Chapter 974B – Blood Moon and Cursed Eye

Rumble rumble –

The world roared and shook. The burning blood moon in the skies began to rapidly darken as it started to extinguish. The burning sea of blood below instantly vanished.

Blood Moon died. The Severed Heaven Abyss he created began to collapse along with it.

Bright Sun’s eyes filled with realization. There was some fear as well as some gratitude.

If Qin Yu hadn’t found Blood Moon’s hidden true body, even if she managed to kill him, her efforts were doomed to have been in vain.

But now, with his source aura severed, he had thoroughly perished. There was no chance for his resurrection to succeed.

Now, the enmity had been repaid. All those relatives and her little sister who died in the past could rest in peace.

Bright Sun closed her eyes and her phantom turned to ashes. The final remnant of her soul was fully burned away.

In this affair of grudges and grievances, all sides had died. No matter who was right or wrong, this couldn’t be considered a satisfactory result.

But the world was like this. Not everything followed a person’s will. There were bound to be some things that had to be done, even if one knew they had to pay with their life as the price.

Qin Yu gasped for breath. Blood flowed from his body. His black robes had been torn apart by the ravaging sword intent and he looked incomparably distressed.

But when the meat sacks broke apart, the cultivators who managed to survive by luck looked up and there was no contempt in their eyes. There was only shock and reverence.

A single sword strike cut through the coffin and decided the result. What sort of cultivation was this? Moreover, these people owed Qin Yu a life-saving benevolence.

With the Severed Heaven Abyss fading away, everyone naturally escaped danger. But before they could express their joy at having survived this disaster, a feeling spread through their hearts, causing their complexions to change.

In the skies, the blood moon that was about to extinguish suddenly burst out with an unimaginably bright light, so radiant that it was even more dazzling than a sun.

A chuckle echoed in everyone’s ears. “Little kid, I found you.”

This voice wasn’t difficult to listen to. Although it was the voice of a man, it gave off a sweet and pleasant vibe. But for some unknown reason, all of the surviving cultivators in the Severed Heaven Abyss felt endless chills rise up in their hearts as they heard this.

Fear overwhelmed them like a tide. This was a hundred times, a thousand times more terrifying than being locked onto by the most fearsome predator of the world. As if just a single breath could cause them to be extinguished in both body and soul…no, their soul would forever fall into the sea of suffering, enduring hardships until the end of time.

This feeling of despair sucked out all of their strength. They could only stand in place, maintaining the expression of fear on their faces, unable to even move a thought.

But Qin Yu was an exception.

When the blood moon shined brightly, the sun and moon force field fiercely fluctuated, as if withstanding some sort of extremely formidable impact.

And now, while this impact was formidable, it wasn’t able to destroy the protection of the sun and moon force field.

So his heart shook for just one moment before he freed himself.

Without hesitation, Qin Yu looked up at the shining blood moon above his head. He squatted down and grabbed a fragment of a shattered meat sack.

It looked disgusting and its surface was covered in translucent mucus. After scattering the protection of the sun and moon force field on his palm, it touched his skin.

Following a slight cool feeling, there was a numb sensation. It started from his fingertips and shot into his mind, causing his vision to momentarily turn blurry.

Before, Qin Yu had discovered that the mucus of the meat sacks contained a formidable curse strength. This was why cultivators who plunged into it lost their ability to resist.

Now, what was affecting him was the power of the curse.

His heart maliciously shrank. Another sense of horror rose from the depths of his soul.

At this moment, Qin Yu could hear angry roars and howls in his ears, ones that came from a far-off distance.

“Flesh and blood being that killed my descendant, I will toss you into the sea of curses so that you will be lost there forever, suffering for all eternity!”

Hum –

A trace of purple appeared between Qin Yu’s eyebrows. Then, it transformed into a closed purple eye.

This was an evil and eerie sight!

As the purple eye appeared, the rules of the Severed Heaven Abyss started to boil once again. This was because another formidable existence was surmounting space to arrive here.

Originally, everyone was already frightened so much by the blood moon’s aura that they were unable to even think. But with this new addition, their minds almost collapsed as the despair in their eyes deepened.

If they could still think, they would certainly be shivering as they asked Qin Yu what sort of dishonorable heaven-harming deeds he had committed to have two inconceivably tyrannical existences come here!

Quietly, beside the burning blood moon, a massive purple eye slowly appeared.

As the two boundless consciousness spanned space, they encountered each other.

“Blood Moon!”

“Cursed Eye!”

There were coincidences in the world, but for the consciousness of two peerless powerhouses to arrive at this place together, there had to be a reason behind it.

Without another word, both sides understood that the reason they came here was the same.

“This flesh and blood creature killed my direct descendant. He’s mine.”

“I am also very interested in this junior.”

After a brief silence, both sides drew back, achieving a tacit understanding. Since both sides had similar degrees of strength and neither of them was willing to retreat, they would rely on their respective methods. Whoever was the first to catch him would possess him.

A figure appeared in the burning blood moon. He was tall and straight and had a large cloak wrapped around him. He was both mysterious and terrifying.

At almost the same time, the purple eye trembled for a moment before slowly opening.

Bang –

Bang –

Within Qin Yu’s senses, rumbles resounded like thunder. It was like two towering divine mountains crashed down at him. His chest became heavy and his heartbeat nearly came to a stop.

The sun and moon force field violently shook and distorted. It seemed as if it would shatter and collapse at any moment.

Within his soul space, the purple moon and blue sun brightened. While their revolution slowed down, they didn’t stop.

So, after his ears hummed and his vision flashed black for a moment, Qin Yu’s senses returned to normal. Then, without hesitation, he used what could be called one of his most formidable cards. Although he had no idea how much strength this card could erupt with, he knew that it wouldn’t disappoint.

In a distant world, the sea region, Beast Trainer Alliance.

President Daogasi was currently calculating the budget proposal for the next ten year cycle. All aspects of the alliance needed to have costs reduced, so he was trying to locate areas to trim unnecessary losses.

He sat here for several hours, barely managing to subtract some expenses. But as he looked at the still massive number, he couldn’t help but wryly smile and rub his forehead.

Originally, with the background and wealth of the alliance, he shouldn’t have needed to do this. But the accident that occurred some time ago had given that old white ape a chance to extort them and take almost 70% of the wealth from their treasury. As a result, the entire alliance had been severely damaged.

When he thought of this, President Daogasi sometimes felt shame towards his predecesors. He would grow so aggrieved that he could barely breathe.

He lifted a teacup and took a deep drink. He thought that even the quality of his tea leaves had fallen by more than one level. But before he could swallow this mouthful of hot tea, his eyes widened as if he saw something more preposterous than a ghost.

Puff –

Tea sprayed out, drenching the thick pages on the table. But he couldn’t care about this at all. He took a step and appeared in the skies above the island.

At this moment, all of the powerhouses in the Alliance Headquarters could feel a terrifying burst of aura. People were floating throughout the skies.

They saw President Daogasi. But, the shock they felt caused their jaws to drop open and they forgot to greet him.

In the distant waters, something like a mirage appeared. It was the phantom of a sky-reaching jade pendant. It was impossibly large and contained an inexhaustibly majestic aura. Even if it was just a phantom, it caused everyone who saw it to feel awe in their hearts.

But at this time, giant cracks appeared in this miraculous jade. They wove together and formed a web.

Then, the jade collapsed.

Fragments fell down from the highest heavens. While it was just a silent phantom, it wasn’t hard to imagine the earthshaking rumbles that would follow.

There were cries of alarm. The alliance cultivators blankly stared at the scene. While they were shocked, there was also excitement in their eyes.

They had no idea why this scene occurred, but it was another topic of conversation worth talking about in the future.

For example, at some point in the past, the winds and clouds above the headquarters changed and a violent storm ensued. A sky-reaching jade pendant appeared between the heavens and earth. With several thundering rumbles, the jade collapsed into countless pieces that crashed into the sea, causing terrifying tsunamis to spread out…

What? Are you asking why what I saw is different from what you heard? Hoho, have you not heard of embellishing, have you not heard of art?

To speak honestly is just a waste of time. This is the only way to achieve the best results!

However, as the excited alliance cultivators glanced at President Daogasi and other Alliance Elders, they discovered that these people all had sorrowful complexions, so ugly that it seemed they would eat people.

Uh…this jade didn’t seem to be that simple…could it be related to my alliance…?

White Ape coldly sneered, “What nonsense, of course it’s not that simple. Its background is great, so great that your blockhead cannot even hope to imagine it!”

As he spoke he raised his hand and gave a hard knock, “You little bastard, stop filling your mind with useless thoughts and spend your time cultivating instead. The future of my lineage lies in your body. If you dare to disappoint the good fortune given to you, I will flay you alive!”

The chicken overlord was knocked so hard that he started to stamp his feet. “Old man White Ape, you are a monkey and I am a chicken, we aren’t even from the same species so stop trying to draw some relationship between us…as for your good fortune, I didn’t know anything, so how dare you knock my handsome head! I’ll fight with you!”

White Ape sneered, “If you have the guts. It seems you’re itchy these days. Allow this old man to help loosen your muscles.”

A chicken flew and a monkey jumped. Of course, the end result was that the chicken overlord was held down and ruthlessly smacked until he cried out for his mother and father.

After leaving behind a retort of, “Everything comes in cycles. Don’t try to bully the young and weak!” The chicken overlord fled.

White Ape laughed. “I’m waiting for you to take revenge. What do you mean not to bully the young and weak? What can you do if I bully you?” Once the chicken overlord ran away, his complexion darkened. He looked at the vanished sky-reaching jade pendant, an anxious look in his eyes.

As he thought, when Qin Yu suddenly vanished in the past, he hadn’t fallen; he only left this world.

For native life forms, wanting to break open the world barrier and step into the space of other worlds was difficult. But, if it was Qin Yu, the one who was able to fuse with the jade embryo egg, then White Ape believed this was a matter of course.

But today, the sky-reaching jade had broken apart…

He had been forced into a situation where he had no choice but to borrow its final remaining strength? If so, Qin Yu had surely been caught in an extremely terrifying crisis.

Could it be that someone discovered he had fused with the jade embryo egg? If so, then the entire Great Desolate would start to boil over!

White Ape took a deep breath, his expression becoming increasingly dignified. It was with great difficulty that the jade embryo egg had found a junior. While this junior’s attitude wasn’t too dependable, his talent was top notch. Moreover, he had a heaven-defying good fortune that even he wasn’t aware of.

If Qin Yu didn’t die midway, his achievements would be like a sun in the Great Desolate, shining down upon the endless worlds. Those that followed by his side would be able to accomplish great things. They might even help that race return to its previous glory.

Qin Yu, you have to survive!

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