Chapter 953 – Meeting the Li Family’s Sword Maniac Again

Qin Yu shook his head, “I don’t think you will.”

“Why not?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Because you should be hoping that I can find the Origin God’s corpse with you…although I don’t know for what reason.”

Zero restrained her aura. “Your guess is correct, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay a price. The favor I owed you for your help is repaid with this. In addition, I don’t have much strength remaining, so if you really don’t want to die, then make sure you protect me well.”

Qin Yu earnestly nodded, “I promise.”

Zero closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was still herself, but no longer what she was.

Although this explanation was a bit convoluted, the meaning was easy to understand.

She looked at Qin Yu, panic and fear in her eyes. She mumbled, “I’m scared, I don’t want to die…”

But it was clear she understood what had happened to her. She just had no strength to change it.

Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. He slowly said, “Don’t worry. You will survive.”

Zero’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Qin Yu nodded.

Zero smiled. Although it was a bit forced, one could feel the ease coming from her heart.

As if she trusted Qin Yu’s words.

“Are you really called Zero?”



“I’m an orphan.”

Without any further explanation, there was a bit more warmth in Qin Yu’s eyes when he looked at her.

“Let’s go.” As Qin Yu spoke he stretched out his arms to her. “If you’re tired, you can sleep for a moment. Just like before.”

Zero bit her lips and nodded. She leaned into Qin Yu’s arms and closed her eyes, soon falling into a deep sleep.

Qin Yu looked up, glancing deep into the vast world. Then he shot into the skies. He was currently in an extremely distressed state, and his wounds were severe. They were so severe that his consciousness could collapse and he could fall into a coma at any moment.

But he had to leave this place. Zero’s battle with the blood phantom had been too earth-shaking. It had managed to draw in a group of six robber cultivators, and it could bring even more.

The blue and black blood vessels on the earth constantly bulged and contracted, as if a mighty heart were beating through them.

All of the cultivators who made it past the barrier of broken world fragments and arrived here were shocked before coming to realize something – they could no longer land on the ground. This was because once the blue and black blood vessels sensed the approach of living creatures, they would rush over and wildly entangle them, crushing them into pieces and drawing them into the earth.

If it was just this, then for strong cultivators it wouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. After all, with their cultivation it was simple to stay high in the skies.

But it was clear that things weren’t so simple, because there really was fresh blood flowing through these blue and black blood vessels.

And the flowing of this fresh blood emitted a sound. Listening to it, it was like several flowing brooks coming together. At the beginning there wasn’t any problem listening to this, but as time passed, strange changes would occur.

The sound of flowing blood was like demonic whispers. It could affect the heart and mind of a cultivator. If they weren’t able to fend it off, then it would eventually take control of their body.

And the end result of that was…

“Come back, Qian Rong, come back!” A man shouted, blood splashing out from his mouth and nose. His robes were torn open at the chest, revealing the slender palm print of a woman. The exposed skin was covered in frost, beginning to turn blue and black.

He struggled as he tried to catch up, but he was pulled back by a person beside him. The person said, “Yun Zong, she has already lost her mind and can no longer be helped! If you continue to approach her, she will kill you!”

“Ahh!” Yun Zong screamed in pain. “Why, why did this happen!?”

He stared on helplessly as the woman called Qian Rong calmly sat down on the ground. She allowed the blue and black blood vessels to envelop her in layers.

And soon after, the blood vessels contracted and contracted again. The sound of breaking flesh and bones filled the air, slowly dying down. Thick and viscous blood flowed out. When it poured onto the ground it was absorbed in the blink of an eye, becoming a part of it.

And from beginning to end, this woman showed no signs of resistance. She didn’t reveal any pain or agony either.

As if in her eyes, being killed and having her flesh and blood mix into the ground was the most fortunate matter of her life – and her actions were the best evidence of this.

The cultivators who broke in were caught by this demonic sound. While they were frightened, they had no way to escape it.

Because the ground beneath their feet was all red. And wherever there was red, there were also blue and black blood vessels.

It wasn’t that no one tried to destroy the blood vessels to clear out a safe place to rest.

But, their attempts all failed – anyone who tried was enveloped in thick blood, dissolving without a trace and becoming a part of it.

Since they couldn’t evade them or destroy them, they could only continue forward.

If they found the source of these blood vessels, perhaps there was a chance they could survive. And in the eyes of some formidable cultivators, the place where these blood vessels converged was likely to be where the corpse of the Origin God was!

Some people were filled with despair and fear, some people cried in pain, some people had eyes filled with ambition and burning heat…but no one knew that the nightmare was only just beginning. When it finally arrived, everyone would become its prey.

No…the term ‘prey’ might be too soft. Perhaps describing it as ‘food’ was more accurate.

Qin Yu had no idea what dangers awaited him in the future. After calculating the time, he feared that Lei Xiaoyu could only last for ten more days or so, so he had no choice but to quicken his pace.

As he flew through the air, Zero woke up. Her condition was still poor. She lay on Qin Yu’s back. There was a dignified look in their eyes as they saw the ground below them.

Along the way, he had seen many instances where cultivators took the initiative to passively die. So they also knew of the existence of the demonic sound.

Luckily, Qin Yu had the sun and moon force field as well as the jade embryo egg. As for Zero, perhaps because of the unknown existence within her, the two of them were completely unaffected by the sounds.

So although they were a little slower in breaking past the barrier of world fragments, they had caught up to those in the front. In fact, they had entered the front lines of the race.

Suddenly, Qin Yu slowed down. Zero raised her head and looked ahead.

A camp was hanging in midair and there were bright lamps all around. It was unknown what sort of fuel they were lit with, but it made one feel warm and safe.

Outside the camp, several eyes had noticed the paused Qin Yu and Zero.

“Eh?” Someone shouted in astonishment.


There were also some people that coldly sneered with icy intent.

Li Hongyi furrowed her eyebrows. She looked at Qin Yu and also the pallid and weak Zero on his back.

It was unknown what she was thinking, but her eyebrows tightened together and her eyes turned even colder.

She stood up, a sword cry echoing around her. Invisible sword intent formed between the world, crossing through space to lock onto them.

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead, completely speechless. He had no idea whether he should laugh or cry.

But thinking about it, with her cultivation, it was reasonable for her to be at the front.

However, it seemed that his luck really was bad. He had encountered her for a third time.

The Li Family’s Sword Maniac, Li Hongyi…

He had no idea what this woman was thinking in that mind of hers, but every time they met, her attitude was increasingly poor.

Whoosh –

With the sound of piercing air, Li Hongyi held her sword in front of her. Her voice was indifferent and cold.

“I said that you should not appear in front of me again. It seems you did not remember.”


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