Chapter 976 – The Peach-planting Woman

Qin Yu could immediately feel a powerful and oppressive aura, as if the skies were about to fall and crash into him. He furrowed his eyebrows and composed himself. He held the crystal in hand and calmly looked at Xue Zheng, whose eyes were closed deep in meditation.

After several breaths of time, with a few coughs, Xue Zheng opened his eyes and looked at Qin Yu. He curled his lips and said, “How boring. I wasn’t even able to scare you.”

Qin Yu indifferently said, “I hope that brother can keep his word and not be someone who breaks it.”

Xue Zheng beat his chest, “Don’t worry my good brother, once I overcome this catastrophe, I’ll cover you in the future from here on out. You’ll definitely live a happy life!”

Qin Yu turned and walked away. “Then I must thank big brother.” As his voice fell, he arrived in front of the giant sphere spat out by the dragon beast before it died. He looked inside it and frowned.

“Xiaoyu, how are you doing?”

The little dragon beast vigilantly looked at Qin Yu. But for some unknown reason, it quickly lowered its guard and relaxed. It opened its mouth and swallowed. The amber-object that surrounded the cave turned into gas that entered its mouth.

It gave a loud hiccup and laid down next to the unconscious Lei Xiaoyu. It quietly roared at Qin Yu, telling him to hurry and save this pretty big sister.

Qin Yu looked at her. He squatted down and placed the crystal between Lei Xiaoyu’s eyebrows. With a thought, dark red blood energy flowed out, pouring into her body.

Lei Xiaoyu was thin and deathly pale right now, and her aura was weak to the extreme. As the blood energy fused into her body, her aura stabilized and she released a sigh of relief.

Even her thin body started to quickly recover. Because what had fused into her was the blood essence of an Origin God!

After Blood Moon (the one from the Severed Heaven Abyss) was cut down by Qin Yu’s sword strike, his blood essence and remnant soul had been directly absorbed by the crystal.

Seeing her recover, Qin Yu relaxed. He thought that this dangerous trip into the Severed Heaven Abyss had been worth it.

Not only had Xue Zheng awoken, but Lei Xiaoyu would also survive. She had turned misfortune into blessing and had obtained a great harvest.

It had to be known that the witchcraft bug in her body wasn’t ordinary. Once mature, not only would it be harmless to the host, it would become an enormous boost.

With this, everything was perfect.

But accidents often happened when everything seemed happy. And they liked to appear without warning, shattering all sense of peace.

Just like right now.

Bang –

The Severed Heaven Abyss which was already disintegrating seemed as if it had been struck by a heavy punch. Then, its rate of collapse became ten times faster.

Xue Zheng had been looking at Qin Yu with a gratified smile as he saved Lei Xiaoyu. He was thinking that this little brother of his was truly kind and pure of heart and he hadn’t misread him. But at this moment, his complexion changed and he looked like a dog had ruthlessly bitten him. He jumped up and blurted out, “You peach-planting woman, are you still not done? Do you really want to kill me!?”

“If it was just stealing a few peaches to eat, then the punishment you’ve suffered so far would have been enough. But, you killed the peach tree in my orchard!” A faint and cold sound resounded in the world. The temperature rapidly fell, as if the void itself was freezing over.

Kacha –

Kacha –

Sour and painful shattering sounds rang out all around Xue Zheng. Hearing this, his face darkened and he clenched his teeth and roared out, “You were clearly the one who chased me down, thus causing the peach tree to be ruined! Peach-planting woman, you are also responsible!”

“Even if I accept half of the responsibility, you still must die.”

“What gibberish! Could my life not be as precious as a single peach tree of yours?” Xue Zheng gnashed. “I’ll tell you something. Don’t go too far in your bullying, otherwise if I disregard everything and fight with my life on the line, you won’t come out of it any better.”

“I look forward to that.”

Hum –

The old site of the Severed Heaven Abyss was swept away and the phantom of a giant peach tree appeared. It floated between the heavens and earth, its huge root stem and sky-reaching crown weaving together into an expansive sight that filled one’s vision, making it impossible to see how far it extended. An endless pressure was released, as if the entire world was thoroughly sealed.

Countless pink peach blossoms sprinkled down. They gathered in midair, finally forming the figure of a woman that looked on with dull indifference.

At this moment, it was like millions of thunderbolts exploded in Qin Yu’s mind. He looked at this woman with a dazed expression, all of his thoughts torn apart.

How was this possible? How was this possible?

Because this woman in front of him looked exactly the same as Ning Ling!

It was not just appearance alone. Even the feeling they gave off was the same.

But the most terrifying thing was that Qin Yu knew for sure that this woman in front of him wasn’t Ning Ling.

Because he didn’t exist in her eyes at all.

How could this be?

Two Xue Zhengs, two Ning Lings…

There had to be a problem here!

Without any reason, his intuition told him that he had stumbled into some extremely brutal truth.

“Xue Zheng, be buried along with my dead peach tree.” The woman lifted her hands and the towering peach tree phantom behind her gently trembled. As it did, an aura terrifying beyond imagination blotted out the skies.

Xue Zheng stood tall. He roared into the skies. “If so, then let’s fight to the death!”

But at this time, Qin Yu could hear pitiful and saddened cries in his ears. “I’m dead, I’m dead, this insane peach-planting woman caught up to me so quickly. I really am done for! My good brother, she doesn’t know of our relationship so she shouldn’t make things difficult for you. I am about to run away, so let’s meet up again sometime in the future!”

As the peach-planting woman was about to attack and Xue Zheng was about to escape, Lei Xiaoyu, who had absorbed the blood essence of an Origin God, slowly opened her eyes.

A beetle phantom appeared between her eyebrows. It shook its wings before falling quiet once again, like it had fallen into a deep sleep.

This beetle was shaped like a drop of water and its surface was covered in textures. It embellished the point between her eyebrows, and not only did it not seem strange, it added a certain beauty to her.

The peach-planting woman frowned. She immediately paused and looked over.

She didn’t look at Qin Yu but at Lei Xiaoyu. There was a ripple deep in her indifferent eyes.

Following that, a ring she wore shined with a dazzling light. A middle-aged Taoist stepped out.

Seeing this Taoist, Xue Zheng’s face drained of all blood. His thighs started to shake uncontrollably.

This…this…hey, don’t you think you are bullying me too much…?

I can’t beat the young one and now the old one has come! I’m completely finished! I won’t even be able to run!

Although this was only a projection, when Xue Zheng faced this middle-aged Taoist, he fell into deep despair.

But right now, the middle-aged Taoist’s attention wasn’t on Xue Zheng. Rather, he was looking at Lei Xiaoyu who had just woken up. Joy lit up his eyes. After carefully looking at her, he turned and said, “Peachy, can you feel it?”

The peach-planting woman slowly nodded, “I can.”

The middle-aged Taoist laughed out loud. “I thought it had gone extinct but I never imagined I would find it here. This really is the heavens favoring me!” He looked at Lei Xiaoyu and his face filled with gentle warmth. “Little girl, I won’t lie to you, the witchcraft bug in your body is highly useful to me. If you want, I can accept you as a disciple and give you a bright future.”

Xue Zheng blinked his eyes and then blinked his eyes again. He felt as if he had just survived a disaster. He looked at the frozen Lei Xiaoyu and said in a high voice, “Little girl…no, Miss Lei, what are you standing there for? The one in front of you is the Peach Blossom Spring Master, one of the most formidable existences in the world. To become his disciple is something countless people long for even in their dreams. Hurry and accept!”

Little girl, the only way I can survive is if you accept! Please don’t try to play around, or people really will die here!

Lei Xiaoyu simply didn’t recognize Xue Zheng so she wouldn’t listen to him. Moreover, she had just woken up so her thoughts were still hazy. She subconsciously looked at Qin Yu.

“Big Brother Qin…”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and tried to appear as calm as possible. He slowly said, “Accept it. This is your life’s lucky chance.”

Lei Xiaoyu trusted Qin Yu unconditionally. Although she had no idea who the middle-aged Taoist was, he seemed to be very strong. She fell to her knees and bowed, “Lei Xiaoyu greets honorable master.”

“Hahahaha!” The Peach Blossom Spring Master laughed, clearly in a good mood. “I am the Peach Blossom Spring Master. If anyone tries to bully you in the future, tell them that!”

He extended a hand, “Little girl Lei, come with teacher.”

Lei Xiaoyu wanted to say something but was stopped by Qin Yu’s eyes. She immediately fell silent and obediently walked over to the Peach Blossom Spring Master’s side.

The Peach Blossom Spring Master glanced at Qin Yu. He assumed he was one of Lei Xiaoyu’s relatives so he didn’t care too much. Then, his gaze fell on Xue Zheng. “Not mentioning your previous actions, what you said just now is something worthy of death. But this time, since you found Xiaoyu for me, your karma is also linked to this. So I won’t investigate what happened before. But if there is a next time, I will annihilate you body and soul.”

With a flick of his hand, he, the peach-planting woman, and Lei Xiaoyu directly vanished.

Qin Yu didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but just before the peach-planting woman left, her eyes briefly paused on Qin Yu’s face.

But in the end, she still left.

At this time Qin Yu could no longer maintain his composure. His face darkened and he swiveled around, “Big brother Xue Zheng, I have an issue I must ask you about. Please answer me truthfully!”


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