Chapter 980 – Scum Man

My name is Snowside. From what my old dead dad told me, on the day I was born the snow covered the mountains and rivers, thus the reason for my name.

Alright. Snow-covered mountains and rivers and whatever, that does sound like the start of an epic tale, but that doesn’t hide the fact of how nonchalant my father was in how he did things. For something as important as naming someone, he was unexpectedly so casual about it. If he hadn’t died early, I would have argued with him a hundred times about this.

Of course, my name isn’t the key issue today. Let’s get to business first.

Many, many years ago…hm, a woman’s age is her secret, so I will be general and say this was during a time when I was young. During that time, my judgment wasn’t good at all. I was sweet-talked and coaxed by a man, and because this man was very handsome and elegant, I was so lost in him that I followed him to bed.

His skills were indeed quite good, and there’s still a lingering afterthought thinking about it, but none of this offsets the fact that he was a scumbag.

What happened back then is far too tragic and sad; I don’t even want to remember it or talk about it. But, the end result was that I was abandoned in the obam’s territory. In order to survive, I had to actuate a solidification flesh and blood distortion technique on myself and endure countless humiliations afterwards.

But luckily, I didn’t endure all of this for nothing. I survived in the end and I even opened up a new life for myself.

The past cannot be changed, so there is no point in dwelling on it forever. One has to face the new sun and smile at life.

But if I want to smile at life, that has to be under the premise that some bills have been received, otherwise how can I ever be happy?

So I had to begin my own play – the clichéd plot of a woman’s revenge.

The process proceeded smoothly because when I was first at the imperial capital, I had already investigated him. Unexpectedly, he had a considerable reputation already, so it didn’t take me much effort to find him.

The years had left their mark on his body, but they didn’t damage his looks. On the contrary, he appeared even more refined and graceful. When he saw me his eyes shook with intense emotion and filled with tears. If it was the me of the past, I fear I would have fallen for his nonsense and been deeply moved by his pretend act. I might have even been dragged to his bed again.

But what a pity, I am not the me of before. So in response, I attacked without mercy.

Hum hum!

As I expected, scum men are all trash. After they gain fame and status, they begin to indulge themselves in the pleasures of life. So many years had passed and yet his cultivation was still far inferior to mine. If it weren’t for the fact that he cultivated some fierce sword technique and was able to force me back when he was on the verge of death, I would have already killed him.

Of course, that is also because I have no intention of dying together with him.

After all, I can see my bright and glorious future following beside that boy. How could I possibly die here with this scumbag?

He ran and I chased. This was a bit unexpected. This scumbag’s desire to survive was incomparably formidable and he managed to flee all the way here.

I followed behind him. Then, taking advantage of when an opening appeared in the fog, I raced inside. That’s when I discovered things weren’t as they seemed.

“You filthy whore, you dare chase me all the way to my sect? You’re dead today!” The scum man roared out even as he sobbed with joy.

Then, a group of cultivators rushed out. They each held swords in their hands and the two old men in front had unfriendly demeanors.

I’m finished! I chased him so vigorously that I lost track of myself and ended up in his den. Moreover, this place looks considerably fierce. I originally wanted to turn and escape, but what a pity, the opening in the fog had already closed up.


He must have intentionally allowed me to follow him and then smoothly broke into this place.

I must acknowledge that I was a little afraid, but this fear lasted for only a breath of time. I heard one of those cold-faced old men shout out, “Unknown woman, you dare come to my Myriad Sword Mountain to cause trouble? You must be courting death!”

Myriad Sword Mountain!

This was Myriad Sword Mountain.

I looked around and all I saw were sword wielders.

Thinking about it carefully, when I chased him all the way here, just before I broke into the fog I think I saw a horse-drawn carriage from the edge of my vision.

This carriage was somewhat familiar and the two horses that pulled it had particularly unique characteristics. If so, then what the hell did I have to fear!?

I took a deep breath and shouted, “You Myriad Sword Mountain bastards, hand that person over to this old lady!”

Sword Raising Pavilion.

The several Elders had been thinking about how to teach Qin Yu a lesson. But now, their faces had turned green.

What was the meaning of this? Did the mountain’s protective array formation break down? People kept on intruding one after another.

How were they supposed to save face like this!?

In particular, this was all happening in front of Qin Yu. If he were to see all this chaos happening, how were they supposed to make him lower his head and feel awe towards the sect?

Their entire plan was destroyed!

A woman had raced into their domain and shouted a threat. Even if they immediately suppressed her, so what?

Their face had already been lost!

Elder Man Liu clenched his teeth and screamed, “Where did that mad woman come from!? Seize her!”

No matter who you are, no matter what reason you came for, you’re in trouble today! A great deal of trouble!

Bang –

One could feel tyrannical sword intent erupt from far away. Sensing the aura, it should be from the Protector of the sect entrance, Zhang Cheng. This old boy’s cultivation wasn’t too strong, but his Willow Wind Sword Arts had reached large success, enough to shut this woman up.

But as soon as this thought appeared, there was a pitiful cry. The surging sword intent came to a sudden stop as cries of alarm filled the air.

Mm…Zhang Cheng seemed to be in charge of leading the new disciples to the Sword Tomb and choosing their life’s sword today.

In other words, the disciples who just joined had seen this. It would likely leave a shadow in their heart. After that, how could they establish proper awe towards the sect?

The stunned expressions of several Elders immediately paled. Killing intent surged in their minds.

In particular, after Qin Yu was briefly surprised, a vague smile lifted his lips. When they saw it, it was especially dazzling.

“Trash!” Elder Man Liu roared out loud. He stepped forward. A sword cry filled the air as he flew out.

Tang Yi lightly coughed, trying to conceal his awkwardness. “Fellow daoist Qin, please take a seat. The Sword Master will soon arrive.”

Since Man Liu had gone out, there wouldn’t be any problems. The Elders were well aware of each other’s strengths. In order to become an Elder of Myriad Sword Mountain, their cultivations naturally had to be formidable. They could be considered heavyweights within the God boundary.

Qin Yu glanced at him and shook his head. “There’s no need to sit because someone is going to call on me soon.”

Tang Yi furrowed his eyebrows, a bit confused. As for the other four Elders, they assumed that Qin Yu was deliberately making a joke of Myriad Sword Mountain and their complexions became uglier.

But before they could say anything, the woman who referred to herself as ‘old lady’ suddenly screamed, “You conscienceless little bastard, if you don’t come out soon I’ll be killed!”

Qin Yu’s smile stiffened. He thought that this woman’s mouth was just far too smelly. If it wasn’t for Man Liu’s aura being so strong, he would have waited a bit and let her suffer some more before he went and saved her.

He nodded at Tang Yi and the others. “She’s already calling for me.”

He stepped out and shot into the skies. Tang Yi and the others widened their eyes, dazed by what they saw.

What was going on here?

You just came first, and now a woman rushed in after you, causing a fuss throughout the entire mountain. And, she just happens to know you and you even predicted that she would call on you in advance.

If you said this wasn’t preplanned, not even a ghost would believe it!

This was absolutely a plot. Was all of this to damage the honor of Myriad Sword Mountain?

Didn’t Qin Yu know that if he did this, he would become the target of public criticism? This would allow many people in Myriad Sword Mountain to use this as an excuse to do things they very much wanted to do in their hearts.

Although they couldn’t figure out why Qin Yu did this, the Elders’ eyes lit up with joy. Since he had given them an excuse, how could they not accept it?

“I want to see just where that woman gets her bravery from that she dares to act so recklessly in my Myriad Sword Mountain.”

“Hoho. I’m also curious who gave her this courage.”

“No matter who is involved today, they must be punished. There is no room for tolerance!”

“That’s how it should be!”

With a few words, the four Elders expressed their stance.

They didn’t fear this matter growing too large. In fact, they wanted it to spiral out of control. As long as they could have that sword stay behind, losing some honor wasn’t a problem at all.

Seeing the Elders fly off, Tang Yi frowned. He bitterly smiled, confusion in his eyes. With his understanding of Qin Yu, he didn’t think Qin Yu would act this way. What was going on?

Man Liu and the others were opposed to giving that sword back to junior granduncle’s lineage. If it weren’t for this being the last words of the old Sword Master, they would have raised a ruckus.

Now that they had a reason, this matter would be blocked somehow…

Qin Yu, Qin Yu, no matter what your reasoning is, the more you do, the more mistakes you will make. You are just causing trouble for yourself!

Man Liu was worthy of being an Elder of Myriad Sword Mountain. With every movement he made, his sword intent was fierce and domineering. Moreover, one could faintly hear the roars of dragons in their ears, causing the heart to shake.

Snowside had the advantage of surprise, and by paying a certain price she had been able to defeat one of the cold-faced Protectors. But there was absolutely no chance she could defeat Man Liu by herself.

So when she saw Man Liu arrive, just as he was about to attack, she opened her mouth without hesitation and cried for help.

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