Chapter 970 - Old and Undying

As Qin Yu was worrying, the space where the meat sacks were suspended suddenly shook fiercely, like some titanic creature was turning around.

Bang –

Bang –

The crowded meat sacks began to collide against each other. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he looked forward.

Not too far away, a massive meat sack entered his line of sight.

More than ten cultivators were inside this meat sack, and Qin Yu had seen many of them before.

“It’s that junior!”

There was a loud shout. Even from a far distance, one could clearly hear the hate dripping from each word.

The one who spoke up was the old farmer-like cultivator who had lived for an unknown period of years – Qi Shan.

Shua –

Within the meat sack, three other pairs of eyes fell on Qin Yu.

These three people were also tyrannically strong old freaks that had lived for far too long.

Silent Kite shouted out, “Li Hongyi!”

In that giant meat sack, besides Qi Shan and the other three, the remaining cultivators were all imprisoned in a strange furnace.

The surface of the furnace shined with red runes. It released a light that forced back the liquid within the meat sack, creating an empty space.

Because of this, Qi Shan and the rest were completely unaffected.

Sure enough, the older one was, the craftier they became. They had all sorts of astonishing methods.

In this situation, even Qin Yu could only borrow the sun and moon force field to temporarily remain safe.

As for the people in the furnace…looking at their expressions, they hadn’t volunteered for this. This was surely an unpleasant experience for them.

When Silent Kite shouted out, Qin Yu also saw Li Hongyi sitting in the furnace. Shackles pierced through her shoulders, directly locking her inside the furnace.

Bloodstains covered her robes. Some were fresh and bright, and some were dark and dull. Contrasted against the pure white cloth, it was even more striking.

As Qin Yu watched them, Qi Shan and the other three also stared at him. Their cold eyes eventually filled with a burning heat.

Originally, they hadn’t cared too much about Qin Yu’s treasure that the dead Zhuo Han spoke about.

They had lived for far, far too long. With all of their experiences, their field of vision had also widened. They didn’t take a liking to just any casual treasure.

And in terms of treasures, any one of them could easily produce a shocking number of them. These were things they had accumulated over the long years.

When they targeted Qin Yu before, that was only to eliminate an opponent ahead of time and prevent him from entering the abyss first.

But now, seeing how relaxed Qin Yu and Silent Kite were inside the meat sack, Qi Shan and the others finally believed that Qin Yu had a treasure on him…and it was an extremely precious treasure!

Although that boy Zhuo Han had degenerated and became a Great Dao Seizer, his words had been correct.

Besides that, they could find no other explanation for what they were seeing.

By relying on the life-refining furnace, they were just barely able to resist the decomposition and digestion forces coming from the meat sack. But during this process, the vitality and cultivation of those people within the furnace was being used up.

Once those people were squeezed dry, the life-refining furnace would lose its effects and they would be in great trouble. But now, an opportunity to resolve their present dangerous situation had arrived. As long as they could take the treasure from Qin Yu, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Qi Shan and the three others glanced at each other and understood what the others were thinking.

“Get him!”

These old freaks that refused to die, besides being cruel and thick-skinned, their decisiveness when it came to killing far surpassed ordinary cultivators. Since they had decided to kill Qin Yu and seize his treasure, there was no need to hesitate again. Moreover, the reason they ended up in their current situation was that they had been fooled by this boy.

Qi Shan sat down and took out a seed. Regret flashed in his eyes before he tapped it with a finger.

Hum –

Green light shined and the seed started to germinate at a speed visible to the naked eye. It floated in the air, rapidly growing, forming luxurious leaves and branches in the blink of an eye.


Qi Shan shouted. The vine drilled out of the empty region and entered the tumbling red liquid. The green light it released was unexpectedly able to resist its corrosion. It was just that as the vine drilled into the blood red liquid, its speed became much slower. After a long period of time, it finally arrived at the inner wall of the meat sack.

The vine attached itself and started to give birth to a series of roots that drilled in. The meat sack bulged outwards. It was like an underground seed, wanting to emerge.

But what a pity, perhaps because the meat sack was too large or the walls were too thick, the vine tried for a long time but didn’t succeed.

As time passed, the green light it emitted began to die down.

Qi Shan frowned. He turned towards the life-refining furnace and grabbed a cultivator.

The roots of the vine wrapped around this person. The seemingly soft roots ripped open flesh and blood and crazily drilled in.

“Ahh!!” The pitiful screams came to a sudden stop. The roots entered the cultivator’s mouth, blocking his throat.

His eyes widened. One could even see tiny roots digging into them.

Gulp –

Gulp –

With swallowing sounds, the cultivator’s body was thoroughly covered. After the vine obtained the supplement of flesh and blood, the green light it released grew brighter. Then, with one vigorous effort, it broke through the walls of the meat sack.

After leaving the meat sack, the vine’s growth sped up. Like a hand, it reached out to the meat sack Qin Yu and Silent Kite were in.

Pa –

The vine landed on the surface of the meat sack and tightly twined around it.

Qi Shan laughed. “I’ve caught you! Now come to me!”

The vine contracted. It pulled the two meat sacks together.

Bang –

Finally, the two meat sacks crashed into each other. The two sides were only separated by two layers of sack walls; they could clearly make out the subtle expressions on each other's faces.

“Leave the rest to me.” A man beside Qi Shan slowly said. And what he did was even more unexpected.

The man raised his left hand, twisted off the little finger, and tossed it away. The severed finger fell into the red liquid and immediately started to rot and melt away. The cultivator seemed to have already expected this and quietly waited.

Several breaths of time later, the man’s left hand had regenerated its finger, and the severed finger had completely dissolved.

However, after it dissolved, the red mass it produced wasn’t immediately absorbed. Instead, it condensed into a clump. The man formed a hand seal and the red mass floated up towards the place where the two walls of the meat sacks touched.

Then, at a visible speed, the red mass fused into the wall. As this happened the two connected sack walls started to fuse into each other.

“It’s done! Just a bit more and the two meat sacks will grow together. They won’t be able to escape!”

Qi Shan and the three others were all overjoyed. When they looked at Qin Yu and Silent Kite again, they all had sharp and dense expressions.

“Junior, for tricking us and harming us, once you fall into my hands I’ll have you understand what despair is!”

“If you’re smart then hand over your treasure. Perhaps I will be merciful and spare your life.”

“Even if the only ending awaiting you is death, the process can be different. Trust me, the taste is as different as the heavens and earth…Qin Yu, that is something you absolutely do not want to experience.”

The four people were all old freaks that had lived for a long time. They had a clear understanding of each other’s strength. It could be said that the four of them stood at the very peak of the God boundary.

It couldn’t even be called half a step. Just the slightest improvement and they could break through their bottleneck and enter a new boundary.

In addition, with their numerous hidden cards, they felt no fear as long as they didn’t face an Origin God.

The four of them were also working together today. Even if Silent Kite had obtained the inheritance of light and Qin Yu displayed a formidable strength, in their opinion, once the two meat sacks fused together, they were both doomed.

If this was before, Silent Kite might have been worried. But Qin Yu had entered the depths of the abyss and returned alive. This, in addition to everything he did before, filled her with confidence.

Of course, the most important point was that from beginning to end, Qin Yu had retained his composure as he calmly looked at Qi Shan and the others.

Silent Kite was sure that Qin Yu, who had the confidence to leave this place, wouldn’t be helpless…if so, then the only explanation was that he was letting these people do all of this. Then she came to realize that there was a logical explanation for him allowing this.

As she thought, while Qin Yu appeared cold and callous on the surface, he was in actuality a man full of affection and warmth. Even if he was dissatisfied with Li Hongyi’s previous behavior, he still wasn’t willing to let her die like this.

Silent Kite glanced at Qin Yu and whispered, “Qin Yu, if you continue like this then you’ll have to shoulder more and more burdens…” She wryly smiled. In fact, she was one of these burdens.

Time slowly passed. Inside the life-refining furnace, Li Hongyi suddenly opened her eyes and the cry of a sword rang out. A sword shadow pierced through space, slashing where the two meat sacks met.

“Humph!” With a cold sneer, the master of the life-refining furnace lifted a hand and grasped out. The sword shadow directly collapsed.

“Little girl, even now you still have the strength to worry about others. It seems I was too kind to you.”

The shackles that penetrated her shoulders immediately tightened. The wounds tore open and a massive amount of blood gushed out.

Most of this blood was absorbed by the two shackles. The remnants splashed on her robes, adding more bloodstains.

“Qin Yu, Silent Kite, if you can run away then hurry up! You are absolutely not the match of these four old freaks!”

The master of the life-refining furnace flicked a finger. The two shackles trembled as if moved by a string. Even with Li Hongyi’s sword heart and will, she couldn’t withstand it. She screamed out loud.

“You cannot escape and they cannot escape. Little girl, don’t waste your breath.” He paused and smiled. “But looking at things, it seems your feelings towards this boy aren’t ordinary. Once I grab hold of him, I’ll imprison the two of you together. You can watch each other as you both slowly die. That should be an interesting sight.”

Qin Yu suddenly said, “As expected, when people grow old and don’t die, they inevitably become abnormal perverts.” He raised a hand and pointed, “Yes, I’m talking about you. Are you the master of that furnace?”

“Yes. You can call me the Life Refining Taoist.” The old monster didn’t lose his temper. Rather, his smile seemed calmer than before. “Qin Yu, I really am curious. What sort of treasure do you possess that you don’t even feel fear when facing the four of us?”

Qin Yu said, “If I’m afraid of you, will you let me go?”

The Life Refining Taoist shook his head.

Qin Yu said, “It’s the same if I’m afraid or not afraid. So, why would I want to be afraid?”

“How amusing. Throughout all my years, you are the most interesting young man I’ve seen. If we met somewhere else, perhaps we would have become friends.” The Life Refining Taoist shook his head, “What a pity that we met in such circumstances…you're out of time.”

As he spoke, the two meat sacks smoothly fused together.

Qi Shan diabolically grinned and raised a hand. The vine that pulled the two meat sacks together immediately emitted a ghostly green light. It shot out like a snake, straight towards Qin Yu and Silent Kite.

Qin Yu had a serene expression. He ignored the attack that hurtled towards him. He looked at the Life Refining Taoist and slowly said, “You are indeed stronger than me. However, compared to you, I can see things much more clearly.”

He lifted a hand and pointed forward.

Hum –

Ripples appeared in the void. A buzzing that could not be heard by the ears instantly spread out.



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