Chapter 962 – Laughable and Ignorant

At the center of the blood field, the pitch black crack embedded deep into the ground seemed to connect to the nine nether hells. It was unfathomably deep.

Now, within this incomparably rich darkness, a battle was occurring. It could be said that both sides were existences that stood at the peak of this world.

On one side of the battle was a faintly smiling man, Murong Qige. He wore white clothes and broke into the endless abyss like a bolt of white lightning.

On the other side was a blood phantom.

If Qin Yu was here, he would have recognized that this blood phantom was the one who fought the mysterious woman within Hu Shan’s body. But now, in the pitch black abyss, the strength of this blood phantom was over ten times greater than before.

The white-clothed Murong Qige smiled and moved forward. A blood sphere hung above his head. It was the size of a palm, but when one looked at it, it felt like they were looking at an endless sea of blood.

The blood sphere moved with him, their auras blending together. As Murong Qige raised a hand, the blood sphere trembled and burst out with powerful fluctuations of strength.

Bang –

Dreadful strength exploded in the void, sending the blood phantom flying backwards and tearing apart the infinite darkness.

“Fellow daoist, I spent a great deal of time and effort, waiting until today to finally arrive here. So, I naturally came completely prepared. You definitely cannot resist me, so why bother trying and wasting our precious time?”

The blood phantom roared. It raised its arms and brought them down. Countless gates seemed to open in the endless darkness around it. From every gate, endless viscous blood gushed out. It was dark red in color, and although it hadn’t yet congealed, it seemed as if it had been left there for countless years.

A sea of blood surged out in all directions in an instant.

“Oh?” Murong Qige raised an eyebrow. “Is this your big move? It looks quite intimidating, but you should know it is useless against me.”

Although he spoke casually and his expression was frivolous, there was a sharp look in his eyes. Many years ago, Murong Qige learned how powerful this existence was that he was plotting against.

If this other party hadn’t died and there wasn’t only a trace of his undying spirit left, then he absolutely could not have provoked him with his current strength.

Now, while had completed his preparations, who knew what sort of hidden card his opponent was concealing? He really didn’t dare to underestimate him.

He lifted a hand and opened his fingers. The blood sphere fell down. Murong Qige stepped forward and threw the sphere forward. “Go!”

When the palm-sized blood sphere was released, it carried with it the terrifying momentum of a falling star. The darkness fiercely shook and countless cracks split open all around. While they were covered up by the darkness, they truly did exist.

Every crack was like the sharpest sword in the world. Even if the sea of blood was limitless, there were so many cracks that they were still able to tear it to shreds.

Then, a strong swallowing power spread out from every crack. They were like giant mouths, eating in great gulps, drinking the entire sea of blood.

“Burp!” Murong Qige patted his belly, as if he had eaten his fill. “Luckily, I have been eating and drinking for all these years so I managed to train a decent appetite. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten with so much satisfaction. Fellow daoist, you really are a good person.”

But at this time, his complexion changed. His smile disappeared and a helpless and pained expression crossed his face. He rubbed his forehead and said, “I knew that the things given by others couldn’t be delicious, but I couldn’t control my mouth. I really did deserve this.”

Murong Qige lifted a hand and struck his chest. He opened his mouth and crazily vomited. Although he vomited without end, one couldn’t see anything at all.

However, the cracks hidden in the darkness began to spray out blood. In an instant, the sea of blood was restored to how it was at the start.

Rumble rumble –

It frantically tumbled around. A terrifying vortex formed and the blood was dragged inside. As it entered, it was compressed and condensed together by an invisible strength.

The blood phantom appeared within. But this time, its body was over a thousand feet in size. Its eyes opened and the darkness suddenly roared with thunder. The thunder was pitch black, and one could only hear it and not see its shape.

But this was only relatively speaking…well, to be exact, there were no absolutes in this world. Even if it existed, it was limited below a certain threshold.

For instance, whether it was the cracks hidden in the darkness or the resounding thunder, it was all clear in Murong Qige’s eyes. Because he had good eyesight, he was able to see everything. Thus he knew the truly terrifying might contained within this blood phantom.

He sighed and muttered beneath his breath, “As I thought, it’s impossible to save a little strength here. It looks like I’ll have to go all-out after all…I believe that I will win in the end, so every bit of strength used up right now should belong to me. Thinking like this, I really do feel pained. I must end this quickly; I cannot allow things to be dragged out!”

At some time, the blood sphere had reappeared above his head. Murong Qige lifted his hand and grasped it in his palm once more. But this time, he didn’t throw out the sphere as a weapon. Rather, it suddenly melted, turning into a flowing liquid that covered his palm. It continued spreading down his arm, chest, until it completely enveloped him.

As a result, the white-clothed Murong Qige also turned into a blood red person. His appearance was similar to that of the blood phantom across from him, but his physique was quite a bit smaller…

Murong Qige looked down at himself and then looked at the 10,000 foot tall phantom forming in the terrifying vortex from the entire sea of blood. He felt that this was a loss of face, so he lifted his head and roared into the skies. Suddenly, he started to grow taller, swelling up as if he were a balloon being filled up with air.

The vortex vanished and the 10,000 foot tall blood phantom had finally finished forming. It took one step forward, causing the endless darkness to tremble. Then, it lifted a hand and punched out.

“Sneak attack!” Murong Qige yelled out loud, “If you’ve got the guts then wait until my transformation is complete and we’ll fight it out again!”

But it was obvious that the blood phantom didn’t have the ability to understand words, or maybe it was pretending not to hear anything. Wait for you to transform? Keep on dreaming! Just die now!

Bang –

There was a heaven-shaking rumble as the darkness tumbled like a violent sea. The punch crashed into the endless void, causing the entire abyss to shake.

Deeper in the abyss, much much deeper, in a place far away from where Murong Qige and the 10,000 foot tall blood phantom were fighting.

An eye floated in midair. It was wrapped in a light layer of flesh and blood that was slowly wriggling around, constantly growing.

Shaking waves arrived. The eyeball looked up, revealing a hint of hesitation that turned into cold indifference.

Not all Origin Gods were the same. Moreover, through these long years, if you were able to make preparations, did you think I was going to do nothing and just wait for death?

How ignorant and laughable!

In the depths of the vast blood field, a terrifying creature hid in the endless snow. It didn’t dare to move, and its giant eyes were full of fear.

There was a faint smell of blood in the air. If one searched carefully, they would find that the source of the smell was the belly and back of this terrifying crocodile-like creature.

There, someone had used a sword to dig out the flesh and blood, directly opening up a cave. Then he reached out a hand to bring in the cold chill from outside, freezing the flesh and blood until it turned crystalline.

This person sat down. In terms of size, he was like a slightly larger flea. But, as the person sat there, the terrifying creature was as quiet and obedient as a cat.

Hum –

A light fluctuation passed out of the abyss, travelling across the blood field and arriving here.

The sitting person opened his eyes. There was a release of aura and no flash of light in his eyes. But, the feeling he gave off was like a great sword that had been unsheathed. His presence was cold and dense, so sharp that one couldn’t look straight at him.

Pa –

Pa –

The flesh and blood that had been frozen into crystals began to crack apart. Massive wounds appeared all over.

The terrifying creature gently shivered. This was because every wound caused it an agonizing pain…and also because it feared that the cultivator would release his true sword intent and slice it in half.

But luckily, this tragic and bloody situation didn’t occur. The cultivator muttered, “As I thought, today was all planned. It seems another great person has quietly taken action.”

He furrowed his eyebrows together. Space froze as he did and all fluctuations of rules fell silent. Or to be more exact, it was expelled by his aura, causing his surroundings to become quiet.

He thought for several moments and then stood up. He softly said, “When such great characters fight, victory and defeat can be decided at a moment’s notice. If I want to enjoy my own share, I can’t wait until the end.”

As his voice fell he stepped forward. With the cry of a sword, he vanished from sight.

In the red snow, there was only a thin sword mark left behind, one that went straight to the depths of the blood field.

The great crocodile-like creature felt as if its life had been pardoned. With a roar, it rushed into the red snow with an agility and swiftness completely inconsistent with its size. Then, as snow tumbled all around, it disappeared.

So sometimes, something being more loud and having greater movements didn’t mean that it was truly powerful. On the contrary, those that sat quietly while releasing immense potential were the genuinely great figures.

The Severed Heaven Abyss had opened and an Origin God corpse was inside, as well as its source that had not yet dispersed…this news had spread throughout the world and attracted the attention of countless cultivators.

There were talented juniors like Li Hongyi and Silent Kite, who had resounding reputations. But, they weren’t the only absolute powerhouses. In fact, it could be said that they were only a tiny portion of them.

This was a great world large enough to support the birth of Origin Gods. After hundreds of millions of years of accumulation, even if time was ruthless and eventually scoured all from existence, there would still be many strong cultivators gathered up over time.

Perhaps their talent might not be considered to be at the peak, but after experiencing a baptism of innumerable years, surviving many disasters, and accumulating resources for a long time, their true strength was absolutely dreadful.

For these people, reputation and status no longer held any attraction to them. Their only desire was to break through their limits and become Origin Gods.

And, the opening of the Severed Heaven Abyss was their best opportunity.

No one knew how many of these old monsters that were on the brink of death and yet refused to die had come here. And they came here with the thought of not retreating. Once they stepped into the Severed Heaven Abyss, they would either succeed or perish trying.

At this moment, many of them felt the great fluctuations coming from the depths of the pitch black crack in the center of the blood field.

Eyes started to light up with decisiveness. Numerous figures quietly stood up from the red snow and silently ventured forward.

Most of these people, whether they were men or women, old or young, were unfamiliar faces. This was because they hadn’t stepped into the world for a long time. Their only purpose in coming to the Severed Heaven Abyss now was to obtain the source of the Origin God. Otherwise…if they were buried here, in the tomb of an Origin God, that was also a good result.


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