Chapter 987A - Solving Without Pause

According to the legends, the truth was that Stranded God Canyon was in itself an extremely large site of inheritance. But for some unknown reason, the genuine inheritors had vanished. If non-approved cultivators wanted to make use of it, they had to take some risks.

For instance, being suppressed here and being unable to escape. For instance, the requirement of paying with sacrifices. But the important point was that if one looked at this from another angle, in essence a cultivator could regard this as a place of inheritance to assist with their cultivation.

And that inheritance was the problem of rules mentioned just now.

When a person cultivated, they first cultivated their strength, taking themselves as the center. When their strength reached a certain level, especially after touching the God boundary or even breaking through, they would truly come into contact with the world’s rules. Then the center of their cultivation would be placed in their ability to analyze and master the rules so that they could open up their own path.

As a result, rules meant power and strength.

The problems of Stranded God Canyon ranged from easy to hard and each involved different rules. For instance, each astonishingly difficult problem required one to verify continuously before drawing a final conclusion.

Upon success, one gained the power of the rules and opened the second problem.

It was said that a person needed to answer at least 99 problems before they were allowed to leave. Moreover, they had to finish in one attempt without leaving this land midway, otherwise they would have to restart from the beginning.

But in reality, it was extremely rare for someone to continuously answer ten problems. As for 99 problems…that was only a fable.

Now, Qin Yu had decided to take advantage of this fable.

When he was still in the Chu Empire’s imperial capital, the God Mark Holy Stone had arrived. In essence, it was a fragment left behind by a destroyed jade embryo egg. It contained trillions of Great Daos, as boundless as the starry skies. They had marked themselves in Qin Yu’s mind where he was able to observe and perceive them at any time.

Each star represented a complete rule. This was the manifestation of its power. One needed to understand why it would condense so that one could master its power.

It was like Qin Yu already knew the answer to a complex problem, but unfortunately he didn’t know the process of how to obtain the answer…as for Stranded God Canyon’s problem of rules, it seemed as if it could provide these complete deduction processes.

For any question in the world, as long as one could obtain the answer and reverse it, the process would be much simpler.

Moreover, Qin Yu had fused with a complete jade embryo egg and obtained the ability of the ‘reality-piercing eyes’, so it would be even easier for him.

99 problems?

A light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. If his thoughts weren’t wrong, this number wasn’t enough. And it was far, far from being enough.

This was a heaven-gifted opportunity. How could he easily miss out on it?

Although this way of ‘getting the best deal’ seemed a bit shameless, as long as he grew stronger, what did it matter?

And he wasn’t friends with this Stranded God Canyon or anything, so there was no point in going easy on it.

“Ah, fellow daoist Qin Yu, have you come to try?”

“With fellow daoist’s strength, you will surely advance with unstoppable momentum. I’m already anticipating the sight!”

“I heard that the strongest person in the camp has managed to solve 11 problems so far. Fellow daoist Qin Yu, you cannot allow yourself to fall behind.”

Various greetings and smiles were aimed his way. They seemed friendly and even a bit teasing, but no one was able to conceal the inquiring look in their eyes.

Bragging or whatever wasn’t difficult at all. As long as someone’s brain had enough holes and their skin was thick enough, they could let their lips flap wildly and there wouldn’t be any flaws in it.

So, they didn’t place much faith in what Snowside said before. Although they believed part of it, they had even more doubts. In fact, the reason they chose to temporarily believe was because of this Stranded God Canyon itself.

If Qin Yu said he was so amazingly epic and he had a transcendent teacher, then fine, they had no problem with this. They would have a chance to confirm all of this eventually and they would be able to probe just how impressive he was.

The problem of the rules was right in front. Come, Qin Yu, it’s time to expose your ability!

“Haha, I’m just casually taking a look. Please feel free to go about your business.” Qin Yu smiled and cupped his hands as he arrived outside the camp.

There was a reason that the people caught in Stranded God Canyon had established their camp here. Not too far away, there was a massive red cliff that soared straight into the skies. This was the place where the problems of the rules appeared.

Qin Yu walked to an area where no one else was and looked up. The rough surface of the cliff began to ripple and surge like water. A series of messy lines appeared. However, he was able to understand the significance of these lines.

Mm…this seems a bit familiar…I should have seen it before…

Light surged in the depths of Qin Yu’s eyes. Then, his lips curved up and he closed his eyes in meditation. As he did, a phantom of a vast and boundless starry sky started to unfold in front of him.

Everyone swept their eyes around in front of the cliff of rules, scrutinizing.

In the countless realms and myriad worlds, there was a popular proverb: The Rules will not Lie.

They all wanted to see how strong this Qin Yu actually was!

And the result didn’t disappoint them.

Two hours later, Qin Yu opened his eyes. The disorderly lines on the cliff of rules began to rapidly gather together, turning into a mystical rune that shattered and vanished from sight.

The sound wasn’t loud, but when it fell into everyone’s ears it was like a shocking thunderclap. It left them dizzy and their minds blank.

The rules cliff was impartial to everyone; it was impossible to cheat. In other words, he had really only spent two hours to solve the first problem of the rules.

While the problems of the rules grew increasingly difficult the deeper one went, and the first one was the easiest relatively speaking, it was still a problem of the rules. It represented a complete and formidable rule.

At the very least, no one here had ever heard of someone solving the first problem of the rules in just two hours.

This had broken the record…

When everyone looked at Qin Yu, their gazes were deeper and the earnestness was heavier.

The rules do not lie.

They saw it all clearly with their own eyes.

It turned out that Qin Yu’s maid wasn’t just running her mouth off randomly. She had been speaking the truth.

If Qin Yu didn’t have a mind-bogglingly strong teacher, how could he possess such a terrifying ability to analyze the rules?

Of course, saying this might be a bit too irresponsible. It could be that Qin Yu himself possessed an extremely terrifying degree of talent.

But using that logic, it was exactly because of this terrifying talent that he would be received as a disciple by an incredibly strong teacher!

Tsk tsk, the more they thought about it the more likely it seemed!

Qi Lianshan had a dignified expression as he looked at Qin Yu’s back. He was originally confident that he could become a follower of Miss East Zhou Duly, but now…

He took a deep breath and firmed his resolve. No matter what happened, he couldn’t give up!

His tribe…his race…they were all waiting for him to save them!

He was that world’s only hope.

Zhou Pei rubbed his cold and clammy hands together. He thought that he was fortunate to have reacted quickly and exchanged that treasure for Qin Yu’s forgiveness.

Originally, he had felt some pain and unwillingness from giving away that stone egg. There was even some well-concealed resentment. But all of those emotions disappeared.

After offending such a character, paying a price to retreat was already the best result possible. How could he ask for more?

Certainly, there was another reason. It was that while Zhou Pei felt that the stone egg was uncommon, he still hadn’t figured out what it was.

Otherwise…hoho, he would definitely find his entire chest being torn open with pain.

Qin Yu could sense the changed expressions of the people around him, and thought that solving a problem of the rules in two hours must be somewhat scary. But when he also thought about how he needed more fame and a greater background, he felt that this was appropriate.

But what a pity, he didn’t feel any pride or joy from everyone’s shocked and awed expressions. This was because he knew that the only reason he solved the problem of the rules in two hours was thanks to the existence of the jade embryo egg and the God Mark Holy Stone.

Strictly speaking, Qin Yu gained his current ability after obtaining another additional piece of a jade embryo egg. This cheat-like method allowed one to have a shocking performance, but if he was complacent because of this, he was thinking too much of himself.

So from the start, Qin Yu maintained a calm and easy demeanor. As for the others, when they saw this, it was like a stone had been tossed into the lake of their hearts. All of the people present today were outstanding geniuses amongst their peers and they believed their eyesight wasn’t wrong. Qin Yu’s current calm was genuine calm, and he wasn’t purposefully putting on an act.

In other words, in his opinion, solving a problem of the rules in two hours was normal…now almost everyone firmly believed his status and there was more awe in their eyes as they looked at him.

Of course, not everyone chose to trust Qin Yu from his current performance. The strongest of those present had a light flash in their eyes.

This was only the first problem. Maybe it was just a coincidence? If you want us to believe in your identity, then solve ten more problems first!

Wu Jun from the Great River secretly sneered. He was the holder of the 11 problem record in Stranded God Canyon right now. As such, he knew how abnormally difficult the problems became the more that were solved.

In particular, after the tenth problem, there was a qualitative leap in difficulty. He had only taken seven days to solve the first ten problems, but the eleventh problem had taken a full five days.

Now, eight days had passed since he had begun looking at the 12th problem. He had started to make out some clues but if he wanted to smoothly solve it, he would require at least ten more days.

Hum hum!

I want to see just how much weight this boy with a supposedly transcendent teacher has.

In fact, Wu Jun was in a position to find Qin Yun displeasing to the eyes.

While the people in Stranded God Canyon were diligently trying to solve the problems of rules today, they knew that it was almost impossible for them to leave here by themselves.

Alright, it’s a bit shameless to say, but there was really no chance at all.

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