Chapter 994 - Hard to Find

“Miss Junjun?”

“My name is Shang Junjun.”

“You seem to have a great amount of support.”

“My family background is like that. I can’t help it.”

Qin Yu smiled. “May I ask what background you come from?”

“Shangyang, Shang Family.” Shang Junjun said in a soft voice. She had a natural expression, as if saying ‘I am so fierce, do you fear me now?’

Although she was trying her best to remain calm, she was a little girl who couldn’t conceal everything.

But what a pity, perhaps this Shang Family that had an entire city named after it really was fierce, but to Qin Yu and Snowside, it didn’t serve as any deterrence.

Because they had no idea where this Shangyang City was, and thus they didn’t know who this Shang Family was.

Shang Junjun’s expression stagnated. She discovered that this hatefully smiling man and the woman with the beguiling face both had serene expressions, as if they weren’t affected by the Shang Family name at all.

This…didn’t seem to be an act. Could it be that they came from far away and hadn’t heard about the Shang Family?

Shang Junjun furrowed her eyebrows. This sort of person who came from the sticks and had no experience was relatively more difficult to deal with.

Because they were ignorant, they had no fear of anything, and as a result they were even more unscrupulous in their actions.

It seemed that she could only bring forth her cousin’s name. With her cousin’s status, no matter how far away these people came from, they must have heard of him.

Taking a deep breath, she straightened herself, seeming even more indifferent than before. “My big brother’s name is Shang Lingyu, and he has entered Peach Blossom Spring as the disciple of an Elder. Right now he is an honored guest of the East Zhou Family. The reason I am out here is that I am under orders from my father to pay respects to my cousin. Before I set out, I already contacted my brother. If I am late I fear that my brother will come to find me. At that time, I’m not sure you will be able to explain what has happened.”

You might not know Shangyang City and you might not know of the Shang Family, but looking at the entire world, there were few cultivators that didn’t know of Peach Blossom Spring.

You want me to lower my head and be like those pieces of trash Yun Zhan and Fan Bo? Keep on dreaming! Right now, I think it’s your turn to grovel in front of me!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He slowly said, “Your big brother is a disciple of Peach Blossom Spring?”

Shang Junjun lifted her neck. It was fair and clear like a swan. She looked down and gently nodded, “Yes, that’s exactly right.”

Qin Yu looked at her with an earnest expression. His eyes were especially bright. Logical reasoning told him that he shouldn’t get entangled in grievances with Peach Blossom Spring over this little girl. Moreover, if he didn’t handle things properly, it might lead to trouble…

But if a person’s actions were always controlled by logic, then a great deal of chaos wouldn’t appear in the world.

Qin Yu was sure that he wasn’t a random person who haphazardly did things. But that didn’t mean he could completely control his actions.

“So it was like that. That really is a coincidence.” Qin Yu said in a soft voice.

Snowside was in discussion with Yun Zhan and Fan Bo when she suddenly frowned. She had never heard of Peach Blossom Spring before, but her intuition told her that Qin Yu seemed a bit abnormal after hearing this name.

Before she could think further, Qin Yu resumed speaking in a leisurely tone, “Of course I’ve heard of Peach Blossom Spring’s prestige, and I feel nothing but the deepest awe. Since you’re related in such a way, I won’t embarrass you any further.

“First, give back the ice fox.

“Second, earnestly apologize to my maid.”

Shang Junjun reacted with shocked anger, “That’s impossible!”

Qin Yu ignored her. He continued to say, “And there’s a third condition. Once those two have paid my maid for what they did, you have to hand over three times what they did.”

He raised three fingers, his eyes calm. “Remember this. Out of these three conditions, none of them can be missing. Otherwise I assure you that you will be incomparably uncomfortable with what will happen. Do not doubt me. When it comes to a girl like you whose inner nature contrasts so greatly with her appearance, I won’t show any mercy at all.”

Shang Junjun felt that she was going to explode with rage. Of course, she certainly didn’t know that not too long ago, Qin Yu had almost managed to make a stone pagoda blow up with anger. Even he had no idea that he had such a talent to enrage others.

But at this time, Shang Junjun didn’t dare to throw a tantrum. For some reason, she thought that this seemingly calm man with a moderate expression wasn’t just trying to frighten her.

What was his background? What was his origin? How could someone who didn’t even know of the Shang Family treat her like this? In particular, he even knew that she had an amazing cousin who the entire Shang Family was bragging about.

Although she couldn’t figure it out, the situation wasn’t something she could control. Shang Junjun took a deep breath, her chest rising and falling. The magnitude of this movement was worrying, so great that it seemed the buttons on her front would break off.

But lowering her head like this was too shameful! In particular, with Yun Zhan, Fan Bo, and those vixens that glared at her all day long, it made this even more unacceptable.

Shang Junjun’s face tensed up and she coldly said, “I can agree to your conditions, but you will become someone who is not welcomed by me. If there is a chance in the future, I will do my best to make you return everything that you take from me today.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Of course. You have that right. If there really is a chance, I will be looking forward to that.”

The group of young men and women quickly left after getting permission. Although their backs seemed a bit hurried, only a few of them were truly panicked.

Come to think about it, this shocking matter would soon spread out through their circles and become a topic of conversation among many people.

Relatively speaking, Yun Zhan and Fan Bo were better. As men that were able to adapt to the situation, others might even see them in a more positive light.

But Shang Junjun…tsk tsk, did you all hear? That Shang Family’s miss, she bluffed and blustered because she had a good relationship with her cousin, but in the end she just ended up embarrassing herself and being ruthlessly kicked into the ground.

After all, the intrigue between women was more intense in many ways, and Shang Junjun had indeed offended many people during this period of time.

When those people left, Qin Yu turned around, his smile reaching from ear to ear. He looked at Snowside who was hugging the ice fox and laughed, “Are you satisfied with this way of venting anger?”

“Satisfied, I’m satisfied.” Snowside smiled with joy, showing her shiny white teeth. “You’re pretty smart. Rather than all that bloody fighting and killing, isn’t it much better to rip people off?

“However, I think that Shang girl really has some background. Since you swept her face across the ground today, she will retaliate. And most importantly, you will be going to the East Zhou Family so it's obvious you will meet again.”

Qin Yu nodded, “I understand.”

Snowside curled her lips together. “If you knew she wasn’t good to provoke, why did you still do it? Was your ego inflated too much or is there something I don’t know about?”

Qin Yu noticed the seriousness in her eyes. He thought for a moment and said, “There is a little. You even said that I have a transcendent teacher, and those people that were trapped in Stranded God Canyon should have believed me and spread a reputation for me. If I had to retreat when facing the little sister of some unknown disciple of Peach Blossom Spring, others wouldn’t believe me anymore.”

“Do you have a grudge against Peach Blossom Spring?” Snowside suddenly asked. One couldn’t help but acknowledge that a woman’s intuition was frighteningly correct at times.

Qin Yu thought that he shouldn’t tell her of this matter right now. Besides needless worrying, it wouldn’t help the situation at all. Moreover, if she exposed any flaws in the future and someone sensed something wasn’t right, that would lead to genuine trouble.

So he laughed and shook his head, “No.”

Snowside rolled her eyes. Who was he trying to fool? But if Qin Yu didn’t want to speak of it, she wouldn’t badger him about it.

She only secretly decided to pay extra attention to any news about Peach Blossom Spring. At the very least, she needed to find out just who this other party was first.

Tsk tsk, this boy Qin Yu messed around even more than she thought he did. She had no idea what happened but a formidable opponent had popped out of nowhere. If it wasn’t for him being strong enough and lucky enough, she feared he would have been killed already.

Qin Yu knocked her forehead, “If you understood at a glance, it’s probably not as good as I think it is. You already know the coordinates of the East Zhou Family so let’s hurry along. We’re already among the last groups of people, so let’s not miss out.”

The lame horse and old horse neighed, welcoming Qin Yu’s return. Then, they moved forward, pulling the carriage away.

The opening of the Path of 10,000 Souls was approaching. East Zhou Duly had no choice but to exit seclusion and accept the advice of seniors who her family had hired with a great deal of money.

Although these people hadn’t smoothly obtained the inheritance of the Path of 10,000 Souls, they had once personally experienced it themselves. And this experience itself was incomparably precious to East Zhou Duly.

After several hours of conversation, East Zhou Duly stood up and watched as the cultivators left. She rubbed her eyebrows.

There was far too much to remember and she also had to start screening it out. The Path of 10,000 Souls was known to be ever-changing, and who knew if any of these people were lying?

After all, disregarding the opposing factions within the family, the East Zhou Family’s rivals also didn’t hope to see her smoothly obtain the inheritance of the Path of 10,000 Souls. It was an ever-present possibility that their hands could be meddling in things.

Doctor Ye pushed open the door and walked in. He cupped his hands together, “Miss.”

East Zhou Duly glanced over, “How is it?”

Doctor Ye shook his head.

East Zhou Duly sighed and let out a breath. “It seems that my luck isn’t good. I wasn’t able to obtain the help of that mister.”

Doctor Ye comforted her, “You have already completed your preparations. Even if you cannot find Qin Yu…ah, even though I know it’s impossible for it to be the same person, I still find it strange for it to be the same name…in short, miss will surely succeed.”

East Zhou Duly smiled, “I hope so.”

The first time she heard this name she felt disbelief. But soon, she suppressed these unlikely thoughts.

The name was the same, but it was impossible for them to be the same person.

After all, while Qin Yu’s performance had been startling, even moving her heart to take him in as a subordinate, how could he be placed on the same level as that person from Stranded God Canyon?

Whatever. If the East Zhou Family couldn’t find him, the other competitors likely couldn’t either. Everyone would have to rely on their own methods.

And she didn’t necessarily have no advantage.

“Old Ye, I heard that Brother Shang’s beloved little sister has arrived. I will be holding a banquet today and personally welcoming her.”

Old Ye cupped his hands together, “Yes, miss.”

But at this time, the person that East Zhou Duly and everyone else was doing their best to find was comfortably riding a carriage as he arrived at the East Zhou Family’s residence.

It wasn’t a city in front of them, but an endless complex of buildings that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Its scale was magnificent and glorious!

There were no walls because there was no need for them – because this entire world was under the control of the East Zhou Family. As the colossus that ruled over a hundred worlds, if they couldn’t even manage their headquarters and were easily invaded by others, then they might as well buy a block of tofu and smash their heads in with it.

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