Chapter 965 – True Form

The dazzling light in front of Qin Yu slowly converged to reveal a beautiful figure within.

“Big Sister Silent Kite!” Hu Shan cried out with pleasant surprise.

As she cried out loud, she revealed the identity of this newcomer.

The Silent Family was one of the imperial capital’s four great families. They commanded the Light Guard and their overall strength was equivalent to Celestial Retribution. As a daughter of the Silent Family, Silent Kite’s status was no less than that of Li Hongyi.

“I heard that Silent Light and his daughter, Silent Kite, once cut down a super powerhouse of the obam race, the Great Dragon Overlord. I thought it was just a rumor, but now it seems to be true.”

“This woman’s cultivation is no less than Li Hongyi’s. She hasn’t had much of a reputation these past years. She must have been intentionally keeping a low profile.”

“As expected of someone said to share the honor of being one of the strongest powerhouses of the younger generation along with Xiao Qi, Li Hongyi, and Ding Hao. Seeing her today, she really is worthy of her reputation!”

There were cries of alarm all around. They looked between Li Hongyi and Silent Kite, thinking that these two women really were heaven-gifted elites. If they were to fight here today, that would be a sight worth remembering for the rest of their lives. But, as they thought about how these two women only stood across from each other because of Qin Yu, a strange complexion appeared on their faces.

While this boy might appear weak, how did he deserve such wonderful treatment to have two proud daughters of heaven fight over him?

But, this group didn’t include Zhuo Han. At this time he was frightened silly and his face was pale white.

Silent Kite was still alive! She was still alive!

Although he didn’t dare to believe this, the truth was right in front of him, leaving him no choice but to believe it. His first thought was that he was done for. Since Silent Kite was alive, his identity would inevitably be exposed.

At that time he would undoubtedly die!

“No, I can’t die, I absolutely cannot die!” Zhuo Han screamed inwardly. His thoughts raced and he swept his eyes around. But soon, he gave up on any thought of racing into the red snow.

This was because the flames that were capable of resisting the chill had been taken away. Even if he could smoothly escape, he would only end up freezing to death.

“Don’t panic…there’s still a chance…I still have a chance…so what if Silent Kite is here? She can’t have me killed with just her statement alone!”

Li Hongyi furrowed her eyebrows. “Silent Kite, you want to block me? I won’t give up this time.”

“Humph! Li Hongyi, I am really starting to question whether you have a so-called ‘pure and clear’ sword heart. A man-eating demon is hiding right by your side, but not only have you not detected him, you shelter him wherever he goes.” Silent Kite sneered. She locked her eyes onto Zhuo Han, not hiding her killing intent. “I bet you never thought that I would still be alive!”

The atmosphere fell silent.

The cultivators standing around Zhuo Han immediately paled. With loud shouts, they withdrew far away, shock in their eyes.

When Qin Yu said that Zhuo Han was a Great Dao Seizer, they didn’t believe him at all. But now the one saying this was Silent Kite! In their eyes, Qin Yu’s worth was far less than Silent Kite’s.

Zhou Han’s heart nearly stopped beating. He knew that he was in the most dangerous situation right now. If he couldn’t dispel everyone’s doubts, he was destined to die.

Taking in a deep breath, he shouted, “What utter nonsense! Miss Silent Kite, I know that your relationship with Qin Yu is out of the ordinary, and you are trying to help him, even shelter him, but how can you join together with him to slander me! And also my miss! Miss Silent Kite, your status is precious and I cannot face you, so I can only ask my miss to defend my innocence!”

Li Hongyi said without expression, “Zhuo Han is not a Great Dao Seizer. This was confirmed a moment ago.”

Silent Kite lightly said, “Since I dared to say it, I naturally have evidence.”

She lifted a hand, light gushing out from her fingers. The light wove together in the air and formed a glowing curtain.

Then, images started to swiftly pass over the curtain of light.

But there was no need to continue looking. With just one glance, a chill formed in the air as killing intent grew in everyone’s eyes.

Zhuo Han’s mind rumbled and all the blood drained from his face. Fear and horror flooded his mind. All he knew was that it felt like supreme bliss when he ate others, but he never realized that he looked like this when he was eating them.

His mouth chewed and chomped, causing blood and meat to splash out. His clothes were drenched in blood and he had an intoxicated expression, like he had taken hallucinogenic drugs.

Then, all that fear and horror vanished, replaced with a despair that was a hundred times more intense.

He had been seen through!

Silent Kite said, “This is a secret technique of the Light Guard. By using the power of light, we can condense scenes from our memories. Everything you see is what I personally experienced not too long ago. Fortunately, I was lucky enough that I wasn’t caught up to by him, otherwise who knows how long this calamity would continue for. Li Hongyi, do you see clearly now? Right now, do you still plan on sheltering that person!?”

“Lies, it’s all lies!” Zhuo Han roared with all his strength. “Miss, you cannot believe her! In order to rescue Qin Yu, Silent Kite has put me in a death trap! Help me!”

Silent Kite coldly sneered, “It seems you won’t give up until you reach the end. Then today, I will have you show your true form in front of everyone!

She lifted a hand and pointed a finger. Dazzling luminescence appeared. It was warm and clear, as if a sun had appeared on the edge of the abyss. The gentle light caused everyone to feel at ease. Their thoughts brightened and the wounds they suffered began to heal quicker.

“The Illuminating Light!”

“This is Celestial Retribution’s great supernatural art!”

“Wasn’t it said that this technique was lost already?”

As numerous people were startled, Zhuo Han started to screech out loud. Bathed in the light, he looked as if he had been tossed into a vat of boiling hot oil. His skin rotted away and his flesh and blood dropped off in large pieces. In the blink of an eye, he was covered in his own blood, looking like an evil spirit that was being punished in the depths of hell.

Rich black gas gushed out from the wounds. The melting flesh and blood condensed within the black gas, forming hideous scars.

As all the cultivators saw this black gas, they instinctively felt alarm and fear, disgust and rejection.

“Great Dao Seizer! He really is a Great Dao Seizer!” Cries of alarm filled the air.

Li Hongyi stiffened.

“Ahh!” Zhuo Han screamed in the black gas. His crimson eyes were filled with endless hatred.

At this time, the one he hated the most was Silent Kite. If not for this woman, how could he have ended up in his current state?

But she was brimming with light and vitality, making him feel fear and awe. He didn’t dare approach her.

Then the only one that remained, the one he thought should die with him the most, was naturally Qin Yu.

Although he had no idea how Silent Kite managed to survive, he knew it was related to Qin Yu.

It was him! It was all his fault!

Bang –

Billowing black gas erupted. Zhuo Han shot forwards like a crazed devil, his eyes stubbornly locked onto Qin Yu.


Silent Kite’s complexion changed. She cried out loud and the great sun-like sphere of light above her head exploded into pieces.

Each fragment elongated into an arrow of light that shot down at the earth.

Zhuo Han could feel a great danger coming down on his head. With a shout, his body began to burn.

But this sort of burning didn’t produce any flames. Rather, starting from his feet, his body turned to ashes.

As his body disintegrated during this process, a massive amount of black gas gushed out, wrapping around him.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Arrows of light pierced through the black gas. Thundering sounds filled the air, mixed with the sounds of breaking flesh and suppressed cries of pain. But, the mass of black gas that appeared like a black demonic dragon didn’t slow down. Instead, it raced forward even faster.

Zhou Han’s eyes turned increasingly red as tears of blood started to flow out. While he had fallen into despair, he had forgotten his sense of fear in the face of impending death. There was only one singular thought in his mind. That was to kill Qin Yu and make him accompany him to the afterlife!

Close! He was so close!

Qin Yu was right in front of him!

Then, it’s time for you to die.

Zhuo Han diabolically grinned and reached out a hand. His fingers had completely withered and were now just a layer of skin wrapped around bones. They were pitch black in color and shined with a metallic luster.

He was like a bolt of lightning, arriving in front of Qin Yu almost instantaneously. The wound on Qin Yu’s chest didn’t seem as if it could withstand the sword intent and cracked open once again, with blood flowing out.

Zhuo Han’s blood red eyes were full of burning heat. It was like he could already see the scene of Qin Yu’s hot and powerful heart being torn out.

If he still had time, he would surely place that heart between his lips. Even if he could only have a quick taste, he would still be satisfied.

Puff –

There was a dull sound. The billowing black gas froze in front of Qin Yu.

The withered bone claws that reached out had touched Qin Yu’s broken robes. But, they weren’t able to go even half an inch further forward. Between Zhuo Han’s red eyes, a bloody hole had appeared. It passed through his head, causing goo to splatter out from behind.

Zhuo Han had completely combusted himself in exchange for strength. This allowed him to not die immediately. His eyes were flooded with disbelief, as if he couldn’t imagine that he would be killed by Qin Yu…he unexpectedly possessed such immense strength.

“I know you are unwilling, but your life has already come to an end.” Qin Yu said in a soft voice.

The speed at which Zhuo Han turned to dust accelerated. Soon he completely faded away, vanishing from the world. The black gas that seemed to come from the eternal abyss, the black gas that made everyone feel disgust and repulsion, also disappeared.

Qin Yu coughed twice. As he thought, if he were to force himself to attack with his current condition, it would be difficult on his body.

Silent Kite landed by his side, an anxious look in her eyes.

Qin Yu smiled. “I’m fine.” He glanced around. “Zhuo Han has already died. As I said, he was indeed a Great Dao Seizer. Thus, everything he said before is nonsense, and I do not have any such treasure.”

“How interesting. Even my crystal leaf vine was unable to detect that junior’s aura. This really was a slap in the face.” The old farmer-like cultivator Qi Shan sighed deeply, a mocking smile on his lips. “In truth, I haven’t felt this taste for quite a number of years.”

He looked at Qin Yu. “But embarrassment is just embarrassment; it is a separate matter from the truth. While that junior was a Great Dao Seizer, that doesn’t mean his words can’t be trusted.”


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