Chapter 955 – The Smart Zhuo Han

Qin Yu revealed a helpless expression. But, he could clearly feel that Zero’s actions all came from the bottom of her heart and she was trying to right the injustices committed against him. So when he turned his head and looked at her, he only smiled, quietly mocking himself that his self-discipline was still lacking.

To not be moved by outside factors…to be honest, he was simply suppressing his inner emotions, so at this time he did feel somewhat refreshed.

Sure enough, while the instinct of maintaining face and being popular might seem vain and boring, it was deeply imprinted in every person’s heart.

Regardless of whether a person acknowledged its existence or not, it was still there.

He turned his face back forward and let out a breath. Since he wanted to give these people a slap, it was inevitable that he was going to offend others. Then, he might as well make this slap perfect so that his mood was better.

“Let’s go.”


Qin Yu stepped forward. The demonic sounds of the blood stream grew far more intense, like countless mosquitoes buzzing in his ears.

But mosquitoes were just mosquitoes. Besides being annoying, they weren’t too significant, nor could they cause any true damage to him.

Zero lay on his back, not reacting at all. It was clear that with the tyrannical existence in her body, these minor mind-manipulating methods weren’t able to affect her at all.

So when the eyes gathered on their backs, gazes filled with disdain, mockery, confusion…all these moods suddenly froze up.

Mouths subconsciously fell open in shock. Some people rubbed their eyes, then rubbed their eyes again until they were red, but still they couldn’t believe what they saw.

They…had left like that.

Only by personally experiencing the demonic sounds of the blood stream and having its might increase by ten times or even more, would one understand how terrifying it actually was.

They were like countless thick and rusty needles stabbing into one’s brain and wildly stirring around.

It did this not to control a cultivator’s mind, but to directly destroy their will. As their mind collapsed, all that remained was their body, one that was easily manipulated.

Because of this, these people had no choice but to stop here and find some way to weaken or shield against the blood stream’s demonic sounds.

But now, these two people they ridiculed as being idiots seeking death, had walked right into the chaos. They didn’t stop, as if nothing happened to them at all.

Qin Yu and Zero continued forward without looking back. But, this silence was in itself the greatest taunt of all.

As they thought back to what Zero said when she turned her head, the people in the camp felt angry with shame. At this time…their faces really did hurt.

Zhuo Han sucked in a deep breath, suppressing his roiling thoughts. “I don’t believe this. There must be a problem. With just him…this is impossible!”

He took a step forward and flew out from the camp. Soon, he crossed a thousand feet and entered into the region of the demonic sounds.

Hu –

In an instant, Zhuo Han’s face drained of all blood. Blue veins stuck out on his neck as he forcibly restrained the scream coming from his throat. He withdrew in panic.

The demonic sounds were still there…it was true…it was all true…

Zhuo Han clenched his teeth. He turned and flew out again. This just happened to be the area where Qin Yu and Zero stepped into the region of demonic sounds.

He entered quickly and retreated just as quickly. The last trace of luck vanished from his mind.

Perhaps because the contrast between reality and imagination was too great, Zhuo Han was lost in an absentminded daze.

The entire camp was silent!

Zhuo Han’s actions had confirmed what they were all thinking. They could not withstand the terrifying power of the demonic sound.

But Qin Yu and that obviously weak woman had unexpectedly been able to completely disregard it.

Abandoning all else, just this point proved that those two people far surpassed them.

After being abandoned by the God Mark Holy Stone, experiencing a bitter attack and becoming a holy forsaken, never to recover…all of this was just a great joke.

Had anyone ever seen a holy forsaken as strong as this before?

Li Hongyi was silent. She watched Qin Yu and Zero gradually fade away. Her eyes were deep and it was unknown what she was thinking, but her quickened breathing proved that she wasn’t as calm as she appeared to be.

“Qin Yu…”

Silent Kite let out a breath. She suddenly realized something. On the day when the God Mark Holy Stone arrived, perhaps things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

As she thought about the words Zero said, she was even surer of this. So, a smile widened across her face. She suddenly felt relaxed and happy.

To touch the God Mark Holy Stone and cause 3000 Great Daos to descend…if Qin Yu was fine, then the harvests he received on that day must have been beyond anyone’s expectations.

However, this was the direction the script should have gone in to begin with. After all, he was someone who survived and escaped from the Great Dragon Overlord’s claws.

Then a thought crossed Silent Kite’s mind like lightning. She thought back to the mysterious cultivator who had suddenly appeared and joined forces with her father to cut down the Great Dragon Overlord.

Could that person also have been Qin Yu? The more she thought about this, the more likely it seemed!

On that day, after the Great Dragon Overlord was slain, Celestial Retribution conducted a deep investigation to find out information on that cultivator. But, they hadn’t been able to discover any clues about him.

It was as if he had emerged out of thin air and vanished just as quickly, without leaving any traces of himself behind.

If this person didn’t exist to begin with and was only someone pretending to be someone else, then it was naturally impossible for Celestial Retribution to find any traces of him.

With this, everything was explained.

Silent Kite suddenly laughed. She laughed because of her own shallowness and she laughed at the ignorance of these people around her.

They thought she had participated in the slaying of the Great Dragon Overlord, yet she hadn’t shown up at that battle at all. Even so, she was regarded as one of the leading geniuses of the younger generation. Then, what sort of appraisal would Qin Yu be given, who participated in the battle and personally slayed the Great Dragon Overlord?

Perhaps even the so-called number one genius Xiao Qi would be impossibly far behind when compared to him.

No wonder Qin Yu had maintained his silence all along, not caring about what others thought about him.

In his opinion, maybe all of this was pathetic and ridiculous, not even worth his time to care about.

Strictly speaking, Silent Kite was also one of those people who was ignored, but she didn’t feel any shame or anger. Rather, like Zero, she felt a bit of pride.

Perhaps it was because they had once fought side-by-side. Moreover, Qin Yu had once saved her life and saved her father’s life.

As Silent Kite thought about this, she tried her best to keep her happiness locked in. But, her heart inevitably beat faster and her face flushed red, making her seem even more beautiful.

Zhuo Han returned to the camp. He just happened to see this. Although he didn’t have any thoughts towards Silent Kite, he was a young man who cared about all beautiful women.

If before he had three points of hostility and seven points of disdain towards Qin Yu, then now he had seven points of hostility, two points of dread, and one point of fear that he wasn’t willing to acknowledge.

He swept his eyes around. At some unknown time, people had stepped out of the camp and were staring at the direction Qin Yu and Zero departed in. Sensing the subtle emotions in their eyes, he thought he should say something.

“I don’t believe he was able to achieve this with his own strength.”

Seeing eyes gathering onto him, Zhuo Han drew in a breath and repeated his words. He then said, “We were all able to sense his cultivation. He absolutely hasn’t entered into the God boundary. In other words, compared to you or me, he has only opened a few more paths to the God boundary.

“Miss Li is here. We all understand how strong she is. While she hasn’t fought with Xiao Qi, I believe she isn’t any weaker than he is. And Xiao Qi is the fabled super genius who has opened eight paths to the God boundary. Do you think Qin Yu is stronger than him?

“Okay. Taking a step back, even if Qin Yu is stronger, then at most he has opened nine paths to the God boundary. Before reaching the God boundary, that is the limit one can reach. The disparity of a single path to the God boundary is large, but it absolutely isn’t to the degree that we just saw.”

Everyone’s eyes began to shine. It was clear they started to believe his words. Because what they saw was far too shocking and unbelievable.

If Qin Yu was barely able to resist the blood stream’s demonic sound then that was fine…but he crossed through it like he didn’t sense anything at all.

Zhou Han took a deep breath, as if he wanted to vent all the anger in his chest. “And, there is one more point, the most important point. Don’t forget that he was carrying a clearly injured woman on his back, one with a weak aura.

“It is impossible for a person to borrow the strength of another to block out the blood stream’s demonic sound. We have already experimented and verified this. Qin Yu might be incredibly strong, but if that injured woman can pass through just like he did, then what is she depending on?”

“Treasure!” A cultivator standing outside the camp shouted out.

The eyes of the other people lit up, immediately revealing annoyance and regret.

Zhuo Han coldly sneered, “That’s right, I am also thinking what you are all thinking. It seems that we have all been played with by this fellow daoist Qin. He deliberately used this shocking method to have a great impact on us, directly walking into the demonic sound region before we could react. This way, he was able to avoid the dangers of having been discovered with a treasure.

“I can’t help but acknowledge that during my two encounters with fellow daoist Qin Yu, I have had to constantly reform my opinion of him. But in any case, he is a truly intelligent person. I really must admire him. Still, I have to say that he is a villain.

“Disregarding you and me, Miss Silent Kite didn’t hesitate to confront Miss Li Hongyi because of him. But, this person showed no intention of bringing Miss Silent Kite with him. Thinking about it, it’s likely to avoid the treasure becoming known to us in advance.

“While fellow daoist Qin Yu is reasonable for doing this, I still believe he is a true villain. So Miss Silent Kite, you really shouldn’t protect him.”

His last sentence implied something.

If you didn’t protect him, Qin Yu would have been wounded or killed by Li Hongyi. How could he have easily left into the strengthened demonic sound region? Perhaps that treasure he has might have fallen into their hands and helped them solve their conundrum.

Although Zhuo Han didn’t say this out loud, everyone here was wise enough to know what he meant. While Zhuo Han’s words were a bit suspicious in hindsight, they couldn’t help but agree.

So between their eyes, there was a bit of blame.


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