Chapter 956 – The Same Snowfield

Silent Kite suddenly thought this was all laughable. She felt sad for these people around her, and also felt ashamed that she had considered them her companions at one point.

Most of these people held the title of genius, but with their eyes held so high they couldn’t see anything below them, so how could they stand steady and truly reflect on themselves?

That’s right, Silent Kite acknowledged that Zhuo Han’s words were reasonable. When she heard them, she also wavered for a moment.

But she knew in her heart that all the things Zhuo Han said were self-righteous assumptions…and these assumptions were definitely wrong.

Qin Yu is not a villain, all of you are.

Sensing the vague eyes on her, Silent Kite thought for a while and decided not to explain anything.

She looked at Zhuo Han and lightly said, “Perhaps what you said is right. Since I made a mistake, I won’t continue to drag you all down. Then, I’ll be parting ways with you here.”

As her voice fell she turned and left. Her figure flickered and she vanished into the distance.

This result was completely unexpected. Everyone standing outside the camp was left stunned and shaken once again.

It was obvious they never imagined Silent Kite would give such a fierce response, even directly leaving on her own.

In all fairness, everyone knew that within the entire camp, besides that Sword Maniac Li, the strongest one was Silent Kite. Moreover, the Light Guard cultivation technique she trained in was able to restrain all demons and darkness. Her ability to resist the blood stream’s demonic sound was likely no weaker than Sword Maniac Li’s.

Originally, everyone was discussing a plan that placed Li Hongyi and Silent Kite at the center. They would combine their powers in an array formation to resist the blood stream’s demonic sound.

But now, before the plan had begun, it had been cancelled.

Qin Yu left, vanishing beyond their line of sight. He had likely passed beyond the strengthened demonic sound region and it was impossible for them to think about seizing his treasure.

Now Silent Kite had also left…what could they do?

So some people started to look at Zhuo Han with ill intent.

No matter how smart you are, able to find the truth from the smallest details, why did you target Silent Kite?

This was the kind of person that talked themselves to death!

Zhuo Han’s face darkened. But facing these eyes, he couldn’t express anything. He had enraged the crowd. If he said anything else there was bound to be an acrimonious fall-out.

Although he was confident in his strength, if he was plotted against in the Severed Heaven Abyss, he feared he would die before he had the chance to respond.

Li Hongyi ended this farce. She appeared in the crowd, her cold eyes sweeping around. “Stop wasting time. We will try to enter by tomorrow at the latest.”

Her voice fell and she moved back to the camp. There was no expression on her face and her eyes remained faint.

She was the Li Family’s Sword Maniac. She had poured all of her life and soul into the sword, and her personality had become one with her sword intent. Even if she made a mistake, she would not lower her head.

Moreover, Sword Maniac Li didn’t believe she had made a real mistake anywhere.

Qin Yu…if you really have been hiding yourself until now, I still despise you.

A man should stand tall and upright; he shouldn’t need to hide his head and show his tail. Are you afraid of walking honestly and openly in the world?

You and I will eventually meet again. At that time, I will defeat you with the sword in my hand!

Bang –

The void thundered with endless sword cries. They were like roaring waves, reverberating into eternity!


Qin Yu suddenly furrowed his eyebrows. He turned his head back. For some reason, a startling feeling passed over his heart.

As if some extremely fierce animal had locked onto him.

Zero said, “What is it?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “It’s nothing.” He suppressed his surprise and asked, “How much farther until we arrive?”

Zero closed her eyes as if sensing something. When she opened them, her face was a little more pale and even her voice sounded weaker.

“We’re close. As long as we pass through here, we can reach the final point.

“He…is there.”

Qin Yu’s heart trembled. While Zero said that the fallen Origin God in the Severed Heaven Abyss had thoroughly died…he thought back to when the earth split open and the thick blood vessels broke apart, condensing into a terrifying blood phantom that fought Zero…it was clear things weren’t so simple.

At least, not as simple as Zero described it.

In Qin Yu’s opinion, finding the Origin God’s corpse wouldn’t be the end. Rather, it would be the beginning of a grand play.

Qin Yu should have the qualifications to step onto the stage of this great play. But, as for whether he could survive until the plot finished? That would depend on his fate.

An hour later, the demonic sound vanished. Qin Yu’s heart relaxed and the thundering roars from his chest began to calm down.

But this relaxation only lasted for a short period. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows together. Because at this time, it was far too cold.

With Qin Yu’s current cultivation, it was an exaggeration to say he could battle his way across the Divine Dao boundary. But if he were truly engaged in brutal combat, there weren’t many God boundary experts that could suppress him.

He felt cold…basically, this could be taken as a joke, but it was also the truth.

An extreme cold flooded the heavens and earth, covering every inch of space. And the most terrifying point was that his cultivation wasn’t able to resist it at all.

The cold was like sharp needles that seized upon every opening to pierce through his flesh and blood, digging deep into his marrow.

“Ahhh!” Zero shouted. A faint blue color appeared on her pale face.

Her body shivered and she subconsciously held onto Qin Yu as if she wanted to melt into his body.

“It’s so cold!”

Qin Yu let out a breath, which instantly froze into a white fog that crashed down in shards of ice.

At this time, without need for his orders, his two hearts started to beat with all their strength, pushing blood through his body. His blood began to boil over and roar as it circulated through him.

Due to the extreme cold trying to break into his body, the formidable attributes of the Ancient race’s Undying Body were thoroughly activated.

Countless years ago, the heavens and earth were called the Great Desolate. The Ancient race was born in a land of bitter cold. They could grow to over 100,000 feet in height and they had an indomitable spirit as well as infinite power. They could lift their hands and pluck down the stars and the moon, and when they took a step they could shatter mountains and rivers!

At that time, the environment of the Great Desolate was innumerable times worse than where Qin Yu was now. But, the Ancients still survived and even flourished for a time.

Now, while the Ancients were nearly extinct, the power fused into their bloodline had been passed down intact.

The power of cold…unless it was tyrannical to the point where it could freeze the world solid, even making the rules unable to revolve, then it wasn’t a problem for an Ancient.

In Qin Yu’s senses, that incomparably terrifying cold retreated like a falling tide. He felt like a blazing oven. Even a massive iceberg could easily be melted by him!

Zero’s complexion improved and warmth returned to her frozen limbs. She felt as if she were holding onto a stone that had been roasted red. All of the freezing chill was pushed back, unable to come any closer.

Everyone had their own secrets. She smartly didn’t ask anything else. She only stuck herself closer to Qin Yu.

Thus, she felt warmth and comfort. Even her injuries dissipated a great deal.

“Are you alright?”


“Then let’s hurry along.”

The simple conversation came to an end. Qin Yu stepped forward. Although he was able to cross a thousand feet with one step, his pace was much slower than before.

The air gradually became colder. If the Ancient race’s bloodline didn’t have a formidable ability to resist the power of cold, then Qin Yu didn’t doubt he would have frozen to death.

Suddenly, Qin Yu came to a stop. The ground had been frozen solid due to the extreme cold, but where he stepped now, the ice began to dissolve into a white mist.

As the mist lingered around, Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. He determined that he wasn’t seeing things. A snowfield appeared in front of him.

Moreover, this snowfield gave off a vaguely familiar feeling.

After a period of silence, Qin Yu continued forward. The closer he got to the snowfield, the tighter his eyebrows became. When he stopped once again, he knew for sure that this snowfield was the same one they had come to when they first arrived at the Severed Heaven Abyss.

As if a mirror had produced a reflection of that snowfield and projected it here in front of Qin Yu.

But it was clear that this snowfield which was completely alike in appearance was far colder than the snowfield outside.

Mm…in fact, Qin Yu couldn’t even determine which of these two snowfields was the reflection…

There was a greater possibility that the snowfield outside was the shadow…in this world, there was no logic in the shadow being more terrifying than the true self.

Since he saw the same snowfield, did that mean there was a similar crack that led to the abyss?

Qin Yu pursed his lips. He lifted Zero and continued forward.

Guessing wouldn’t solve anything. Only his own eyes would give him the final answer.

This snowfield didn’t seem far and was right in their line of sight. But, approaching it wasn’t easy at all. Perhaps because this space couldn’t withstand the extreme cold, it was distorted and folded up.

So Qin Yu spent at least five times the estimated time to approach the edge of this snowfield.

Dark golden light surged in his eyes. His gaze crossed over the endless white snow to fall into the distance…

As he thought, a pitch black crack appeared at the edge of his vision. It was incomparably deep, like a great open mouth. This wasn’t a description, but the first thought that popped up in his mind when he saw it. It was accompanied with an intense sense of fear.

As if this pitch black crack could jump up at any moment, revealing sharp fangs and ripping him to shreds.

Qin Yu stiffened in place, not moving, as if he was being stared at by an apex predator. Cold sweat seeped out from his back and drenched his robes.

On his back, Zero’s fearful expression faded away like the tide, turning cold and faint, without any waves.

She calmly looked at the snowfield and the distant crack in the earth. She patted Qin Yu’s back and calmly said, “We’ve arrived.”

With this pat, Qin Yu freed himself from that inexplicable state of horror. He gasped for breath, subconsciously withdrawing.

Zero said, “In this world, fear is the most meaningless thing. If you cannot overcome this, how do you plan on climbing the Great Dao?”

She closed her eyes. “Let’s go. I’m already impatient to see my old friend.”

Her aura disappeared. When Zero opened her eyes again, there was a brief period of vacantness before she violently coughed. A bit of blood spattered out from her nose and mouth. When it landed on Qin Yu’s hot body, it immediately evaporated.

Qin Yu sucked in a deep breath. He suddenly understood why he felt that he owed Zero and had to protect her life.

So it was her all along!


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