Chapter 967 - Coexistence of Sun and Moon

At this time, there was a sword cry. Even though a vast distance separated them, it still passed through their ears and dove straight into the depths of their minds.

Qin Yu coughed and his face paled. The most terrifying part was that a bit of blood flowed out from the edge of his lips. This was just a distant sword cry and yet it had injured him, damaging his mind.

It was that terrifying sword cultivator! He had made his move!

Qin Yu took a deep breath, suppressing the tumbling in his chest. He looked deeply at the abyss below him. Even though it was still pitch black, he could sense a ruinous aura of destruction in the darkness.

Those fluctuations were horrifying. If he were to touch even the smallest part, he would be turned directly into ashes!

Shua –

Behind Qin Yu, Hu Shan’s eyes closed and opened. A drastic change occurred in her aura.

Silent Kite froze in place. She felt as if she were standing at the crater of a volcano. At any moment, it could erupt with lava and burn her to ashes.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. He released his hand and pulled Silent Kite to the side.

Hu Shan looked at the two of them. There were no emotions in her eyes, only endless indifference.

“This day has finally come.”

As she spoke she took a step forward. Like a drop of water landing in ink, she stepped into the darkness and vanished.

Silent Kite’s complexion was deathly white and her voice quivered. It wasn’t because she was weak-willed, but because Hu Shan’s aura made her feel despair and fear.

“This…what is happening?”

After a short silence, Qin Yu said, “This is one of the reasons why I cautioned you to not go any deeper into the abyss. That was the other consciousness that was sleeping within Hu Shan.”

He drew in a deep breath, “So this is your last chance. Do you still want to continue?”

Silent Kite looked at Qin Yu and wavered.

“Before, I said that if I didn’t have an unavoidable reason to enter the abyss, I would have already turned tail and fled. This is the truth. Moreover, if it’s just me, then perhaps the chances of survival will be much higher.”

Silent Kite exhaled. “I understand.” She suddenly stepped forward and hugged Qin Yu. “Promise me that you will survive. I’m still waiting to bring you back to the imperial capital to see my father.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Of course. I will certainly do everything I can to survive.”

After the hug, he stepped back. Without saying anything else, he howled downwards.

The bottom of the abyss was a long and unknown distance away. The darkness swelled up and was torn open. Hu Shan stepped out, her aura vast and majestic. She immediately attracted the attention of all five eyes here.

Murong Qige’s pupils shrank. He could sense a terrifying flavor of annihilation from her. After thinking about it, he quietly stepped backwards. Since it was clear that the target of this other party was the fallen Origin God slumbering in the abyss, he didn’t mind watching from the side.

If he could fish out some benefits at the end as a thirty party, then things couldn’t be any better.

Leng Yan stood with his sword held high, sword intent shrouding his body. As he breathed, space cracked around him. When he looked at Hu Shan there was a hint of excitement in the depths of his eyes.

Leng Yan put away his sword and stepped forward. He fell to his knees and lowered his arrogant head, respectfully saying, “Teacher, I finally see you again.”

Hu Shan lightly said. “Very good. At least you did not waste the lessons I taught you in the past.” She raised a hand and pointed, “Since you have thoroughly comprehended it, then join with me to bring this all to an end.”

Bang –

A great sun suddenly appeared. It was bright and radiant, but the feeling it gave off was entirely different from Silent Kite’s inheritance of light. The light that this great sun released was not warm or gentle. It was infinitely sharp and destructive, like it could cut the entire world into pieces.

Hu Shan lifted a hand and grasped forward. The great sun fell into her hands. It rapidly elongated, transforming into a true great sun sword.

Leng Yan nodded and stood up. He raised his hands above his head. A full moon appeared, sprinkling down cold and shining moonlight.

Similar to the great sun, while this full moon was cold to the extreme, it wasn’t ethereal or graceful. Rather, it was impossibly sharp.

The full moon condensed into a sword that fell into Leng Yan’s hand. In the next moment, all of the darkness in the abyss shattered and was forced away by the intertwined power of the sun and moon.

The fifth eye was really just an eyeball. It was wrapped in a thin layer of blood and flesh. Right now, the flesh and blood wriggled around but broke apart in the next moment, making the wound unable to regenerate.

Thinking about it, the terrifying sword cry that spanned the endless distance and reached Qin Yu’s ears had originated from this cut.

However, looking at it from another angle, just an eyeball wrapped in a thin layer of flesh and blood was able to block Leng Yan’s sword – if so, just how tyrannical was the owner of this eye? Perhaps if the owner was in his peak condition, he could destroy this entire world with just a blink!

“Coexistence of Sun and Moon…” Hu Shan coldly said. She raised the great sun sword in her hands.

At the same time, Leng Yan pointed his full moon sword at the eyeball.

Rumble rumble –

A boundless strength roared and tumbled in endless surging waves. The phantom of a sun and moon appeared at the bottom of the abyss.

“Can Destroy the World!” As Hu Shan finished speaking, the phantoms of the sun and moon simultaneously erupted with a blinding light.

But that light did not disperse in all directions. Rather, it condensed into a sharp arrow that shot into the deepest parts of the abyss where the eyeball floated.

Murong Qige’s complexion changed and he stormed backwards. Shock was etched across his face. While he had guessed that Hu Shan was strong, only after seeing it with his own eyes did he understand how truly terrifying her strength was.

That sword cultivator’s strength could only be considered somewhat threatening to him. But after he joined hands with her, he was unexpectedly able to erupt with such a terrifying power.

The coexistence of the sun and moon can destroy the world…this wasn’t a lie. If this blow really came from the highest heavens and blasted into the earth, then calling it world-destroying wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Luckily, he wasn’t her enemy. Otherwise if he were to directly face this strike, even if he didn’t die he would have to lose several layers of skin.

Before he finished his thoughts, Murong Qige’s complexion changed. He fiercely looked up at the blood sphere above his head.

Now, the blood sphere was beginning to shake. His control over it was severed and it went howling away.

Bang –

There was an earthshaking explosion. Faintly, one could hear the cries of despair and sorrow from countless lives before they died.

The blood sphere forcibly blocked the attack of the sun and moon. It shattered and collapsed. Endless blood evaporated, and less than half of the original volume was leftover.

Murong Qige was struck hard. Blood gushed out from the orifices of his head. The most terrifying part was that countless cracks appeared on his body, like a porcelain vase that had been fired in an oven for too long.

These cracks were slightly opened up, revealing the red, crystalline flesh below. Drops of translucent blood flowed out from them.

“I played with birds all day long, believing that I was the one in control. I didn’t expect that in the end, I fell into the plot of someone else and was pecked in the eyes by the birds…” Murong Qige bitterly smiled, “This time, I really did suffer a big loss.”

He used a secret art to meld his own aura with the blood sphere. That was the only way he was able to borrow its strength to erupt with a power surpassing his boundary.

Now, the blood sphere had suffered the strike of the sun and moon. That was the same as him directly blocking that terrifying attack.

Both sides shared weal and woe!

Pa –

With a light sound, Murong Qige shattered into pieces. Like a mirror that was thrown to the ground, he disintegrated into fragments. But apart from the blood that flowed out from when he was cut by the sun and moon sword, no more blood emerged.

Then the fragments of his body started to melt. They fused together like clay, then as if kneaded by invisible hands, turned into a new Murong Qige.

His body was perfect and without any scars. He just appeared in front of everyone, completely naked.

He raised a hand, forming robes that covered his body. Murong Qige bitterly smiled again, “This is a big loss, a really big loss!”

To break himself apart and complete a rebirth, this was a powerful life-saving technique he obtained after swallowing a strong enemy in the past. This secret technique not only resolved all the injuries he suffered, but he also took this chance to sever his connection with the blood sphere.

However, this was impossible without paying a steep price.

Hum –

The tattered blood sphere shook and cried. It stretched out, revealing a figure – it was the First Emperor of the Chu Dynasty who had been fooled by Murong Qige before this – Chu Tianpeng.

The moment his eyes opened, there was fear within them. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly froze in place.

As if an invisible cage had appeared and imprisoned him inside.

Chu Tianpeng’s face twisted. He opened his mouth but no sounds came out. However, anyone who saw him could clearly sense that he was withstanding an unimaginable pain right now.

Several breaths of time later, the light in Chu Tianpeng’s eyes faded away. All that remained was a dim and deathly silence.

Then, he opened his mouth to speak. His voice was even and flat, without any emotion, like a puppet that was being controlled.

“In the past, I knew you wouldn’t die. So I already expected that this day would come, and I naturally made some preparations…if you want to destroy me, it won’t be so simple.”

Hu Shan looked at Murong Qige. His complexion changed and he quickly said, “I believe you can see that I have fallen into a trap.”

“If you don’t want to die here then do your best to destroy that eye.” Hu Shan placed a finger between her eyebrows. Golden flames gushed out from her body. They recklessly burned around her but didn’t release any heat.

Leng Yan coughed. Silver-white flames wrapped around him. He furrowed his eyebrows together and said, “Teacher…”

“Don’t forget the vow you made. Destroying him is the only meaning of your existence.” Hu Shan said.

Leng Yan drew in a deep breath, “This disciple understands!”

With a shout, the silver-white flames around his body blazed even higher.



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