Chapter 969 – Nourishment

Brilliant light shined around Silent Kite. She was using all of her strength but she wasn’t able to resist the corrosion of the blood moon.

The extreme yin chill pierced into her like needles. After passing through her skin, it melted in her body.

Silent Kite had no idea what was occurring in the depths of the abyss, but it was inevitably related to the blood moon up above.

At this time, she could clearly feel her flesh and blood slowly freezing up. Her body was gradually turning into ice.

And she was unable to change any of this. She could only watch on helplessly as she slowly approached the edge of destruction.

But suddenly, the darkness in front of her split open. Qin Yu stepped out. He immediately saw that Silent Kite was in trouble. He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her to his side.

The terrifying yin chill was completely isolated, as if a thick and invisible barrier surrounded Qin Yu.

The panic and fear in Silent Kite’s heart abated. Her wildly beating heart slowly returned to normal.

This person always appeared when she was in danger and helpless. Was this the arrangement of fate? Thinking of this, Silent Kite’s heart started to accelerate once again.

But what a pity, Qin Yu couldn’t spare any attention to appreciating her charming appearance. He said, “There’s trouble.”

Him appearing here was not a coincidence. Rather, before he left, he had marked down Silent Kite’s positional coordinates. After all, this abyss was strange and perilous. If he decided to tear through space to travel, there was a chance he could fall into even worse danger.

Silent Kite gathered her thoughts and hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“The Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss has not died. He is the one that summoned the blood moon above us.” Qin Yu looked up at the blood moon and said, “This time, we’ve fallen into his trap.”

The information he had so far was incomplete, but he could make out the approximate situation. The news that appeared in the imperial capital saying there was an Origin God’s source in the Severed Heaven Abyss was nothing but bait.

But what a pity, the people who laid out this grand plan had become pawns in the game. They had completely lost control of the situation.

Blood moon…the Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss…the woman in Hu Shan’s body called Bright Sun…the silver moon sword intent…the blood moon world he visited before…and the cut marks that covered it…

Qin Yu’s intuition told him that he had fallen into a catastrophic mess. And, the worst thing was that almost everyone involved was far, far stronger than him.

In fact, he didn’t even qualify as a chess piece…he was just someone who accidentally stepped into their plan.

Originally, if this was it, then he might have a chance to withdraw. But the obam emperor’s eyes told Qin Yu that even if he managed to temporarily escape the battlefield, he wouldn’t be able to flee.

This game had to come to an end before a favorable turn could appear.

With what Qin Yu had seen so far, there would only be two possible outcomes.

First, the Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss would be the last one smiling. All of the cultivators here would die beneath the light of the blood moon, and he would complete his resurrection, restarting his reign of terror.

Second, was that the woman within Hu Shan, the one called Bright Sun, would make a successful counterattack and turn the tide.

Even if she seemed to be at a disadvantage and suppressed everywhere.

But Qin Yu thought that a person who could summon a Divine Saint Mark wouldn’t be so easily defeated.

Qin Yu certainly hoped that the second outcome happened, but he knew that with his current cultivation he couldn’t change anything. If he recklessly approached, he would only be sending himself to die. What he needed to do right now was find a way to survive all of this.

Only by surviving could he try something.

He looked down at the abyss beneath him. Even though he managed to escape, he had an intuition that left him feeling very unhappy – he needed to go back!

He took a deep breath and composed his thoughts. “Right now, I need to find a place where you aren’t attacked by the strength of the blood moon.”

Silent Kite caught the key point behind his words. “Where are you going?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. He hesitantly said, “I’m not sure whether or not the blood moon will shine in the region outside the barrier of world fragments. So I need to go and take a look. Xiaoyu is also there.”

Silent Kite looked at him, “In this situation, you and I can die at any time. Are you sure you need to take in so many considerations?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I rarely make promises to people. But since I have, and especially since I haven’t died yet, I need to keep my word.

“Alright, let’s not waste any time. I’ll bring you there.”

Grabbing hold of Silent Kite, he howled upwards.

A moment later, he paused. He raised a hand and punched forward.

Dang –

There was a deep thumping sound, as if a great drum had been struck. Space shook and rippled outwards. A translucent membrane appeared. It didn’t look thick but it was shockingly tough. After withstanding the power of Qin Yu’s punch, it showed no signs of damage.

But it was clear that Qin Yu had already expected this. The moment the membrane appeared, he formed a sword with his fingers and cut down.

Hum –

Five-colored lights surged around his fingertips before contracting and turning silver-white. With a flash, a crack appeared in the membrane. Then a swallowing strength emerged.

“Don’t resist!” Qin Yu said. He pulled Silent Kite and they stepped in.

A moment later, the translucent membrane regenerated and everything around them turned dark.

“This is…” Silent Kite breathed out loud.

Qin Yu said, “That’s right, this is the channel we took to enter the abyss.”

“But didn’t you say there was some unknown danger at the end of the channel?”

“Yes. However, right now this might be the only place not influenced by the blood moon.” Qin Yu held onto her. “Silent Kite, if you trust me, then remember that no matter what happens, you must not try to leave.”

“I trust you!”

Within the darkness, the invisible binding strength grew stronger and stronger. It was like layers of silk entangling the body, wrapping them up and constantly tightening.

Silent Kite felt as if she were drowning. Gradually, she reached a point where she couldn’t even breathe. But she remembered Qin Yu’s reminder and didn’t resist.

Eventually, her mind floated away and she fell into a semi-conscious state.

An unknown period of time passed. As Silent Kite thought she would be sleeping forever, never to wake up, all of the restraints on her disappeared.

“Silent Kite, wake up, hurry and wake up!”

Who is calling me…?

Qin Yu…it’s Qin Yu…

I…can’t sleep…I must wake up…

After struggling for a long time she finally opened her eyes and saw Qin Yu right in front of her. She squeezed out a smile, “Are we there yet?”

Qin Yu nodded. “You did well. We’re temporarily safe now.”

Silent Kite looked around. After making out her surroundings, she stiffened.

“This…where is this…”

There were sacks that looked like embryos as far as she could see. They came in different sizes, were translucent, and filled with a viscous, reddish liquid.

Countless blood vessels grew out from the end of them. They wriggled about, as if constantly absorbing something.

Looking upward, those countless thick blood vessels led to somewhere unknown.

And right now, Silent Kite and Qin Yu were in a meat sack.

She followed Qin Yu’s gaze upward. After a moment, he slowly said, “Those blood vessels lead to a giant coffin.”

Silent Kite’s eyes widened. “Coffin?”

Qin Yu pointed to her and then to himself. “You and I, as well as everyone else you see in these meat sacks, are all nourishment.”

Looking at these meat sacks, Qin Yu was increasingly sure of his previous guess. He feared that from the very start, everyone here had fallen into the Origin God’s trap.

To attract cultivators from all around, seizing their flesh, blood, and souls to use as his own nourishment, rebuilding his body and returning from death.

If this was true, then this truly was a grand chess game that had been set up many years ago.

And now was the time to bring it to an end!

The Origin God had plotted and patiently waited for endless years. If anyone wished to destroy his plan, it would naturally be incomparably difficult.

And what caused Qin Yu to bitterly smile was that even though he saw through the Origin God’s plan, he couldn’t do anything about it.

For instance, even if he knew these meat sacks were the key to reviving the Origin God, he actually didn’t dare to destroy them.

Otherwise, once he aroused the interest of that Origin God, a casual strike would be able to exterminate him.

After taking a deep breath and suppressing his thoughts, Qin Yu said, “You stay here and wait for me to return…if I don’t return, then whether you live or die, that will all depend on your luck.”

Silent Kite nodded. “I understand. But how do you plan on leaving?”

Qin Yu said, “I have my own methods.”

At this moment, there was a beating in Qin Yu’s mind.

His complexion changed. He grabbed hold of Silent Kite. With a shout, the sun and moon force field erupted and wrapped around the two. As it did, a will full of joy appeared in the senses of all the cultivators in the meat sacks. Then that joy turned to a desire to swallow.

As if that giant that had been slumbering for countless years was about to wake up, and he needed more strength to support himself.


Cries of pain spread out from the countless meat sacks. The thick red liquid within began to boil. One could clearly see the cultivators soaked inside quickly rotting away and melting, like sugar melting in high heat.

They crazily struggled but their cultivation had been suppressed. Their bodies painfully twitched as they were unable to avert what was happening to them.

Death was terrifying. And what was even more terrifying was being slowly dissolved into liquid while they were conscious.

Silent Kite was deathly pale. While she did her best to remain composed, her shivering body exposed how scared she actually was.

If it weren’t for Qin Yu, she would probably be suffering the same pitiful fate as these people around her.

But he needed to leave…Lei Xiaoyu was still outside.

Qin Yu’s face darkened and his heart filled with awkwardness. To be fair, he was closer to Lei Xiaoyu.

But leaving like this and watching on as Silent Kite melted away was something he couldn’t do.

Should he bring her with him?

As this thought appeared, he immediately tossed it aside. He had no idea how many dangers were hidden in the abyss that was covered by the blood moon. In addition, he couldn’t even say he had the strength to protect himself, much less her.

What to do?

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