Chapter 985 – Reputation

The beautiful jade hands that grabbed at Qin Yu suddenly shattered into countless pieces. The air filled with the pained groans of women.

Old Freak Hua’s complexion changed. The cold cruelty in his eyes transformed into stunned surprise and fear. He gave a strange cry as he stormed backwards in retreat.

But soon, he discovered that he couldn’t avoid it at all. The terrifying sword intent that pierced through space had locked onto him.

Old Freak Hua raised his hands with an eerie screech. Pink energy rose up around him, wrapping him in layers that formed the most formidable defense.

But now, he didn’t have any confidence that he could defend against the sword that was aimed at him…this was because the sword intent was far too horrifying. It was sharp and tyrannical, capable of destroying everything in its way.

He couldn’t block it!

Clenching his teeth, Old Freak Hua slapped his chest. The embroidered flowers on his robe started to rise up one after another, blooming within the pink energy and forming a second barrier of defense.

His heart stabilized a little. But soon Old Freak Hua’s screams rang out in the world. Whether it was the pink energy or the interwoven flowers, nothing was able to block the sword strike. He was struck and sent flying away. A terrifying wound formed on his chest. One could see the shredded flesh and blood beneath.

The torn flesh and blood rapidly wriggled and tried to regrow. But just as it regenerated a little, it would be twisted apart by the remaining sword intent, causing blood to spout out even faster.

If it was just a wound that could not be healed, Old Freak Hua would regard it as a severe injury. But at this time, he discovered a phenomenon that left chills creeping up his spine – the sword intent was spreading!

That’s right, the sword intent that had torn through his flesh and blood, cut past his bones, and was constantly breaking open the wound, was like a poison that spread deeper and invaded other parts of his body.

Pa –

His chest and belly cracked open –

Pa –

The back of his neck began to creak open –

Pa –

Wounds appeared across his shoulders –

“Ahh!” Old Freak Hua howled in panic and horror. Billowing pink energy spewed out from his body. The phantoms of dozens of graceful women appeared within it.

Now, these phantoms trembled in pain, their beautiful faces distorted as boundless vitality was released from their bodies and was crazily sucked into Old Freak Hua.

After obtaining the help of this vitality, the activity of his flesh and blood dramatically increased. One could see the torn flesh and blood regenerating at an amazing speed.

Tiny nodules of flesh grew and twined together, merging into one. They were like powerful tendons, suturing the wound and immediately healing it.

The horror and fear in Old Freak Hua’s heart relaxed a little and color returned to his face. He had truly felt the shadow and destruction looming over him. He looked up at Qin Yu. His eyes vibrated with disbelief and awe, as well as deep hatred.

As long as he wasn’t killed, he was confident he could leave here alive. In the past not even an Origin God existence could capture him, so Old Freak Hua was naturally confident in himself. If he did his best to run away, he could definitely escape. And if he didn’t die, there would be a time when he could return all the pain and humiliation he received today.

Thinking of this, the animosity in Old Freak Hua’s eyes deepened.

Qin Yu suddenly spoke up. “I know what you are thinking about right now. You feel that you lowered your guard today and allowed this boy who is a tiger playing the role of a pig to accidentally wound you with such severity. You think that once you escape from here you can catch your breath and recover, and then stage a comeback another day. Then, you will show this boy just what the meaning of despair is…” As he spoke, his lips curved up in a cruel smile. “But what a pity, I am not in a good mood today and want to kill someone.”

With a thought, Old Freak Hua suddenly screamed out loud. His eyes turned blood red and flames started to emit from his body. This fire was the same color as the great sun. They emanated a strong oppressive aura, and also a cold indifference that would see the world burn to ashes.

“Ahh! What kind of fire is this…not only can it burn my flesh and blood, it can also destroy my soul…no! No! I won’t die! Give me your vitality! Offer it all to me! All of it!”

Old Freak Hua extracted even more vitality from the female phantoms within the pink energy. Because of the pain, they curled up into balls. Emotions started to appear in their eyes.

The power of life that was stored up in their bodies was also their greatest imprisonment. Now that it was being wildly sucked out, their sealed intelligence began to gradually be restored.

Slowly, as these women were twisted in pain and agony, their eyes that glared at Old Freak Hua started to fill up with ice-cold hate.

This was an extremely dangerous situation. If seized souls regained their intelligence, there was a high chance that a person would experience a backlash from their cultivation method. But right now, Old Freak Hua couldn’t care about such things.

If he didn’t extract the vitality from their bodies, making himself nearly indestructible, then he would have long since been burnt to ashes.

He had to choose the lesser of two evils!

The only idea in Old Freak Hua’s mind right now was to survive and escape.

If he had any thoughts about retaliating against Qin Yu in the future for today, then he had given up on all of these.

This person…was unfathomably deep and his strength was terrifying. He was beyond his imagination.

If he tried to seek revenge, even if he made all the preparations he feared he would be crushed to pieces with a single strike.

But what a pity, since Qin Yu said he wanted to kill someone, he really was going to kill someone. From the moment the sword strike came out, Old Freak Hua had been doomed to die.

The only reason he was able to extract boundless vitality and barely survive in the blazing flames by regenerating his body was because Qin Yu allowed him to.

Qin Yu wanted to clearly show every cultivator in the camp what Old Freak Hua’s fate was. He wanted them to mark in their minds his terrifying and powerful image.

Since he decided to establish his reputation, he had to obtain the most perfect result possible.

But at this time, the female phantoms within the pink energy struggled to their knees, bowing towards Qin Yu.

Although they couldn’t speak, the pleading in their eyes was clear.

Snowside quietly said, “Qin Yu, these women are too pitiful. Please help them.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and slowly said, “There is no debt without a lender and no hatred without a cause. Today I will give you a chance to avenge your grievances…but remember, leave his head; I want to collect it and see what it’s like.”

As his voice fell, the terrifying great sun flames that wrapped around Old Freak Hua returned into his body. They were like terrifying shackles, blocking his strength.

The female phantoms within the pink energy had their freedom restored. They bowed towards Qin Yu again and again, endless gratitude in their eyes.

Then, they stood up and turned their heads. When they looked at Old Freak Hua, there was nothing left in their eyes but hate and craziness. They screamed and tossed themselves at him.

The dozens of female phantoms all entered his body. Old Freak Hua’s eyes flew open, so wide that the corners of his eyes cracked open. He opened his mouth but no sounds came out. Even so, his fiercely shivering and distorted face indicated how much pain he was withstanding.

Giant lumps bulged out all over him. The sounds of flesh and meat being chewed were clearly heard coming from his body. Blood flowed out from every pore of Old Freak Hua’s body, soaking his robes wet until blood dripped to the ground.

The entire camp fell deathly silent. All the cultivators who saw this couldn’t help but feel a chill in the air. They subconsciously glanced at Qin Yu, awe in their eyes.

Now only was this person terrifyingly strong but his methods were cruel and merciless. Burning someone to death was fine, but now he was making Old Freak Hua withstand the backlash from seizing the souls of those women.

Although Old Freak Hua’s cultivation method was extremely mysterious, it wasn’t difficult to guess the background behind it. They naturally knew how terrifying the souls of these awakened women would be. Compared to the ghosts in the depths of hell, they were even more frightening!

As they thought about what sort of horrors Old Freak Hua was undergoing, everyone felt fear rise up in their hearts.

Bang –

With a dull sound, like a balloon blowing up because too much air was inside, Old Freak Hua’s body blasted apart into countless pieces, turning into rotten flesh and blood that splashed everywhere.

An intact head tumbled in the air several times before falling in front of Qin Yu’s feet. Its eyes were still perfectly wide even in death.

The dozens of souls that drilled into his body all had blood red eyes and looked incomparably fierce and vicious. They bowed towards Qin Yu. Then, the woman in front unexpectedly spoke up in a low and grating voice, “We thank benefactor for saving us today, allowing us sisters to kill our enemy. We will never forget this graciousness. If there is a chance in the future, we will serve benefactor to the best of our ability!”

“Thank you benefactor!” The female souls with demonic appearances and chilling auras were respectful and polite when they faced Qin Yu.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Then, these souls howled up into the skies, turning into crimson crystals that vanished from sight.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with surprise. Originally, he thought that these women would fade away after taking their revenge against Old Freak Hua. He never thought that they would unexpectedly experience a lucky chance. Perhaps this was heaven’s way of compensating them for all the misery and suffering they endured for all these years.

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