Chapter 993B - Venting Anger

The several young men and women that stood across from him might be reckless and overbearing in the way they handled themselves, but most of them came from extraordinary backgrounds. Due to their growth environment they were destined to have considerable eyesight. They naturally saw that the moment this young man in the carriage spoke up, Snowside relaxed. As if after he woke up, all problems were no longer problems.

But why?

Did he think these people were easy to deal with? Hoho, and relying on just you? A junior that hadn’t even reached the God boundary yet!

How laughable!

You want to vent your anger? How will you vent? Do you want to hit your head against the ground and rub your face red, making us laugh to death?

Shang Junjun lowered her eyes, revealing a scared and helpless appearance. “I don’t want it anymore. He’s already angry, so I’ll just give the ice fox back. None of us should come into conflict with each other.”

These words…it was simply unendurable!

Although they knew that Shang Junjun’s current performance was 99% an act that she deliberately showed them, the key point was that they were pursuing her affections and trying to climb onto the thigh of her big brother. Even if they were unhappy with being treated like fools, they still had to put on expressions like they would do anything to make Miss Junjun happy.

Yun Zhan and Fan Bo’s performance was a textbook response. Their faces burned with anger and ill intent filled their eyes, like they were shouting that Qin Yu had no idea what was good for him and that daring to make Miss Junjun feel restless was a crime worthy of death.

“Brat, do you understand the truth that compromise will make conflict easier to resolve? Living is something that every person should treasure.” Fan Bo lightly said, each word he spoke filled with a domineering and haughty attitude.

With his previous performance, Yun Zhan had fallen behind a little. Now he had to do his best to draw Miss Junjun’s attention back to himself.

“Why waste your time with them? Anyone that dares to speak rudely to Miss Junjun must be punished.” Yun Zhan sneered and waved his hand, “Go, capture that boy and let Miss Junjun handle him!”

Nowadays, there was no such thing as absolute safety in this world. When young sirs and ladies from wealthy and prominent families went out, they were accompanied by strong guards. These guards could follow them incognito, allowing them to act as they pleased, and they could save their life in critical moments. They were a must have necessity for wealthy young masters when travelling.

If Fan Bo had guards, did he think that I, Yun Zhan, would be any worse? Hum hum, now is the time to show the strength of my Yun Family.

After receiving a nod from his young master, the Yun Family guard naturally knew what he needed to do next. He had to help his young master show off.

Imperceptibly nodding in return, the Yun Family guard stepped forward. He was tall and strong like a silent mountain. He stretched out his large palms and pressed forward.

He wanted to directly crush this boy and grind him down until he was howling in sorrow. Only by doing this could he fully expose the power and overbearing prestige of the Yun Family.

Of course, the reason the guard dared to do this was because he had already received intelligence from the family related to Miss Junjun.

This lady was soft and gentle like a rabbit on the surface, but in reality she had a vicious soul hidden in her heart.

This minor scene could only make her a little excited at most. It was impossible to frighten her.

Bang –

With a loud ring, the earth thundered. The ground beneath Qin Yu disintegrated and his body sank downwards.

Yun Zhan raised an eyebrow. His arrogant expression froze on his face and his eyes subconsciously widened.

The young men and women who were coldly sneering and waiting for a good show to occur all stayed as they were, like puppets frozen in time.

“You make a lot of noise, but the strength of this palm strike isn’t much.” Qin Yu slapped his black robes, flicking away some ashes that had fallen onto them. His lips curved up in a cold arc. “Although I don’t need to be afraid of you, it’s still better if I have some moral justification. Now that you’ve attacked me first, everything I do will be regarded as self-defense.”

Qin Yu pulled his feet out of the ground and looked at the surprised Yun Family guard. “Are you prepared? I’m going to attack.”

“Humph!” The Yun Family guard sneered, “Just tricks and games. Your mortal body is simply a bit more potent. However, I haven’t attacked with all my strength either. I want to see –”

Qin Yu didn’t wait for him to finish speaking. He punched out a fist. Space distorted. Air wildly compressed together, condensing into a substantial mass of air that howled forth.

Bang –

The large and mountain-like Yun Family guard was sent flying away as if he had been struck by a hammer. Blood gushed out from his mouth and nose. With a plop, he landed on the ground like a soft and boneless puddle of flesh.

“Looking at the momentum of your last attack, this should be what you wanted to do to me, right? Unfortunately your strength is lacking, so now that you’ve ended up like this, don’t hate me.” When Qin Yu finished speaking, he glanced at the young men and women whose faces looked like frozen eggplants. Facing them, he smiled and said, “I’m a reasonable person. Since I said I want to vent my anger, I will vent my anger. So you had better help my maid behind me feel better, otherwise things will be difficult for me and you will all be even worse off.”

Wasn’t this kind of calm and condescending attitude that displayed one’s superior upbringing and commanding position what these people excelled at the most? Now that it was being used against them, the taste indeed wasn’t good.

But no matter how uncomfortable they felt, they could only endure. The Yun Family guard was placed right in front of them as an example, and whether he was still alive was unknown. No one wanted to end up like him.

Yun Zhan’s lips shivered. Some of it was due to anger, but most of it was from fear.

On this trip out, he had been given direct orders to pursue the Shang Family’s young miss. The family would certainly support him as much as they could. Thus, the guard sent to follow him was named Yun Dapeng. To be given the family name, he certainly wasn’t an ordinary guard.

In fact, until just several days ago, Yun Dapeng had always been by the side of the Patriarch and was responsible for managing security.

But now Yun Zhan’s strongest guard, the one that was supposed to earn honor and glory for him, had been slapped down as if he were nothing but a chicken or a dog.

What kind of strength was needed for this?

This person was absolutely pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger! It was definitely like this!

Now that he looked at Qin Yu again, Yun Zhan thought that he was some old thing that kept himself hidden deeply. And it was not just him who thought this; everyone else did too.

Of course he was an old freak. Otherwise how could he be so strong?

After all, we are all geniuses. Anyone who is fiercer than us has to be someone who has cultivated for longer than us. Besides that, there is no other possibility!

That’s right, even if we are anxious and a little afraid, we are still proud and confident.

Shang Junjun’s mouth opened a little and a frightened expression appeared on her face. When one looked at her, it was easy to take pity on her.

“Brother Yun, I’m scared!”

Yun Zhan stiffened and cursed inwardly. Whether she was doing this intentionally or not, the end result was that he could no longer stay silent with everyone else.

After all, the one who had been struck away and who no one knew was alive or dead had been his Yun Family guard. If he didn’t dare to say anything after being called out, he really would become a joke.

Yun Zhan took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile. He said, “Miss Junjun, don’t be afraid. Today is just a misunderstanding. As long as we can explain ourselves, there won’t be a problem.”

He stepped forward and cupped his hands together. “Fellow daoist, how do you do? I am a junior from Eight Lakes’ Yun Family. Everything that happened was just an accident. If there was any misunderstanding today, I ask that you not be offended.”

You said this was a bit shameful and would cause Shang Junjun to despise him?


If she despised him then she despised him. His life was far more important. This person was merciless and heavy in his actions and he didn’t want to make a bet on whether the Yun Family’s reputation could deter him. If his bluff didn’t work and he was pounded into the grass instead, he really wouldn’t have a place to cry even if he wanted to.

Qin Yu looked at him, “The one who attacked just now was your guard?”

Yun Zhan nodded.

“He scared me…mm, to be more exact, he scared the maid behind me. And I appreciate and dote on her very much, so scaring her is much more serious than scaring me. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Yun Zhan continued to nod.

Qin Yu snapped his fingers. “I like to speak with smart people. You, young man, are sufficiently intelligent. So come over and show your sincerity. As long as my maid is satisfied, I’ll forget what just happened.”

Yun Zhan wavered. He thought that if he continued to be obedient like this, it might be a bit too much loss of face.

His lips moved a little. But before he could speak, he could see a hint of encouragement in Qin Yu’s eyes. His heart skipped and beat and then fiercely shrank, as if gripped by a giant invisible hand.

“Alright, I’ll come over now!”

Yun Zhan lowered his head and rushed over. His face burned red but he was rejoicing inside. He was sure that if he said anything else just now he would have been captured and been forced to pay an even greater price.

Qin Yu nodded. “I knew I didn’t read you wrong. You really are a smart boy. Talk with my maid first. I am going to continue settling these accounts.”

He pointed a finger. “You. Yes, you, stop looking around, it’s you. When I was waking up, I heard you tell others to take the ice fox away. This matter caused immense psychological damage to my maid. How do you plan on fixing this?”

Fan Bo had a muddled expression. He thought that if he had the strength, he would just slap this person down with a single strike. What was this nonsense about fixing things? But what a pity, he didn’t have this strength so he could only keep these thoughts in his mind.

He glanced around at his own guard. The guard immediately stiffened and his eyes filled with a pleading expression.

Young master, please don’t order me to attack him. Otherwise, how is that different from telling me to die?

With this, Fan Bo immediately understood that the time had come for him to lower his head. In any case, Yun Zhan had preceded him, so even if he had to crawl on the ground he wouldn’t be the most disgraced here.

They were all children of great families. Besides a few overly arrogant and ignorant individuals, most of them had high degrees of self-control. As a result, they all understood the logic of needing to adapt to the circumstances.

Fan Bo took a deep breath and bowed deeply. “I am truly apologetic about what happened before. I guarantee fellow daoist that I will do my best to obtain this miss’ forgiveness.”

As he spoke he walked over.

Shang Junjun nearly erupted in anger. While she hadn’t taken a liking to these two boys from the start, their current performance was far too shameful.

That’s right. This person is a little fierce, but what background do we come from? Did he eat some pill that gave him enough courage to do anything to us?

You two are simply spineless pieces of trash!

Welcoming Qin Yu’s gaze, Shang Junjun tightened her hands, holding back the excited ice fox that was trying to escape from her grip. She softly said, “Little thing, what are you panicking for? I haven’t let you go, so there is nowhere you can go.”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. This little girl had clearly spoken up so that he could hear her. It seemed she had decided to put on a strong front.

But you are just a weakling. Even if you want to be strong, what can you do?

However, he never planned to let her off easily to begin with. This kind of girl with a peaceful appearance but a sinister heart was the most hateful and despicable type of all.

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