Chapter 982B – Protection of the World

Rumble rumble –

Outside Myriad Sword Mountain, the terrifying fog-like sword array that covered dozens of mountains was directly blown away by strong winds.

In the skies above the millions of swords, black clouds gushed out from nothingness. They wove together, forming a thick layer of darkness.

Bang –

Thunder crackled. Endless lightning split through the clouds like endless electric snakes wildly raging about. They howled throughout the black clouds, and each one contained a terrifying strength that horrified the mind.

The Sword Master, whose eyes were sharp and dense, who was full of killing intent as he prepared to end Qin Yu’s life, suddenly froze in place.

He could feel a gaze locking onto him. It was faint and indifferent, as if it came from the highest heavens and looked down upon the world.

Although it only silently watched, the Sword Master’s heart screamed out loud. He could feel the rich shadow of death hovering above him…if he dared to do anything that appeared remotely disadvantageous to Qin Yu, then he would immediately welcome destruction.

This was…a warning given to him by the world.

That’s right, it came from the world itself!

The Sword Master had reached the peak of the God boundary. With just one more step, he would achieve the Origin God realm. He had touched this threshold more than once, so his senses were much stronger than others’.

Now, as this invisible eye locked onto him, he felt as if he faced the entire heavens and earth.

A sword cultivator focused on the sword in their hand, and the boundary they yearned for was to be able to destroy all things with just a single sword strike. Even cutting apart the world.

And the Sword Master had indeed achieved this boundary.

But the premise behind all of this was that the world itself wasn’t enraged by his actions. Otherwise, he would usher in the true killing tribulation of the world. Unless one was strong enough to contend with the world itself, they would be burnt to ashes.

The Sword Master was clear on this so he didn’t dare to move. Let alone cutting with his sword, he didn’t even reveal any sword intent.

Otherwise he would die.

The Sword Master looked at Qin Yu, only one thought in his mind. Just what had this boy done to obtain the protection of the world?

Qin Yu looked at the crystal in his hand and his face lit up with satisfaction.

When Blood Moon originally fought against Bright Sun and Silver Moon, Silver Moon perished and Bright Sun was left with only a trace of her remnant soul surviving.

Although Blood Moon was tyrannical, he definitely wasn’t a match for those two. Otherwise, why would he be forced to flee? The reason he was able to survive was because he had been lucky enough to obtain this crystal.

This thing looked ordinary, but it was born in accordance with the will of the world and was one with the world’s source.

To be exact, this crystal in Qin Yu’s hand could be considered a part of the world’s source.

Blood Moon had relied on this crystal to change the rules of the world and create the bloodline of the obam race. Then, taking advantage of this crystal, he planned on swallowing the source of the world. Not only would he be resurrected, his strength would rise even further than before.

Qin Yu cut Blood Moon down, resolving the crisis that the world’s source faced. Naturally, he obtained the protection of the world’s will. As long as he held this crystal in hand, he could freely wander this entire world fearlessly.

So from the very start, he had never placed Myriad Sword Mountain in his heart.

The Sword Master was indeed formidable. With a single sword strike he could eliminate three Qin Yus.

But did he dare to attack?

Qin Yu glanced over. The Sword Master’s complexion was dark and gloomy and his eyes were full of shock and anger. Even so, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Qin Yu’s lips curved up and he looked at the sword formation in the skies.

Hum hum, although I am being opportunistic here, the hidden cards a person possesses are still a part of their strength.

I’ve passed the test!

Among the sword phantoms that filled the skies, a single one trembled. It was obvious that it was shaking with rage.

Shameless, this is simply shameless! You actually grasped a fragment of the world source before fighting with others!

This is simply cheating! This is openly bullying others!

I am the solemn Yinyang Polarity Sword. How resounding and incredible is my reputation? Through the endless heavens and myriad realms, how many dare to challenge me? But someone as powerful as I must recognize this shameful person as my master! The heavens are too cruel!

Qin Yu could sense the fragments of certain stimulated emotions coming from the sword. His lips twitched. The most important thing in this world was to win – only the result mattered, so who cared about the process? And you are just a sword anyways; don’t you think you are being too arrogant here?

He reached out a hand and coldly sneered, “I have already passed your test. Now hurry over. Do you want to fail to keep your word? Hoho, now that would be the greatest shame of all!”

Hum –

A sword cry rang out. Millions of swords parted ways, their tips hanging down like officials bending on their knees and welcoming their sovereign king.

A sword appeared. Its appearance was strange. The entire blade was submerged into a stone, and only the ashy gray hilt was exposed.

So what appeared in Qin Yu’s sight was a sword stabbed into a stone. It was like a tadpole with an overly large head and an overly small tail.

The reason was simple. It was because this sword and stone resembled a lovable little tadpole.

But what a pity, in Qin Yu’s eyes, there was nothing lovable about it at all because a boundless sword intent had locked onto him from a distance.

Whoosh –

With the sound of breaking air, the ‘little tadpole’ hurtled over. Qin Yu narrowed his eyes as his robes clung tight to his body.

Pa –

The stone touched the point between his eyebrows. Skin broke apart and blood gushed out where it was immediately absorbed.

Qin Yu could hear suppressed shouts of anger and aggravation in his ears. Then, the sword fell into his hand.

He stumbled to the side and his bones creaked. His two hearts wildly beat, forcing blood to rapidly course through his body. Only then was he able to barely keep his hold on the sword and not let it fall.

“Hoho, I didn’t expect you to be quite this heavy. But fortunately, I’m strong so I just managed to hold on.”

He wiped the remaining bloodstains from his forehead and his smile widened as he did so. The sword in the stone was incredibly heavy, but it was rapidly lightening. This was because he had passed its last test.

If he hadn’t been able to smoothly keep hold of the sword just now, then even if it had absorbed his blood, he wouldn’t have become its true master.

In short, this extremely prideful sword wasn’t able to escape from Qin Yu’s hands in the end.

Helpless and angry thought fluctuations broke into Qin Yu’s mind. “My name is the Yinyang Polarity Sword!”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. “I understand, Sword in the Stone.”

“Yinyang Polarity Sword!”

“Mm, Sword in the Stone.”

With an enraged roar, the sword’s consciousness sealed itself away, completely ignoring everything in the outside world.

Thinking about it, it should have realized that since it already recognized Qin Yu as its master, there was nothing it could do to resist him. If it tried to argue more it would only end up further humiliated.

Thus, the Sword In the Stone which would resound through the heavens in the future was named like this.

Qin Yu lowered his head. The satisfaction in his heart couldn’t be any fuller.

Thank you, Leng Yan!

If it wasn’t for him, then once he learned of the Path of 10,000 Souls, Qin Yu would have impatiently gone searching for East Zhou Duly. He would have missed out on this sword of inheritance hidden in Myriad Sword Mountain.

After obtaining it, Qin Yu understood that the Sword of the Sun and Moon was only the most basic foundation.

In the past, Silver Moon and Bright Sun likely weren’t able to obtain the true approval of this sword. Otherwise, since Bright Sun’s remnant soul had survived, she should have come looking for this sword before seeking out Blood Moon to take revenge.

A treasure, this was a great treasure. With its help, Qin Yu was much more confident he could persuade East Zhou Duly to give him one of the spots as her follower.

According to what Xue Zheng said, the Path of 10,000 Souls was a shortcut that led to the unsurpassed heights of cultivation. Countless people struggled for this chance.

In the same way, the position of follower next to every winner was a highly sought after position.

No matter how confident Qin Yu was in himself, he didn’t think he could succeed in suppressing the countless geniuses that would come from all around. So every time he gained a little bit of strength, it meant his chances were that much higher. As a result, he was in a very good mood.

Qin Yu raised a hand, lifting the Sword in the Stone and aiming it at the heavens. For some unknown reason, when the Sword Master saw this his heart shrank and he began to panic.

“Qin Yu, what are you doing?”

There was no reply, because his actions explained everything.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

In the skies, the millions of swords that formed the array formation howled forth and fused into the Sword in the Stone.

They were astonishingly fast. In the blink of an eye, the sword phantoms in the skies vanished. Qin Yu nodded with satisfaction and withdrew his hand.

“No!” The Sword Master screamed in anger. Sword intent erupted from him like an awakening volcano. But, this strength erupted for only an instant before it was forcefully returned and restrained within his body.

The Sword Master shook, having suffered heavy losses. Blood flowed out from his nose and mouth.

Pa –

Pa –

Cracks split open on the surface of his body, revealing the dark red flesh and blood below. The cracks were dense and countless, creating a gruesome sight.

Qin Yu looked at him and lightly said, “Sword Master, you should understand the truth that sometimes people cannot change the circumstances. You wanted to kill me before, so now I am going to take these swords as a return courtesy.

“You should know that I am showing mercy already. So don’t try to attack me again, otherwise you really will die.”

The Sword Master fell silent.

“I know that you are unhappy with this. You believe that I am relying on dishonest methods to win, and am not openly and honestly suppressing the entirety of Myriad Sword Mountain. But this world has never cared for fairness or equality. You and I exist in this world so we should understand and accept this. It applies to me also.”

Ning Ling was his wife, but now she had become a soul fragment incarnation of another person, no different from a crop that was to be grown and eventually harvested.

And even if he knew of this, he couldn’t divulge his anger to his enemy. On the contrary, he had to hide his thoughts and lay low, searching for other methods to save his wife.

Was this fair? It wasn’t.

In this world, strength reigned supreme. The largest fist was the greatest truth. This was something that had never changed from ancient times until now, and it wouldn’t change in the future either.

So when Qin Yu suppressed Myriad Sword Mountain today and took away their Sword Tomb, he didn’t feel any guilt at all.

Because this was how brutal and cold the world was!

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