Chapter 991 - On Purpose

Grandmaster Zhou was urgently summoned to a meeting to give an explanation to the high-level figures of the Leng Family. He stood at the center of the meeting hall and swept his eyes across everyone’s serious expressions. He slowly said, “Stranded God Canyon’s consciousness has already awakened. It no longer simply refers to the predefined rules, but now has its own judgment and ability to choose…the current situation is that due to some unknown reason, it is not willing to tear apart the contract.”

“If it doesn’t want to, then should our Leng Family just let this blood-sucking ghost drain us dry?” A Leng Family senior shouted out loud. “Zhou Cheng, you should understand what sort of price we’ve had to pay in order to maintain the revolution of the array formation. Do you want us to just watch helplessly as this continues?”

Grandmaster Zhou took a deep breath and slowly said, “Patriarch, elders, and everyone else, my suggestion is that you don’t try to forcefully tear the contract apart, otherwise Stranded God Canyon’s consciousness will never forget about this. It will likely provoke great trouble.”

“Very well! This is just a land of inheritance. It might be extremely mystical but it has no influence on the real world. I don’t believe it can exert any influence on my Leng Family! The contract must be torn up. The Leng Family cannot endure such terrifying losses again!”

As this Leng Family senior finished speaking, he suddenly discovered that everyone was looking at him with eyes full of shock and horror, as if something terrifying was happening to him.

His heart shivered and fear flooded his mind. He opened his mouth, but no sounds came out. Then, he froze in place. Red lines began to appear all over his skin. They tightened like fishing lines and ruthlessly contracted inwards, sinking into his flesh and blood like sharp knives.

Pa –

There was a light sound, as if a bubble burst apart. The man’s body was cut into countless blocks. As the pieces fell they started to melt into thick red goo that piled up on the ground. A horrid stench filled the air.

The meeting hall fell deathly silent. Everyone’s eyes flew wide open. They stared at the red goo on the ground, a cold chill racing up their spines and into their foreheads.

It had to be known that this was the Leng Family’s official meeting hall and represented the highest authority of the family. The future of the Leng Family was decided in this place, so it was natural for its defenses to be equally exceptional. No one could even hope to approach without permission, much less intrude inside.

But now, Leng Jie had died. His body had been torn apart and melted into red slime in front of everyone. Even his soul had been annihilated. And in the senses of everyone present, no one knew who did it or where the strength came from.

However, the truth was that the Leng Family elders who were all shivering with fear and shock were all well aware of where this strength came from.

“Stranded God Canyon…this is the will of Stranded God Canyon…the current situation can no longer be judged according to what has happened in the past!” Grandmaster Zhou took a deep breath and spoke out loud, “Everyone, you all saw what just happened. If you plan on forcefully tearing up the contract with Stranded God Canyon, the Leng Family will suffer great misfortune!”

The Leng Family had just lost an elder, and it wasn’t that they weren’t furious; some of them even had thoughts of revenge. But they soon discovered that in the face of the mysterious and powerful will of Stranded God Canyon, they had no effective way of dealing with it. If they recklessly offended it, the consequences weren’t something they could endure.

For the survival of the family, even if they had to endure shame, they had to lower their heads and accept whatever fate awaited them as they searched for other opportunities in the future…to put it simply and crudely, the Leng Family admitted their loss.

Although this sounded somewhat disgraceful, it was essentially based upon the family’s wisdom to survive. Facing unknown dangers, they wouldn’t be reckless or impulsive, even if they had to debase themselves or pay a steep price. As long as they continued surviving, there would always be another opportunity.

Zhou Cheng returned to the underground palace with the highest level authority of the Leng Family. The storehouse of resources that was originally prepared for establishing their fifth world was now opened up to fully satisfy the needs of Stranded God Canyon.

The Leng Family had to pay an enormous price for their actions. But the greater the price, the less easily they would give up.

Facing Stranded God Valley, they had no choice but to lower their heads after careful consideration. But if the target were different, they might expose their sharp fangs instead.

In other words, without Qin Yu knowing about it, a powerful force that controlled four worlds and was still rising, had now targeted him.

But the world was like this. Between gains and losses, there was always some sense of fairness. One couldn’t take all the benefits by themselves without at least some trouble.

In the eternal darkness where the pitiful-looking, cut-covered stone pagoda was, roars echoed through the air. But now, there was also a weariness that could not be concealed.


It hadn’t truly woken up yet. It had forcibly made a move and as a result the little bit of power it saved up had been exhausted. The light that covered it also dimmed down.

“Tear the contract? You actually want to tear the contract? Let me tell you, all of you, there is no chance, not even the tiniest hope! If you really did succeed, where am I supposed to find this boy again!?

“Qin Yu, hurry up and come out! If you keep messing around in there, there won’t be any candy left! All there will be is a big club waiting for you! Think about this clearly!”

The students in this year’s class of Stranded God Canyon felt as if they passed the last few days in a muddled haze. They moved around like mechanical puppets. They hoped that they could behave normally, but Qin Yu’s actions had been too strong and striking. With their emotions rising up and down so much, this wasn’t something they could easily accept.

He was solving problems. He was still solving problems. It was the same speed as before and the same flavor as before. He was doing so with unstoppable momentum.

It seemed that besides the failure of that day, any problem of the rules quickly fell before Qin Yu.

Many people that dared to become one of Easy Zhou Duly’s followers and also compete for the spot, had been dragged into Stranded God Canyon. They could be called powerhouses in their own right. Naturally, they weren’t stupid. Although they felt that this matter was preposterous, everything they witnessed with their own eyes was pointing towards an unbelievable truth.

Qin Yu had failed on purpose.

On purpose.

It had all been on purpose!

Although they had no idea why he did this, this was the truth. So, no matter how they roared inside or how they felt that Qin Yu wasn’t dependable in following the script, they never revealed any of their anger or frustration. Rather, the awe in their hearts only grew heavier.

Breaking out of Stranded God Canyon in itself was a glorious matter. But to choose to fail on purpose and refuse the chance to make one’s name known throughout the world, that was even more terrifying.

And most importantly, looking at how things were, it wasn’t difficult for Qin Yu to break out of Stranded God Canyon at all. He could do it as long as he wanted to by spending a bit of time.

While they had accepted this fact, when they occasionally thought back to it they couldn’t suppress the roars in their hearts – hey, why are you so fierce? How can the disparity from person to person be so large!

On the fourth day of Qin Yu solving the problems of the rules for a second time, Zhou Pei came to visit once again. He was all smiles as he spoke with Snowside, and both sides were very happy.

It was unknown what he said. But, just before Zhou Pei left, someone saw his smile freeze and his figure stagger a little. Snowside reached out a hand to help him and stood near the entrance to watch him leave.

For the next several days, Zhou Pei stayed at his dwelling and didn’t leave. Some cultivators who were on good terms with him visited. He didn’t say much, and after a few dry glares he stated that he was feeling ill from the wind and cold and anyone that came was sent away.

You are a Beast Control Clan powerhouse and a solemn God boundary expert, yet you say that you are suffering from the wind and cold? What a joke!

Perhaps his heartache was too heavy and it harmed his intelligence, thus leading to him coming up with such a ridiculous reason.

So in the camp, rumors began to spread that Zhou Pei had been struck on the head by a bamboo stick, and the bamboo stick was said to be larger than a tree.

Many people expressed their sympathies. At the same time, they glanced towards the direction of Qin Yu’s dwelling, dread in their eyes.

This sort of vicious person that had a formidable background and also thick skin wasn’t good to provoke. But luckily for them, Qin Yu was a relatively quiet and peaceful person. As long as no one provoked him he wouldn’t cause trouble on his own initiative. Besides Zhou Pei from that first day, no one had cause for him to mess with them.

“I asked for this thing from Zhou Pei. It hasn’t hatched yet but its aura and everything else seems alright. Put a drop of blood on it so that it recognizes you as master; perhaps it might be a good helper later.” Snowside had a sullen expression as she stretched out her hands without a smile. She placed an egg covered with gray markings right in front of him.

Qin Yu glanced at her and then at the egg in her hands. He said, “You’re really giving it to me? Then I’ll take it.”

Snowside’s fingers unconsciously retracted. She said without expression, “It’s something given to you by others to begin with, so take it.”

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head, “Stop being so obstinate. If you really wanted to give it to me then you wouldn’t show me an expression. Since someone gave it to you, you can keep it. I don’t want to be constantly poked and prodded and called cheap in the future.”

Snowside’s eyes brightened and her entire expression suddenly came to life. She smiled and hugged the egg to her chest. “You’re the one who said this. I didn’t force you to do anything…hum hum, Qin Yu, I guess you do have a conscience after all!”

The ice fox stood on her shoulder with a skeptical look on its face, as if wondering why its dear master’s emotions shifted so quickly from one extreme to another. It feared that its future wouldn’t be any better off.

“That Zhou Pei really has been played around with by you. This is the last time. Let him off from here on out.” Qin Yu slapped Snowside’s shoulder and returned to his room.

His time was precious!

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