Chapter 993A - Venting Anger

He reached out a hand and pushed open the door, but he didn’t expect that Snowside would be sitting outside. When she saw him come out as well as the happy expression on his face, she curled her lips and said, “You slept well for three days. Was your zodiac sign a pig?”

Qin Yu shook his head. Would it kill this rude and obstinate woman to treat him with a better attitude? However, he had something important to do right now so he wouldn’t care about this for the time being.

“I’m going.” When he finished speaking, he paused for a moment and said, “If something strange occurs in a while, don’t be afraid.”

Snowside’s complexion changed. She thought for a moment and then stood up and followed him.

Qin Yu stood before the stone cliff. He looked back at Snowside. Without ordering her to leave, he waved his hand and said, “Draw back a little.”

After she unwillingly stepped back, his thoughts stirred and he triggered the 99th problem on the red cliff.

Several days ago, when Qin Yu solved the 90th problem again, he had a sudden intuition – this time was different.

But he couldn’t state just how it was different. After solving 98 problems, he became extremely worn out and slept for three entire days. When he woke up, his intuition hadn’t disappeared but instead became increasingly intense.

It looked like his behavior of endless harvesting had triggered some unknown change. He had no idea whether it was good or bad.

He looked at the chaotic lines on the red cliff and his pupils shrank. If Qin Yu thought that the 98th problem was ridiculously difficult already…then this last problem, in terms of foundation, was at least ten times harder!

Qin Yu subconsciously took several steps back. He looked at the red wall which seemed to be spewing out red lines all over. There were so many that they even appeared to be stacking up atop of each other.

Gradually, the giant red cliff that soared into the skies became covered by the red lines.

In terms of number, there were over a million!

It was like an extremely precise building block game. He needed to use these million lines to build a complete rule. Even a single mistake would lead to catastrophic failure.

If it was like before where he could choose to give up and start solving problems from the start again, then the choice would have been easy.

He didn’t care about the difficulty nor did he want to pass. It would have been fine if he failed.

But now, Qin Yu thought that if he carelessly chose to fail again, a problem would certainly occur…and it would be a big problem!

As this thought appeared, a weak voice that barely managed to restrain its anger directly resounded in his mind. “Brat, you’re right. If you cannot solve this problem today then prepare yourself to stay here forever. Don’t ask who I am or why I sound so resentful. All you need to know is that since I said it, I can do it!

“Remember, you only have one day, so hurry up and start…if you fail, then you can experience my bad luck with me! If I cannot run away, you won’t be any better off you little bastard! This is your choice that you forced me to make!”

The voice vanished.

Qin Yu frowned. He had no idea who this other party was, but he could feel a strong sense of enmity rolling off of it, so thick that it nearly condensed into essence.

As the voice fell, Qin Yu’s mind shook. Waves appeared in the sun and moon force field.

Then, Qin Yu became aware of something…everything that voice said was true.

If he couldn’t solve this incomparably complex problem of the rules that flooded the entire red cliff, then he would be in grave trouble.

Buzz –

With a shaking cry, an invisible strength arrived. It covered the region around the red cliff and isolated Qin Yu from the outside.

But this time, the invisible strength didn’t purely shelter Qin Yu from outside disturbances. It clearly contained a trace of sealing aura. As if once Qin Yu failed, this strength would immediately thrust him into the abyss, imprisoning him forever so that he would never escape.

Snowside’s complexion changed, “Qin Yu!”

She felt that something wasn’t right.

Qin Yu stood in front of the red cliff and took a deep breath. He turned around and slowly said, “Don’t worry. I can deal with it.”

But, he was actually bitterly smiling inside. Even now, he had no idea what had happened.

Still, it seemed that everything that happened today was because of him.

Could this mean he only had himself to blame?

After suppressing all his thoughts, a dark golden light appeared in Qin Yu’s eyes. No matter what happened, he couldn’t be sealed here…this problem of the rules could not trap him!

In the hidden underground temple, the array diagram in the void began to shake. An unimaginably powerful aura was released. It was like an endless mountain and an infinite sea, suppressing everyone within.

The Leng Family cultivators that maintained the revolution of the array formation all froze where they stood. They were like fish stuck in solid blocks of ice, unable to move anymore.

Only their wide eyes and the surging emotions of shock in them indicated that they were still alive and not statues.

A phantom of the stone pagoda, one that was flooded with the breath of ancient times, slowly appeared in the shaking void. A low and dignified voice echoed in the air, “Now, I need you all to provide me with the support of even greater strength.”

One day later, Stranded God Canyon vanished. No one knew exactly what happened.

Even the Leng Family who managed all of this had no clue, nor did they harvest any useful information.

This caused all the eyes that were paying attention to this incident to reveal looks of disappointment. But, they didn’t give up there. They mobilized all their intelligence networks to find that mysterious cultivator called Qin Yu.

That’s right. As the cultivators in Stranded God Canyon left using the offering method, Qin Yu’s name had spread throughout the world.

He had reached the 99th problem of the rules in Stranded God Valley at least three continuous times and deliberately chose to fail on each occasion…this alone was enough to attract the gazes of countless people.

Numerous undercurrents surged below the calm lake. And Qin Yu, who these undercurrents flowed toward, had been sleeping for a long, long time.

The old horse and lame horse pulled the carriage. Snowside often turned back and looked at the still unconscious Qin Yu within, worry in her eyes.

This was already the 16th day since Qin Yu fell into a deep sleep. She had no idea what happened, but it clearly involved the last problem of the rules that had flooded the entire red cliff.

After Qin Yu solved it, it turned into a rune. But this rune didn’t shatter and disappear like before. Rather, it flew out and fused into his body.

Then the red cliff broke apart. She, Qin Yu, as well as the two horses, were wrapped up by an invisible strength and transmitted away.

Since that day, Qin Yu hadn’t woken up. Even if his aura was vibrant and his soul fluctuations were stable, he had slept for 16 days. Snowside was worried the entire time.

If something really happened to Qin Yu, she had no idea what she should do in this strange and unknown world. As she was lost in thought, her mind drifted away. It was only when she heard a cry that she realized some cultivators had appeared in front of her.

“What a beautiful ice fox. Looking at how clean and sleek its fur is, its bloodline must be pure.”

The one who spoke was a petite woman. But because her proportions were too good, legs still slender, and her chest large, she was still an eye-catching sight.

Snowside frowned and her heart sank. Her intuition told her that these people represented trouble.

“Miss Junjun has wonderful eyesight. That is indeed an ice fox with a pure bloodline; I’m afraid there are few left of them in this world. Encountering one today is Miss Junjun’s good luck and the ice fox’s good fortune. I will take it and gift it to you.”

A man to the side spoke. As he looked at Snowside he paused for a moment and his eyes started to light up.

While he had hidden himself well, he still couldn’t avoid Miss Junjun’s look. A chill circulated in her stare.


Men…they really were trash!

A carriage-driving maid actually had such a cute and beautiful appearance; it really was displeasing to the eyes. It would be best if her face was scratched and scarred.

Shang Junjun turned her gaze. She regretfully said, “I still don’t want it. Such an attractive ice fox must be the cherished pet of others. How could I seize what others love by force?”

Another man coldly sneered, “To offer the ice fox to Miss Junjun is her good fortune. Could she not be satisfied with this?”

He waved a hand, “Go, bring the ice fox over and deliver it to Miss Junjun.”

Whoosh –

With the sound of piercing air, a cultivator with a cold and sharp expression landed in front of the carriage. He swept his eyes over the old horse and lame horse and frowned slightly. He said, “Give me the ice fox and you may leave.”

Snowside took the ice fox down from her shoulder and placed it on the ground. “I’ll give it to you.”

The cold-faced cultivator didn’t think that things would end so simply. He looked at her for a moment before taking the ice fox and walking away.

Snowside picked up the whip and knocked the carriage seat. The old horse and lame horse made a circle and were about to cross the people in front.

Shang Junjun hugged the ice fox, a bright smile on her face. “Thank you Brother Yun Shi. I really like this ice fox and can’t wait to get closer to it. I don’t even want to continue walking.”

After having Yun Zhan make the first move, Fan Bo was feeling annoyed. Now that he heard this he immediately said, “Miss Junjun, there is no need for you to walk, you may ride a carriage. Stop the carriage and hand it over!”

Snowside frowned. “You just said that once I handed over the ice fox, you would let us leave.”

Fan Bo impatiently said, “You can still leave now, but if you say anything else, that might not be true anymore.”

Snowside pursed her lips. “Alright…”

But just as she spoke up she was interrupted by a helpless and somewhat happy voice coming from inside the carriage. “Since when did you become someone who was so easily bullied? This is my first time seeing it.”

Snowside’s tense body loosened. She clenched her jaws and turned her head, saying, “If you weren’t born like a pig, sleeping all the way until now, do you think I would be in such a wretched situation?”

Her words were still wicked but the joy on her face warmed Qin Yu’s heart. He never thought that the losses after solving the last problem of the rules would be so serious. After enduring until the end, he immediately lost consciousness.

If it hadn’t been for Snowside supporting him during this time when he had no strength to resist, who knew what sort of fate he would have ended up in.

With a smile, Qin Yu pushed open the door and jumped out of the carriage. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you vent your anger now.”

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