Chapter 974A – Blood Moon and Cursed Eye

Bright Sun looked down at the flame burning within her chest. There was no panic on her face. Rather, she smiled. It was extremely light and faint, like a warm spring breeze blowing across a lake that was still partially frozen from the winter. It caused faint waves to appear on the icy waters, but if one didn’t pay attention to it they would never succeed.

He succeeded!

Blood Moon also sensed the sudden appearance of a nauseating feeling that almost made him puke. Because the auras attracted each other, although they hadn’t yet been released, this caused him to feel an instinctive urge of fear and alarm.

Sun and moon become one…he had actually achieved it.

Blood Moon thought that the heavens were playing a massive joke on him. In the past there were countless proud geniuses of heaven that shined like stars in the skies, yet none of them were able to do this.

Now today, in such an unexpectedly laughable way, it appeared in front of him.

And the entire process hadn’t even taken an hour!

Could there actually be such an incredible genius in this world?

Hum –

The sun and moon phantoms above Qin Yu’s head trembled and then thoroughly condensed into reality. Their auras perfectly melded with each other.

He slowly opened his eyes. When he saw the ethereal woman floating above Hu Shan’s head, he paused for a moment and said, “Next time, if you’re going to do something that dangerous, can you give me a warning ahead of time?”

Bright Sun said, “There won’t be a next time. The resolve in her calm voice left Qin Yu quietly feeling admiration. If he were to be in her position, he feared he couldn’t be so tranquil.

“Qin Yu, I will soon disappear. Before that, you must cut down Blood Moon and bring this karma to an end.”

Surprisingly, Qin Yu remained silent.

Bright Sun looked at Qin Yu and furrowed her eyebrows, as if realizing something.

“Hahaha!” Blood Moon laughed into the skies. His remaining eye surged with emotion. Just now, he thought that the heavens were playing a joke on him, and this proved that all of this was indeed a joke.

It was true that Qin Yu had perceived the Sword of the Sun, and the degree he reached in the fusion of sun and moon wasn’t bad. But…his cultivation base was too low.

He was a junior who hadn’t even reached the God boundary. Even if he had some cards that would allow him to erupt with strength, he was still far, far too lacking.

He could not swing that sword!

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. He really thought that this was a sad story. Using all of his strength and with the support of the jade embryo egg, he had managed to comprehend the Sword of the Sun. Yet, this was the final result.

If it were anyone else, they also wouldn’t be able to accept it!

But when it came to things like cultivation, no matter how high one’s talent was, they still required time to slowly accumulate it. According to the current disparity, perhaps after a few hundred years he might be able to send out this sword strike, but there was no time to wait.

Bright Sun slowly said, “Your cultivation is not enough, but you may borrow it.” The disintegration of her figure sped up.

Leng Yan, still wrapped in the blood red light, stood up.

Bang –

A brilliant ray of light shot out, shattering the cage of blood red light.

“Bright Sun, if you can think of something, do you think I cannot? You want to borrow his strength? Keep on dreaming!”

Blood Moon coldly sneered. The burning sea of blood produced rough and wild waves that swept over.

But at this time a figure howled forward, colliding with the dreadful waves of blood.

“Although your boundary is much deeper than mine, I am still an Origin God. Being ignored for such a long time really brings shame to my face.”

Murong Qige lightly coughed as tears of blood dripped down. He was covered in blood-colored flames, similar in appearance to the burning sea of blood.

Because of this, he was able to withstand the horrifying crushing force from the sea of burning blood.

Blood Moon roared, “You are courting death!”

Murong Qige laughed, “For countless years I have been walking along the line of life and death, yet I have never crossed it! If you can send me to the underworld, then come and do it!”

Bang –

The burning sea of blood roared and rough waves howled over. Murong Qige turned towards Leng Yan and said, “Go and do what you must do. I hope you don’t make the wrong decision again.”

Leng Yan cupped his hands together. He turned and stepped out. With the cry of a sword, he appeared in front of Bright Sun and knelt before her. “Teacher, please forgive me.”

Bright Sun said, “You can make up for it.”

“Yes, teacher.” Leng Yan stood up and looked at Qin Yu. “If you survive today, then go to Myriad Sword Mountain and take some heads for me.”

Qin Yu solemnly asked, “Who do you want me to kill?”

Leng Yan said, “You’ll know at the time.” He no longer spoke. He lifted his arms into the air, and all of the boundless sword intent he cultivated during his lifetime was released.

“I cultivated the sword my entire life. I am confident that with my three foot blade, I can cut down everything in the world. Keep this firmly in your mind. Only then can you borrow my sword intent.”

Bang –

His entire figure began to burn within the raging sword intent. Wrapped in white flames, he turned transparent.

Soon, he vanished from sight.

In the next moment, the endless sword intent howled out. It turned into a mighty current that poured into Qin Yu’s body. The feeling was like swallowing up an entire mountain. Qin Yu’s face turned red. Every inch of his flesh and blood shivered in pain, and blood started to drip out from every pore.

It looked as if he would be blown apart by this strength. He impatiently wanted to vent all of this strength.

“Ahh!” Qin Yu roared out loud and grasped forward. At the same time, the phantoms of the sun and moon above him shined brighter, releasing a blinding light.

Rumble rumble –

Throughout the entire Severed Heaven Abyss, winds and clouds changed color. An invisible force arrived and caused the rules to shiver. The black skies weren’t able to withstand it and started to shatter in massive tracts. The burning blood moon was drawn in, turning dim and dark. At the same time, the burning sea of blood was mostly extinguished.

Blood Moon roared out loud. He dug out his other eyeball and, without hesitation, sacrificed it to the great master he believed in, praying for more strength.

Bang –

The flames on the blood moon rose once again, and the endless sea of blood started to blaze like an inferno once more. All of this indicated that a heaven-shaking collision was about to occur.

But just before he attacked, Qin Yu forcibly suppressed the terrifying sword intent that was about to break him open. He clenched his teeth and roared, “Now is the time!”

The hair that Qin Yu gave to Silent Kite suddenly began to burn. She shouted out, “Fellow daoists, let’s work together!”

No one hesitated. They transferred all their strength and blasted it into the blood stone.

Over a dozen formidable strengths were instantly absorbed. The blood stone trembled and shattered and the space around it broke apart with it.

Bang –

Qin Yu’s figure appeared. Before anyone could say something, they were all pushed to the ground by the tyrannical aura that flooded over them. He looked up, his gaze piercing through all, until he saw where the blood vessels coming from the meat sacks all gathered together.

He stamped his feet and the meat sack where he stood broke apart. As he shot up into the skies, he was like a bolt of rising thunder. Wherever he went, everything that blocked his path was twisted apart by a brutal strength.

The deeply sleeping Origin God within the Severed Heaven Abyss was named Blood Moon. He was an incomparably formidable existence, but the truth was that he was even craftier than he was strong.

The body of the obam emperor was not his life gate. Even if the obam emperor was cut down, Blood Moon would fall asleep at most. After the long years passed, he would wake back up again.

The burning blood moon in the skies was his life gate. But, one had to add a ‘fake’ descriptor in front of this life gate.

If Qin Yu used the same method he did in the blood moon world to cut down this one, the Origin God would die. But, he would still have a chance to revive.

Blue Moon’s true life gate, from beginning to end, was hidden somewhere even deeper within the abyss, in a coffin.

Inside that coffin was his nearly complete body. He had even cultivated a semi-independent consciousness that split from his true body.

Blood Moon had spent countless years and endless effort to create this hidden space. He had to draw support from a supreme treasure in order to finish it.

Because of this, even someone as strong as Bright Sun had never noticed this place from start to finish.

But Qin Yu knew of its existence. He had found Blood Moon’s true life gate.

Bang –

A thick and solid barrier stiffened for a moment before shattering. Qin Yu shot out. Countless fragments invisible to the naked eye tumbled down.

The coffin appeared right in front of Qin Yu.

He lifted a hand. All of Leng Yan’s sword intent that he had sacrificed himself to produce was fused into this sword.

Leng Yan gave up on his life, integrating his lifetime’s worth of sword intent into Qin Yu’s body so that he could use the Sword of the Sun and Moon and cut down the Origin God Blood Moon.

But at the moment he was about to attack, he had disappeared from sight. Bright Sun and Blood Moon were left confused, and even the pale Murong Qige froze in place.

Although they thought it was inconceivable, their first thought was wondering if this boy really took this chance to escape.

But Blood Moon’s response overturned this guess. They saw his body fiercely stiffen as anger and unconcealed fear appeared on his face.

That’s right, this was fear.

This was the first time he had revealed such an expression. Even when he discovered that Qin Yu had smoothly perceived the Sword of the Sun, he hadn’t shown this emotion.


Blood Moon wildly screeched into the skies. He looked down at the earth below him and the ground rumbled and shattered. Endless sword intent rushed out like a broken dam, tearing apart everything in its wake.

The giant coffin was especially conspicuous among the fragments of earth. It was currently split in half as a pained howl came from it.

A pair of hands reached up and grabbed the edge of the coffin. Next, a figure propped itself up. But this was as far as it could go before it froze in place.

Then, a cool breeze blew past and reduced it to ashes.

At the same time, the enraged obam emperor, the second body controlled by Blood Moon, had his aura instantly cut off.

With the main body destroyed, it was similar to the roots being severed. His life naturally came to an end.

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