Chapter 981 – Act

Shua –

At almost the same time as her voice fell, a figure appeared in front of her. Qin Yu raised a hand and pressed forward. Space vibrated and then opened up like an invisible mouth, swallowing all the sword intent.

The heart that was caught in Snowside’s throat finally fell back down. Then, she began to jump up and down, puffing her cheeks in anger. She reached out and pinched Qin Yu’s back before wriggling up to him and cutely saying, “You jerk, if you came any slower I really would have died!”

With Qin Yu’s understanding of Snowside, this woman was absolutely even deliberately putting on an act of being overly ‘intimate’ with him. He glanced around and saw the handsome middle-aged man who was being supported by several other Myriad Sword Mountain cultivators while fiercely glaring their way.

Mm. As I thought, that should be the culprit.

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Snowside. Hey big sister, you’re already planning on killing him so is there a point in putting on such a play?

Snowside flushed red before she wickedly eyed Qin Yu, as if saying – this old lady has already decided to sell herself and follow you to another world. Can’t you even handle this little thing for me?

Qin Yu lightly coughed. He lifted a hand and rubbed her head. “Be a good girl. Leave everything else to me.”

Snowside shyly smiled and charmingly nodded. She was soft and compliant, with all of her previously threatening attitude gone.

Across from her, the handsome middle-aged cultivator who had been chased to the ends of the skies and seas was so angry that flames almost burst out of his eyes. He cursed inwardly, “These cheating dogs!”

Man Liu’s eyes flashed. He immediately discovered an opportunity sent down by the heavens. He glanced at Qin Yu who was standing in front of Snowside and then turned and asked the man, “You look familiar. Are you a disciple of my mountain?”

Yuan Di was enveloped by Man Liu’s gentle and encouraging gaze and felt as if he had found a big thigh to latch onto. He thought that this cheating dog couple’s death was about to arrive.

Yuan Di was a smart man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have managed to fool Snowside so easily. As he observed everyone’s mood and gestures, he correctly guessed what Man Liu was thinking.

He fell to his knees and sobbed bitterly, “Disciple Yuan Di greets Elder Man Liu. In the past when I first joined the sect, I heard your lecture on swordsmanship. There has never been a day when I have forgotten it! Strictly speaking, you are considered my honorable master, so I ask master to take responsibility for this disciple!”

Without worrying about whether he succeeded, he should try to improve their relationship first. If this really worked out, his future would be glorious.

Man Liu silently nodded. “A teacher for a day is a teacher for life. Since you are my disciple, I will not allow you to be wronged.”

Yuan Di was overjoyed. No matter what Man Liu was thinking, with these words today, his value had doubled!

It was worth it! All of this was worth it!

With this harvest, even if he was chased down several more times, he would still be willing.

Savoring Man Liu’s increasingly gentle and encouraging eyes, Yuan Di was ecstatic. At the same time, his expression became increasingly distorted with grief and pain as he loudly wailed.

“Master, oh master! This woman had some enmity with me long ago, but so many years have passed since then. I must say that I do not owe her anything anymore. But then she unexpectedly visited me and killed my beloved wife where she stood, even injuring a countless number of my relatives. I fled all the way here and she still won’t forgive me!

“I realize that I am incompetent and my actions have harmed the prestige of the mountain. This disciple is willing to accept all punishment! But before then, I ask that master to help me take revenge for my dear dead wife! She died in vain!”

Qin Yu raised an eyebrow. He turned and looked at Snowside. She could no longer maintain her shy and lovable expression. Her face distorted as she angrily cursed out loud, “You lying fart!”

In order to escape, this scumbag had clearly pushed away the woman against his chest. Snowside had killed her because she wasn’t able to halt her attack in time.

Moreover, looking at that woman’s appearance and behavior, she was at most a concubine. And who knew how many dozens or hundreds of concubines were ahead of her!? You scumbag, your acting skills are fierce!

Qin Yu’s lips curled up. He thought that this scumbag windbag wasn’t completely useless. At the very least, when he attacked he would appear more reasonable and righteous – hey, look, he’s the one who jumped out to court death on his own initiative. I was helplessly forced into a corner so I had no choice but to kill him.

A moment ago, when Qin Yu blocked the sword strike for Snowside, he already found the person who Leng Yan hoped for him to kill.

Or to be exact, it was a group of people.

As Wan Liu was gloating in satisfaction, his expression looked even more dignified. He coldly said, “Yuan Di, don’t worry. No matter who is involved today, I will seek justice for you so that your wife can rest in peace!”

There was no need for arguing. All he wanted was an excuse to attack.

Now he had one.

“Qin Yu, step back, otherwise don’t blame me for including you with her!”

Haha, she is your woman. Now that I said that, can you still endure it?


Don’t endure it, don’t endure it! Act on your youthful impulses and attack me! My sword has already been thirsting for your blood!

When a sword cultivator attacked they often used their full strength. And, he had experienced a breakthrough in his sword cultivation recently. He hadn’t yet reached the stage of freely sending and receiving his attacks, so it was very possible for his hand to ‘slip’, leading to a fatal strike.

Qin Yu looked at Elder Man Liu who appeared as if he was restraining himself as best as he could. Suddenly he smiled. “I feel that you are fervently hoping I can come into conflict with you, right?”

Man Liu’s expression froze as he stood there stunned. This script shouldn’t be like this. Shouldn’t you be angry at me? Shouldn’t you be exploding with rage? How can you have an attitude as if you understand everything and are quietly waiting for me to finish my act? What am I supposed to do now?

As if sensing the shame and anger in Elder Man Liu’s heart, Qin Yu’s smile widened. “Don’t worry. As for me, I don’t like seeing others put in an awkward position. Since this is what you want, I’ll help you achieve your wish.”

He raised a hand and pressed forward. The air rumbled like falling mountains and rivers, sweeping forward in vast waves. Man Liu was startled for a moment before his eyes shined with pleasant surprise. For a brief moment, he thought that Qin Yu really knew his thoughts and was being considerate.

But in the blink of an eye, that pleasant surprise turned to startled anger. Because what followed behind that rumbling bang were wild fluctuations of strength…

It was like a million iron-armored giant cows had been liberated. Their destructive momentum trampled forward, crushing everything in their way.

“Ahh!” With a loud roar, Man Liu lifted his hands and slashed forward. His lifetime’s worth of sword intent completely erupted.

A sword phantom appeared between the heavens and earth and cut down from above. Its aura was extremely sharp, capable of cracking open mountains and splitting seas!

With this attack, Man Liu’s fear dispersed. He believed that this sword strike was enough to cut through everything.

This was the self-confidence of a sword cultivator powerhouse who had been immersed in the sword from the day he was born and spent the next several thousand years diligently training.

No one was able to block his sword!

But Elder Man Liu’s lofty and heroic sentiments only lasted for a short period of time. There was a loud ‘clang’, as if a crudely made sword heavily struck a thick and heavy block of solid iron, and as a result the sword broke into several pieces.

So that extremely sharp sword phantom that cut down from the heavens…broke just like that.

Its fragments were engulfed in the violent torrent of strength that raged in the air. As they tumbled around, they wailed and cried like little children.

However, by this time Elder Man Liu didn’t have time to feel anger or shame. He only watched in panic as a terrifying strength crashed into him.

This feeling was like a mountain moving at high speed suddenly colliding with his face.

In an instant, Elder Man Liu’s facial features were twisted and deformed. He spat out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with a few shiny white teeth. His body flew backwards like a rag, tumbling away in sorrow.

But Elder Man Liu was indeed worthy of being an Elder of Myriad Sword Mountain. To him, honor and appearances were more important than anything else. In particular, with so many disciples around him, if he were to fall onto the ground with a single strike, how could he have the face to meet their eyes later?

He stubbornly forced his feet onto the ground. Even though he slid back several hundred feet, plowing a ravine into the ground and suffering even more shaking impact that worsened his wounds in the process, at least he had managed to preserve some face.

Of course, his face was still just a hair’s breadth away from sweeping the floor.

But looking at the current situation, this wasn’t the time to take things like honor into consideration. Elder Man Liu’s eyes shook with shock and disbelief. It was like a gentle little rabbit suddenly opened its mouth and turned into a man-eating wolf…this boy was unexpectedly so strong!

In truth, this wasn’t just strong, but unreasonably strong. It was just a casual fist and yet he almost wasn’t able to withstand it.

Wasn’t it said that when Qin Yu participated in the grand ceremony of the God Mark Holy Stone, he had been forsaken and rejected by it, thus leading to his cultivation path being severed? And even if this news was faulty and he was still jumping around energetically, he shouldn’t be this strong, right?

When that strike sent him flying away just now, Elder Man Liu felt as if had been an ant looking up at the starry skies. This vast feeling of disparity couldn’t be described with words.

But there was a point that Elder Man Liu was sure of. This brat Qin Yu couldn’t be allowed to leave like this. Otherwise after today’s events, his future fate would be miserable.

He slapped his chest, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood that he had been holding back. His chest immediately felt much better. He roared out loud, “Elders, please join me and suppress this dog!”

Dog, as in nothing but a beast.

With just one word, he indicated that there was no room for compromise.

To be honest, when the other Elders saw Man Liu being sent flying away with a single punch and then heard his roars, they did hesitate a little. But after two breaths of time and hearing no response from the Sword Master, their eyes revealed cold intent.

With the Sword Master’s cultivation, he had already reached the realm of linking together the hearts of 10,000 swords. Nothing that happened at Myriad Sword Mountain could escape his perception.

Since the Sword Master hadn’t stopped them, that meant he tacitly approved. It seemed that even though he had no way to defy the last orders left behind by the old Sword Master, he still felt somewhat unwilling.

That’s right. When Leng Yan fought his way out of the sect in the past, the Sword Master had also been seriously injured. He had to recuperate for a long time until he finally healed. Even now, he didn’t allow anyone to mention it.

Yes, Leng Yan was powerful in the past so it was fine if he humiliated me, but now even his disciple dares to act rudely in front of me. This is simply absurd!

After the several Elders guessed the Sword Master’s thoughts, they knew what they had to do. With cold coughs, they howled forward. They stepped on space and trapped Qin Yu within a ring.

The attacks of sword cultivators were tyrannical and ruthless. Throughout the world, they were known as undefeated stars that fought one versus one. But, this didn’t mean they lacked the techniques to fight together. After all, the term ‘sword array’ existed!

And as the acknowledged leader of sword cultivation in this world, Myriad Sword Mountain possessed dozens of such sword arrays. As Man Liu and the other six Elders besieged Qin Yu, as if by prior agreement they chose one of the strongest – the Limitless Origin Exterminating Sword Array!

One could imagine the strength of a sword array that combined the power of several Elder-level sword cultivators. It was strong enough that no one in the God boundary would dare to meet it. In fact, when they practiced it in the past they had personally felt its power. At that time, Man Liu and the others believed that even if they were to face an Origin God they could still fight. At the very least, they wouldn’t immediately lose.

With the Limitless Origin Exterminating Sword Array in hand, even if they had no idea why Qin Yu was so strong, he would still be suppressed.

The six Elders were fully confident in this. As for Man Liu, he coldly sneered.

Qin Yu!

Just you wait. Soon, I will have you understand what regret is, what it is like to be crushed!

Tang Yi drew in a deep breath. He said, “Qin Yu, if you can admit your mistakes now, there is still a chance for us to resolve this. After all, you are still the lineage of my Myriad Sword Mountain.”

His eyes revealed a warning and a reminder.

In the past, Junior Granduncle Leng Yan had been friends with the Tang Family and they owed him several favors. Now, since everything had been shifted to Qin Yu, he naturally didn’t want to see anything happen to him.

Qin Yu looked over, surprised. He didn’t know what the inside story was so he was naturally puzzled. They had only met several times and yet this Elder Tang was so kind to him.

But no matter what, this person wasn’t bad. And he wasn’t one of Leng Yan’s enemies from the past. So, it wouldn’t be harmful to let him go this time. 

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