Chapter 954 – Defend Against Injustice

In truth, Qin Yu knew what the reason was behind Li Hongyi’s change in attitude.

He recalled Lei Xiaoyu who he had hidden away in the cave of the powerful dragon beast, and he couldn’t help but think cold thoughts.  

So after a brief pause, he said, “I am leaving now. Is it still too late?”

It seemed that Li Hongyi never imagined Qin Yu would react like this, just bowing his head and leaving.

Really, after suffering the attack from the God Mark Holy Stone, had all of his self-confidence been destroyed? Was there not a single drop of his pride left behind?

For some unknown reason, anger gushed out in her heart and her expression became colder. “There’s no more time.” She lifted a hand. There was the sudden cry of a sword as a dense wind whipped into existence.

Although there was still a long distance separating them, Qin Yu could feel a stabbing pain rushing at him, as if he were facing the wind from an early winter morning.

At this time, Qin Yu couldn’t help but inwardly praise her. She really was worthy of the title ‘Sword Maniac’. In a mere ten days, her sword cultivation had risen considerably.

As he thought, true cultivation geniuses existed in this world.

From the very beginning, Qin Yu was well aware of himself. He was just an ordinary person. Him being able to triumphantly rise to his current heights, possessing the strength to crush his peers and even fight above realms, was all thanks to the cards he had obtained through luck and chance.

Although luck and chance was also a part of a cultivator’s strength, in terms of talent, Qin Yu was inferior. Of course, he wasn’t belittling himself. Qin Yu could face anyone without shame and say he had his current cultivation base thanks to his hard work and perseverance.

Zhuo Han revealed a mocking expression, as if he could already see Qin Yu’s bloodied image after being struck by this sword.

He didn’t doubt Li Hongyi’s strength at all. So if he were ever to discover what Qin Yu was thinking about right now, he would surely curse him for not knowing what death and danger were.

But what a pity, Li Hongyi’s sword never came cutting down. A figure fluttered over and blocked Qin Yu’s front.

Li Hongyi furrowed her eyebrows. She asked without expression, “Why?”

Silent Kite, “He is an old friend of mine.”

“Old friend?” Li Hongyi frowned, her eyes as sharp as swords. “I never heard of this at the imperial capital.”

Silent Kite’s expression didn’t change. “You should know I have no need to lie.”

There was a deeper meaning behind her words.

If I am to protect someone, then not even you, the Li Family’s Sword Maniac, will be able to harm them.

Li Hongyi’s eyebrows rose up, adding a solemnness and heroic vigor to her faint expression. Her meaning was – since you’re so confident in yourself, why don’t we test and see whether my sword can pierce through your protection?

Zhuo Han hurriedly said, “Miss, please calm down. Fellow daoist Qin Yu’s actions might be despicable, but there is no direct conflict between us. Since Miss Silent Kite has spoken up on his behalf, I ask that miss please pardon him. Do not ruin your friendship for such a person.”

Li Hongyi was silent for several breaths of time. She put away her sword and turned around, “I won’t attack him, but he must leave immediately.”

Zhuo Han cupped his hands together towards Silent Kite. “The miss has already made concessions. I ask Miss Silent Kite for understanding…” He paused for a moment and glanced at Qin Yu. “Allow me to take the liberty to remind Miss Silent Kite. Even if someone is an old friend, you should try to recognize their true appearance as soon as possible.”

He shook his head and walked away.

Silent Kite frowned, not saying anything. She looked at Qin Yu and quietly asked, “I’ll only ask this once. Is Miss Lei still alive?”

Qin Yu felt a bit awkward. He had no idea when he had revealed a flaw in his disguise, but it was clear that Silent Kite had sensed something. Moreover, when she faced the Sword Maniac to protect him…although he didn’t need it, it was still a favor.

And most importantly, Qin Yu could sense the precious emotions of a girl in Silent Kite’s eyes. It was trembling right now, as if it could break apart at any moment.

So after thinking about it, he decided to maintain his silence. After cupping his hands together to express his thanks, he lifted Zero up and turned to leave.

Silent Kite’s eyes flashed with light and she smiled. In her eyes, Qin Yu’s silence was a sufficient answer.

If he really had abandoned Lei Xiaoyu, he wouldn’t be so hesitant. If so, there was only one explanation – she was alive and well.

Although she had no idea what the specifics were, as long as Lei Xiaoyu was still alive, then the biggest stain on Qin Yu’s name did not exist.

Silent Kite really was happy…moreover, what she was even happier about was that Qin Yu didn’t deny they were old friends.

This proved her initial guess was right. It really was him!

Of course, the reason Silent Kite was overjoyed was all established on this premise…if he was a stranger, what did it matter if he was good or bad?

Watching Qin Yu leave the scope of the camp, Silent Kite loudly said, “A thousand feet ahead, the power of the demonic sound increases to a whole new level. It is extremely formidable. You should make preparations before attempting to break through.”

Qin Yu paused. He turned and glanced at her, nodding before changing direction.

Silent Kite’s eyes widened. She watched as Qin Yu carried Zero, making a big circle to avoid the camp and then continue forward.

Did he not hear her warning? No, that wasn’t right. Qin Yu had clearly nodded at her in acknowledgement.

Shua –

With a flicker of light, Silent Kite blocked his path. “You can’t go there!”

Qin Yu said, “I thank Miss Silent Kite for the advice, but I know what I’m doing.”

These words…she seemed to have heard them somewhere before.

Silent Kite’s mind flew far away, returning to when she was captured in the obam’s territory. At that time, Qin Yu was just like this. And reality proved that he could accomplish things that were seemingly impossible.

As she was lost in a daze, Qin Yu moved around her and continued forward.

It was clear that Silent Kite’s voice had attracted many eyes from the camp.

Li Hongyi was expressionless. It was unknown what she was thinking about, but her eyes were quiet and cold.

Zhuo Han sneered, “Reckless and blind.”

He had personally experienced the demonic sounds coming from the streams of flowing blood in front. Even if no one in this camp was weak, perhaps only Li Hongyi could resist it.

As for Qin Yu?

He was courting death!

Could it be that his last dregs of pride were aroused just now?

If this was true, then it was no surprise that this sort of person, the kind who had no idea of their own worth or weight, would be unable to recover from the setback of the God Mark Holy Stone.

However, Qin Yu’s affinity with women still left him feeling envious.

Lei Xiaoyu, Silent Kite, and also Zero, who he was carrying on his back, these were all uniquely beautiful women.

And most importantly, Zhuo Han could faintly feel a strange mood coming from Li Hongyi.

This was the root reason he was so hostile towards Qin Yu!

There weren’t many cultivators at the camp, and not all of them knew who Qin Yu was. After asking around, a thoughtful look came across many eyes.

Silent Kite had personally appeared to save him, but he clearly didn’t treasure his life. Such a person was really ‘special’.

Whatever. They would just take it as watching a brief play to relax their tense hearts.

Zero lay against Qin Yu’s body. She could feel his broad and solid shoulders as well as his strong and steady heartbeat. It was calm, just like how it was at the beginning, without any change at all.

It was clear that the judgment and looks of these outsiders was unable to affect his mind.

This was a true man, someone whose thoughts and feelings were as stable as a rock, unmoved by any outside influence.

Hum hum, you people don’t understand anything!

Without reason, Zero felt proud. She couldn’t help but fight for injustice on Qin Yu’s behalf.

This sort of feeling was as if her own family member had been misunderstood and mocked by others.

That’s right, it was family. This was what Zero felt towards Qin Yu from the depths of her heart.

This was why she let Qin Yu carry her and slept against him.

Zero took a deep breath and sat up. She turned back to look at the camp, a cold expression on her face. She slowly said, “Sometimes, I don’t understand why some people think they are cleverer than they actually are. Do they not know how embarrassing it is when they are brought back to reality?”

Her voice wasn’t loud but it spread everywhere. Because she used her cultivation, her complexion paled and her breathing sped up. But, she was satisfied, because these people would soon realize what it was like to be slapped in the face.

Mm, it was bound to be interesting!


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