people in the carriage to me.”

Shadow Three cupped his hands together. He turned around and stepped away. A blocking array formation had been built outside the restaurant to prevent wind, sand, and sound from entering. This was to provide the guests with a better and more enjoyable dining experience. It also had excellent defensive capabilities.

After all, this was a restaurant for cultivators. If it really was ‘weak and delicate’, wouldn’t it be necessary for things to be repaired all the time?

But this blocking array formation lit up for a brief moment before being torn apart like a bubble. Runes flashed and faded away.

As a sharp siren filled the air, Shadow Three had already crossed the street. He appeared in the skies above the carriage and pressed his hands downwards.

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