Chapter 977B – Path of 10,000 Souls

Time slowly passed, a moment at a time. Xue Zheng felt his mouth turn dry. His expression stiffened. “My good brother…please don’t be stupid…”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “It is my mistake for dragging big brother into this mess. I ask big brother not to blame me.” Although he didn’t give a detailed reply, these words themselves were an answer.

Xue Zheng clenched his teeth and roared out loud, “Qin Yu, do you know what you are doing!?”

Qin Yu said, “I am very sober and have given this matter deep consideration. It isn’t a random impulse. I ask big brother to please help me.”

“Help you? Help you die? And drag me down with you?” Xue Zheng sneered and glared at him. “Aren’t you worried that I will kill you? As long as you die, I won’t be involved in this disaster anymore!”

Qin Yu shook his head. “I believe big brother won’t do this.” He cupped his hands and deeply bowed. “Your little brother knows nothing regarding the Path of 10,000 Souls. I ask big brother to please enlighten my path and guide my way forward. Regardless of what happens, I, Qin Yu, will always remember big brother’s benevolence. I will definitely repay you in the future.”

For some unknown reason, seeing Qin Yu’s solemn expression, Xue Zheng’s heart was moved and he had an impulse to nod.

Faintly, his intuition told him that the pledge Qin Yu gave him now was incomparably important.

How could this be? Could this boy truly grow enough to be an existence that shelters me in the future?

Even looking throughout countless heavens and myriad worlds, an Origin God boundary cultivator was still an absolute powerhouse. Their thoughts resonated with the world and they wouldn’t have sudden impulses for no reason.

If he was moved, there had to be a reason.

Xue Zheng wavered. But, he could see the resolve in Qin Yu’s eyes. Even if he didn’t help him, Qin Yu still wouldn’t give up. Unless he were to cut Qin Yu down right now, it was impossible for him to stay out of the ensuing storm.

From the moment he informed Qin Yu about the Path of 10,000 Souls, his fate was already sealed.

“Qin Yu, if something happens to you in the future…don’t regret your decision today!” Xue Zheng rubbed his forehead. He felt he had gone insane. He looked at Qin Yu and said, “To undo the Path of 10,000 Souls, besides the main body severing the connection on their own initiative, I have no idea how to do it. I can only tell you of a possible direction for where to find a solution.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Thank you, big brother.”

Xue Zheng forced a smile. “Don’t thank me now. Let me finish speaking first before I regret it and change my mind.”

He looked at Qin Yu. “In truth, you’ve already come across the Path of 10,000 Souls. You just didn’t know about it.”

Qin Yu’s heart stirred. He immediately thought back to everything that occurred in the obam territory. “Are you speaking of Nine Nether Peak?”

Xue Zheng nodded. “That Stronghold Master is a girl from the East Zhou Family. Her name is East Zhou Duly. She was here to participate in a competition for a spot in the Path of 10,000 Souls. Since you helped her defeat her opponent, once the Path of 10,000 Souls opens, she will be among those who enter it. If you can rush over to East Zhou before then and obtain her approval, you can become one of East Zhou Duly’s followers.”

He paused before continuing, “Followers have the qualifications to enter the Path of 10,000 Souls with her. I can only guide you this far. As for what you do afterwards and whether you have any harvests, I cannot tell. It will depend on your luck.”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and cupped his hand together, “Thank you, big brother!”

Although Xue Zheng hadn’t said too much, the information he told Qin Yu was vital.

Qin Yu’s only chance to come into contact with the Path of 10,000 Souls was through East Zhou Duly.

But the prerequisite was that he knew about this. Otherwise, no matter how much effort he used, it would all be in vain.

Xue Zheng suddenly coughed, an awkward expression on his face. “My good brother, I was originally planning on bringing you with me to see how vast and wonderful the world actually is. But what a pity, my injuries still haven’t fully recovered and I need some time to rest.”

Qin Yu said, “It’s important that big brother rests and recuperates. I can deal with everything else myself. However, I ask big brother to please tell me how I can reach the place where the East Zhou Family is.”

Xue Zheng was overjoyed. He hurriedly said, “This is a simple matter. I will leave good brother a directional world-breaking talisman. You will only need to activate it and you will directly cross space and enter the world where the East Zhou Family is located.”

He took out a jade piece and formed some seals with his hands. Countless golden runes appeared in the void. They revolved in rings with the jade piece in the center.


With a shout, all the runes howled and submerged into the jade piece. Its clear and pristine surface suddenly started to sparkle as countless motes of light flashed. It was like a miniaturized golden version of the night skies, incomparably mystical.

Xue Zheng’s face was pale as if he had used up a great deal of strength to create this world-breaking talisman. He let out a breath and said, “Take it, my good brother. You simply need to pour in your strength to activate it.”

Qin Yu received it with both hands, “Thank you, big brother!”

Xue Zheng dryly laughed. “Good brother, I must go into seclusion and cultivate so I won’t stay here any longer. We will see each other again in the future.”

“Goodbye, big brother!” Qin Yu bowed. With a thought, he took back the sun and moon force field.

Xue Zheng turned and walked away. With one step, he vanished from sight.

This…it looked a little bit like he was desperately trying to escape.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. There was no dissatisfaction in his heart about Xue Zheng choosing to leave. It was basic human instinct to seek advantages and avoid trouble. Moreover, if someone realized what he wanted to do, he would die without a grave.

In this situation, Xue Zheng didn’t flip the tables and he even told him about East Zhou Duly. This was already a rare show of kindness, and Qin Yu was very satisfied.

He turned his hand and carefully put the talisman away. While he wanted to immediately use it to find East Zhou Duly, there were still some matters he needed to process in this world.

For instance, he needed to give Lei Qianjun an explanation regarding what happened to Lei Xiaoyu. There was also Myriad Sword Mountain. He promised Leng Yan he would take a trip over there.

With the quickest speed possible, he needed to complete all these matters and then head to the East Zhou Family!

With his thoughts organized, he took a step out and howled into the distance.

His first stop was Roc City. Relatively speaking this was the easier choice. Since he would have to kill people during his trip to Myriad Sword Mountain, he would put that next.

The Severed Heaven Abyss had collapsed and vanished, and the surviving cultivators escaped in droves. They all had expressions of fear and surprise as survivors of a disaster.

Less than a fifth of the original cultivators who entered managed to make it out.

Everyone else had been buried within. When news of this spread out, it would create turbulent waves throughout the world.

As this news was spreading like wildfire, a carriage drawn by a lame horse and an old horse had come to a stop not too far away from the former site of the Severed Heaven Abyss.

Ban Bu turned and glanced at the tightly shut carriage door. While Qin Yu had a calm look, he could feel his lord’s heavy and serious aura.

Lei Xiaoyu hadn’t come out. Was it because of this matter? While he was curious, he didn’t say anything. He turned and drove the cart with single-minded devotion.

“Where’s Xiaoyu?” Snowside asked after hesitating for some time.

Qin Yu didn’t open his eyes. “Don’t worry, she’s still alive. However, she has her own good fortune right now. She will naturally come back in the future.”

Snowside furrowed her eyebrows. “Then you have encountered some other difficulty?”

“Mm.” Qin Yu nodded. He looked at her and then after a moment of thought, he asked, “I will be leaving this world soon. Do you want to come with me?”

Snowside’s eyes widened. It was clear that Qin Yu’s words had left a great impact on her.

To shatter the void and open a path to a different world, this was something that only existences in legends could do.

But it was clear that Qin Yu wasn’t joking.

She took a deep breath and lightly frowned, remaining silent.

Qin Yu said, “If you don’t want to, you can stay here. Moreover, what I am planning to do is extremely dangerous.”

“I’ll go.” Snowside suddenly said, interrupting him. “There’s nothing in this world that I’m not willing to part with. Going somewhere else and taking a look at this mythical different world is also a good choice. I’ll just consider it as expanding my experiences.”

She stood up and knocked on the door. The carriage soon came to a stop. “Before then, I need to settle a grudge of mine. After things end I will come and look for you.”

Qin Yu said, “I can help you.”

Snowside rolled her eyes. “Didn’t you hear me? This is a personal grudge of mine. There’s only meaning if I do it myself. Just tell me where you want to meet up.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Snowside’s expression seemed casual and carefree, but her eyes were decisive. She clearly didn’t want him meddling.

“After leaving Roc City, I will go to Myriad Sword Mountain.”

Snowside nodded, “Alright.”

She pushed open the door, greeted Ban Bu, and then flew away.

Ban Bu looked back. He cautiously asked, “My lord?”

Qin Yu said, “Continue along.”


The carriage continued.

The lame horse and old horse seemed to sense a certain restlessness coming from Qin Yu. Without needing to be pushed, they raced as fast as they could.

Two days later, Roc City came into sight.

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