Chapter 959 – Murong Qiye

An hour later, he let out a breath and said in a soft voice, “Let’s rest first.”

The crimson snow around them not only had a terrifyingly lower temperature, but it also had an overbearing ability to block divine sense. According to his calculation, unless he broke through to the Origin God boundary and his soul received a large-scale promotion that gave it a qualitative change, it would be impossible for him to break through the invisible barrier that it formed.

In terms of divine sense, Qin Yu was far too poor. But he had fused with the jade embryo egg. While he might not be able to see through all of the snow, finding a safe path wasn’t difficult.

He placed Hu Shan to the side and sat down. The battle between the two terrifying creatures that had just woken up from deep below the blood field had caused shockwaves which rolled through the red snow, causing it to tumble along in waves. Because he was trying to remain hidden, he had no way to use his cultivation to resist, so he could only use his body, thus receiving injuries as a result.

The most important point was that Qin Yu’s previous injuries had yet to heal. Now with more damage added to his original injuries, if it weren’t for the fact that the Ancient race’s Undying Body was extremely potent, any other cultivator in his place would have died.

Luckily, he had the bloodstone that Hu Shan had given him. This thing was fused with the blood of a formidable unknown life form, and its blood energy was nearly limitless. He had been drawing strength from up until now, but never once had he felt its blood energy fluctuations diminish.

“Ah!” Hu Shan shouted out loud, revealing a guilty expression. “Uncle Qin, don’t absorb any more blood energy from it. While it’s a treasure, it is still incomplete. The blood energy within has a cruel will hidden inside of it. If you absorb too much then it will affect your mind.”

Before, upon hearing news about her father, she had fallen into sadness and forgotten about this matter. Now that she mentioned it, she felt a bit of hesitation and fear. She was scared that Qin Yu would dislike her because of this.

She had lived alone in the world. Now, she finally found someone that treated her well and whom she could rely on. She absolutely didn’t want to lose him.

At this time, Hu Shan’s heart was quivering and her eyes were red.

Qin Yu opened his eyes. He smiled and said, “It’s fine. When you gave the stone to me, I sensed the cruel will in the blood energy.”


“Don’t worry. It’s not enough to affect me.” When Qin Yu finished speaking he patted her shoulder and closed his eyes again.

He could perceive Hu Shan’s emotions. She was a pitiful child.

An hour later, Qin Yu put the bloodstone away. He stood up and said, “Hu Shan, let’s leave.”

It wasn’t completely safe at all times beneath the snowfield. He needed to move constantly according to the terrifying creatures in his sense.

Hu Shan nodded and crawled onto his back. Then, Qin Yu’s figure flickered as he rapidly shuttled through the snow.

He looked around, his eyes constantly flashing with dark golden light. Two hearts beat powerfully in his chest, forcing blood energy to quickly flood through his body.

In this way he was able to release enough heat to withstand the bone-biting cold outside.

Of course, the sun and moon force field also helped. It kept Qin Yu and Hu Shan’s auras locked within a limited scope, otherwise they would have been discovered already.

Qin Yu subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows. He suddenly realized something. With his current cultivation and all his cards, he could barely manage to survive the blood field. If it was any other cultivator then even if that cultivator was stronger than him, he feared they would die pitifully.

And in truth, if he used all his strength earnestly, how many cultivators who came to the Severed Heaven Abyss would be stronger than him?

If the region before where the blood stream’s demonic sound suddenly rose was considered the first hurdle to overcome, then this snowfield that became the incarnation of blood would thoroughly cut off their road.

Unless the cultivators that came afterwards had an equally powerful card in hand, then they would inevitably die.

This included even formidable experts like Li Hongyi and Silent Kite!

Qin Yu didn’t care about others, but these two women had their own connections with him. In particular, Silent Kite. He owed her a favor from the past.

He hoped they knew when to give up!

Bringing just Hu Shan was nearly Qin Yu’s limit. He didn’t have the ability to save anyone else. Moreover, in this boundless snowfield of blood, his perception was limited. If they came here then everything would depend on their own fate.

Li Hongyi lifted a hand and slashed down. Sword light shot out but produced no noise. Ripples appeared in the void, and between these ripples, the demonic sound suddenly weakened. Zhuo Han and the others followed quickly behind.

Sometime later, as many people paled and they were nearly unable to continue forward, the demonic sounds vanished.

They came out!

Everyone grew wild with joy. Their eyes filled with excitement and happiness.

Li Hongyi turned her hand and the sword vanished. She wavered where she stood, her face drained of color.

Zhuo Han quickly said, “Miss, are you alright?”

Li Hongyi shook her head, “I’m fine.” She suddenly furrowed her eyebrows. The people around her who just emerged all sucked in a breath of air.

It was so cold!

The terrifying chill in the air was like countless needles poking into their bodies. Even with their cultivation they couldn’t resist it.

“What’s happening?”

“What a horrifying chill!”

“I cultivate the path of ice and yet I can’t resist it!”

As people cried out in alarm, a layer of frost began to appear over their eyebrows and hair.

At the same time, their exposed skin started to look black and blue. This was a sign that their mortal bodies were being damaged in the extreme cold!

Li Hongyi drew in a deep breath. She lifted a hand and the sword appeared once again. She grabbed the hilt, knelt on one knee, and stabbed it down into the void.

Puff –

A third of the sword vanished from sight, as if it entered another world.

Then, veins began to appear on the sword blade. It was crimson in color, like magma was rushing through it.

A blazing heat was released from the blade. Although it wasn’t able to completely counterbalance the terrifying chill in the air, it made everyone feel much better. At the very least, they no longer feared that they would freeze to death here!

“Thank you Miss Li!” People bowed in gratitude.

 Li Hongyi didn’t speak. She immediately sat down. Although her expression was faint, she wasn’t able to conceal her weariness.

Zhuo Han took in a deep breath, “Everyone, Miss Li cannot resist this terrifying chill alone. We must each use our own respective methods.”

“Of course.”

“Fellow daoist Zhuo is correct!”

“I happen to have a Southern Ming Fire Lamp. It may be of some use.”

Even if some of them had a slightly weaker cultivation, no one that was able to travel with Sword Manic Li was ordinary. Everyone quickly utilized their own treasures and abilities. When combined together, they managed to resist the cold coming from the outside.

Although they still felt cold, it wouldn’t cause any substantial damage to them.

Everyone started to relax, a happy look on their faces.

Li Hongyi opened her eyes. She sharply said, “The chill in the air is strange, and the path forward is unknown. Don’t celebrate too early.”

Zhuo Han smiled, “If miss says it, none of us would dare to be careless. We will restore our strength here, and after making some more preparations, we will head forward again.” He turned to the crowd and cupped his hands together, “Fellow daoists, in order to prevent any accidents, please recover as soon as possible.”

Everyone nodded.

Zhuo Han sat down and started to revolve his cultivation, restoring the losses from when he passed through the blood stream’s demonic sound. But as soon as he started, his heart throbbed. A terrifying swallowing strength spread out and nearly caused him to faint.

Several breaths of time later, this swallowing strength disappeared. Zhuo Han opened his eyes, gasping for breath as sweat dripped down his face.

“Fellow daoist Zhuo, you are…” Several cultivators at his side looked at him with surprise.

Zhuo Han bitterly smiled, “When I first started cultivating, due to my own greed I experienced a small accident. Since then I have suffered from a cold illness. I thought I had recovered since it hadn't appeared for all these years, but it came back just now.”

He shook his head. “Thinking about it, it should be because the chill in the air is too terrifying.”

Several people nodded in agreement. Having come this far, they were all considered experienced. But not once had they ever heard of such a terrifying chill existing in this world. It was a chill that could even freeze a God boundary cultivator to death.

After giving Zhuo Han some comforting words, the people closed their eyes and started to cultivate. When Zhuo Han felt their gazes move away from him, he took a breath and closed his eyes, hiding the anger and fear there.

He had made preparations ahead of time, so it shouldn’t be erupting now. Where had a problem come from? Was it the blood stream’s demonic sound, or could it really be the chill?

Zhuo Han couldn’t figure out the answer. But none of that mattered. Since the problem had appeared, he needed to figure out a solution to solve it.

Moreover, he had to be quick about it. Otherwise, if it were to erupt again, he might not be able to withstand it. And if any clues were exposed…

Zhuo Han’s heart shook. After calming his thoughts, he opened his eyes and glanced at the people around him. He looked carefully and discreetly, as if he were making an important decision.

In the deepest parts of the blood field, a pitch black crack was deeply embedded into the earth. It was utterly dark, dropping off with no end in sight. But at this time, a blood red light bloomed in the endless darkness. It bloomed with difficulty, pushing away the surrounding darkness to reveal a round well that was saturated with blood.

The head of the well expanded until a single person was able to squeeze out from it. Then, one person emerged. He wore white robes and had a beautiful appearance. Even if he was clearly a man, he still left one’s mouth parched and their heart beating faster.

“Huh! I finally came out. This exit was too narrow.” The white-robed man complained beneath his breath. He shook his head, “But if I can save some strength, I should save it. There is plenty of work left to do.

“You worked so hard to prepare for all these years, but in the most critical moment, something might have gone wrong. What do you think, fellow daoist?”

After he finished speaking he lowered his head. His eyes sparkled as if his gaze pierced through the darkness and looked at something deep below.

After waiting a while and receiving no response, the white-robed man rubbed his nose and revealed an awkward smile. “If you are like this then it isn’t giving me much face. And I’m someone who was born with a great focus on face. So if you cause me to lose face, I will make you feel uncomfortable.

“Ah…phrasing it like that doesn’t seem too threatening. Well, I came here to cause trouble to begin with…as I thought, my main body has been asleep for far too long. After just waking up, it seems my bad habit of talking too much has emerged again.

“Then let’s not waste time chatting anymore.”

The white-robed man’s smile disappeared. He seemed warm when he smiled, but when his smile vanished he seemed especially cold, like a deep winter night after a warm spring day.

He cupped his hands together and bowed, “Fellow daoist, my name is Murong Qige. If you are not happy about today’s result, then you can seek revenge on me at any time.”

As he spoke, he stood up. With his hands placed behind his back, Murong Qige nodded and then fell down.

Whoosh –

The sound of splitting air blasted out. A series of afterimages followed behind him, as if a bolt of white lightning had shot down from the heavens and broken through the darkness!

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