Chapter 975 – One Sword to Cut

Severed Heaven Abyss.

The burning blood moon shined and a cold purple eye locked onto him.

Qin Yu raised his head and looked up. A complete phantom of the sky-reaching jade appeared within his pupils.

At this moment, everyone’s attitude and expressions changed.

Dignified and formidable, it was like a god from ancient times had awakened from a deep slumber.

It could not be provoked…it looked down upon all with disdain!

The figure in the burning blood moon shouted out loud. Endless shock appeared in his scarlet pupils.

This…this kind of aura…

The purple eye was indifferent and ruthless. But at this moment, its cold pupil ruthlessly shrank.

They were existences that had stepped beyond the world barrier and had the qualifications to step into the Great Desolate. They naturally understood the terror of this aura.

This feeling was like a ruler was controlling everything around them!

A Ruler…

The Cursed Eye and Blood Moon both wailed inwardly. Could this seemingly weak and unworthy junior be someone that a Ruler had chosen?

If not, then how could he be emitting such terrifying might?

Regret and fear instantly flooded their hearts. Without any hesitation, the two of them immediately apologized.

“Little friend, hold on!”

“Today was just a misunderstanding!”

In their opinion, honor or face was nothing to speak of. Moreover, when facing someone who was chosen by a Ruler, lowering their heads was normal.

But what a pity, this situation was completely unlike what they thought. Qin Yu had summoned the final remnant strength of the sky-reaching jade, so how could he abandon it and not use it?

He raised his hands and the sun and moon appeared above his head. They were vast and boundless, like a genuine great sun and silver moon. Endless radiant divine light erupted from them as they blended together. Then, a phantom appeared within.

But at this time, Qin Yu had used too much strength. He had used so much that it surpassed some metaphysical limit. So, after this phantom paused for a moment, it started to condense into reality at a speed visible to the naked eye.  

When Blood Moon and the Cursed Eye saw this, their last bits of courage broke and all that was left behind was fear. They screamed and tried to leave. But now, as the figure condensed into reality, the entire Severed Heaven Abyss was completely blocked and suppressed. Even the fluctuations of rules vanished from sight.

“Eh?” A curious sound came from the form woven from sunlight and moonlight. There was a bit of surprise, and also helplessness. The figure glanced at Qin Yu and said, “It hasn’t been that long since we met and you woke me up again. You really are a little fellow that likes to get into trouble. I somewhat regret taking you in as my disciple.”

Her voice wasn’t quiet, but as long as she didn’t want them to, no one would be able to hear her. Just like how even though a trace of her true spirit had arrived, no one could clearly see her appearance.

She looked at the horrified Blood Moon and Cursed Eye and a bored look appeared in her eyes. “So it turns out you were frightened by these two little things. To wake me up for this, you really do deserve a beating. I’ll mark this down for now and settle it with you later.

“However, you two have dared to move against my disciple. While this isn’t a crime worthy of death, you still must leave something behind. Take this as a lesson.”

Then, she lifted a hand and cut forward.

Bang –

Bang –

In the skies, whether it was the burning blood moon or the malignant purple eye, as this casual strike cut down, both of them directly disintegrated. Then she turned and vanished from sight. The phantoms of the sun and moon extinguished and all fluctuations in the world returned to normal.

Qin Yu blinked his eyes. He felt that something happened just now that he wasn’t aware of.

As if someone was staring at him…but who was it?

Whatever. Although it was a bit strange, at least the result was decent.

The jade embryo egg was worthy of its name. Even the last remnants of its strength were so incredibly terrifying.

With just a single sword strike, the blood moon and purple eye were cut through.

Qin Yu could feel that the yin chill which twined around him had thoroughly vanished. He didn’t know whether it had been cut off by his sword strike or whether Blood Moon and the Cursed Eye had been so scared that they took it away on their own initiative.

But soon, Qin Yu quickly discovered that things were much better than he imagined. Because the severed blood moon and purple eye hadn’t thoroughly vanished.

That wasn’t too accurate. To be more exact, after the descended projections of Blood Moon and the Cursed Eye were cut down, they each left something behind.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Could it be that when those mighty beings crossed space to come here, they needed to draw support from some type of medium?

How else could both of them dropping items at the same time be explained?

If it truly was like this, then it was really inconsistent with their status. There was certainly a drop in perceived value.

Or, could it be that these two items had problems?

One was a little purple eyeball. If one didn’t look carefully, they would think it was a purple jade bead. The other was simpler: it was a small blood-colored stone.

Qin Yu carefully examined them while wrapped up in the sun and moon force field. After determining that there weren’t any problems, he picked them up. It wasn’t that he was a coward, but when it involved existences like Blood Moon and the Cursed Eye it was always best to be careful. There was always a chance that he would randomly lose his life.

Soon, Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. He looked at the jade bead and stone with a joyful expression. He thought that those two really were mighty beings worthy of their status! Even after being cut down they still left behind such treasures.

This heart, this attitude, he couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to them!

The purple eyeball that resembled a jade bead came from the Cursed Eye. It was a dual purpose treasure. After refining it, not only could it resist the attack of curses, but it could even summon the power of the Cursed Eye.

Of course, there was a limit to summoning this sort of existence. After using it, it would exhaust the strength of the eyeball. It would need to recharge for a long period of time before it could be used again.

As for the red stone, that naturally came from Blood Moon. Or to be more exact, it was a part of the blood moon…mm, the blood moon he referred to was the one that hung in the skies. It was the true blood moon and not a person’s name.

It was only now that Qin Yu learned there truly was a blood moon in the world. As for the function of this treasure…it was simple and crude. He could use it to summon the blood moon once and help him survive a crisis.

The blood moon descends…moreover, it was the true blood moon. Even if it wasn’t the main body, even an idiot could tell that its power would be incomparably terrifying. The only flaw was that this stone was a one-time use item. After being used, it would be taken back by the blood moon.

But this was already sufficiently precious!

He had used the final strength of the jade embryo egg and lost one of his strongest cards. But, he obtained the purple eyeball and blood moon stone in return, making up for a part of it.

Qin Yu put the two treasures away. He took a deep breath and shot into the skies. Without hesitation, he soared towards the coffin that had been cut in half. After looking around for something, he located a crystal.

The crystal was dark red in color, looking as if it had absorbed a massive amount of blood. As he stared at it, he could sense the formidable strength contained within.

Suddenly, a distorted face appeared on the surface of the crystal. It roared and tried to rush out, but it was locked inside.

Qin Yu’s eyes darkened. Indeed, his perception hadn’t been wrong. There was another secret in the coffin. The reason that Blood Moon was able to use this coffin to reform his body, even hiding from the senses of Bright Sun, was all due to this thing.

But at this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. The Origin God mark on his palm began to heat up.

Before he could respond, the distorted face stopped crying and revealed endless fear. As if sensing some impending crisis, it vanished from sight as it hid in the crystal.

“You think you can run away like that? Stop being so naïve. My luck is actually this great, I can’t believe I survived such a disaster.” An emotion-filled voice came from behind. Qin Yu stiffened for a moment before he relaxed, a sullen expression on his face.

“You’ve been awake all this time?”

Xue Zheng lightly coughed, “My virtuous brother, don’t misunderstand. My injuries are severe and have touched my root so I wasn’t able to retain consciousness. I only just now discovered this thing that can cure my injuries, so I forcibly regained consciousness.”

He pointed a finger, “This crystal is a good thing. My good brother, hurry and take it. You can refine it with just a drop of blood. Then, I must ask my good brother to draw out the remnant soul inside for me so that I can continue living.”

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. “You aren’t lying to me?”

Xue Zheng’s face turned blue. “My good brother, please understand my condition right now. I used a secret technique to wake up and it can only last for an extremely short period of time. If you don’t start now, I really will die! I’ve lived for countless years and enjoyed all the pleasures that life has to offer, but my good brother, you are still young and have such bright prospects awaiting you. How can I drag you down with me?”

In other words, he was saying hurry up and do it, otherwise if I suffer disaster, you won’t be any better off!

Qin Yu lightly said, “Are you threatening me?”

Xue Zheng cupped his hands together. “At the beginning, I was forced to do what I did due to my own interests. But my good brother, please rest assured. Once I regain my cultivation I will give you a satisfactory reward.”

Qin Yu coldly snorted. His fate was tied together with Xue Zheng’s so he wouldn’t really just watch from the side as something happened to him. Moreover, he didn’t feel any ill intent from Xue Zheng.

He lifted a hand and grasped at the crystal in the coffin. It fell into his hand. Then, he cut his finger and placed a drop of blood on it where it was instantly absorbed.

Hum –

The crystal trembled and a connection appeared. Qin Yu immediately understood what this thing was. Happiness lit up his eyes. With a thought, a dark gray gas appeared. It screamed and tried to run away.

Xue Zheng was already fully prepared. He laughed out loud and said, “My life-saving medicine, where are you going? Be obedient and come here!” He opened his mouth and breathed in deeply. The gas was pulled out from the air, splitting into seven flows that entered through the orifices of his head and fused into his body.

As if he had eaten the best recovery pill in the world, Xue Zheng closed his eyes and shivered, a pleasurable and refreshed expression on his face. His pale and blue complexion rapidly turned ruddy as his dismal aura filled and expanded.

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