Chapter 963A – Zhuo Han’s Killing Intent

Qin Yu opened his eyes. At the same time, Hu Shan, who he was carrying on his back, also slowly opened hers.

Leaning into Qin Yu’s arms, Silent Kite felt her heart skip a beat. Surprise colored her face.

Qin Yu grabbed her hand and slowly said, “Someone’s already gone in.”

Hu Shan said, “What an interesting kid…mm, he unexpectedly used this method to temporarily obtain a power to fight above his realm. This is quite exquisite. However, he has underestimated Blood Moon. He will definitely suffer a loss.” She patted Qin Yu’s shoulder. “We need to head over, otherwise if he is killed off by Blood Moon, our chance of success will be even lower.”

After she finished speaking she closed her eyes, her aura rapidly fading.

Shua –

When Hu Shan opened her eyes once again, she was gasping for breath. There was pain and panic in her expression.

“Uncle Qin…”

“Don’t worry, you’re fine.” Qin Yu slowly said. “We need to hurry. Just rest well and leave everything else to me.”

Hu Shan nodded. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

Silent Kite hesitated for a moment before quietly asking, “What was that?”

Qin Yu said, “There’s another consciousness hidden in her body. I have no idea who she is, but it should be someone connected to the Origin God buried here.”

Silent Kite mulled this over. She said, “This consciousness seems to be harmful to Hu Shan.”

“You’re right. So I’ve been thinking about how to help her survive.” Qin Yu smiled. “This is a difficult task, but I have to put on a strong front and be confident in myself, otherwise I’m afraid she won’t be able to bear it…of course, I will do everything I can.”

Silent Kite said, “I believe in you!”

Qin Yu wryly smiled. He was grateful for her trust, but it was difficult to live up to it.

However, just like he said he would do everything he could, if there was even the smallest chance he could help Hu Shan live on, he would.

Since he owed a life, he naturally had to repay it with a life.


As the fluctuations from the battle between Murong Qige and the 10,000 foot tall blood phantom emerged from the black crack, besides alarming some of the cultivators on the blood field, some of the terrifying creatures that came back to life and were active in the red snow also seemed to have received some kind of signal.

As if by prior agreement, they left their respective territories and gathered deep in the blood field.

Li Hongyi opened her eyes, a chill within them. Her sword heart was clear and without waves. Even though the red snow could block one’s divine sense, it couldn’t isolate the sharp senses of her sword heart.

Now, the dangerous auras in the surrounding area were constantly moving away.

What happened?

After a brief hesitation, Li Hongyi stood up and stepped out. With the cry of a sword she appeared in the blood red skies. Looking down from above, she could see the endless blood field below her. Red snow tumbled all around, and the direction this billowing snow was headed in was towards the pitch black abyss.

It seems that those terrifying creatures hidden in the red snow were gathering at the abyss…was it because of the previous fluctuations?

Could it be that someone had rushed over to the blood field and entered the abyss? Li Hongyi didn’t know what the truth was, but she knew she couldn’t wait any longer.

Shua –

Her body turned into a sword shadow that pierced into the red snow. When she returned to the camp, everyone had already gathered together. They approached her and asked, “Miss Li, what happened?”

She briefly explained the situation and said, “We’re leaving!”


Everyone quickly cleaned up the camp. Then, with Li Hongyi taking the lead, they tore through the red snow, soaring straight into the depths of the blood field.

But all of the cultivators that rushed towards the depths of the blood field realized something. While the abyss was right in front of them, it wasn’t easy to enter.

Unless…one had enough strength to ignore all obstacles and cut open an entrance…or, unless one had a great deal of courage!

Deep within the blood field, Qin Yu discovered a corpse. He wore ragged clothes and messy hair covered his face. He was sitting in a cross-legged position and had been dead for an unknown period of years.

But when he saw this corpse, the first thought that popped into his mind was one of incomparable cleanliness and clarity.

As if this person was the clearest spring in the world, able to wash one’s soul and return their mind to tranquility. Even though he had died, this strange ability was still preserved. There was only one explanation – this seemingly ordinary corpse wasn’t ordinary at all.

Dark golden light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. Then, with a cough, he quickly closed them as they began to sting. His mind was left shaken.

Using the strength of the jade embryo egg, this corpse was like a small and constantly burning sun in his eyes. This person’s flesh, blood, and bones hadn’t decayed over time, but instead maintained their vitality.

Of course, this vitality was restricted to the mortal body. His soul had already dispersed and he couldn’t be any more dead. For this scene to occur, it was definitely related to the corpse’s cultivation method.

“Hold on!” Silent Kite suddenly shouted out. Her eyes were fixed tightly onto the corpse in the red snow.

A strength burst out from within her. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. Without resisting it, he let go of her and took a step back.

Motes of light lingered around Silent Kite. She closed her eyes. After several breaths of time she opened them, unable to restrain the excitement in her eyes.

“Qin Yu, this is a senior from my Celestial Retribution who has been missing for many years. I’ve heard my father mention him before, but I never imagined he had died here.

“Although this senior’s soul has returned to the heavens, I have obtained the approval of the inheritance he left behind. So, I will inherit his legacy.”

Qin Yu said, “Congratulations!”

Silent Kite looked deeply at him, “If it wasn’t for you I would have already died. How could I have come here to obtain this senior’s inheritance?” She took a deep breath and said, “I will definitely repay this graciousness in the future.”

As she finished speaking she closed her eyes. The light wrapped around her as she flew towards the corpse.

Then, light erupted. It was like a great sun rising from the ground, submerging Silent Kite.

Qin Yu lifted a hand to block his eyes. After sensing that there was nothing wrong with Silent Kite and she was accepting the inheritance, he thought about it and said, “She is very safe right now. It’s just that this inheritance will take some time to finish, so let’s go ahead and wait for her.”

Hu Shan revealed a hesitant look. “Doesn’t Big Sister Silent Kite need a protector during the inheritance process?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “No need…if someone tries to do anything, they will surely die a pitiful death.”

Hu Shan nodded in understanding.

“Let’s go. Once she wakes up, she’ll come looking for us.” As he said that, he lowered his head and raced forward.

The terrifying creatures hidden deep in the blood field were all different in appearance. Judging from their appearance, they all came from different species.

Some were shaped like lizards, some were shaped like frogs, and there was even one unbelievably large ant…it was as if a long time ago, a powerful force had arrived here and was injected into a group of ordinary creatures, causing them to transform into their current state.

The reason that Qin Yu could clearly see these massive life forms was because the red snow couldn’t withstand the power of the darkness coming from the crack, thus creating a giant clear region around it.

And now, almost all the terrifying creatures in the endless blood field had gathered here following some summons.

Their eyes were fixed tightly on the cultivators drilling out from the red snow one after another. Seeing fresh food appear around them, drool leaked from their mouths, pooling on the ground.

Hiss –

A fierce corroding sound spread out from this drool and white smoke rose up from the ground. But, if one looked carefully, they would discover that this saliva that possessed formidable corrosion attributes wasn’t able to harm the ground at all.

As if because of the existence of the abyss, the surrounding earth was made nearly invulnerable.

These terrifying creatures were clearly starving, and they roared and bellowed constantly. But, they stood in place, never pouncing forward. Their only goal in gathering here was to form a wall of flesh and blood that prevented any cultivators from entering.

Out of the cultivators that had the strength to make it past the barrier of world fragments, rushing through the blood stream’s demonic sound and even entering the red snowfield, none were weak. It was impossible to be frightened away by these horrifying creatures.

In fact, when Qin Yu arrived here, some people were already trying to break through…the abyss was right before them, and with the terrifying creatures all gathered at this place, they all believed that the true lucky chance of the Severed Heaven Abyss was located here.

Or, to be more exact, that the Origin God’s corpse was in the abyss!

But without an exception, they all failed. Besides the strongest person who had to pay an arm to retreat alive, the other cultivators who tried were buried in those large and drooling mouths.

The creatures of the blood field used reality to prove their great strength. Countless cultivators paled. Even though the abyss was right in front of them, it was like a gap that none of them could surmount.

Hu Shan bit her lips, “Uncle Qin, what do we do?”

Qin Yu, “Wait.”

While this consideration was a bit disrespectful to Hu Shan, the sleeping consciousness in her body hadn’t said anything to him. This proved that there was still time. Because, that consciousness was clearly able to use some unknown method to perceive what was happening in the abyss.

At this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He suddenly turned around and closed his eyes.

Even so, tears still flowed out from the corners of his eyes. There was even a trace of blood mingled with them.

With just one glance, without any true physical contact, his eyes had been injured by the other party’s aura.

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