Chapter 968A – The Blood Moon Reappears

Bang –

Bang –

The aura released by the sun and moon phantoms began to rise by an astonishing degree. Drawn in by an invisible strength, they approached each other and started to spin around each other.

As the sun and moon moved in unison, space twisted. The shadow of a great palace appeared in the blurry space.

The palace was built around a large lake, and one could even hear the sounds of spring water pouring into the lake.

A figure appeared, walking along the shore of the lake. As they did, it was like a stone falling into water, making the image blurrier. One couldn’t even distinguish if this figure was a man or a woman. However, they held a sword in hand and they often stopped and stared at the lake, as if mulling over some difficult problem.

The eyeball floating in midair revealed a dignified expression. The shell of Chu Tianpeng roared out loud and hurtled towards the phantom.

At this time, the phantom in the space distortion lifted its sword and casually slashed down.

Overwhelming sword intent instantly arrived. Like the skies and earth collapsing, it covered everything.

Chu Tianpeng was split in half. The remaining sword intent continued to swallow up his body.

In the end, he was reduced to ashes!

With just one sword, all traces of the Chu Dynasty’s First Emperor were thoroughly erased from the world, without anything left behind.

And, the most terrifying part was that this sword strike came from the figure within the distorted space.

Although Chu Tianpeng had been greatly injured by the sun and moon attack, and his divine sense had been erased, leaving behind only a shell…in the end, he was still an Origin God.

A casual strike from the phantom figure had directly slain him…if one didn’t see this with their own eyes, who would believe it?

Puff –

Leng Yan spat out a mouthful of blood, his complexion turning pale white.

The light in Hu Shan’s eyes also dimmed.

It was clear that supporting the attack from the figure in that image had caused severe losses to them.

Qin Yu’s eyes widened. He looked at the blurry phantom within the space distortion and some information entered his mind –

Wherever a Divine Saint passed, the rules of the heaven and earth would conceal them, shielding them from ordinary eyes and senses, making it so that one couldn’t observe their movements.

But if one had permission, they could imprint the image of this Divine Saint into their mind. Then, by using their own strength, they could summon these memories to arrive in the world and borrow the power of the Divine Saint.

This was the Divine Saint Mark!

After this information entered his mind, a storm was set off in his thoughts. Even with his willpower, there were times when he lost consciousness.

Without accident, what he saw were the memory images summoned by Hu Shan.

An Origin God cultivator was the strongest existence that Qin Yu had come into contact with so far. But, the blurry figure in that memory had been able to slash down with a sword and thoroughly annihilate Chu Tianpeng so that no traces of him were left behind.

Then this blurry form that was called a Divine Saint, just how powerful were they…and what boundary were they at? Qin Yu couldn’t even imagine it.

The disparity between them was like an ant facing a divine dragon in the highest heavens. Perhaps with just one glance, they could extinguish him, body and soul.

Intuition told Qin Yu that he absolutely could not touch this Divine Saint existence. But, an impulse that came from the depths of his soul completely crushed all logical reasoning.

As if he had a reason he had to do this…even if he didn’t know what this reason was.

Hum –

Dark golden light appeared in Qin Yu’s eyes, brighter than ever. The power of his illusion-piercing eyes rose to the highest level.

Then, he saw the figure within the image.

The moment he did, he froze in place. Or to be more exact, this was his soul freezing in place.

An invisible strength arrived, covering him. Any of the fluctuations, like a spring breeze crossing the surface of a lake, were enough to grind him into powder.

Hum –

Within his soul space, the purple moon and blue sun rose in the east and fell in the west. The sun and moon force field suddenly released a fluctuation. Then, that invisible force that arrived changed from a cold winter wind to a gentle breeze that brushed across the face on a gentle spring day.

All feelings of thread, destruction, and horror instantly faded away. All that was left was a close sense of intimacy.

“Eh?” Qin Yu could hear a surprised voice in his ears. It was the warm and soft voice of a woman.

In the next moment, the blurry figure in the space distortion immediately became clear. It was like Qin Yu himself had been placed within.

An endless palace stretched out without end. A vast lake lay in the middle, its clear waters limpid and sparkling, with red and white koi fish happily swimming inside. They joyfully swung their tails, constantly rushing out to greet the woman that stood at the shore.

She suddenly paused and turned around. Her beauty could not be described, because all of Qin Yu’s attention was drawn toward her eyes.

Her eyes were bright, like the stars in the skies. They seemed to contain the most beautiful scenery in the world, leaving one wallowing in fantasy.

She looked at Qin Yu, a bit surprised. Then, after looking him over, she smiled. “I didn’t think that after so many years, I would be able to find someone who is destined for me...but unfortunately, your cultivation is too weak.”

She gently shook her head. Qin Yu suddenly felt the distance between him and this world lengthen. The image and the woman’s figure rapidly blurred, as if he would be rejected at any moment.

He instinctively resisted. If he left like this, he thought he would be missing out on an unimaginable lucky chance.

But it was clear this matter didn’t depend on Qin Yu’s will. Just as he felt he was about to leave, the woman raised a hand and grasped forward.

The feeling of rejection suddenly vanished. Then, Qin Yu felt his chest tighten. He was pulled up right in front of her.

The woman leaned over and carefully looked at him. “You really are an unfortunate little kid, but if it weren’t for the misfortune of the past, how could there be the you of today? Every bite and sip is preordained; no one can take what is denied to them by fate, no matter how hard they try. This is the most mysterious aspect of destiny.”

She pinched Qin Yu’s cheek and patted his head. “Alright, so you are worthy of training; I will reluctantly accept you as a disciple. But you can only obtain this status once your cultivation level is high enough. Now, it’s time for you to go. After all, this world isn’t a place where you should be.”

There was a sudden push. Qin Yu felt like he had fallen into an endless abyss. His body tightened and when he regained his senses, he discovered his consciousness had returned.

What happened just now?

Qin Yu rubbed his face. He thought he could still feel some remaining warmth…mm, it wasn’t just that, there was also a light fragrance…

But no matter how he tried to recall it, his memories were blurry and vague, as if covered by a dense fog. Faintly, Qin Yu could remember a pair of beautiful eyes that seemed to contain the starry skies within them.

He wasn’t sure what had occurred, but there was one thing he knew for sure. It was definitely related to him peeking into the Divine Saint Mark.

Perhaps he had experienced something, but because he wasn’t allowed to remember it, his memories remained in a sealed state.

A Divine Saint Mark…was actually this powerful!

Moreover, Qin Yu knew that this so-called Divine Saint Mark was only an image preserved in a person’s mind.

If so, then an existence referred to as a ‘Divine Saint’, just what level was their strength, and what was their boundary?

Qin Yu couldn’t imagine it, nor could he even begin to fathom it.

Perhaps it was similar to the characters that only existed in legends, who were able to brighten the world by opening their eyes, and bring about everlasting night by closing them!

As Qin Yu’s heart was shaken, the blurry figure in the space distortion that walked along the lakeside raised a hand and slashed out for a second time.

The eyeball floating in the abyss suddenly widened its pupil. Darkness swallowed everything and the entire eye turned pitch black.

An instant later, endless blood red color gushed out from nothingness. It gathered above the eyeball, rapidly contracting and condensing into a blood moon.

Bang –

The terrifying sword slash arrived. The part of the blood moon that was touched instantly shattered and dissipated. So, from a full and complete state, it turned into a waning moon.

The slumbering silver moon sword intent that was wrapped in the sun and moon force field suddenly sensed some sort of aura and woke up.

A sword cry resounded within Qin Yu’s mind, causing an impulse to take over him. His sword intent was aroused as he slashed at the blood moon.

Qin Yu bit down hard on his tongue. The scent of blood filled his senses and his mind cleared up. With a thought, the purple moon and blue sun in his soul space quickened their pace of revolution.

As they did, the sun and moon force field strengthened. It was only then that he managed to block out the auras from outside, causing the silver moon sword intent to fall silent once more.

Before, when Hu Shan and Leng Yan attacked, Qin Yu had felt something familiar. Now, seeing this blood moon he thought he had seen somewhere before, the feeling of familiarity became much more intense.

Could it be that that blood moon was this blood moon, and that silver moon sword intent was the silver moon sword intent he had perceived? If so…then this sword cultivator…

In the imperial capital, an Elder from Myriad Sword Mountain, Tang Yi, had visited him and told him about a past event of his sect.

Was it possible that this person was the one he spoke of? That junior granduncle?

As Qin Yu was deep in thought, the seemingly forgotten Murong Qige suddenly attacked.

An Origin God was still an Origin God. Even though he had suffered a great loss, the strength he could summon was not to be belittled.

His target was the eyeball that had temporarily fallen quiet in order to control the blood moon.

As a Great Dao Seizer who had reached the Origin God boundary, Murong Qige could be said to have swallowed countless cultivators. And those with the qualifications to spur his interest were all outstanding individuals. Naturally, this allowed him to obtain countless formidable skills.

For instance, that self-recovery technique he had used before. For instance, the star meteor technique he was using now.

Above the abyss, the darkness that had been torn apart had already reformed. Now powerful fluctuations gushed out from it. The darkness was heated up, turned hot red, like metal in a furnace.

Bang –

Bang –

Massive flaming meteors hurtled out from the darkness, crashing down with unstoppable destructive force.

Before they arrived, the temperature in the air rose at a shocking speed. One could feel the air burning in their nose and mouth.

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