Chapter 968B – The Blood Moon Reappears

At this moment, a bloody phantom came out from the blood moon. It lay on all fours and its body was extremely short. It raised its head to face the countless burning meteorites. It suddenly opened its mouth and its body swelled to ten times its original size as it let out a horrifying roar.

Space twisted. A terrifying strength crazily shook and tumbled within.

Bang –

Bang –

All the falling meteorites burst apart like bubbles.

A cold voice came from the tiny blood phantom. “Although you can summon the Divine Saint Mark, your strength is not at its peak and you cannot display the full power of the image within. If you want to kill me, you will need at least ten sword strikes…but in your current state, can you last long enough for the Divine Saint phantom to slash ten times? Even if you can, do you think your so-called disciple can achieve the same thing?”

Hu Shan was expressionless. “No matter what you say, I will not falter. Today, I will thoroughly kill you and your consciousness will be forever dispersed!”

The short blood phantom coldly sneered. “I know that it’s impossible to persuade you, so these words weren’t for you to hear to begin with.”

He turned towards Leng Yan. “The reason you have your current achievements is all due to your own talent. This woman simply hasn’t taught you anything at all. In order to help her get revenge, you will have to pay with your own life. Is that worth it?”

Leng Yan coldly shivered. For every breath of time that the silver-white flames burned around him, they consumed his precious lifespan, and it was a shocking amount at that. This was a process where he could feel his lifespan shrinking with every moment, and the specter of death growing increasingly close.

After a brief silence, he looked up. “Teacher, you are the one who granted me the strength I have today, and I am grateful for that. But I don’t want to die yet. I hope that you can forgive me.”

Hu Shan’s eyebrows furrowed together before she composed herself. “This is your destiny after the vow you gave to me many years ago. You do not have a choice.”

“Hahahaha! No, Bright Sun, he certainly can make a choice, because this is my world!” The waning moon above the eyeball suddenly brightened. At this time, all rules within the abyss were recklessly moved, falling into confusion.

Leng Yan stuffily coughed. His face paled and he spat out a mouthful of blood. As he did, his aura that was entangled with the sun and moon sword intent was severed.

The phantoms of the sun and moon that were circling around each other separated. Then, the moon phantom vanished.

As a result, the distorted space quickly recovered and the image that appeared within also faded away.

“Bright Sun, you have lost! This is your destiny. Even if you managed to barely escape in the past, you are doomed to die here at my hands!” The blood phantom howled in laughter. “And I will swallow you all up, along with all the other prey that stepped into my world. With all of this strength, I shall reconstruct my body and complete my revival!”

Leng Yan’s complexion changed. “You made a vow to me that you would let me leave.”

“Vow? To a cultivator of the Blood Moon lineage, such a thing does not exist. Moreover, you have perceived the silver moon sword intent. To me, swallow you and Bright Sun is the best tonic!”

Bang –

Blood red light gushed out from nothingness. Like a great mouth, it swallowed him up. Leng Yan wildly swung his sword about, causing the overbearing sword intent to rage out. Countless gaps were cut in the blood red light, but they closed back up immediately.

“It’s useless. Your sword intent is strong, but your boundary is far too weak. You cannot break through my cage. You will slowly be melted away and absorbed, becoming a part of my body!”

All of the light around the blood phantom suddenly collected itself, revealing the true appearance of the figure underneath – unexpectedly, it was a small, pig-shaped obam!

The obam wore luxurious golden robes and its head was fitted with a crown embellished with countless gems. And, the terrifying strength hidden in its body was enough to prove who this obam was – it was the one who lived in the obam imperial capital, rarely appearing in front of anyone. It was one of the greatest powerhouses of this world along with the Chu Dynasty’s First Emperor – the obam emperor!

At this time, the obam emperor reached out a hand. The eyeball beneath the blood moon flew over.

He grabbed the eyeball and slowly pressed it against his own eye. The moment they touched, the layer of flesh and blood around the eyeball seemed to come to life. It stretched out frantically, its ends forming sharp prongs that dug into the obam emperor’s eye, twisting and ripping it apart before cleanly absorbing it.

Then, it drilled into the bloody hole left over and rapidly regenerated, completing the replacement.

Or to be more precise, it returned to the place where it came from.

The obam emperor blinked his eyes a few times, as if adapting to the return of the eye and the changes it was bringing to him. He smiled and said, “Bright Sun, you are indeed strong. So strong that even though I’ve completed so many contingencies, I still wasn’t confident in myself. So, I completed a plan for the worst possible situation. Even if you managed to destroy this place today, you would have discovered that I am still alive.”

The obam emperor stood up straight. His unimaginably terrifying aura erupted and blotted out the skies. “It’s time to bring this all to an end. All of you will die here today.”

With a flick of his sleeves the blood moon shot into the skies. In an instant it raced out of the abyss. Blood red moonlight sprinkled down, making it look like endless blood was being poured on the ground below!

The blood moon was incomplete but it still illuminated the entire Severed Heaven Abyss. Under the power of unknown rules, as long as one was within the abyss, they could see the blood moon as long as they raised their head.

Naturally, everything was also bathed in the blood red moonlight.

At this moment Qin Yu could determine that the strange blood moon world he fell into was related to this terrifying Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss.

Because the blood moon that illuminated the entire Severed Heaven Abyss had an aura completely the same as the blood moon he saw in the past.

A yin chill flowed across his body, seeping into him from every pore. In his ears, he could hear the subtle cracking sounds of his blood freezing over.

And the most terrifying thing was that as the blood moon shined down on Qin Yu, the sensation of something locking onto him from far away had reappeared.

As if this blood moon above his head was an eye. Now that it was open, he could no longer hide.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu’s two hearts raced within his chest, pumping blood through his body.

At the same time, the sun and moon force field dispersed outwards, thoroughly isolating him from the outside.

Qin Yu could sense that the locking sensation had been weakened to the extreme. However, for some unknown reason, he wasn’t able to fully block it out.

His complexion paled. After several breaths of silence, he realized what had happened. He had appeared in the perception of some unknown existence several times. Now, the traces he left in the world had been caught.

It was like the ripples left behind from a fish weaving through the water. Unless he was able to completely erase the traces he left behind, he could no longer rid himself of this targeted sensation.

The barrier of the sun and moon force field could only reduce the traces he left behind to the lowest degree possible, increasing the time before he was finally locked onto. In other words, at some inevitable point in the future, he would have to directly face the great terror coming from the blood moon.

This was a truth that left one wallowing in despair. Even with Qin Yu’s will, he still panicked a little.

However, he had no choice but to focus his attention on the current situation.

In the depths of the abyss, the obam emperor seemed to sense something. He suddenly looked up.

While Qin Yu was still hiding, he knew he had been discovered.

Thinking about it, it should be related to the blood moon up above.

Surprise flashed across the obam emperor’s eyes. He didn’t seem to have expected such a weak and little kid to have remained hidden for such a long time. But soon, he sensed a certain aura, and a trace of excitement lit up his face.

Qin Yu stamped his feet and shot into the skies without hesitation. A moment later, the place where he had been hiding suddenly collapsed.

It was like an invisible hand had ruthlessly grasped at him. If it weren’t for his quick reactions, he feared he would have already been suppressed.

“You cannot escape.”

A low and deep voice resounded in his ears. It carried with it a potent will that pierced through him and crashed into his mind.

Qin Yu stiffened. At this moment, he strangely felt utterly discouraged and despondent. He really did want to give up any and all resistance.

Hum –

The jade embryo egg lightly trembled. His thoughts fiercely contracted and he broke free from this gloomy mood. With a loud roar, Qin Yu’s flesh and bones began to crack and pop. His speed increased several times over as he raced out of the abyss.

The obam emperor frowned. He never imagined that Qin Yu could break free from the suppression of his will. After a brief hesitation, he suppressed any thought of chasing after him.

After all, no matter how far this junior ran away, as long as he was in the Severed Heaven Abyss he could give up any idea of leaving…right now, the most important thing was to kill off Bright Sun first. After that, everything would be within his grasp.

“Revive, my slaves!” With a howl, the obam emperor thrust a finger at the blood moon. It immediately shined even brighter than before.

Hou –

Hou –

Loud roars tore through the darkness. Beneath the light of the blood moon, the deathly white skeletons appeared even ferocious and cruel.

Massive skeletons broke through the darkness and descended into the abyss. They were unexpectedly the fierce creatures of the blood field that were guarding the entrance to the abyss.

Their flesh and blood had completely vanished, but their auras were even stronger than before. Without any orders required, the summoned skeletons screeched out loud and frantically hurtled towards Hu Shan.

Her eyebrows furrowed together, but her eyes remained tranquil.

As if she was born to feel no emotions. No matter what situation she faced, she could calmly deal with it.

She lifted her hands. Endless light erupted from her body. In an instant, it was like a great sun appeared in the abyss.

A million rays of light erupted. Each one was an incomparably sharp sword that easily cut through anything in its way.

The skeletal beasts were torn into countless pieces that crashed into the ground.

The obam emperor laughed out loud. “You know that underneath the blood moon, my slaves possess undying bodies. How long can your residual strength last? Bright Sun, today I will send you to the netherworld to reunite with your sister!”


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