Chapter 978 – Myriad Sword Mountain

Qin Yu ordered Ban Bu to wait outside. With a step, he vanished from sight.

City Lord Mansion.

Lei Qianjun was in his study. His eyebrows were furrowed together and the atmosphere was heavy. While he had already broken out of the Heavenly Punishment Division’s death trap, the plotting of the imperial capital hadn’t ended.

Several accidents had occurred during this period of time. If it weren’t for the fact that he was fully prepared, Roc City would have fallen into chaos.

In addition, what worried Lei Qianjun the most was Lei Xiaoyu.

News that Qin Yu brought her into the Severed Heaven Abyss had long since reached Roc City. He had no idea how she was doing now, but he hoped that she was well.

At this time, Lei Qianjun relaxed his eyebrows. He fiercely looked up and forward. He was like a tiger waking up, a terrifying aura breaking free from his body.

“Who is it!”

With a loud shout, the entire space within the study was instantly suppressed.

But what shocked Lei Qianjun the most was that the seal he put out with all his strength was completely useless. Space rippled and a figure appeared in front of him.

He took a deep breath and the sounds of wind and thunder crackled. Lei Qianjun’s robes began to flutter around him, as he prepared himself for a life or death battle.

It wasn’t that he was overly worried, but that this person’s methods surpassed his expectations.

It had to be known that today’s City Lord Mansion had its defensive array formation activated. In particular, his study was covered in even more defensive spells.

If the other party could directly enter here, just this point alone proved how formidable they were. Lei Qianjun didn’t dare to underestimate them!

“City Lord Lei, it’s me.”

Hearing this voice, Lei Qianjun’s eyes flew open. He subconsciously stood up. In the next moment, Qin Yu stepped out from the spatial fluctuation.

“Qin Yu!”

He quickly walked around his desk. “Where is Xiaoyu?”

“City Lord, rest assured that she is doing well.”

Moments later, Qin Yu left Roc City and appeared near his carriage.

“Set off. We’re headed to Myriad Sword Mountain.”

Ban Bu nodded respectfully. He turned the carriage around and after several breaths of time, vanished into the distance.

Clouds and fog lingered around. Dozens of majestic mountains rose from the ground, stabbing into the skies with a fierce and arrogant manner. They were like sharp swords that had been unsheathed and were pointed at the boundless heavens.

Winds blew and clouds surged. The cries of swords resounded. In the strong gales, glorious sword intent could be sensed.

No one could step into these dozens of mountains without permission. If they tried, they would be cut into pieces.

The carriage came to a stop. After hurrying along the entire time, the old horse seemed a bit exhausted. But when it turned its head and looked at the lame horse, it snorted and pulled itself together, putting on an appearance as if it were trying to say it was still young and energetic.

The lame horse listlessly rolled its eyes. If it could speak, it would certainly jeer and tell the old horse to stop putting on a front.

“My lord, we’ve arrived.” Ban Bu jumped down from the driver’s seat and bowed. He glanced at the palatial mountain range before him, curiosity and awe in his eyes.

The awe was because as a sword cultivator, he naturally knew of Myriad Sword Mountain’s strength. As for the curiosity…he was wondering why Qin Yu had come here.

Could it be that the lord was related to Myriad Sword Mountain somehow?

The door was pushed open from within. Qin Yu stepped out. A surprised look flashed in his eyes, followed by understanding. It seemed that Tang Yi had been speaking the truth before. There really was something in Myriad Sword Mountain related to the Sword of the Moon.

It should have been left here by Leng Yan.

Of course, there had to be another story behind it. Otherwise, before Leng Yan died, why would he ask him to come to Myriad Sword Mountain and kill people?

Qin Yu stood at the entrance of Myriad Sword Mountain in quiet contemplation. But, his appearance had already raised some turbulence.

Because the sword that was stabbed in the Sword Tomb and suppressed all sides, suddenly started to shake and cry. And as it did, the entire Sword Tomb and the billions of swords inside it echoed in unison, causing waves of mighty sword cries to ring out.

Every cultivator in Myriad Sword Mountain was shocked by this change. This was especially true for the dozens of newly accepted disciples who were attempting to choose their life’s sword in the Sword Tomb. As this accident occurred they all spat out mouthfuls of blood. Their wide eyes were full of pain and disbelief.

This…how was this…

Let alone them, even the two Protectors who were responsible for guiding them into the Sword Tomb had changed complexions.

Even they had never heard of such changes occurring within the Sword Tomb.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With the sounds of breaking air, seven figures howled out from the distance. Each one released an extremely terrifying aura.

Invisible sword intent lingered around their bodies. They collided and mingled with each other, emitting sword cries.

The two Protectors quickly bowed. “We greet the Sword Master! We greet the Elders!”

Their expressions were shaken. The Sword Master who had been in seclusion for many years had unexpectedly appeared in public.

Today’s accident was not ordinary!

Outside the Sword Tomb, the Myriad Sword Mountain cultivators all fell to their knees, their faces full of reverence.

“Sword Master!” Several Elders cupped their hands together. There were grave looks in their eyes, as well as a question.

One of them was Tang Yi.

The Sword Master slowly nodded. “He’s returned.”

He turned. His eyes seemed to pierce through space, falling somewhere outside the mountain.

“Everyone, follow me to welcome someone.”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Seven sword phantoms soared through the heavens, towards the outside.

Standing in front of the mountain range, Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed. He said, “Ban Bu, you are a sword cultivator. What is your understanding of Myriad Sword Mountain?”

Ban Bu had a look of longing. “When I first started on the path of the sword, I heard that there was a formidable technique in Myriad Sword Mountain called the Dragon Returning Sword, one that was never passed outside. It was incomparably powerful! At the time, my greatest wish was to enter Myriad Sword Mountain and learn this sword art. But what a pity, my limited talent kept me from being accepted. It is still my life’s greatest regret.”

“Dragon Returning Sword?” Qin Yu asked in response. “Wait here. I’ll bring that sword art out for you.”

Ban Bu had a shocked expression. “Huh?”

Qin Yu didn’t respond because the mountain fog in front of him was pierced through and seven sword phantoms hurtled out.

“Qin Yu!”

Tang Yi shouted out loud, his expression shaken.

The Sword Master and the others frowned. They looked over, scrutiny in their eyes. It was clear that they already knew of his existence.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Elder Tang, we meet again.”

Tang Yi bowed in return. “To meet fellow daoist Qin again today, I am also very happy.” As he spoke, he looked at the carriage.

The Sword Master and the others followed his gaze.

Qin Yu said, “You don’t need to look. I came here today on behalf of Senior Leng Yan to process some matters.”

Leng Yan…

If he was able to say this name and also excite that sword in the Sword Tomb, then this couldn’t be wrong.

The Sword Master narrowed his eyes. He suddenly said, “Since you’ve returned, let’s continue talking within the mountain.”

The events that happened in the past involved secrets of Myriad Sword Mountain. They were secrets covered in blood and death, and weren’t suited to be known by outsiders.

Tang Yi immediately responded. He smiled and said, “Fellow daoist Qin, please come along with us.”

Qin Yu nodded. He had no idea who Leng Yan wanted to kill. So, he naturally needed to enter Myriad Sword Mountain and find this enemy who Leng Yan wasn’t able to forget even before he died.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The cries of swords rose up once again. The Sword Master, Tang Yi, and the others all flew back. No one told Qin Yu how to enter Myriad Sword Mountain. Thinking about it, this was a seemingly inconspicuous test. After all, when that person killed his way out of the sect in the past, it was a great stain upon them.

While the current situation had changed, since it was that person’s descendant, they should use some methods to see just how much weight he held.

If he couldn’t even enter the sect then he was nothing but a joke!

Qin Yu had a calm expression. He turned and ordered, “Wait here for me.”

Ban Bu bowed respectfully. He glanced at the mountain range with deep pity. He had no idea who this Leng Yan person was, but he knew Myriad Sword Mountain was going to suffer a spell of bad luck today.

With the lord’s cultivation, even Myriad Sword Mountain who ruled over this region and called themselves the peak of swordsmanship could only lower their heads in submission.

Qin Yu stepped forward. His pace was steady and measured. With a flicker, he stepped into Myriad Sword Mountain’s great array formation.

Like a pebble tossed into a lake, there was a brief ripple before everything returned to tranquility.

Ban Bu let out a sigh. Sure enough, to the lord, this sword array that was so terrifying it left him in despair was actually nothing to speak of.

Reverence flooded Ban Bu’s features. Then, even more pity and sympathy appeared in his eyes. He hoped that these Myriad Sword Mountain cultivators knew how to give up so they suffered a bit less hardship.

Thinking about what Qin Yu said before, burning heat was ignited in his heart…Dragon Returning Sword. Since the lord had said he would bring it back for him, there wouldn’t be any problems with that.

When he thought about how his regret of many years could be resolved today, he smiled excitedly.

The seemingly common fog outside the mountain was pushed along by billowing winds and sword cries. The fog itself was a massive and astonishingly strong sword array. It had been strengthened throughout the generations, constantly stacking upon itself. Just touching it would cause nearly infinite might to be released.

Without permission, almost no one could break in.

So, when the Sword Master and the others landed and turned back to look at the sword array, a sharp and swift light flashed in their eyes.

They would wait here until Qin Yu made his way through. Or, if an accident happened to him, they would go and rescue him.

Of course, in the eyes of the Sword Master and Elders, even if Qin Yu was that person’s descendant, with his cultivation it was impossible to rush through the sword array.

The likeliest possibility was that he would need their help to smoothly enter the mountain. At that time, they could diminish Qin Yu’s spirit.

They wanted him to know that even if the matter of the past was exposed, Myriad Sword Mountain was still Myriad Sword Mountain. He didn’t have the qualifications to walk around so arrogantly.

Even if…he would take away that sword in the Sword Tomb, he had to maintain sufficient respect and awe towards their sect.

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