Chapter 979 – Hand That Person Over to This Old Lady

But at this time, the Sword Master frowned. Fluctuations rippled in his eyes. Without pause, he turned and walked away. “I am going to make some preparations. Bring him to Sword Raising Pavilion.”

The several Elders had shocked expressions.

A moment later, waves appeared in the sword array. A figure appeared in the fog, gradually becoming clearer until he stepped out.

Qin Yu!

Even Tang Yi’s pupils shrank.

The other Elders had dignified expressions. Didn’t they receive news that when Qin Yu was at the grand ceremony for the arrival of the God Mark Holy Stone, he had suffered a bitter accident and become a holy forsaken, thus leaving the imperial capital in low spirits afterwards?

How could he possibly have such formidable methods? He easily crossed through the sword array outside the mountain!

Qin Yu swept his eyes over everyone. He glanced at the direction where his increasingly clear feelings were guiding him. “Senior Leng Yan should have left something behind in Myriad Sword Mountain. Please bring it out to me.”

“Humph!” An Elder coldly coughed, his face dark. “Qin Yu, this is my Myriad Sword Mountain! What happens will be decided by the Sword Master. There is no need for you to talk so much!”

He turned and left, his complexion turning pale.

He and his lineage had coveted that sword in the Sword Tomb for many years already and they had tried to take it countless times. Although they had never once even approached success, they still gained a massive amount of experience.

Elder Man Liu was confident that as long as he was given sufficient time, his Man Family could subdue that sword and bring it under their control.

At that time, the inheritance of the Sword Master’s lineage would pass into the Man Family’s hands.

But now, all of these happy plans had become illusions in the wind…

Leng Yan’s lineage had actually been found. Moreover, they were even willing to return to the mountain.

Humph! That person had committed such a grave mistake in the past yet he had been forgiven. The former Sword Master must have gone senile!

But he could only roar out these thoughts in his heart. He naturally wouldn’t dare to say anything, so he vented his anger at Qin Yu instead.

Moreover, Elder Man Liu also had some thoughts in his mind that no one could learn of. If this junior Qin Yu was overly brave and energetic in his youth, and couldn’t handle this attitude and tried to do something, then things couldn’t be any better.

Tang Yi and the others naturally knew why Man Liu had such a gloomy expression. Their eyes shimmered but they didn’t say anything.

They already knew the inside details of that accident in the past. But, that sword had remained in the Sword Tomb for several thousand years already. When they were young, they also tried to become its master.

Even if they all eventually failed, they still subconsciously regarded it as a treasure of Myriad Sword Mountain.

But now Qin Yu had come here to take it away…even if he was within his rights to do so, several Elders were still unhappy about this.

Qin Yu looked at Man Liu’s back, his expression calm. But, when the Elders saw this calmness, they assumed it was cowardice and fear. Unconsciously, they raised their heads with pride.

So what if he passed through the sword array outside the mountain? Perhaps he was borrowing some treasure gifted to him by that man and wasn’t relying on his own strength at all.

After all, they all knew about granduncle Leng Yan’s swordsmanship. It focused on being brave and fearless, always marching forward. Even if Qin Yu was truly his descendant then he would be affected by this sword intent. How could he face Man Liu’s insult and not respond?

There should have been a reaction, but there wasn’t one…if so, there was only one explanation – Qin Yu was restraining himself.

Only the weak would suppress their heart’s emotions to seek survival. This was a universal truth accepted by everyone here.

Several Elders began to look at Qin Yu with disdain.

In the end, it was Tang Yi who broke the silence. “The Sword Master has just passed out orders. Fellow daoist Qin, please go to Sword Raising Pavilion first.”

As he spoke he gestured a hand.

Several Elders lightly looked at Qin Yu. They flicked their sleeves and left.

Tang Yi helplessly smiled. But when he glanced at Qin Yu’s still-calm expression, he couldn’t help but wonder.

Could it really be that Qin Yu was indignant but didn’t dare to voice it? Why did he feel that Qin Yu was too calm? As if none of this was able to affect his mind?

Could it be that in his eyes, he didn’t even see Man Liu or the other Elders?

This thought was suppressed as soon as it appeared. Tang Yi secretly shook his head. He and the others were all solemn Elders of Myriad Sword Mountain and they were all powerhouses in their own right. Unless it was an Origin God, who would dare look down at them with contempt?

Qin Yu naturally didn’t have such qualifications. Perhaps this young man’s mental fortitude was more trained and tougher than usual.

Sword Raising Pavilion was built on a large rock that protruded from a cliff. It was seven stories high and it overlooked the massive Sword Tomb not too far away.

And that sword was located in the center of the Sword Tomb. It had suppressed all sides for 8000 years already and had long since become the chief of 10,000 swords.

If the Sword Master brought Qin Yu here, his plan was likely to have Qin Yu choose a sword from the Sword Tomb and then give him the opportunity to take that sword away. If he did this, everyone would appear much better…after all, if the matters of the past were true, then it was the sect who was in the wrong.

Being able to recover some face was also good.

When Elder Man Liu thought of this, his complexion grew increasingly dark and sullen. He glared at Qin Yu with eyes glazed over with anger.

How hateful!

This boy’s ability to hold things in was quite good. Even though he had provoked Qin Yu numerous times, there was no reaction. It felt as if he was punching hard but only hitting empty air.

The Sword Master hadn’t yet arrived, so the six Elders remained silent in Sword Raising Pavilion.

Qin Yu leaned over a balcony and looked at the Sword Tomb. An abyss spread as far as he could see, with dense forests of swords inserted in it.

Each sword released an aura. When these countless sword intents wove together, the air around them distorted, obstructing one’s line of sight so one couldn’t see too much. From the outside, the Sword Tomb seemed to be covered in fog. Besides the outer boundary zone, everything else was blurry.

But to Qin Yu, this barrier of sword intent was meaningless. His eyes easily pierced through and saw the sword stabbed into a stone in the center of the Sword Tomb.

He couldn’t see the blade, only the gray and ashen hilt. It seemed extremely ordinary, but in Qin Yu’s eyes it was the core of the entire Sword Tomb.

Boundless sword intent flooded the entire Sword Tomb, breathing in the rhythm caused by this sword. With a thought, that sword could summon all the strength of the Sword Tomb.

As if sensing Qin Yu’s gaze, the sword in the stone lightly buzzed and the fog around the Sword Tomb started to tumble in surging waves.


Outside the Sword Tomb, disciples that were watching from afar all cried out in alarm. Many of them tumbled to the ground in fear as they quickly retreated.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t withstand it. Rather, as sword cultivators, they could clearly feel the terrifying sword intent contained in the fog.

This was a strength that could easily grind them to dust.

Qin Yu’s lips curved up in a smile. This sword had already accomplished something extremely horrifying.

But it seemed that the cultivators of Myriad Sword Mountain didn’t know it yet.

Otherwise, he would have already arrived there, and how would these Elders dare treat him with such attitudes?


Even though Qin Yu didn’t see them in his eyes…yes, he didn’t even see them at all.

After experiencing what happened in the Severed Heaven Abyss, Qin Yu’s field of vision had risen to new heights.

Of course, the most important factor was that he possessed enough strength to ignore them.

But if he could use that thing in Myriad Sword Mountain to suppress them…hum hum, those people would certainly have wonderful expressions! And Leng Yan would definitely be more satisfied in the underworld.

From the bottom of his heart, Qin Yu felt gratitude towards Leng Yan. After all, if it weren’t for him sacrificing himself then Qin Yu wouldn’t have been able to swing that sword, and his current situation would be different.

He owed Leng Yan a benevolence worthy of his life. Thus, he had to do his best to fulfill his wish.

When it came to killing people, Qin Yu didn’t mind. So, he might as well make this play even more perfect.

As Qin Yu was thinking about killing people, Man Liu and the others coldly humphed. They saw the smile touching the corners of Qin Yu’s lips and thought he was ridiculing the humiliating performance of Myriad Sword Mountain’s cultivators.

With a pale complexion, Man Liu snarled, “The Sword Tomb is a secret of my sect. Qin Yu, you do not have the qualifications to approach; quickly step back!”

Tang Yi frowned.

The other Elders all had indifferent expressions.

They were also dissatisfied with Qin Yu’s performance. They even suspected that the sudden burst of sword intent from the Sword Tomb was caused by him. After all, not too long ago, it was Qin Yu’s arrival that caused changes to happen at the Sword Tomb.

He could achieve this.

Was he venting his previous unhappiness? Or did Qin Yu think he could do whatever he wanted after obtaining that sword?


As this thought appeared, the several Elders were left even more disgruntled.

After finding the sword at the center of the Sword Tomb and determining that it had already completed something remarkable, Qin Yu looked at the Elders who were all watching him with ill expressions and narrowed his eyes.

He began to consider it again. Should he tear apart all pretenses of cordiality now, or wait a little bit longer?

But before Qin Yu could begin the ruthless drama of ‘flipping the table’, he heard a loud shout from the distance. “You Myriad Sword Mountain bastards, hand that person over to this old lady!”

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