Chapter 966 – Into the Abyss

The atmosphere quieted down. Qi Shan could clearly sense the looks of some cultivators changing. It was obvious that these people had guessed what he was thinking.

If so, there was no need for him to push this along. They all knew what they had to do.

As expected, just as Qi Shan finished speaking, another cultivator spoke up, “Just like Zhou Han’s true identity, I have to see whether or not the treasure exists with my own eyes in order to confirm it.”

“That’s right. Fellow daoist Qin Yu should give us an explanation. Or, do you plan on using that treasure by yourself and opening up a channel to enter the abyss?” A cultivator sneered as he spoke.

Silent Kite furrowed her eyebrows together.

After obtaining the inheritance of light, her strength had greatly increased. Just like Li Hongyi, she could sense how strong or weak the cultivation of these people was.

The three people who spoke up all had unclear auras. After probing further, a sense of dread spontaneously arose in her mind, proving that they had to be incredibly formidable.

With these three people speaking up together, even if others might fear the strength that Qin Yu demonstrated, they wouldn’t mind agreeing. Once this situation was decided, it wouldn’t matter whether Qin Yu actually had a treasure. He would be placed on the opposite side of everyone.

Silent Kite’s eyes flashed with a cold intent as she glanced at Qi Shan and the other two. These three old freaks were ruthless and decisive in their methods. But even if she could guess what their plan was, that wouldn’t help in this situation…what should she do about it?

Qin Yu sighed inwardly. After living for so long, one’s facial skin really did grow far too thick. If they wanted to flip the table they would flip the table. They wanted to ostracize and ruin him, and they had chosen a good time to do so. He had no idea where to begin fighting back.

If he had a chance, he would definitely hold these three old freaks down on the ground and blow them up with a hammer. He wanted them to learn why people said that loose lips were the cause of many troubles.

But right now, it was fine just thinking about these things. He had to withdraw first.

Knowing when to compromise was a very practical survival skill. Unless one had absolute certainty in their victory, being blindly stubborn would only lead to one’s death.

Qin Yu took a breath and said, “Everyone, it is reasonable if you don’t believe me, but I really have no way to prove my innocence.”

He glanced around. Before anyone could speak up, he continued to say, “But, perhaps I really have found a way to enter the abyss.”

The eyes of the surrounding people changed once again.

Qin Yu and Silent Kite had revealed a formidable strength, so they didn’t mind joining forces to kill these two people and eliminate two powerful competitors.

But compared to entering the abyss, none of that was important. After all, if they couldn’t even enter the abyss, dealing with these two people was meaningless.

And even if there was a treasure, with so many people here, how could they all share it? It would just be taken away by the strongest people here.

Qi Shan frowned. He sensed the changes in the crowd and glanced at Qin Yu, thinking that this junior really was intelligent. With a few words he had resolved a dangerous situation.

Although he wanted to kill Qin Yu and Silent Kite, Qi Shan didn’t hope he would lose too much strength because of that. Since the situation had changed, he could only change tactics.

With this in mind, Qi Shan smiled. “If fellow daoist Qin Yu really has found a method to enter the abyss, then I and everyone else here will be deeply grateful. We naturally won’t have any more thoughts about this treasure incident.” He paused for a moment before continuing. Although he smiled, his words were cold and calculating, “But if fellow daoist Qin Yu reveals even the slightest actions that say otherwise, such as trying to activate the treasure and break into the abyss, then don’t blame me or anyone else for being ruthless.”

“Hehe, all treasures in this world, regardless of how exquisite or ingenious they are, need some buffer time to complete their activation. While this period might be an extremely short length of time, to me it is more than enough.” Another person coldly sneered.

He threatened with his words and his posturing.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “I thank you for the reminder. In order to demonstrate my sincerity, I will inform everyone ahead of time. And, I will even be the first to attempt it.”

He lifted a finger, “Everyone, please look at the terrifying creatures that exist deep within the red snow. They are hungry and bloodthirsty, and no doubt wish that they could tear us to shreds and swallow us up. But in truth, they do not have the qualifications to enjoy our flesh and blood…simply put, these creatures appear to be fierce, but their fang-lined mouths are actually channels that connect to the abyss. As long as you don’t resist and allow yourself to be swallowed, then by the time you open your eyes, you will be in the abyss.”

As his voice fell, everyone’s complexions turned strange. Was this Qin Yu a lunatic? Or did he think that just because he said this, they would all listen to him and rush to their own deaths?

But even though these thoughts lingered for a moment, no one voiced them. Because Qi Shan and the other old freaks all revealed shocked expressions that soon turned pensive.

Qin Yu clapped his hands, “I guarantee that everything I say is true. If you don’t believe me, then watch carefully and see what I am about to do.”

He grabbed Hu Shan with one hand and held Silent Kite with the other. “Don’t resist. Just relax.”

Leading the two women, Qin Yu stepped towards the abyss. He came closer and closer to the terrifying creatures that stood guard at the edge of the abyss.

Hou –

With loud roars, a crimson-scaled creature with black eyes opened its mouth and maliciously lunged down at them.

Hu Shan tensed up. Silent Kite subconsciously released light from all over her body. But in the next moment, this light was extinguished. At this dangerous juncture, despite all their fears and uncertainties, they still chose to trust in Qin Yu’s judgment.

A rank breath caressed their faces. Reflected in their eyes, they could clearly see the fangs as well as the saliva dripping down them.

At this time, a swallowing strength appeared without warning. It wrapped around Qin Yu and the other two, and with a hum, they vanished from sight.

Everyone cried out in alarm as they saw this. At the same time, their eyes lit up.

It was true!

It was actually true!

Those ferocious creatures seemed terrifying and invincible, but they were actually mediums that one could use to directly enter the abyss.

If one didn’t see this with their own eyes, who would believe it?

Darkness surrounded the group and a powerful binding force arrived. Not only did it act on his mortal body, but even his soul seemed to be suppressed, causing him to lose control of his cultivation.

In the pitch black, all senses were blocked. The fear one felt would be amplified to infinity. When Hu Shan and Silent Kite felt that they wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore, Qin Yu’s calm voice resounded in their ears. “Don’t resist. I’ll handle it.”

As time passed, the binding strength grew stronger and stronger. The breathing of the two women grew increasingly rough and difficult. Then, they heard Qin Yu shout.

Shuu –

With a light sound, it was like a thick cloth had been torn open by a formidable strength. The binding force all around their bodies suddenly vanished…then, the darkness faded away and a faint light entered their eyes. Although it was weak, it stung the eyes of Hu Shan and Silent Kite, making them feel as if they had been imprisoned in the darkness for hundreds of years.

Silent Kite’s cultivation was stronger, but the first one to regain their senses was unexpectedly Hu Shan. Hu Shan blinked and raised her head before loudly crying out, “We really made it in!”

Above their heads was a thin white light. It was separated from them by an unfathomable distance. Everything else besides that was completely dark.

That white line was the entrance to the abyss. They were already deep inside it.

Silent Kite looked at Qin Yu. The more she got to know him, the more she felt how mysterious he was and how strong he was.

She drew in a breath and said in a soft voice, “I originally thought you were trying to deceive them.”

Qin Yu responded, “There were no lies in everything I said before. The mouths of these blood field creatures are indeed passages into the abyss…but when you and I were halfway through, we broke free from that channel.”

Hu Shan blinked her eyes, “Uncle Qin, what is at the end of the channel?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I have no idea.”

Silent Kite asked, “You don’t know?”

Qin Yu nodded. He paused for a moment and said, “But, my intuition tells me that there is going to be something troublesome at the end of those channels. I hope anyone who goes in is confident in their own skills.”

Silent Kite thought that the Qin Yu in front of her had become real and alive. It turned out that he also liked to play dirty tricks. He was also an ordinary person.

“Let’s go.” Qin Yu glanced around. There was still a bottomless abyss beneath them. He grabbed the two women and dropped down.

Because the two women were behind him, they didn’t see the dark golden light occasionally flashing in his eyes.

Silent Kite was a bit worried. “Qin Yu, if we go directly down like this, will there be any dangers?”

Qin Yu said, “Not long ago, this place was indeed covered in all sorts of dangers, but now…” He smiled, “Two trailblazers have cleared out all the obstacles for us.”

With his source-seeing eyes, he could see the traces left over from those that passed through this area before him. The highest amounts came from a strength that smelled like blood and contained an aura of despair, destruction, and cruelty. It tore through the infinite darkness, forcibly opening up a path to the bottom of the abyss.

If it weren’t for this, Qin Yu didn’t doubt that with his current cultivation, he would immediately have been swallowed up by the darkness as soon as he stepped into the abyss.

The second strength was sword intent.

Sharp, overbearing, all-powerful, this strength seemed as if it could even pierce through the heavens and earth.

It was obvious that these fragments of sword intent that smashed apart the remaining dangers in the darkness all came from the terrifying sword cultivator who flew in here not too long ago.

With these two people leading the way, they made the perilous journey of intruding into the abyss incomparably safe. Even if there were still some minor bits leftover, Qin Yu was able to avoid them with his source-seeing eyes.

This abyss seemed to be bottomless, and in truth its depths were even more astonishing. Qin Yu pulled the two women behind him, falling down without stopping. After two hours passed, he had no idea how much distance he had travelled but he still didn’t see the bottom of the abyss.

But the traces of bloody strength and those fragments of sword intent indicated that he hadn’t veered off the path.

A swift and sharp light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. Unsurprisingly, the space inside this abyss could not be estimated in any ordinary way.

Although this only appeared to be an abyss, the space inside was massive, perhaps even similar to an entire great world.

He took a deep breath, a dignified expression on his face. Through the sleeping consciousness within Hu Shan’s body, he had learned that this abyss wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be.

By controlling the power of blood, a formidable existence had fallen down from the skies and split open the darkness. The incomparably formidable aura in the remaining traces was enough for Qin Yu to perceive the boundary of the other party.

This was a mighty power that transcended the God boundary and reached a higher level…without a doubt, this was an Origin God!

As for the sword cultivator who followed behind, while his cultivation boundary couldn’t necessarily compare with that earlier Origin God, the true strength he could erupt with likely wasn’t much weaker.

In this regard, by sensing the intensity of the sword intent, Qin Yu could obtain a clear answer.

And the chaotic situation was far more expansive than this. After watching the blood phantom fight with the consciousness inside Hu Shan, he came to a heart-stopping guess – the Origin God whom everyone believed had died and whose source still hadn’t dispersed…perhaps he wasn’t truly dead!

In addition, there was the consciousness within Hu Shan…

This was a complicated and dangerous situation that was full of unknown variables and intrigue. Even though he managed to smoothly enter the abyss, he didn’t relax at all. Instead, he became even more wary and serious.

His current cultivation was much higher than before. But placed in the context of this abyss, he was only a slightly stronger ant.

Any one of those four existences could easily exterminate him.

Moreover, who knew if there were other terrifying existences that he had yet to sense? After all, the potent sword cultivator who directly flew into the abyss hadn’t entered Qin Yu’s scope of perception either.

His thoughts turned. He suddenly said, “Silent Kite, you have already obtained the inheritance of light and your future is limitless. There is no need for you to risk your life with us.”

He paused and continued to say, “To tell you the truth, if I hadn’t promised Xiaoyu that I would do everything in my power to help her survive, and also because of Hu Shan now, I fear I would have turned around and fled. The situation within the abyss is far more dangerous than you think. With just the smallest mistake, or even if we’re unlucky, then this place will be our burial ground.”

Silent Kite shook her head without hesitation, “I must continue.”

Qin Yu met her eyes and saw the firm resolve there. He hesitated for a moment before deciding not to try persuading her anymore.

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