Chapter 963B – Zhuo Han’s Killing Intent

What a powerful sword cultivator!

This person could even be called the strongest swordsman that Qin Yu had encountered.

The master who left behind the silver moon sword intent in the blood moon world, and also the woman sleeping within Hu Shan’s body who possessed the great sun sword, could perhaps be more formidable than this person. But when they faced Qin Yu they were not in their peak condition. And in terms of sword intent, they weren’t as overbearing as this person!

He took a step back. He didn’t do anything, but a silent storm rolled through the void around him.

That storm was formed from endless sword intent. It couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, and even common divine senses weren’t able to discover it. But, Qin Yu was sure that if this person wanted to, he could completely tear apart every existence within its scope.

That glance was far too short. Qin Yu couldn’t even see that person’s face clearly, only faintly making out the outline. But for some unknown reason, he felt it was a bit familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

The sword cultivator who passed through the red snow and into the empty region sensed something. His eyes fell on Qin Yu.

He didn’t do anything unfavorable to Qin Yu, and simply looked him over. But in Qin Yu’s senses, it was like dangling on a sword’s edge.

Although he hadn’t been pierced or slashed, he could still feel a faint trace of pain.

Luckily this glance only lasted for a short time before moving away. The sword cultivator didn’t stop as he continued rushing straight into the abyss.

Countless eyes gathered on him. Some were surprised, some were furrowing their eyebrows together, and some were coldly sneering.

But, what happened next shocked everyone present, causing their eyes to nearly pop out of their heads.

They saw the sword cultivator lift a hand. His appearance was ordinary and even a little old. But, his hand was clear and fair, and his fingers were slender and delicate. They looked even better than those of a woman.

At this moment, his index finger and middle finger were brought together. He raised his hand above his head, as if he were going to cut down.

The terrifying creatures of the blood field withdrew in abundance. They screamed in panic and fear, roaring as they opened up a path.

The sword cultivator lowered his hand and stepped forward. With a whistling sound, he submerged into the abyss and vanished from sight.

The scene fell silent.

The cultivators that were sneering all turned pale white. They subconsciously gulped.

No one believed that the sword cultivator’s ordinary action of raising his hand was actually that ordinary.

They couldn’t sense it because their level was lacking, like ants on the ground that didn’t fear the talons of the hawk in the sky.

But a hawk was a hawk. The disparity was as great as the heavens and earth!

Whoosh –

A sword cry rang out. Everyone’s hearts shivered. In particular, those people with pale complexions were so frightened that their knees wobbled and they almost fell to the floor.

Fortunately, that sword cultivator didn’t seem to have any intention of returning. Even here, his snow white robes hadn’t been touched by dust.

Li Hongyi’s eyes flew open. She stared off towards where the sword cultivator disappeared to, and shock colored her face.

As someone who obsessed over the sword her entire life and also as someone who possessed a clear sword heart, she was able to keenly sense the immense strength of that sword cultivator just now.

This was a boundary that made her heart shake and nearly forced her to prostrate herself on her knees…so in this world, this legendary boundary actually existed…Li Hongyi took a deep breath and her gaze became solemn. At this time, she had another reason to enter the abyss.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

There was the sound of breaking air. The people following behind her arrived one after another.

For some reason, Zhuo Han suddenly sensed something. He looked up and his eyes met with Qin Yu’s.

He immediately frowned!

“Ah!” Hu Shan cried out loud and quickly lowered her head.

But Zhuo Han had already sensed the change in her expression. His heart shook and his frown tightened.

Although he had been hostile to Qin Yu before, that was only from the perspective of the subtle relationships between men and women.

And faintly, there was a bit of a condescending attitude.

Even if Qin Yu had slapped them with his actions not too long ago, Zhuo Han didn’t believe this person could cause any trouble.

But now, the situation had changed.

As he faced Qin Yu and Hu Shan, Zhuo Han discovered that he couldn’t suppress the fear and alarm rising in his heart.

As if these two people could fatally wound him at any time.

How could this be?

After degenerating and becoming a Great Dao Seizer, he was no longer an existence accommodated by the world and his connection with the rules had weakened to the lowest level. He could only forcefully move them with absolute strength.

But at the same time, his survival instincts of a Great Dao Seizer were promoted to an astonishing degree.

There was a reason for this feeling of dread. And if it happened recently…Zhuo Han froze in place.

Silent Kite’s figure appeared in his mind. Didn’t she die?

This was impossible!

She had clearly been corroded by the cold chill and her vitality was nearly cut off.

Moreover, on that day, a creature of the blood field had locked onto her. With her condition at the time, there was no way she could have survived.

But this was the only fatal weak point he had left behind recently…once his true identity was revealed, nothing awaited him but death!

Zhuo Han landed on the ground. He looked down, concealing the fluctuations in his eyes.

Then, all of those feelings turned into cold killing intent!

Even if there was only a 1% chance of that happening, he couldn’t take such a risk.

He had to eliminate Qin Yu and that woman as soon as possible…moreover, in his opinion, these two people deserved to die.

With his intentions clear, Zhuo Han stepped forward and shouted out, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, how are you? When you left that day, I didn’t expect to see you again! I really am curious, what kind of treasure do you have that you could actually bring that woman with you on your back through the blood stream’s demonic sound and easily arrive here…”

He paused and said the words he had prepared. “I wonder if that treasure can help us fellow daoists smoothly open a channel into the abyss?”

Outside the abyss, in the region clear of red snow, the atmosphere fell quiet. All eyes turned towards Zhuo Han. Then, after glancing at him, they eventually gathered on Qin Yu.

Everyone had personally experienced how horrifying the blood stream’s demonic sound was. If it was true that he had been able to not only completely resist it, but also bring someone else over safely, then this treasure had to be extremely precious.

Of course, they wouldn’t believe Zhuo Han just because of a few words…

But at this time, as they observed everyone’s expressions, their thoughts started to change as they saw the surprise and anger in the eyes of Zhuo Han’s companions.

It seemed that this matter was likely true!

If one were to encounter such a treasure, even if it couldn’t open a channel into the abyss, they would still try to wrest it away somehow.

The look in the eyes that fell onto Qin Yu’s body changed. When he felt this, he furrowed his eyebrows together.

Hu Shan bit her lips, “Uncle Qin…” She thought that it had to be her unconscious change in emotion that caused Zhuo Han to discover them, leading to this current situation.

“It’s fine.”

Qin Yu softly said. He looked at Zhuo Han. It was clear that this person had sensed something and impatiently chose to seize the advantage by striking first.

Originally, he wanted to wait until Silent Kite finished accepting the inheritance and then expose this person’s true identity. But sure enough, no plan was ever safe from sudden changes and accidents.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He coldly smiled and said, “I am not sure of what treasure fellow daoist Zhuo Han is speaking of, but I do have some news about a Great Dao Seizer. I’m sure fellow daoist will be interested in it.”

Zhuo Han stiffened and he forcibly restrained his heart from shaking. He didn’t reveal anything, but his killing intent had reached the peak.

He really had been found out!

Silent Kite truly hadn’t died?

This was impossible. On that day, with all the dangers around her and the injuries she had suffered, there was no way she could have survived.

The most likely possibility was that she met Qin Yu before she died and told him everything. That damned woman. Even if she died she still had to ruthlessly bite down on him and drag him into the yellow springs with her!

It won’t be that simple! You want me to die? Then you’ll die instead!

Zhuo Han took a deep breath and laughed out loud. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, do you plan on saying that I’m this Great Dao Seizer you speak of?”

He suddenly stopped laughing, his eyes icy cold. “Do you know that my Zhuo Family has always followed the lead of the imperial capital’s Li Family? And after I entered the Severed Heaven Abyss, I have been following the miss this entire time. If there was a problem with who I am, do you think that with the miss’ cultivation, she wouldn’t have been able to discover it? Or, is your plan to slander me as well as Miss Li Hongyi?”

Zhuo Han turned and cupped his hands together. “Miss, I acknowledge that I have been prejudiced against Qin Yu this entire time. But, that is because his actions have been truly villainous. A moment ago, I mentioned the treasure because of my own selfishness in wanting to cause trouble for him. But, his actions just now have touched my bottom line. He may slander me, but if it involves the Li Family and you, I cannot allow that to happen!”

He stood up and swept his eyes around. “My Zhuo Family has a secret technique that can sense the aura of hidden treasures. I can guarantee to everyone here that this Qin Yu person has a treasure that can open a channel and allow one to directly step into the abyss!

“Origin God corpse…the source of an Origin God…as well as all sorts of unimaginable treasures. They aren’t that far away. Whoever can enter first can pick them up one step faster. The opportunity is right in front of you. As for whether or not you can grasp it, that will depend on your own skills!”

Yes, Zhuo Han was speaking nonsense. But by using the name of the Zhuo Family, no one doubted him.

Because he had bet the entire reputation of the Zhuo Family. If the final outcome proved that Zhuo Han was lying…then even if he was the most highly regarded junior of the Zhuo Family, even he wouldn’t be able to withstand the consequences.

In truth, Zhuo Han had already completed his preparations for being punished by his family and tossed into the dust.

Compared to his life and death, that wasn’t anything at all. As long as he survived, there was an endless future awaiting him.

After all, humans were a somewhat forgetful species. As long as he was a direct descendant of the Zhuo Family and possessed sufficient strength, who knew what the future would bring him?

Li Hongyi glanced around. She took a step forward and said, “Qin Yu, hand over your treasure and I won’t investigate the matter of you slandering Zhuo Han.”

Qin Yu lightly responded, “But I never said that the man-eating Great Dao Seizer was Zhuo Han. He leapt out himself.”

Li Hongyi furrowed her eyebrows. “Then who are you saying it is?”

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. “Okay. I am indeed saying it is him, but I never thought that fellow daoist Zhuo Han would react so quickly.”

“Qin Yu!” Li Hongyi shouted out loud. “I have no time to play word games with you! Hand over your treasure. This is the final chance I will give you!”

A large number of cultivators had gathered in the empty region. Several of them were old fellows who had lived for a long, long time. They had uncertain looks on their faces and it was clear they were thinking of something else.

These people all had blurry auras. Even with Li Hongyi’s cultivation she could only barely sense it. But, their strength was without doubt.

Although a treasure was good, one needed to be alive in order to use it.

In such a situation, Qin Yu still couldn’t figure out what was more important…Li Hongyi felt even more disappointed in Qin Yu.

This was the last time she would help him. If he still didn’t mend his ways, she would show no mercy.



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