Chapter 984 - Stranded God Canyon

“More people have fallen for the trap!”

“How hateful, if I find out who did this I won’t show mercy to them!”

“Show mercy? If this incident ruins my chance to obtain one of the spots as Miss East Zhou’s follower, then this will be an undying grudge!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He looked up at the incoming people.

At this moment, the three cultivators that were cupping their hands together and squeezing out a smile suddenly stiffened.

Qi Lianshan frowned. “Below the God boundary?”

The other two also showed surprised expressions that soon became cold disdain.

“How strange. It’s fine if the cultivators who arranged all of this only trapped us, but they didn’t even let off such a junior.”

“In my opinion, this junior’s luck isn’t good. He was injured by the transmission. Things really must be rough for him!”

Out of the dozens of people that had been transmitted here to Stranded God Canyon right now, who wasn’t an outstanding character amongst the God boundary? They were all extremely powerful, so how could they place a junior who hadn’t even stepped into the God boundary in their eyes?

Qin Yu certainly sensed the shift in mood of the people before him. His expression didn’t change and he said, “Fellow daoists, may I ask where this is?”

“Humph!” Two of the people coldly sneered. They flicked their sleeves and walked away, not wanting to waste any time on Qin Yu.

Qi Lianshan hesitated for a moment. He warned, “This is Stranded God Canyon. With your cultivation base it will be difficult for you to survive outside alone. The camp is in that direction.” He stopped and glanced at Snowside. “But this maid of yours might bring trouble. Decide for yourself.”

After he finished speaking he turned and left.

Snowside was indignant. “I was born with a face as fresh and beautiful as the moon and a temperament as elegant and ethereal as a fairy. How come he thinks I’m a maid? Qin Yu, tell me, do I look that bad?”

Cough…there wasn’t a good reply to this question.

Qin Yu immediately changed the topic. “The most important thing right now is to figure out what sort of place this is. Let’s go to the camp first.”

The old horse and lame horse pulled the carriage, drawing deeper into Stranded God Canyon.

“Make a record. Another one was caught just now and sent down to Stranded God Canyon.”

“Mm…the aura of these two people doesn’t seem right. One of them isn’t even at the God boundary so how could they activate the array formation?”

“Perhaps an error occurred in the revolution of the array formation. Hurry and send someone out to examine it so another such incident doesn’t occur.”

Deep below the earth, a magnificent temple had been dug out. Extremely complex array formation rune patterns were spread over it, covering every inch and corner of the walls.

They projected a light into the air that wove together into an image in the void, forming a massive array formation.

At this time below the projection, several managing cultivators glanced at each other, understanding each other’s thoughts.

“Delete the record.”

“We shouldn’t disturb the lord for such a minor matter.”

“You are correct.”

When the formation opened and completed the capturing process, this consumed an immense amount of strength. If the young sir were to find out that so much was wasted on a junior who wasn’t even at the God boundary, they would all be reprimanded.

So, all traces of this matter were soon cleaned up. Everyone chose to selectively forget that two innocent juniors had been sucked into Stranded God Canyon.

They couldn’t blame anyone. If they wanted to complain then they could blame their bad luck. Who told these juniors to fall into the trap?

They arrived at the camp Qi Lianshan spoke of. It wasn’t too large in scale. Dozens of temporarily set up tents were scattered all around.

The sight of the old horse and lame horse pulling the carriage was far too bizarre. When the carriage stopped outside the camp, the scene attracted many eyes.

Perhaps because some people had already learned that a junior who wasn’t even at the God boundary had been swept into Stranded God Canyon, there was some pity in their eyes.

Of course, indifference and disdain were the main emotions.

“What great horses!” With a loud shout, a cultivator ran out from the camp. He looked rough and wild and wore armor made of animal skin. His eyes shined. Now, as he stared at the old horse and lame horse pulling the carriage, he had a joyful expression.

Everyone in the camp suddenly had changed expressions. They looked at the two horses with thoughtful looks.

The man in animal skin armor was a powerhouse of the Beast Control Clan. During this period of time, he had used his actions to prove just how strong he was.

Now that he spoke up, even if no one else could see what was so wonderful about the old horse and lame horse, they were still a bit more vigilant.

Snowside could feel the strength of the person in front of them. Even though he was staring at the two horses, she could still feel an invisible suppression.

The Beast Control Clan cultivator looked away. He laughed and said, “Fellow daoist in the carriage, I wonder if you are willing to sell these two horses to me? I am willing to pay a high price!”

The carriage door was pushed open and Qin Yu walked out. “These are just two horses that pull a carriage, nothing more. They aren’t worth anything at all. But for better or for worse, they have followed me all this time and I’m a bit unwilling to part with them. So, I must disappoint fellow daoist’s regards.”

The Beast Control Clan cultivator smiled. “Does fellow daoist not wish to reconsider? My transactions have always been fair. Perhaps you should hear the price I am willing to offer first.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “It’s exactly because I am worried that I will be moved to sell them after hearing fellow daoist’s price tag that I cannot bear to listen.”

“Haha, how interesting. Fellow daoist, you are a man who knows how to treasure spirit beasts.” The Beast Control Clan cultivator’s smile widened. “I live over there. Think about it for me. If you change your mind, you can seek me at any time.”

There was a profound look in his eyes. Then, he turned and left.

Qi Lianshan stood in the crowd, frowning. He had warned Qin Yu that if he were to come to the camp, he might experience trouble.

Still, he didn’t expect that the first one he would encounter would be the Beast Control Clan’s Zhou Pei. This junior had been too reckless.

Zhou Pei looked rough and simple, but the truth was that he was a scheming man. Since he pointed out how extraordinary these two horses were, how could this junior keep them with his cultivation? They would likely be forcibly seized by someone else soon.

At that time, Qin Yu could only lower his head and seek shelter beneath him.

As for that high-price…hum hum, most likely from the very start, Zhou Pei had been preparing for a plan to not pay anything at all.

Thinking for a moment, Qi Lianshan’s frown deepened. As he thought, his guess was correct. This junior’s maid was far too striking in appearance, and she would most likely bring trouble. That Old Freak Hua was a true villain. He wasn’t like Zhou Pei, a hypocrite who would give up temporarily. He feared there this junior would soon face danger. 

Qi Lianshan secretly shook his head and restrained his thoughts. He and Qin Yu didn’t know each other. He had done his duty by giving him a warning. If this junior still recklessly came here and suffered disaster, that was his problem and he would have to deal with it.

Although he wasn’t afraid of Old Freak Hua, Zhou Pei, or the others, he wouldn’t meddle in their affairs either. This was a decision that any mature and rational cultivator would make.

“What a beautiful little lady. From the shape of her body, it’s clear that she’s just started developing and doesn’t know the real taste of life yet. What a pity, what a pity, it really is a pearl covered in dust. Little lady, would you like to join this old man and be a happy couple together, enjoying the ultimate joys of the world?”

Old Freak Hua had a youthful appearance. Besides some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, he looked like a handsome and charming young sir. Right now he wore a vividly colorful robe embroidered with flowers. This should have been an intolerably gaudy piece of clothing, but it seemed perfect for him, even adding a bit of elegant demeanor to his figure.

Right now, his eyes were locked tightly onto Snowside. There was a burning heat in his eyes as if he wanted to swallow her up whole.

The expressions of the crowd changed as they heard this. They immediately stopped walking away.

They looked at Qin Yu with pity. This junior really was unlucky. It was one matter if his horses were targeted by someone, but he wouldn’t even be able to keep his woman.

Everyone had heard about Old Freak Hua’s reputation. The women who fell into his hands really would have a merry time, but in the end they all suffered an incomparably miserable fate.

Tsk tsk, it really was a pity for this girl that was as beautiful as a flower.

Snowside’s complexion changed and loathing flashed in her eyes. But before she could speak, Qin Yu stepped in front of her, blocking her behind him.

Old Freak Hua narrowed his eyes and looked at Qin Yu. “Junior, it’s easy for the young to be impulsive. All of this is understandable. But, if you don’t have your life, everything becomes meaningless. I’ll be polite and give you a piece of advice. Hand this beautiful maid to me with both hands. What do you think?”

Everyone sneered inwardly, thinking that this person truly was a villain. To take advantage of his cultivation to bully others was one thing, but he did so in such an open and naked way without even bothering to conceal it. It was so shameless that everyone despised him. But still, this was something they only thought about. Old Freak Hua was not easy to deal with so they would just take this as a ridiculous play.

Then the crowd looked at Qin Yu. The pity in their eyes was ever deeper. It definitely wasn’t a good feeling to hand over one’s woman.

But things proceeded completely differently from how they thought it would. Qin Yu stood in front of Snowside and not only did he not reveal any fear or anger, he instead coldly smiled.

“You old thing, don’t think that just because you wear a youthful face and you put on some ridiculously gaudy clothes that all of this makes you young. Because none of it can cover the strong and revolting scent of decay that rolls off your body. It makes me want to puke. Do you think my maid is someone you can touch? As someone who has lived for such a long time, you should understand what people mean when they say loose lips can lead to trouble. Be careful that your old bones aren’t broken down and used to make soup by others.”

These were sharp and mean words that were full of a threatening tone. Every word revealed a tough and iron attitude.

The entire camp fell deathly silent. Perhaps because they were too surprised by what they just witnessed, even those with iron wills still couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock.

This junior…was insane!

This young man had two seemingly ordinary but actually extraordinary horses and also a beautiful maid that was at the God boundary. He should possess an astonishing identity. Most likely he was used to being arrogant and having his tantrums indulged, so he had no idea how to write the word ‘death’.

With Old Freak Hua’s personality, how could he endure this shame? He would likely immediately launch an attack…tsk tsk, this boy really was courting death.

“Hahaha!” Old Freak Hua laughed out loud, “How interesting. How courageous. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this sort of situation. When I think about it, taking off your head and adding it to my collection should be fun. I’m already looking forward to it.”

He reached out a hand and grasped forward. A pink energy gushed out, transforming into a pair of beautiful jade hands. They were smooth and flawless, carrying with them a gentle and soft aura as they reached for Qin Yu’s head.

From Qin Yu’s appearance, he was prepared for these hands to grab him.

Coming this far in his life, there had been many times when Qin Yu had been forced to move forward by the situation. But if things allowed, he always tried to make some plans for the future.

For instance, now.

Qin Yu had determined he had arrived at the world where East Zhou Duly was. If so, he needed to start his preparations for obtaining a follower spot.

Strength was one part, but fame and origin were also other parts. After all, no one would allow a random person that came from nowhere to participate in such an important event.

Even if East Zhou Duly was willing to believe in Qin Yu, the East Zhou Family would still interfere. The opportunity to obtain the inheritance of the Path of 10,000 Souls was far too precious. They would not allow the existence of unknown variables to potentially threaten their future.

In terms of origin, East Zhou Duly should be able to handle that. So, Qin Yu needed to deal with fame. He needed to put forth his best effort to obtain one of the follower spots.

The best way to become famous in the world was to step on the shoulders of those that were famous and make use of their heads as stepping stones.

Bang –


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