Chapter 972 – Sword of the Moon

Qin Yu roared out loud. His flesh and blood crackled as his body rapidly expanded, soon surpassing 10,000 feet in height. Without hesitation, he grabbed the sphere and hurtled forwards, leaping into the channel opened in the turbulent space.

The next moment, there was a howl of extreme pain from behind. Qin Yu subconsciously stretched out his hands to protect the sphere. When he turned his head, he saw the body of the dragon beast rotting at a visible speed. When the flesh and blood sloughed off, all that remained was a skeleton.

Bang –

Bang –

The earth fragment shed every color it had. Everything turned withered and dry, with all vitality gone.

Then, the mountains split open. Crimson light rose out. Lava gushed out, sweeping across the earth and swallowing everything.

Next, as if pulled in by an invisible strength, the lava flowed over the dragon beast’s skeleton, rapidly condensing into a thick and fierce set of armor.

Hou –

The spectral dragon beast howled into the skies. Black flames lit up its hollow eye sockets and sparks emitted from its mouth and nose. A heart-shaking aura erupted from it. Qin Yu took a deep breath and turned back around, his 10,000 foot tall figure crashing into the abyss.

The ground disintegrated and countless cracks spread out. Qin Yu’s legs bent as he forced power into them. Then, he raced away.

The obam emperor chuckled. “This kid. The entire Severed Heaven Abyss is my world. Just where does he think he can go? Since he decided to come back, then he can stay behind.”

He lifted a finger. “Capture him. I want him alive.”

The lava armor-covered spectral dragon beast revealed a look of struggle in its eyes. It screeched at the obam emperor.

“Vile beast, you dare defy my will?”

The spectral dragon beast howled in pain. The struggle in its eyes faded away until there was nothing but cruel devastation left.

Hou –

It shot forward with a roar, its speed fast beyond imagination. The air boomed as a series of afterimages was left behind in its wake. It looked like an incomparably thick bolt of red thunder.

Qin Yu’s complexion turned heavy. Saving others was difficult, but leaving here alive was even more so.

He felt the terrifying aura behind him rapidly approaching. With a quick calculation, he knew that it was impossible to escape if he carried this sphere with him.

If he couldn’t escape then he could only meet his opponent. While their absolute cultivations were more than just one level apart, that didn’t mean he was helpless in fighting back.

For instance…there was the silver moon sword intent.

Qin Yu had already confirmed that the sword intent Leng Yan displayed was the same Sword of the Moon he perceived in the blood moon world. That sword intent’s master had to be related to Bright Sun’s sword. If he used this sword intent, she wouldn’t stand by and do nothing.

As for that distant feeling that locked onto him when he used the silver moon sword intent…Qin Yu couldn’t care about that right now. No matter what might happen in the future, he had to ensure he survived this first.

Qin Yu came to a sudden stop. He put the sphere on the ground and turned around, reaching his hand outward.

The aura of the Sword of the Moon which had been wrapped in the sun and moon force field was released. It immediately descended into the abyss. Following that, the phantom of a round silver moon slowly condensed above Qin Yu’s head.

Luminescent moonlight sprinkled down like running water. Below the light of the blood moon it actually opened up its own domain and expelled the scarlet light.

The obam emperor’s complexion changed, “The Sword of the Moon!”

Sure enough, sensing the resonance of auras, the great sun immediately brightened.

Harmony of yin and yang!

This junior had unexpectedly perceived the essence of the Sword of the Moon. And it was unlike Leng Yan. Although Leng Yan had mastered the sword intent, the realm behind it was countless miles apart.

“Dragon beast, kill him!”

The obam emperor shouted out loud. While Qin Yu released an aura that he coveted, he could no longer care about that.

Qin Yu had to die!

The coexistence of the sun and moon could extinguish the world…yes, it really could destroy an entire world.

He had once experienced that terrifying power himself. If it weren’t for the Blood Moon cultivation method being sufficiently strange and esoteric, as well as the life-maintaining cards in his hands, he feared he would have truly died.

Although Qin Yu wasn’t Silver Moon, and Bright Sun was burning away her remnant soul to erupt with a final burst of strength, he was also in an incomplete state. He was far from being able to compare with how strong he was in the past. He absolutely could not allow them to use this strike!

As the light of the great sun increased, Qin Yu could feel a powerful aura that came from the same source as his, yet was different.

Hum –

Above his head, the moon phantom condensed into reality. It quickened the sword intent within his body and caused it to wildly rise.

Without thinking, his body obeyed. He instinctively attacked.

Qin Yu lifted a hand and cut down. Radiant sword light howled out, cutting into the spectral dragon beast’s fierce armor.

There was a heaven-shaking thunderclap. Countless fragments of armor burst apart. The spectral dragon beast screamed in pain and rage as it was sent flying away.

At the same time, the great sun in the abyss moved horizontally, pushing everything in its path away. Countless skeletal beasts tried to block it but were smashed into pieces.

But the sunlight that easily tore apart the skeletal beasts didn’t harm Qin Yu at all. Rather, when the light fell on him, he felt warm and comfortable. He could even feel his injuries recovering faster.

“Ancient race?” Bright Sun’s figure appeared from within the sun. She looked at Qin Yu. The icy cold indifference in her eyes was gone. Instead, there was some gratitude and relief.

Little sister, the inheritance you left behind in the past has found a successor. If you were to know of this in the underworld, you would be smiling.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “I greet Senior Bright Sun.”

His thoughts raced. Bright Sun and the obam emperor didn’t seem to know that the Ancient race had already been destroyed, otherwise they wouldn’t be so calm when facing him.

It seemed that their battle had occurred countless years ago. At the very least, it happened before the Ancient race suffered a bitter catastrophe.

Bright Sun lightly said, “Since you have already grasped the true meaning of the Sword of the Moon, you may call me your apprentice aunt. But now is not the time to speak of such things. Release the Sword of the Moon and follow me to kill Blood Moon. Come take revenge for your master.”

Bang –

The light of the great sun created from the Sword of the Sun immediately rose. The auras began to pull upon each other, completely out of Qin Yu’s control. The moon phantom above his head also started to release light.

The sun and moon perfectly fused, chasing away the aura of the blood moon. All of the approaching skeletal beasts that possessed almost undying bodies began to cry out in despair as their bones rotted away.

The obam emperor roared. The spectral dragon beast howled and flew in front of him, blocking for him like a giant mountain.

Sun and moon wove together. Faintly, one could see a figure within. That figure casually sliced down.

How –

The spectral dragon beast miserably screamed. As if sensing danger, it spat out a crimson dragon’s breath that was filled with the scent of sulfur and destruction.

But the dragon’s breath seemed to crash into an invisible sword; it was directly split in half.

The screams stopped. With a light cracking sound, a crack appeared on the spectral dragon beast’s forehead. Then, the crack continued downward, splitting the giant body in two.

In the back, the obam emperor held two hoofs in front of him. Even though he tried his best, he wasn’t able to completely resist the attack of that terrifying aura.

Pa –

Pa –

Fissures appeared all over his body and blood recklessly flowed out. If someone were to approach, they would be able to see the shadow of a sword hanging right in front of the obam emperor.

His eyes started to fill with little red blood vessels. Then, with loud popping sounds, they turned blood red. Blood started to drip down from the corners of his eyes.

“Ahh! Block it for me!” With a roar, the obam emperor’s imperial crown and his robes started to burn. When they were reduced to ashes, golden light shot out from them, gathering in front of him and turning into a shield.

After several breaths of time there was a ‘pa’ as the shield shattered and disappeared. The obam emperor shivered as blood flowed out from countless wounds. He fell to the ground.

At this time, the spectral dragon beast split apart and crashed down. Before it touched the ground, it turned to ashes and disappeared.

“Bright Sun, after two continuous strikes, how much strength do you still have? You weren’t able to kill me in the past, and you can forget succeeding now!”

The obam emperor roared, each syllable dripping with callous power and violence.

Bright Sun was without expression. Although she didn’t reveal any change in mood, her eyes darkened. She was clearly unable to conceal her weariness.

She looked at Qin Yu and said, “He’s right. My remnant soul is about to burn out. I don’t have the power for another attack like that.”

Qin Yu thought that even if it had been guessed correctly, did she have to admit it with such gusto? And even if she wanted to admit it, couldn’t she tone her voice down?

Since she spoke so loudly, she had definitely been heard. What was she going to do now? Was she going to stretch out her neck and wait for death?

Before Qin Yu could express his own dissatisfaction, he was startled by Bright Sun’s next words.

“If you can perceive the true meaning of the Sword of the Moon from the cut marks, then there is no reason you cannot understand the Sword of the Sun if I personally teach you.”

Bright Sun lifted a hand. Before Qin Yu could say anything, she placed a finger between his eyebrows.

Bang –

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