Chapter 971B – No Retreat

Silent Kite looked at the silent image and the giant fragments of earth that were about to arrive. After they appeared, Qin Yu’s attitude had suddenly changed.

At this moment, he didn’t hesitate to take the risk and go straight into the depths of the battlefield…could it be that Lei Xiaoyu was there?

Without time to think about anything else, Silent Kite raised the blood stone in her hands. Because of Qin Yu’s blood, the sun and moon force field here hadn’t yet collapsed.

“Everyone, immediately throw the corpses of Qi Shan and the others into the life-refining furnace!”

They all reacted quickly, tossing the four corpses inside.

Silent Kite sent the blood stone forward. The blood runes on the furnace began to shine, releasing a light that opened up a space.

Silent Kite relaxed. She glanced at everyone. “You all heard what Qin Yu said just now. I hope that everyone can contribute, because right now, he is fighting and risking his life for all of our sakes.”

In fact, Qin Yu was planning on risking his life, but the reason wasn’t as heroic as Silent Kite described.

For them?

What a joke. If it weren’t for Lei Xiaoyu, the only way he would return to the terrifying battlefield at the bottom of the abyss would be if he turned stupid.

Silent Kite’s guess had been correct. One of the giant earth fragments was the dwelling of the terrifying dragon beast which Qin Yu had found before.

Lei Xiaoyu was hidden inside.

“Insane…I must be insane…” He muttered beneath this breath. Sensing the horrifying fluctuations in the air, he bitterly smiled.

But life was like this. One couldn’t step backwards and avoid at all times, even if avoiding danger was the natural survival instinct of people.

Because sometimes, you can't draw back.

Just like now. If Qin Yu didn’t take action, Lei Xiaoyu would undoubtedly die.

So he came!

Leng Yan gave up trying to tear through the blood red light. Of course, before doing this, he tried every means at his disposal. Everything proved that the facts were just like the obam emperor stated. With his boundary, he simply couldn’t break through the blood light.

He sat down cross-legged, sword intent lingering around his body and ensuring he wasn’t corroded away. He calmly watched the battle between the great sun and the giant skeletons.

Suddenly, Leng Yan raised an eyebrow, surprised. He watched as a little figure tentatively approached him.

It was unexpectedly that junior.

This junior had managed to escape a calamity, but not only did he not think of a way to flee, he actually came back. Was he thinking about profiting from this battle as a third party? Even if he wanted to be a fisherman, he had to have enough strength, otherwise if the water casually splashed on him he would die a pitiful death.

Bang –

A turbulent flow of strength howled over. Qin Yu’s complexion changed and he quickly rolled away, his body crashing into the ground.

Even if he managed to avoid it, his face was still a little pale.

Leng Yan revealed a look of appreciation. Besides being overly greedy, this junior’s ability to sense and capture aura fluctuations was amazing. With his cultivation, if he was just an inch slower in his reaction, then he would have been struck by the turbulence just now. Even if he didn’t die he would have been severely wounded.

Perhaps knowing he was going to die, after a brief hesitation, he took the initiative to speak. “Junior, why did you return?”

Qin Yu gasped for breath. He looked at the sword cultivator powerhouse through the red light and said, “I have to save someone.”

This was an unexpected answer.

Leng Yan thought for a moment. “To rescue my teacher?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “Of course not. Although I am a little confident in myself, I’m not arrogant to such a level.” He lifted a finger and pointed at the earth fragments up above. “The person I must rescue is over there.”

Leng Yan furrowed his eyebrows. “You’re just here to save someone?”

Qin Yu nodded, “Yes. Otherwise I would have run away already.”

“You’re not afraid of death?”

“I am!”

“Then why come back??”

“Because I gave her my promise.”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and didn’t speak anymore. He stamped his feet and his figure vanished like a plume of smoke.

He avoided the shockwaves of strength that swept towards him, constantly approaching the arriving earth fragment.

Leng Yan had a strange complexion. As he looked at Qin Yu’s vanishing back, he was deep in contemplation. Regret appeared in his eyes.

If he had chosen to keep his promise, the result of that wouldn’t be any worse than this, right?

But what a pity, the only irreversible thing in the world was time. A mistake was a mistake, and he had to bear the consequences of that.

Hou –

Hou –

Cruel roars came from the earth fragment. Qin Yu knew that these were the roars of that terrifying dragon beast.

It didn’t seem as if it were willing to descend to the bottom of the abyss and was resisting the summoning force. If not for that, this giant earth fragment would have already arrived.

But because of this, two strengths were colliding with each other, causing dreadful fluctuations to spread through the air. They contained an incomparably tyrannical strength.

Qin Yu frowned.

He didn’t want to bet on what would happen after that earth fragment arrived.

So he had to bring Lei Xiaoyu away before it did.

In other words, Qin Yu had to traverse those spatial fluctuations and withstand their impact.

After determining that there was no other choice, Qin Yu took a deep breath. Dark golden light flashed in his eyes. He looked up at the fiercely shaking space above him that resembled a raging sea.

He had to find the best chance to enter, to avoid suffering any major injuries.

And he couldn’t waste any time. The dragon beast was strong and Qin Yu guessed it had broken through the limits of the God boundary. But, facing the summons of the Origin God in the abyss, it likely wouldn’t be able to resist for much longer.

After ten breaths of time, Qin Yu stamped his feet. His figure shot up like an arrow.

This was it!

Hum –

His vision flashed black and his ears buzzes as if he had been struck by a heavy punch. He had broken into the spatial fluctuations. Without hesitation, he raised a hand and punched out.

His fist struck the exact region where two spatial fluctuations bumped into each other. Because their strength counterbalanced one another, he managed to break open a channel.

If it weren’t for this, with his cultivation, Qin Yu wouldn’t be able to resist any of the spatial fluctuations. Let alone crossing through the tides of spatial fluctuations, he would have had layers of skin torn off as soon as he arrived.

But what a pity, it was impossible for Qin Yu to continuously encounter such a situation. When there was no other way, he either drifted along with the currents or chose the best possible direction to force a breakthrough using his cultivation.

To sum it up, he had to pass through the most turbulent space possible while taking the least amount of damage he could!

At this time, the potent attributes of the Ancient race’s Undying Body were fully revealed. Although Qin Yu was injured many times, as long as his blood energy remained plentiful, he could instantly restore himself.

Within the blood red seal, Leng Yan had been paying attention to Qin Yu’s erratic path through the spatial tide.

It was only now that he believed Qin Yu’s words.

It turned out that this junior really came here to save someone, not even caring for his life in the process. He had no idea whether to call Qin Yu loyal and honorable, or stupid.

During the process, Leng Yan discovered that Qin Yu’s perception was sublime beyond compare. He avoided a fatal injury by a hair’s breadth several times.

In the eyes of others, Qin Yu might seem to be in an extremely difficult position, scurrying around like a mouse struggling to survive.

But in Leng Yan’s eyes, what he saw was a tenacious will that wouldn’t give up in the face of death, and a finely tuned and peerless degree of self-control.

Strength, eyesight, willpower, luck…if he lacked any of these four points, Qin Yu would not have survived this far.

And there was another point that even Leng Yan was envious of. This junior’s mortal body was incredibly strong.

“This person is a good sword cultivator seedling. But what a pity, in this current situation I fear he will be buried in this endless abyss with me.” Leng Yan softly said, regret in his eyes. If he had discovered Qin Yu before coming to the Severed Heaven Abyss, he would have done everything in his power to receive him as a disciple and have him inherit his legacy.

Bang –

The shaking spatial fluctuations formed a powerful repulsing force. Qin Yu shrank himself into a ball, protecting the vital parts of his body.

Like a rubber ball, he rushed through the barrier of spatial fluctuations and landed on the ground with a ‘pa’.

He made it in!

Qin Yu stood up and wiped the blood from his lips. While the last distance he passed through seemed simple, he had to withstand three waves of turbulent flow. His flesh and bones ached and he feared he had sustained heavy injuries to his organs.

But now was not the time to focus on recovering. As he stimulated the Ancient race’s Undying Body, he looked around and identified his location before howling into the distance.

Bang –

Bang –

The ground shook, followed by the cries of a dragon. Qin Yu could imagine the crazed appearance of the terrifying dragon beast. At this moment, he stiffened. He froze up as if he had been tossed into a world of snow and ice.

His neck slowly twisted around. In his ears, he could hear the sound of his body tightening, emitting faint creaking sounds.

He didn’t dare to move too quickly, otherwise he feared he would be instantly burnt to ashes by the dragon’s destructive breath.  

A pair of giant eyes, flooded with pain and ruin, glared at Qin Yu.

It was the dragon beast!

Even in its current state its sensory abilities remained sharp. It instantly sensed him the moment he had intruded into this space.

Right now, the dragon beast was in an extremely violent and berserk state. Its bloodshot eyes and manic mood were the best evidence of this.

But it unexpectedly didn’t immediately attack Qin Yu the moment it discovered him…

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He said, “Do you remember me? Before, I hid a friend in a place near your cave. Because I promised to protect her, I came back.

“My vow is relatively trustworthy. If you have any matter that is within my power to help, then I will do my best!”

Hou –

The dragon beast lifted its head up and roared. Scales started to fall off from its huge body, exposing rotten flesh and blood. The air filled with a horrid stench…it had clearly reached its limits and soon it would no longer be able to resist.

The dragon beast opened its mouth and spat out a sphere. It resembled some kind of amber crystal with an entire cave sealed inside.

Lei Xiaoyu was currently within this cave. She hugged a tiny dragon beast in her arms and had fallen into a deep sleep.

As if sensing something, Lei Xiaoyu’s eyelashes trembled and slowly opened. When she saw Qin Yu, she was stunned for a moment. Then, a smile appeared on her face.

She knew Qin Yu would come back for her!

“My child…bring it away...survive…” Thought fluctuations resounded in Qin Yu’s mind. They were low, dignified, and filled with a deep weariness.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “I promise I will do my best!”

The dragon beast looked down at the little sleeping dragon. Then, it opened its mouth and spewed out an almost pure purple dragon’s breath. The dragon’s breath instantly incinerated everything, opening up an exit in the turbulent space.




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