Chapter 983 - Breaking the Void

The Sword Master slowly said, “The Sword Tomb is the foundation of Myriad Sword Mountain. If you take it away, our sect will fall into decline. Today, I am willing to give up the position of Sword Master. I only hope that you can take the sword but return the Sword Tomb.”

Qin Yu believed his sincerity but he still shook his head without hesitation. “Sorry, but I have no intention of becoming the Sword Master. And I will soon leave this place.”

The Sword Master roared, “If you take the sword then the Sword Tomb will be destroyed as well as Myriad Sword Mountain!”

“That’s a problem you need to figure out how to deal with.” Qin Yu coldly turned around, “Snowside, you can take your revenge now.”

Snowside nodded. After taking several breaths, she stepped forward.

Yuan Di had fallen to the ground, shivering in fear as his face was drained of blood. His pants were wet and a rancid smell filled the air.

“No…don’t kill me…Snowside, I know I was wrong…I was wrong…”

His voice came to a sudden stop. Snowside has grasped his neck. She stared into his eyes and then tightened her hand. With a crack, his neck twisted to the side. At the same time, an annihilating strength broke into his body and crushed his soul.

She let go and allowed his body to fall to the ground. Snowside straightened herself. As she looked at her enemy as he lay dead, there was relief in her eyes as well as a bit of emptiness. When she killed him she didn’t feel any happiness at all. Is this what people meant when they said sluts were fake and hypocritical?


This old lady is not a slut. I am just sighing with a little emotion. I will soon restore my spirits and welcome a bright new future for myself!

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. “You killed him so simply?”

Snowside said, “Before today, I thought of countless brutal ways to kill him. I dreamt of tearing him to shreds, burning his bones to ashes and refining his soul. But now I’ve discovered that there isn’t any meaning to it at all. Like you said, it’s fine as long as the result is satisfactory; the process doesn’t matter. So, he died well.

“Hey! Qin Yu, my business has come to an end. If you have anything else you need to do then hurry up. We must leave and open up the door to another world. I’m already impatient to experience it!”

Qin Yu smiled. “Fine. I’ll be quick.”

Snowside blinked. “If a man says he’s quick, there’s often an unhappy implication to that. Are you sure what you said is true?”

Qin Yu’s smile froze and he decided not to bother with her anymore. This woman, didn’t she see how much power and prestige he showed today?

And yet she dared to speak to him in such a manner. It didn’t make sense at all!

“Senior Leng Yan has already died. Before he died, I promised him that I would come to Myriad Sword Mountain and kill some people in his place. Now, I’ve already found those I want to kill.”

Qin Yu looked up at the skies and cupped his hands together, “You should be able to perceive my thoughts. Then please, search out all those people.”

Hum –

Between the heavens and earth, a fluctuation instantly spread out. With Myriad Sword Mountain as the center, it swept through the world in a breath of time.

Elder Man Liu was lying silently prone in the gulf and hoping that Qin Yu forgot about him. He suddenly cried out in alarm as an invisible strength wrapped around him and lifted him into the air.

At the same time, almost a thousand figures within Myriad Sword Mountain flew up into the skies.

Shua –

Shua –

Space twisted and new figures constantly appeared. They were shocked with anger even as their eyes were filled with fear.

When Qin Yu was fighting Man Liu, he had felt the remnants of Leng Yan’s killing intent.

Then, it was clear that those he hated were cultivators who practiced the same sword technique.

He glanced around and frowned. While he never feared killing, there were many women and children here.

“Father! Father! Save me!”

“Sword Master, rescue us!”

“Let us go!”

Wails and screams filled the air, weaving into a cacophony.

Qin Yu shook his head. “Senior Leng Yan, I should follow your final wish to the word, but some people here do not deserve death.”

With a flick of his sleeve, the children and some women were separated out.

Qin Yu no longer said anything. As space distorted, these imprisoned people were like shadows, directly vanishing.



There were screams of pain and sorrow. Those who were chosen to survive felt great fear, but there was still hatred burning in the depths of their eyes.

Qin Yu faintly said, “I will return the favor. Since I killed people today, I am naturally unafraid of the causal karma from this incident. My name is Qin Yu. Perhaps I have some other aliases, but that is my true name. If any one of you wants to come find me and take revenge in the future, then come at me.”

He grasped a hand forward. A golden piece of armor, similar to a dragon scale, fell into his hand.

Dragon Returning Sword!

It turned out that the sword technique Ban Bu desired so much was the lineage cultivation method of Elder Man Liu. This actually saved him some time.

“Snowside, let’s go.”

Qin Yu turned around. He held her hand, took a step forward, and vanished from sight.

As he did, the terrifying aura that covered the entirety of Myriad Sword Mountain faded away.

Pa –

Qin Yu looked down. A small, nearly imperceptible crack appeared in the crystal he held.

It was clear that the world’s will believed that it helped Qin Yu in a minor matter not even worthy of mentioning. It simply couldn’t counterbalance the favor he did for it.

His lips curved upward. This was the first time he felt some satisfaction toward an existence like the world’s will.

He turned a hand and put the crystal away. While he had to leave soon, a world source was an absolute treasure no matter where it was. If he kept it in hand, it might be able to save his life later.

Ban Bu was given a fright. He quickly bowed, “Greetings, my lord!”

His voice trembled with awe.

Although he hadn’t been in Myriad Sword Mountain, he felt the changes occurring inside.

The great mountain-protecting array formation had been destroyed. After that, he saw everything occurring within.

The lord…was actually formidable to such a degree.

So even now he had still been underestimating the lord’s power.

Origin God?


In my opinion, even if ten Origin Gods were stacked together, they still could not compare with my lord!

A thick thigh. This was a super golden thigh that was more valuable than pure gold and thicker than a mountain!

I must hold tightly onto this thigh.

Qin Yu handed him the dragon scale. “This is the Dragon Returning Sword. Take it without worries. No one will dare to investigate things that I give you.”

Ban Bu shook with excitement. He fell to his knees and bowed, “Thank you my lord, thank you my lord!”

Qin Yu nodded. “You and I have known each other for some time, but there is no unending banquet in this world. Farewell, and take good care of yourself.”

“Ah?” Ban Bu muttered, startled.

Qin Yu waved his hand. He didn’t say anything more and turned towards the carriage.

Snowside nodded at Ban Bu and clapped her hands. “We’re leaving.”

The old horse and lame horse sighed. Then, they turned and pulled the carriage into the distance.

Ban Bu’s forehead touched the ground and he roared out loud, “Take care, my lord!” He didn’t attempt to follow them. When the lord initially asked about the Dragon Returning Sword, perhaps he already had this in mind.

As he thought, he had been too greedy. To be able to follow the lord for this brief period of time was his life’s greatest lucky chance.

In the carriage, Qin Yu asked, “Snowside, are you afraid?”

Snowside curled her lips. “If I said I was afraid, would you stay behind?”


“Then don’t speak nonsense.”

Qin Yu faintly smiled. “Alright.”

He took out the talisman that Xue Zheng gave him and poured his strength into it.

Bang –

A million rays of golden light instantly erupted, wrapping around the entire carriage and making it look like a golden sun. Then all of this golden light howled forward and spread out, forming a straight golden road.

At the end of this road, space shook. Then, a great door that exuded dignity and the passing of years appeared.

The carriage traveled down the golden road and rushed through the door without pause, vanishing from sight.

Thus, in the endless years of the future, there would be a legend in this world about an immortal saint riding a great golden sun and breaking through the void to leave. This would inspire generations of cultivators to continuously climb towards the peak of cultivation!

Okay. To be honest, the so-called legend of the saint riding a golden sun to break through the void was only a beautiful version that was reiterated with exaggerations later. The legend of the demon who encroached upon Myriad Sword Mountain and flaunted his power was another story that spread widely throughout the world.

Of course, in this version of the story, Myriad Sword Mountain became the paragon of righteousness that faced off against the vile demon without fear. They repelled the demon, the cost being the fabled Sword Tomb that was the foundation of their sect. But in the end, they ensured world peace and received respect from all sides.

But these were all things that happened afterwards. Qin Yu didn’t know about it and in his current situation he wasn’t in the mood to care about Myriad Sword Mountain and their petty actions.

This was because there were clearly some problems with Xue Zheng’s world-breaking talisman. A sudden fierce shaking appeared and the spatial channel distorted. Then, the entire carriage was grabbed by a potent strength and ruthlessly pulled forward.

Luckily there was no follow-up action to this sudden force. After the old horse and lame horse repeatedly cried out they managed to stabilize the carriage. Then with a loud bang, they crashed into the ground.

There was the sound of Snowside spitting outside. It was clear that the agitated dust from the fall had flooded her mouth and nose.

Qin Yu relaxed. Looking at things, while an accident occurred during the transmission, there weren’t any dangers for now. He stood up and pushed open the door.

A red canyon stretched out for as far as he could see. Its sides stood tall and had clouds lingering around them. It was unknown how many years it had weathered, but the surface was covered in cracks.

Because the sky seemed to reflect the entire earth, it was also a striking red color. But, the brightness was a bit lower and it had a darker tone to it, so when one looked at it, it inevitably made them feel constrained.

At this time there was the sound of breaking air. Three figures howled in from a distance.

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