Chapter 961 – A Girl Must Be Reserved

Zhou Han had a saddened expression. His entire body was covered with wounds and he looked completely exhausted. “It was my mistake. I didn’t think that the creatures living deep in the blood field would have such sharp senses. Fellow daoist Wang died in vain.”

He closed his eyes in pain, tears falling down, “I wasn’t even able to preserve the corpses of the three fellow daoists. I’m useless!”

It was unknown what the people in the camp were thinking, but they all put on comforting expressions.

“Brother Zhuo, there’s no need to be like this. This blood field is full of dangers. All of us have been prepared to die since the moment we came here.”

“That’s right. It’s said that life and death are fated. Perhaps this was a disaster that the three fellow daoists were destined to suffer.”

“Even with so many perils all around, fellow daoist Zhuo was still willing to take the risk and bury the corpses of the other fellow daoists. This act in itself shows what a great character you have. I truly do admire you.”

“He’s right. There’s no need for Brother Zhou to blame himself.”

Li Hongyi put a lid on this matter. She concluded, “You’ve already done your best. Hurry up and heal your injuries.”

Zhuo Han wiped away his tears, bowing and nodding.

After a brief commotion, the camp fell silent once again. Everyone dispersed, a dignified look in their eyes as they looked at the red snow around them.

On the outside, they could all be considered powerhouses in their own right. But here, they were nearly incapable of resistance. They were like fish on the chopping block, about to be cut up at any moment.

Everyone knew that the Severed Heaven Abyss was extremely dangerous, but this seemed a bit too much.

They were all intelligent people. Although they felt that something wasn’t right, they kept it hidden in their hearts, not saying it out loud.

After overcoming so many dangers and making it this far, they were just a step away from reaching the deepest parts of the Severed Heaven Abyss…no one wanted to give up.

Because there was a high chance that the legendary Origin God corpse was buried in the depths of this blood field, in that pitch black crack.

Origin God corpse…Origin God source…

This heaven-defying lucky chance was enough for all these people to risk their lives!

Silent Kite discovered that she hadn’t died yet. She could feel that someone was hugging her. According to what she could feel from the bodily contact, it should be a strong and vigorous man.

His arms were warm. She couldn’t feel any of the cold chill from the outside world.

Who was he?

How did he save her?

Why did he save her?

Silent Kite wanted to open her eyes, but she was far too weak. After trying a few times, she was only able to open a slit.

The blurry face of a man entered her sight. But before she could make out who it was, darkness swelled forth and submerged her consciousness.

Silent Kite regained consciousness twice afterwards but was unable to open her eyes. However, she could feel her injuries beginning to stabilize.

It was clear that she had been saved. It was only now that she began to feel excited.

No one knew better than her how serious her injuries were. After losing the suppression of the terrifying chill, it started to destroy her body and even wear away at her soul.

This was almost a fatal injury. So the first time she woke up, she only believed that she hadn’t yet died…

The fourth time, she finally managed to open her eyes. As rays of light fell into her eyes, she felt a stabbing pain, followed by tears running down her face. But she tried her best to open her eyes. After several breaths of time, she saw who the person that had saved her was.

Qin Yu looked down. There was a smile on his weary face. “You’ve woken up.”

Silent Kite was dazed. There was only one thought in her mind. This was the second time he had saved her life. If she also included him rescuing her father…this graciousness was far too great. How was she ever supposed to repay him?

Her pale face flushed red as she thought of something. A mesmerized look came across her eyes.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Did the chill manage to damage her brain? Why did she have such an appearance?

Thinking about it, he put a hand on her forehead. When he felt that it wasn’t that hot, he hesitated and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Silent Kite regained her composure. She blushed, suddenly wishing she could dig a hole and crawl into it.

This was just too shameful. While she was in someone’s arms, she actually thought of such things…fortunately all of this was in her heart, so no one knew of it.

Silent Kite restrained her emotions and said, “No…I’m fine…” She muttered, “Qin Yu, thank you for saving me.”

“You were lucky.” When he finished speaking, he complained in his heart that perhaps it was his luck that was too bad. “In this vast snow field you and I are like two little fish. Yet we just happened to bump into each other while you were in danger.”

Silent Kite earnestly said, “If we can survive this time, I will definitely repay you…and, my father also hopes to see you again.”

Qin Yu didn’t deny or acknowledge anything. “Everything can wait until we make it out of here alive.”

Silent Kite had a solemn expression. “Qin Yu, I feel that something is wrong with the Severed Heaven Abyss. With our strength, to make it this far in to search for the source of an Origin God, rather than saying it is seeking out a lucky chance, it is more like…”

“Seeking death.” Qin Yu finished her sentence. He looked around at the red snow, a dark golden light flashing in his eyes.

Silent Kite relaxed and immediately thought it was funny. With his cultivation and mentality, how could he not have sensed this? There was no need to remind him.

She thought for a moment and then asked, “Following this, what are your plans?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “In truth, I don’t have any plans. Nor do I know how things will develop. I can only wait and see what happens.”

“See what happens?”

“That’s right.” Qin Yu let out a breath. “I have seven days at most. If nothing changes before then, I’ll have to try something.”

Silent Kite didn’t respond. She thought about Hu Shan lying asleep on Qin Yu’s back, as well as Lei Xiaoyu, whose location was unknown.

She had no idea who Hu Shan was, but it was rumored that Lei Qianjun’s beloved daughter had been sick since she was a child. And not too long ago, she suffered a critical illness.

Perhaps the seven day limit that Qin Yu spoke of was because of her.

“Can you tell me about Miss Lei’s situation?” Silent Kite subconsciously asked. After she did, she felt a bit awkward. “I’m just casually asking. If it’s not convenient then there’s no need to tell me.”

Qin Yu smiled and stood up. “We should go somewhere else. Let’s talk along the way.” He stood up. He began to move, travelling through the deep red snow.

“My acquaintance with Xiaoyu, strictly speaking, is something like a hero saving the beauty. Although at the time, I didn’t want to interfere…” Qin Yu calmly explained how he knew Lei Xiaoyu and what her situation was like.

Silent Kite’s eyes widened. She had never thought that Lei Xiaoyu would be suffering from such a vicious witchcraft bug since she was a child. She must have endured great pain growing up until today.

“And she came to the imperial capital because of that?”

Qin Yu said, “Lei Qianjun obtained information ahead of time related to the corpse of an Origin God. If the Origin God’s blood essence can be withdrawn from the corpse, it can be used to save her.”

Silent Kite’s eyes widened even further. “So you came to the imperial capital, even entering the Severed Heaven Abyss, all to save her?”

Qin Yu laughed. “Not exactly. I was also very much interested in the God Mark Holy Stone.” He suddenly stopped, “Be quiet.”

The red snow in front of him started to vibrate, as if some massive object was passing through.

Silent Kite didn’t feel any fear. She looked down at Qin Yu’s profile and felt a bit envious of Lei Xiaoyu. Lei Xiaoyu was unexpectedly able to move Qin Yu into taking such a risk for her. It could be seen how highly he regarded her.

She thought back to Zhuo Han and the others, and how they thought Qin Yu had abandoned Lei Xiaoyu in order to save himself after entering the Severed Heaven Abyss…haha, it was true that people’s own way of thinking determined the direction their thoughts veered towards.

Judging others from one’s own viewpoint was a laughable matter to begin with.

But what a pity, even now, Zhuo Han and the others had never realized this.

Or even if they did, they would never acknowledge their own mistakes.

These so-called talented youths, the so-called proud elites of heaven, were just this mediocre.

“Alright.” Qin Yu continued to speak as he moved forward once again. “You don’t have to look at me with those eyes. There is no love or hate in this world without reason. Since I agreed to help her and take these risks for her, it is because there is a reason worth me doing so.”

He paused and continued to say, “For instance, when I rescued you. It was because you stood on my side and gave me help before. Otherwise if it was anyone else in your situation, I wouldn’t have helped them.”

Although this response was a bit cold-blooded, Silent Kite didn’t consider that at all. In her mind, she could only hear the first half of Qin Yu’s words.

Does he mean that I hold some weight in his heart? Did he accidentally say that, or is he hinting at something?

Silent Kite tried her best to maintain the constraint of a young girl. But, the emotions in her heart clearly told her she hoped that it was the latter.

If Qin Yu really was trying to hint something to her…she was willing to throw away her shyness and express her feelings on her own initiative!

If it was said that Silent Kite only had a favorable impression of Qin Yu before, then after being saved once again and learning his true reason for coming to the Severed Heaven Abyss, this favorable impression transformed into a kind of real and fierce emotion.

Qin Yu could faintly feel the heat in her eyes, thus he mentioned the previous matter. But, it was clear that his attempt to appear cold-blooded didn’t produce the negative effect it should have.

His intuition told him that he couldn’t continue along this topic again. He coughed lightly and squeezed his hand.

Hu Shan opened her eyes and smiled. But, her eyes were a little reddened. She thought that her Uncle Qin really was desperate. Even if she was pretending to be asleep, there was no need to pinch so hard if he wanted her to wake up and change the topic.

Hum hum, can the thigh of a girl just casually be touched by anyone?

If it weren’t for the fact that you can barely be considered my elder, I would have complained and made you take responsibility!

“Mm…so it’s Big Sister Silent Kite. We’ve met before…my name is Hu Shan, I am Uncle Qin’s junior…”

Silent Kite held back her shame. “Hello, Hu Shan.” She felt a bit relieved. It turned out that this beautiful woman was his junior all along.

This was good, this was really good. Otherwise, there would be a Lei Xiaoyu in the back and a Hu Shan in the front. Just how much time had passed? Qin Yu’s ability to provoke women was as formidable as his strength.

She really wasn’t confident that she could struggle against so many women!

Uh…I overthought things…what’s wrong with me…a girl must be reserved, they must be reserved!

Qin Yu was sandwiched between two women. Their fragrance lingered in his senses, making this cruel atmosphere of the Severed Heaven Abyss much more gentle and calm than it should be.

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