Chapter 982A – Protection of the World

If the six Myriad Sword Elders that stood in the void were to know of what Qin Yu was thinking, they would likely be left in a mess and curse him out, saying he had no concept of death or danger!

They were fighting six against one and also had the support of a sword array, and yet this boy dared to have such thoughts in front of them. It was pure insolence!

But what a pity, the Elders didn’t have the ability to read minds. And even if they did, they wouldn’t have the time to shout anything.

Because at this moment, Qin Yu made his move.

He glanced at the Elders in the sky and said, “Bullying with numbers? Heh, the truth is I also like doing that.”

Man Liu originally thought this was a taunt. He coldly sneered and was about to respond when he suddenly heard a thundering sound in his ears. He immediately stiffened.

This sound…it was sword cries!

One sword cry…hundreds of sword cries…tens of thousands of sword cries…they overlapped together in waves, vast and powerful, vibrating the world.

And the source of these sword cries was the Sword Tomb!

Man Liu’s eyes flew open. His first thought was that this was impossible. He had a clear understanding of the Sword Tomb. Even if that sword inside possessed potent energy, it was still imprisoned within.

And this imprisonment was the Sword Tomb itself. Besides the Sword Master, no one else could activate it and it could only be used in a situation where the entirety of Myriad Sword Mountain was facing a life or death situation.

This was because the Sword Tomb was the foundation of Myriad Sword Mountain. No accident could happen to it!

But now, terrifying sword intents rang out from the blue. Countless sword phantoms shot into the skies, arranging themselves together in circle upon circle, soon occupying the entire sky.

The sword potential was like a sea!

Because they cultivated the sword, they had a much greater awareness of the terrifying strength hidden within the millions of swords above their heads.

Once it erupted, the world would be overturned. Everything in the surrounding region would be crushed into powder, completely extinguished!

Puff –

Puff –

Myriad Sword Mountain cultivators fell to the ground weakly, their legs shaking. Their faces were pale and full of fear.

Could someone tell them what just happened? Why would the swords in the Sword Tomb obey the will of an outsider and turn their blades upon them?

Man Liu, Tang Yi, and the other Elders bore the brunt of the pressure. As they cried out in alarm they crashed into the ground, pounding open great gulfs…as if they had been slapped down by a giant hand!

Their bones groaned like they would shatter at any time. The Elders that lay sadly at the bottom of the gulfs cried out miserably, still unable to figure out how Qin Yu could control the Sword Tomb.

As panic and confusion filled their hearts, an idea appeared that caused their hearts to tremble…this was the only thing that could explain the scene before them.

Standing behind Qin Yu, Snowside’s mouth had fallen open. Her eyes had gone wide with shock.

She had been confident in Qin Yu and fully believed he could deal with Myriad Sword Mountain. But, she absolutely never thought that he would use such a crude and brutal method to suppress the cultivators of Myriad Sword Mountain.

Snowside had faced Man Liu so she understood how strong he was. Moreover, there were now five more Elder-level sword cultivators that were as strong as Man Liu!

What kind of strength was needed for this?

Qin Yu had a calm expression. He looked up into the skies, a smile on his face. “I told you, I like to bully with numbers. Now it seems that I have more swords than you.”

Whoosh –

There was a single sword cry. Although it was only one, it carried with it a certain majesty and might, indicating that it had a dignity that could not be violated.

As this sword cry rang out, the millions of swords in the heavens slowed down.

Sword light gathered together to reveal the figure of the Sword Master. He didn’t look at Qin Yu, but instead kept his eyes locked onto the millions of sword phantoms in the skies. He frowned and slowly said, “So this is the reason you peacefully stayed at the Sword Tomb. Although I am curious how you were able to achieve this, the Sword Tomb is the foundation of my Myriad Sword Mountain. You cannot take it.”

He lifted a hand and pointed at the heavens, shouting out, “in the name of the Sword Master, I command you to recall your sword intents and return to the Sword Tomb. This is the edict of the Sword Sect!”

Hum –

Hum –

Millions of swords trembled in unison as a binding strength descended, wrapping around them. The sword intents they released was slowly restrained.

But this was as far as it went.

While they restrained their aura, they didn’t fully follow the edict and return to the Sword Tomb. Rather, they remained in the heavens, slowly spinning around.

As if they were waiting and seeing.

The Sword Master’s pupils shrank and his complexion grew increasingly pale. He never thought that things had gotten this bad. With his status as the Sword Master, he wasn’t able to control the strength of the Sword Tomb. At least in terms of authority, the two of them had reached similar levels.

If it wasn’t for today’s matter and the sword was allowed to secretly continue its plan, then several hundred years from now he feared the control of the Sword Tomb would switch owners. Then, Myriad Sword Mountain would exist in name only!

This wasn’t just needless alarm. As the Sword Master he had the qualifications to know all the secrets of the sect, so he clearly understood how important the Sword Tomb was to the entire sect.

To put it bluntly, any sword cultivating sect that possessed the Sword Tomb would have its strength skyrocket in a short period of time. Eventually, they would grow into another colossal sect comparable to Myriad Sword Mountain.

And if Myriad Sword Mountain lost the Sword Tomb, they would only retain their once magnificent and glorious name. Then, they would proceed to decline into insignificance.

The Sword Master looked down at Qin Yu for the first time. His eyes were cold and without emotion.

The last words left behind by his master were to welcome back the lineage of Leng Yan and make up for all they took from him. Although he didn’t want to, he was willing to obey the orders of his master and suppress the opposition of the several Elders to decide this.

But in this current situation, the Sword Master could no longer follow his original plan…he could allow Leng Yan’s lineage to return to Myriad Sword Mountain, even returning that sword to him, but it was absolutely impossible to pay for the past with the entire Myriad Sword Mountain.

Teacher, this disciple has nowhere else to retreat to. I can only go against your final words. I hope that you can understand your disciple’s difficulties.

Today’s accident was all because of Qin Yu. As long as he died, everything could return to the correct path.

With a thought, his sword followed his will!

Qin Yu took a step back. In the next moment, a black crack appeared where he had been standing. A sword had pierced into the ground, sinking to unknown depths.

His eyes sharpened. The sword intent lingering around the edges of the crack caused Qin Yu’s heart to shake. As he thought, the Sword Master was worthy of being the lord of Myriad Sword Mountain. His cultivation of the sword had nearly reached the peak.

Even if he couldn’t compare to Leng Yan, the disparity between them wasn’t too great. They were both at the highest peak of the God boundary, capable of entering the Origin God boundary with just one more step.

Moreover, as a sword cultivator, once he attacked with all his power the strength he could explode with would likely surpass the limits of his realm and reach the Origin God boundary.

Qin Yu wasn’t a match for him at all.

With just one sword strike and without direct confrontation, Qin Yu came to this conclusion. Even so, he remained calm, without any waves in his eyes.

The Sword Master had cultivated for a long period of years and had reached the highest peak of the God boundary. As for Qin Yu, he hadn’t even stepped into the God boundary yet so it was normal to not be his match.

Of course, the most important reason was that while he was inferior in terms of personal strength, or to be more exact, there was a large gap between them, that didn’t mean he didn’t have the means to resist.

“Qin Yu, I am going to bully you as a senior and kill you today because you have rashly moved the Sword Tomb and shaken the foundation of my Myriad Sword Mountain. This is an unforgivable crime!”

The Sword Master slowly said, each word dripping with a cold chill that left the heart terrified.

Man Liu, Tang Yi, and the others were still stuck in the gulfs on the ground. Even though the vast sword intents in the skies had restrained their auras, they still didn’t dare to move.

Intuition told them that with things having come this far, they didn’t have the qualifications to meddle anymore. It was better if they lay prone where they were, otherwise if they were to try anything at all they might welcome a thunderous sword strike.

While hiding and doing nothing was a complete loss of face, the eyes of Elder Man Liu and the others were flooded with excitement.

The Sword Master had arrived!

They were Elders. In Myriad Sword Mountain, they stood at the peak of authority. Even so, the Sword Master was the one who decided everything and held the highest level of authority.

This alone indicated that the Sword Master was much more formidable than them…and it wasn’t just a little bit stronger.

Although the Sword Master had yet to break into the Origin God realm, Myriad Sword Mountain still had a lofty status and even the royal family had to treat them with respect.

The Sword Master’s strength could be imagined!

This junior Qin Yu’s greatest advantage was that sword hidden in the Sword Tomb. But now, the swords in the skies had fallen still. Just by himself, how could he be a match for the Sword Master?

With just a single sword strike the Sword Master could exterminate his body and soul, turning him to ashes!

Man Liu and the others were supremely confident of this.

Sword Master, please tear this thief to shreds and preserve the honor of our Myriad Sword Mountain!

This was the thought that roared in the hearts of the Elders.

Qin Yu, who had been sentenced to death, was actually feeling a bit helpless. He looked at the swords in the skies that had fallen still, as if silently waiting and judging him. He thought that the sword was just a sword, so where did it have the strange thought of testing him?

That’s right, this was a test.

Through his connection with the sword, Qin Yu was completely sure that at some unknown point, it had taken over control of the Sword Tomb.

In other words, even though the Sword Master was present, he no longer had any means to control the strength of the Sword Tomb.

Now, because of the Sword Master’s edict, the sword formation had fallen still. This was because that sword had tacitly approved of it.

It was extremely arrogant. And in its perception, Qin Yu was far too weak and small. Even if Qin Yu had grasped the inheritance…to be such a small and weak inheritor, how absurd!

So it chose to hold a test. If Qin Yu couldn’t even handle a mere Sword Master and still wanted to be its master? Hoho!

Of course, it wouldn’t just watch on and do nothing as Qin Yu was beaten to death. Even if he was trash, for better or worse he had obtained the inheritance. It would save Qin Yu and then take away the qualifications of his inheritance.

Hum hum! Yes, I am such a cocky and prideful sword!

Although Qin Yu hadn’t fully grasped the completely messed up logic of this proud and arrogant sword, there wasn’t anything incorrect in his assumption.

So after secretly shaking his head, he lifted a palm. Light surged and a crystal appeared.

This was the object he had found in Blood Moon’s coffin after cutting him down.

The moment this crystal appeared, some dark and distant existence seemed to sense Qin Yu’s thoughts. Winds and clouds began to change color.

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