Chapter 971A – No Retreat

My name is Blood Moon.

It’s true, this really is my name. Why do you say that someone else has the same name as me?

Well, the reason behind this is actually quite simple. It is because the cultivation method I practice is called Blood Moon. And, all those who practice the Blood Moon cultivation method will change their name to Blood Moon. Don’t ask me the specific reason why, because I don’t know either.

But let’s get over the small talk and get to the point.

Because I have slept for such a long time, I don’t remember the specific time period, but it should have been many years ago. At that time, in order to make a breakthrough in my cultivation, I slaughtered a small world and took their blood essence to temper my body.

This should have been an ordinary and simple matter. As a being who managed to step beyond the world barrier and enter the Great Desolate, all other creatures who were trapped behind the world barrier, no matter what race they were, were just slaves reared in a pen.

But what a pity, this philosophical and practical theory hadn’t circulated through the entire Great Desolate. As a result, I provoked tremendous trouble for myself. Two lunatic women, without any regrets at all, went all-out to kill me. Their backgrounds were formidable and they didn’t fear the Blood Moon lineage behind me.

Since I couldn’t scare them away and I couldn’t fight them, I could only flee. The memories of that period still cause my heart to race in fear. I really was just an inch away from completely perishing.

But they didn’t fare any better. The Silver Moon woman fell into a trap and she was turned to ashes. Bright Sun’s mortal body was also destroyed, and only a remnant soul managed to escape.

I knew that Bright Sun would come back to me and take revenge. So a long, long time ago, not long after I regained consciousness, I began to lay out my grand plan.

And today, Bright Sun really did come. Besides her, there were also some little fellows that were deliberately lured in here by me.

Although the only enemy that could enter my eyes was Bright Sun alone, these little fellows also played a vital role.

They could all be considered cultivators with potential that were bred from this world. By using their blood essence and refining their souls to complement the last step in reshaping my body, I could have a closer connection to the source of this world.

It would no longer be able to resist my fusion. Once I absorbed the power of the world, I would truly be able to return from death.

The entire plan was flawless. Of course, it also required me to ensure that the trajectory of events developed in the way I wanted them to.

Anyone who tried to ruin my plan must die.

And now, I sensed something. Several small and weak ants were using up the materials I needed to restore my mortal body. They really do deserve death.

So, I’ll be sending them on the way first.

Qin Yu pointed a finger. There was no other action, but Qi Shan and the others suddenly revealed horrified expressions.

Having been able to endure the long span of years, surviving even as the sands of time scoured everything else away, these four old freaks were not only strong, but they also had a keen sense of danger.

At this moment, within the world of their perception, it felt like a mountain was falling. Without any fanciful methods, it simply crashed down in a totally unreasonable manner.

Even if the four old freaks each had a thousand different methods and hidden cards, they had no time to display them. The mountain loudly crashed down on them, their ears hummed, and their consciousness fell into darkness.

Thud –

Thud –

Thud –

Thud –

There were four dull sounds as Qi Shan and the three others fell to the ground. Their bodies were perfectly intact but their consciousness and souls had been annihilated.

The atmosphere fell deathly silent.

Even Silent Kite’s jaw had dropped down, her face full of shock. There was no need to mention the cultivators who were imprisoned in the life-refining furnace.

They had once fought Qi Shan and the others so they knew how strong the four were. They were powerful enough to completely overwhelm them!

But what did they see now?

Qin Yu had only lifted a hand and pointed a finger. Then…there was nothing after that. These four terrifying old monsters that had lived for far too long, who could step into the Origin God realm at any time, had died like this?

Killing them was already a terrifying feat. Moreover, they died so easily and cleanly.

At this moment, they looked at Qin Yu as if they were looking up at the summit of a mountain wreathed in clouds.

The awe and vibration they felt even suppressed the joy they felt at surviving this hell. They all remained in a dazed state.

But in truth, these people had no idea that Qin Yu, someone who appeared to be inconceivably powerful in their eyes, was also experiencing a moment of absolute shock.

Although he had guessed that the Origin God in the abyss had a heaven-defying strength, his methods were still unexpectedly terrifying.

Qin Yu even suspected that the reason he made it out of the bottom of the abyss was not because his reactions had been fast enough, but because the Origin God wanted to capture him alive.

Otherwise, if the Origin God only desired to kill him, he didn’t need to use any fancy methods at all. The Origin God only needed to use the move he just displayed to annihilate him where he stood.

And most importantly, Qin Yu vaguely felt that the boundless consciousness came from the giant coffin above his head.

This caused him to extinguish the little thoughts he had before…if he really tried to approach the coffin then he would be crushed into dust before he reached it.

Everyone was an Origin God, but why was the one in the Severed Heaven Abyss so strong?

The Chu Dynasty’s First Emperor was an Origin God and the obam emperor was an Origin God. But, they were only chess pieces arranged by him ahead of time.

Just how terrifying was that!

Li Hongyi stared at Qin Yu in a haze. As she recalled all her thoughts from before, bitterness gushed out from her heart.

So even after all this time, she had still underestimated him…how could she fathom the mind of such a powerful man?

The reason Qin Yu paid no attention to anything around him was because it never entered his eyes.

That’s right, with Qin Yu’s strength, he naturally viewed the world around him differently.

As for her, even though she was called the Sword Maniac, even if she possessed outstanding talent and had a noble background…that was it. She was just a tiny speck that he didn’t even see from the corner of his eyes.

Qin Yu finally calmed down. He swept his eyes around and knew that these people were overthinking things again. If he really did have the strength to easily obliterate Qi Shan and the other three, would he still be living as cautiously as he was now?

But Qin Yu didn’t plan on explaining himself. In this dangerous situation, if he wanted them to obey his orders then he needed them to maintain a certain degree of awe towards him.

Thinking like this, Qin Yu straightened his back. He took hold of Silent Kite’s hand and stepped forward.

Wherever he went, the sun and moon force field moved with him. To outsiders, it looked as if an invisible strength flooded the space around him, pushing away that terrifying red liquid.

And in the divine sense of these cultivators, the space in front of them was empty. They didn’t feel any fluctuations of strength. This made the people feel even more awe.

Pa –

Qin Yu and Silent Kite walked in front of the life-refining furnace. He looked down. A dark golden light flashed in his eyes.

Because of the astonishment they felt, no one dared to look at him so none of them saw this. As for Li Hongyi, she had fallen in a trance deep in her own thoughts, so she didn’t notice this.

In the next moment, everyone inside the life-refining furnace felt the binding strength on them disappear.

Hualala –

With a hissing sound, the shackles that pierced through Li Hongyi’s shoulders and locked her in place rapidly retracted.

The shining red runes on the life-refining furnace slowly extinguished themselves.

They were free…they survived…

But at this moment, no one was thinking about this. They only looked at Qin Yu, the awe and reverence in their hearts reaching the peak. With just a glance, he had been able to subdue this life-refining furnace that was able to suppress all of them. Just what sort of boundary was this?

This exceeded everyone’s imagination!

But one thing they knew for sure was that they absolutely could not make Qin Yu their enemy. Otherwise, they might die if he glanced their way.

“Thank you fellow daoist Qin Yu for saving us!” The people respectfully said as they left the life-refining furnace.

Li Hongyi paled. She was only able to stand up and look at Qin Yu with her strong will. She felt embarrassed. Although she knew she was wrong, she couldn’t say the words to apologize.

Qin Yu didn’t let the atmosphere remain awkward. “Silent Kite, Miss Li’s injuries are heavy, so please look after her.” He swept his eyes around. A thought appeared in his mind. Although it was a bit whimsical, he shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity.

“You may have all escaped this tribulation, but today’s true danger has yet to arrive. If it cannot be overcome, then you and I will be buried here forever, lost in the endless abyss!”

The complexions of the people changed. With Qin Yu’s weight in their hearts, no one doubted what he said.

A man cupped his hands together and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, may I ask what this danger is?”

Qin Yu said, “I don’t have much time to explain. See for yourself.” He turned and swiped at the air in front of him. It was like a sharp knife cutting a small opening in a thick cowhide.

Although it was very, very small, it was enough for everyone to peer through and see what was happening outside.

The first thing that appeared in their line of sight was a radiant great sun. Right now, it was being wildly assaulted by countless giant skeletons.

Each ray of sunlight was like a sharp sword, easily cutting apart the great skeletal beasts.

But when they crashed into the ground, the remnant bones would be drawn together by an invisible strength and reform, completing the process of rebirth.

While there was no sound, all the cultivators who saw this felt fear and dread rise in their hearts.

Because the strength demonstrated in this image was far too great, so great that even the tiniest shockwave would be able to exterminate them body and soul.

Qin Yu slowly said, “This is a battle that is occurring at the bottom of the abyss. If the one that has become the incarnation of a great sun can win, then we will survive. Otherwise, as I said before, all of us will die.”

His voice paused and his complexion turned ugly. He stared at the crack and the image within.

At this time, in the image, fragments of earth were slowly emerging from the darkness and descending to the bottom of the abyss. On these pieces of earth there were several majestic mountains. When they connected together, they formed an amazingly large valley.

Silent Kite realized something was off. “Qin Yu, what is it?”

After several breaths of silence, Qin Yu looked away from the image. He took a deep breath and said, “Silent Kite, I have something to ask of you. It might be useless and just cause you to die ahead of time…”

“I’ll help!” Silent Kite shouted. She paused and said, “Without you, I would have already died.”

Qin Yu earnestly looked at her. Without saying anything more, he flipped his hand and took out a stone.

This stone was given to him by Hu Shan. It once contained an astonishing amount of blood energy that came from some unknown being.

After being frantically absorbed by Qin Yu several times, the blood energy had been depleted and the stone had returned to its original appearance. It was gray and unremarkable.

If it weren’t for his illusion-breaking eyes, he wouldn’t have noticed this stone was a treasure.

He cut his palm and stimulated his blood energy to erupt, forcing out a massive amount of blood. When the blood touched the stone, it was instantly absorbed.

After absorbing the blood, the stone became blood-colored once again. The only difference was that it was much lighter in hue.

Qin Yu plucked out a hair and handed it to Silent Kite along with the stone. He said, “Wait. When this hair spontaneously combusts, you and the fellow daoists here must blast this stone with all your strength.”

As he said this he bent over and whispered a few more words.

Feeling Qin Yu’s resolve, Silent Kite didn’t reveal her worries. She simply nodded.


He turned and walked away.

Silent Kite couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going?”

Qin Yu said, “I’m going where I need to be.”

He took a step forward. Then, as if passing through mist, he vanished from sight.

In the next moment, everyone in the meat sack cried out in alarm.

Because in the image within the crack, they could see Qin Yu.

With one step, he entered the battlefield from here. 

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