Chapter 973 – Sun and Moon Within One

The sun in the abyss erupted with a blinding light. It was like a meteor cutting across the horizon, releasing its final light.

Then, all of this light collapsed inward, gathering into Bright Sun’s body. A boundless aura filled with pride followed her finger and crashed into Qin Yu’s consciousness, where it transformed into the phantom of a great sun.

Qin Yu stuffily coughed as blood flowed out from his nose, mouth, and ears. This was a heavily overbearing and tyrannical method of inheritance. If Qin Yu’s mortal body wasn’t so tough, he likely would have been torn to pieces by the sword intent invading his body.

When the aura of the Sword of the Sun entered him, the aura of the Sword of the Moon in his body started to stir, becoming increasingly active.

In the next moment, a crescent appeared beside the great sun in the world of his mind. It rapidly filled up, and in a few breaths of time it became clear and full, shining with a brilliant moonlight.

The sun and moon hung high within his world of consciousness. Their auras attracted each other and began to merge on their own volition.

Qin Yu’s heart nearly came to a stop. Cold sweat gushed out and soaked his back wet. He could clearly sense that while the melding of sun and moon seemed like a simple and smooth process, it was actually filled with great dangers.

The aura of the Sword of the Moon was fine; he could just barely control it. But, there was no resonance between him and the Sword of the Sun.

This was like mixing and matching two different types of gunpowder. If their proportions were reasonable, it could create a stronger version.

But if an accident were to happen during the process, a sudden explosion could occur.

Thus, Qin Yu really was panicking. He didn’t doubt that if the auras of the Sword of the Sun and Moon exploded in his consciousness, no matter how many cards he had in his hands he wouldn’t be able to prevent his consciousness from blowing apart and him becoming a drooling idiot. Just thinking about the consequences left him shivering in dread.

Before he could even yell at Bright Sun for pushing him into such a dangerous situation, Qin Yu closed his eyes. His mind descended into his world of consciousness and he tried to establish contact with the Sword of the Sun.

“Sun and moon within one body…Bright Sun, you overestimate this junior.” The obam emperor slowly said.

Bright Sun looked back, “If I don’t try, how will you know it doesn’t work?”

“The reason is simple. It’s because I won’t give him any chance at all.” The obam emperor roared. The blood moon that covered the entire Severed Heaven Abyss burst out with light. This light formed a straight beam that ruthlessly blasted downwards.

Bright Sun placed a finger between her eyebrows. The darkened phantom of the great sun immediately shined brightly once again. It was vast and boundless, sheltering Qin Yu within.

This was her final strength from crazily combusting her remnant soul. It meant that soon, an Origin God existence would thoroughly vanish.

From the darkness all around, rules of the heavens and earth cross-coupled and the light of the great sun rose by three points, as if it wanted to leave its final traces in this world.

As if this was a true great sun!

The pillar of light sent down by the blood moon collapsed and disintegrated. It wasn’t able to interrupt Qin Yu’s enlightenment.

The obam emperor frowned before immediately sneering. Just how exquisite was the Sword of the Sun and Moon? Just being able to comprehend one of them was extremely rare, much less understanding both. Even in the past he had never heard of anyone achieving this feat.

Bright Sun had been forced into this situation. With no other path available to her, she could only choose to bet everything on this possibility, no matter how impossibly slim it was…

This junior Qin Yu, he would likely burst apart soon as the sword intent of the sun and moon exploded in his body, resulting in his painful death.

Of course, what was even more important was that he saw Bright Sun was burning away the final traces of her remnant soul, thus obtaining the support of the world’s rules. Unless he went all-out against her, there was no way he could break past her defenses.

This was a great situation for him. He only had to wait things out. Once Bright Sun completely faded away, he would become the final winner. The obam emperor had no desire to join her craziness.

But at this time his heart suddenly shrank, like he had been grabbed by an invisible hand with its five fingers squeezing tightly.

The palpitations flooded his mind like a tide. The obam emperor fiercely looked up. The phantom of the blood moon appeared in his eyes, piercing through the barrier of the great sun’s light. He could see Qin Yu’s current condition now. A phantom of a sun and moon unexpectedly hung above his head.

Although they were incomparably small and the intensity of the auras was negligible to him, this represented a horrifying reality.

Qin Yu had perceived the Sword of the Sun!

Although he had just crossed the threshold, this entire process only took ten breaths of time. If he didn’t see this with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it at all. The fear swelling up in his heart confirmed all of this.

The obam emperor’s first thought was – just how did Qin Yu accomplish this?

But this thought was abandoned as soon as it appeared. His eyes turned cold and dark, with only cruel killing intent remaining.


This junior had to die!

In such a short period of time, he had been able to perceive the Sword of the Sun. If he could smoothly control it then he could display that destructive sword strike again.

Without the formidable spectral dragon beast helping block for him, if he had to withstand that sword strike alone, he really would die.

If there was a choice, no one would choose to bet their life and go all-out. But if one was forced by the situation, going all-out was the only decision one could make. Moreover, Blood Moon had survived the catastrophe of the past, struggling to survive for all this time. When it came to ruthlessness, he believed he was number one in this world.

Bang –

High in the skies, the blood moon that illuminated the entire Severed Heaven Abyss began to burn without warning. As flames wreathed it, it released a terrifying aura…in this moment, it was like hell had arrived!

The obam emperor’s face distorted, like he was withstanding some great pain. The light of the blood moon turned thick and sticky.

That’s right, it had become thick and sticky. It gained a texture that made it seem as if it could be touched.

“Netherworld Blood Sea!”

With a deep roar, the obam emperor’s body started to age at a rapid speed.

Then, that thick and sticky blood moonlight condensed into a tangible essence.

A vast sea of blood arrived in the abyss. Looking all around, it was impossible to see where it ended.

Rumble rumble –

One could hear the roars of the blood sea in their ears. Faintly, one could hear the unwilling howls of countless miserable creatures.

It was like this sea of blood had been drained from the bodies of innumerable victims, one drop at a time, thus reaching the vast scale it was at today.

It was difficult to imagine how many living beings had to die to form this sea of blood.

Dreadful waves of blood splashed into the skies. The waves were like mouths in the sea of blood, wanting to swallow the great sun into their belly. But the radiant great sun was like an indestructible divine mountain. It stood proud within the sea of blood, allowing the waves to crash into it without any change at all.

But it was clear that the obam emperor…or if one were to look past this bag of skin and see into his essence, thus knowing him as Blood Moon…well, no matter what his name or identity was, if he paid such a steep price, his attack wouldn’t be so simple.

As a result, the boundless sea of blood reflected the skies, and another burning blood moon was formed on its surface. The flames erupted and spread out, covering the entire sea of blood at an astonishing speed.

Every drop of seawater burned with scarlet flames. All of that annihilating power crashed into the dazzling great sun.

In the end, the combustion of a remnant soul had its limits. No matter how dazzling the light was, there would come a time when it faded away. Bright Sun knew this, so even when she heard crackling sounds in her ears, her expression didn’t change.

She had done everything she could do. As for whether or not she succeeded in the end, it would all depend on fate.

But Bright Sun believed that fate would be standing on her side today, otherwise why would it deliver Qin Yu to her side?

He had already comprehended the Sword of the Moon and the attraction of auras played a supportive role. But in such a short period of time, crossing the threshold of the Sword of the Sun proved that he was an incredibly talented swordsman.

Qin Yu’s face paled. Beads of sweat covered his forehead. His black robes had long since become drenched with sweat.

Above his head, as time passed, the phantoms of the sun and moon slowly condensed into reality.

All of this indicated that his comprehension of the Sword of the Sun was proceeding smoothly in a good direction.

But Qin Yu didn’t dare to relax because of this. As said before, while the sword intents of the sun and moon were fusing together, no accident could occur in this process.

Otherwise, all of the smoothness and perfection of before would become meaningless. There only needed to be one explosion for him to turn into a drooling idiot.

Hurry! Hurry up!

Qin Yu knew that he didn’t have much time remaining. The obam emperor would not give him the time to perceive a sword strike that could kill him.

And Bright Sun’s strength was almost exhausted. Even if she didn’t hesitate to pay any price to protect him, how long could she last?

While he wasn’t happy that Bright Sun thrust him into such a dangerous situation, he also knew that this was the only way he could survive.

If Qin Yu wanted to live, he couldn’t miss out on this chance…moreover, he was also thinking of something else.

Perhaps this was a turning point. He could take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate every hidden threat from himself!

But the premise behind all of this was that he perceived the essence of the Sword of the Sun…otherwise, there was no significance to it.

Kacha –

Kacha –

There were more and more shattering sounds. Although the great sun was still dazzling and radiant, its inside was covered in cracks, like it would break apart in the next moment.

But it endured, breath after breath of time. And with each passing breath, the phantoms of the sun and moon above Qin Yu’s forehead condensed further into reality.

The feeling of unease Blood Moon had grew stronger. Then, he reached back and pulled out his eyeball.

Disregarding the dripping blood, he started to chant as if he were praying. His hoarse voice was full of awe and reverence.

Several breaths of time later, Blood Moon opened his fingers. The blood-covered eyeball turned transparent. Then, it vanished.

It was like an incomparably formidable existence had heard his prayers and decided to accept this sacrificial offering, thus sending down its strength.

Rumble rumble –

The flames within the entire burning sea of blood began to soar high. The cracks in the great sun almost doubled instantly.

Bright Sun stuffily coughed. Blood gushed out from the body of Hu Shan that she borrowed, and faint traces of aura drilled out.

Seven different streams of aura rose into the air, condensing above her head to form a woman’s figure. What was shocking was that her body was covered in cracks, as if it had been glued together.

At this moment, a blood red flame was quietly burning in her chest. Like an ignited piece of paper, once it was burnt, there would be nothing but ashes left.

She was constantly fading!

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