Chapter 964 – Defeat You Openly and Honestly

Qin Yu had a calm expression. He looked at Li Hongyi and said, “This is simply a one-sided statement from Zhuo Han, yet Miss Li believes him. Then, why don’t you believe me?”

Zhou Han shouted out, “Qin Yu, you despicable villain, I will make sure you are thoroughly convinced of your defeat today!” He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “Is there anyone here that is skilled in detecting auras? I am willing to give up all resistance and allow you to inspect me…and see whether I am the man-eating Great Dao Seizer that Qin Yu speaks of!”

“I have a method.” An old man spoke up from a corner. He wore short brown robes and his face was wrinkled and dark. His fingers were rough, as if he were a seasoned farmer.

But when everyone present looked at him, their faces were full of dread.

In Li Hongyi’s senses, this was one of the strongest cultivators present.

Zhuo Han closed his eyes. “Then I ask you to examine me.”

This old farmer-like cultivator’s name was Qi Shan. He casually cut open a little hole in the ground and tossed in a seed. Soon, a mound of earth grew upwards, and a little green seedling budded. Then, at a visible speed, it wildly grew. After ten breaths of time, it transformed into a jade-green vine. Each leaf flowed with an iridescent light.

“Crystal leaf vine!”

“I heard this thing is pure and insightful, capable of perceiving all hidden evil forces in this world.”

“To be able to grow in a crystal leaf vine in ten breaths of time and even bring it directly to maturity, this person’s cultivation must be unfathomably deep!”

Qi Shan smiled, the wrinkles on his face stacking up. “It seems that everyone recognizes this thing. Then, there’s no need for further explanation.”

He pointed a finger, “Go!”

The crystal leaf vine moved like a living creature. It drew its roots out from the ground and climbed over Zhuo Han, wrapping around him.

The surface of the green leaves shone with crystalline light. There was no change from before.

Several breaths of time later, Qi Shan snapped his fingers. The crystal leaf vine quickly withered away, condensing into a seed that flew back to his hand.

“The facts are in front of us. Little friend Qin Yu, your words are clearly slander.”

Zhuo Han opened his eyes and coldly sneered. “The clean are clean and the dirty are dirty…Qin Yu, do you have anything else to say?”

Qin Yu glanced at him and then glanced at Qi Shan, “Your inspection method isn’t accurate.”

Qi Shan shook his head, not saying anything. He wasn’t going to waste any more words on Qin Yu.

Hum –

A sword cry rose up. Li Hongyi raised a hand, her sword’s edge reflecting a dazzling light. Each ray of light contained a terrifying aura, one that could easily smash a mountain to pieces or rip a river to shreds.

“Qin Yu, hand over the treasure and then leave the Severed Heaven Abyss…this is your final chance!”

Qin Yu let out a breath. He turned and said, “You should get down first.”

Hu Shan quietly said, “Uncle Qin, be careful. That woman is strong.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Don’t worry, she can’t kill me.” He turned around. “I have no treasure nor am I prepared to leave. Then, I can only ask Miss Li for advice.”

Li Hongyi shouted out, “How impenetrably thickheaded!” She clenched her delicate fingers together, small blue blood vessels appearing on them. Set against her snow-white skin, it seemed especially beautiful.

But now, no one present was in the mood to appreciate the beauty of the Sword Maniac’s hands.

Because her sword had already come slashing down. Space instantly tore apart as the attack passed through the skies, howling as it did.

Zhuo Han’s eyes flashed with excitement. The miss had finally attacked! With her strength, Qin Yu absolutely would not be able to block her. Perhaps after a few attacks, he would be cut down where he stood.

At that time he would attack and kill that woman who was on Qin Yu’s back. With that, his secret would be forever concealed.

Nearly everyone who witnessed Li Hongyi’s sword strike, including the old freaks that had lived for far too long, had praise and acclaim deep in their eyes.

At her age, she unexpectedly possessed such formidable and pure sword intent. If she was given time to grow, her achievements would be limitless.

Qin Yu took a step back. He never thought of avoiding Li Hongyi’s sword strike.

Because the moment she attacked, Qin Yu was aware that she had thoroughly locked onto his aura.

Besides blocking it head-on, there was no other choice for him.

He raised his hands and pressed them forward, shouting out, “Five Elements!”

Hum –

White, black, blue, red, yellow.

Five-colored divine light erupted, spinning together into a vortex.

But, there was now a monumental change in this vortex – the phantom of a mountain appeared in it. Even though it was only a translucent shadow, it felt like a genuine divine mountain that came from the heavens.

It was strong, heavy, indestructible!

It could support the skies and maintain the rotation of the sun, moon, and stars. It could also resist any sword that cut down at it.

The vast and mighty sword strike howled forward and cut into the five-colored divine light. An earth-shaking noise followed and the mountain phantom within the vortex trembled.

Its surface sunk in and revealed clear cut marks. But, it was still far away from collapsing.

Thus, this sword strike was blocked. And it was blocked with far more ease than others expected.

After cries of surprise, changes occurred in the eyes that looked at Qin Yu.

This boy’s strength was far greater than it appeared on the surface.

Li Hongyi was obsessed with the sword path. Her heart blended together with her sword, and she would rather die than allow it to bend in humiliation. Since she pulled out her sword, she wouldn’t show mercy. If Qin Yu could easily block it, then it was clear that on the day when the God Mark Holy Stone arrived, he hadn’t been without harvests.

In other words, she had been mistaken for all this time. But if he knew he had been misunderstood, why did he never explain anything? Did he think it was unnecessary, or deep down did he think of her as a joke?

Since reaching success in her sword path, Li Hongyi hadn’t been moved to anger for a long time. But for some unknown reason, she found that she couldn’t contain the rage building up within her.

Thus, with a faint expression, her eyes became even colder. “Qin Yu, today I will use my sword to openly and honestly defeat you!”

Hum –

A sword cry rang through the world. Li Hongyi’s white robes began to flutter around her. She lifted a hand and slashed down.

After that, without pausing, she slashed down two more times.

Her actions were far too quick, making it seem that she only cut once. And at this time, the three sword intents had fused into one, turning into a sword phantom that pierced forward!

Puff –

With a dull thumping sound, the transparent sword stabbed into the mountain phantom, embedding itself deep inside, as if it wanted to break through. The vortex wildly trembled and the five-colored divine light stagnated, like it would collapse at any moment.

Qin Yu lifted his hands and pressed down. “Condense!” The five-colored divine light erupted with an even greater brilliance and the vortex stabilized. The mountain phantom appeared even more realistic.

Li Hongyi was without expression, “Explode!”

A thundering rumble spread out. Qin Yu coughed and his face paled. On the surface of the mountain phantom, a large crack appeared.

“Qin Yu, if you still don’t attack then no matter how strong your defense is, it will still be cut through by me! Don’t regret it at that time!” Li Hongyi coldly said.

Qin Yu secretly frowned. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had yet to recover from his injuries and was unable to utilize his full strength, he would have already suppressed her and seen just how arrogant she could still be!

Of course, even if his injuries weren’t healed, stubbornly enduring it and attacking a few times wasn’t a problem.

Qin Yu could only acknowledge that he was showing her mercy.

First of all, the abyss was right in front of him. He had no idea what sort of situation he would face after entering it. He shouldn’t consume too much strength before he made it in.

Secondly, while Li Hongyi’s actions were annoying, in the end she didn’t have any evil intentions. It just came from the misguided pride of a young girl.

In fact, even when she spoke up and demanded that Qin Yu hand over his treasure, while it did seem overly aggressive, she was actually protecting him in a way.

Seeing his silence, the cold look in Li Hongyi’s eyes deepened. Her hand relaxed and her sword hung motionlessly in front of her

But between the heavens and earth, a swift and sharp aura started to rise at a shocking speed. Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He flicked his sleeves and the five-colored divine light roared as it spun faster than before. Then, there was the cry of a sword. Everyone present felt a chill rise up from the base of their spines.

The circulating five-colored divine light stopped and then rapidly broke apart. The mountain phantom vanished. Countless tiny scars appeared on the surface of Qin Yu’s ten fingers. Before blood could gush out, the wounds immediately healed over.

But the truly serious injury was to his chest and belly. Even though he took half a step back and avoided most of the killing might, the blade still tore through his robes and cut open a long wound.

Because the vast majority of the sword intent had gathered here, the wound wasn’t able to close for a time, causing blood to rush out and stain his clothes red. His robes were black to begin with, so even if they were covered in blood it didn’t seem too obvious. It simply appeared as a heavier and darker color.

For some unknown reason, upon seeing this deep color, Li Hongyi didn’t feel any joy at all. Instead she felt the anger piling up in her chest becoming heavier, making it hard for her to breathe.

“Uncle Qin!” Hu Shan cried out loud in alarm, the anger in her heart crushing all the fear she felt towards Li Hongyi. “You ignorant woman, you have no idea how to differentiate good from bad! My Uncle Qin only had good intentions when he reminded you not to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people, yet you attacked with such a heavy hand!”

Li Hongyi closed her eyes and opened them again. She lightly said, “I am not wrong. He only has himself to blame.”

She lifted a hand. Endless sword cries rang through the void.

“Hand over the treasure and I’ll spare your life.”

Qin Yu pulled Hu Shan behind him. He said, “Miss Li, I have no such treasure on me.”

Bang –

Raging sword cries came from the highest heavens. It was like a falling river, a waterfall that dropped down from up high.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. In his chest, his two hearts began to beat vigorously.

There might be all sorts of reasons, but at this time, genuine anger started to kindle within him.

Kill me?

You might be powerful, but you do not have the qualifications to do that!

At this time, Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. He turned his head, stopping his actions at the same time.

“Li Hongyi, you’re called the Sword Maniac, but could it be that even your brain has been melted away and turned stupid by sword intent too?” With a cold humph, a white light shot out from between the red snow. It landed in front of Qin Yu. Then, a fair and slender palm emerged from the light and pressed forward.

Bang –

Space fiercely shook. That howling sword intent which carried with it the power of destruction was annihilated, thoroughly dissipating.

Shua –

Countless eyes looked over, some of them shaken. Who was this person that had just arrived who could easily block the Sword Maniac’s attack?

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