Chapter 952 – The Terrifying Zero

“Die!” The cultivator who spoke first drew out a saber and slashed down.

Not only was this movement simple and crude, but the power behind it was equally brutal. Locked onto by the saber, Qin Yu’s heart shrank.

As he thought, anyone that dared to kill and rob others in the Severed Heaven Abyss wasn’t average.

Qin Yu made this judgment because when he first met these six people, he could feel the thick scent of blood and slaughter from them.

This was why he changed his original goal. Instead of drawing out the time, he would use an overwhelming initial assault to force these people into withdrawing.

The reason was simple. Facing these murderers, revealing any weakness or hesitation would cause them to bare their fierce fangs.

“If you have any strength left, kill one person first, otherwise you will have to protect yourself!” Qin Yu let go of Zero. Then, with a shout, he leapt forward to face the saber.

Dark golden light flickered deep in his eyes. He brought up his hands and punched out.

Holding the saber, Lian He suddenly felt irritated. Qin Yu’s punch wasn’t too strong, but it just happened to strike the weakest point of his sword potential.

Like a fishbone stuck in his throat, even if he had the power to break open the skies, he wasn’t able to exert even a third of his strength. This was like fighting with his hands and feet bound.

As the saber was halfway down, his wrist pulled back. The saber’s edge turned into a whip, tearing through the air.

Qin Yu seemed to have expected this. His punch dispersed and his fingers grasped outwards. In the depths of his eyes, a bronze mirror appeared.

“Soul Calming!”

With a shout, a white light shot out from between his eyebrows. It howled through space and landed on Lian He. He immediately stiffened and his eyes widened with shock. The saber in his hands exploded, releasing terrifying saber light.

Qin Yu drew in a deep breath. His five fingers closed up and he pressed down. “Great Dao Prospers Forever!”

Bang –

A towering sacred mountain phantom appeared between the heavens and earth. Its surface was lit up with endless blazing holy light, as if it were tumbling with scorching flames.

The mountain was split into seven layers, each one filled with millions of holy ghosts. They had snow-white wings on their backs as they prostrated themselves on the ground in worship.

At this time, the mountain phantom loudly arrived.


With a sneer, the four other people also attacked. This battle wasn’t some fair confrontation – all that mattered was killing the enemy. There would be no discussion of fairness.

Qin Yu’s expression was as cold as a stone. He stared at Lian He who was being suppressed by the mountain and then faced the four others. He spat out a single word.


As this word appeared, the flow of time within the world was influenced. The four blasts of supernatural arts that came his way were suddenly slowed down.

And at the same time, the speed at which the sacred mountain crashed down increased. This was because the flow of time around it had increased several times over.

One slowed, one quickened, this created a difference in time. While it only lasted for a single breath of time, this was more than enough for Qin Yu.

He grasped a hand forward. The phantom of a spear appeared in his hands. As he gripped his fingers together, the spear condensed into reality. He lifted the spear. The spear point tore through air, emitting a keening cry as it soared towards Lian He who was suppressed beneath the sacred mountain.

“No!” Lian He screamed in anger. He never expected that in a single confrontation he would be placed in such a dangerous situation.

For him to make a sound indicated that the strength of the Soul Calming God Light had been shaken away. But before he could resist it and retreat, the seven-layered sacred mountain had arrived.

The Great Dao that came from the Dao Monarch’s cultivation went straight to the unsurpassed boundary. After Qin Yu was illuminated by a trillion Great Dao stars, he continued to perceive and meditate upon it. Now, its strength was several times greater than it was at the beginning.

Even if this Lian He had shocking strength, he wouldn’t be able to easily withdraw. Moreover, what Qin Yu needed now was only a brief sparkle of time.

The Ancient God Spear arrived!

Puff –

The spear point tore through flesh and blood. It pierced through Lian He’s chest and broke out through his back, causing blood to splash out. After this strike, the spear phantom slowly dispersed, leaving behind a bowl-sized hole where it was.

The light in Lian He’s eyes quickly faded away. The flesh and blood at his wound wriggled as it tried to restore itself, but just as it began it lost all vigor. The aura of life vanished from his body, soon completely disappearing.

Qin Yu didn’t bask in his victory. He twisted to the side, avoiding the attacks that came blasting his way. In the next moment a severe pain coursed through his body. Even if he was prepared for it, his vision flashed black and he almost fainted.

Without looking, Qin Yu could sense how poor his current condition was. There were at least several dozen openings torn into his body and each one was bleeding profusely.

I am definitely a bloody person now…

As this thought occurred, the two hearts within Qin Yu’s chest wildly beat, controlling his body and tightened his flesh.

So the bleeding wounds vanished. Even the blood that flowed out permeated into his skin where it was reabsorbed.

The Ancient race’s Undying Body was fully mobilized!

The four cultivators widened their eyes. They had clearly been shocked by what they saw, so they didn’t immediately attack again.

This gave Qin Yu precious time to catch his breath. He wildly extracted the boundless blood energy in the red stone to restore his injuries.

“Lian He died, he actually died!” A cultivator muttered with a dazed expression.

They had known each other for many years now. The reason they entered the Severed Heaven Abyss was not for the Origin God corpse. Rather, from the beginning, the goal of these six people were the cultivators who came here.

Everything went smoothly and their harvests were considerable. But who could have imagined that after encircling these seemingly weak two people, the strongest amongst them, Lian He, would be slain.

A chill rose up in their hearts. As they looked at Qin Yu, there was awe in their eyes.

But soon this awe turned into wild brutality!

The stronger Qin Yu was, the more he had to die. Otherwise, none of them would have a good ending in the future.

Now, in order to kill Lian He, Qin Yu had to withstand their attacks and was heavily wounded…so this was the best time to kill him!

“This person must die!” Someone callously said. Each word dripped with icy killing intent.

Having worked together for so many years, the four people were already familiar with each other. After a brief moment of shock they erupted with their greatest strength.

Their figures flickered and they each appeared at a corner around Qin Yu. Their auras started to fuse together.

No, calling this fusion was inaccurate. To be more precise, it was similar to overlapping. While they didn’t completely fuse with each other, they produced a powerful increase in strength.

This should be some kind of exquisite joint attack technique.

It was obvious that Qin Yu’s sudden actions of attacking without hesitation and killing Lian He, no matter what losses he had to endure, had frightened the four people.

They chose to use the safest and most formidable method to kill Qin Yu – a joint attack method.

Bang –

The void rumbled as if an invisible mountain had arrived. The air condensed, like it had become a glacier.

And Qin Yu was suppressed within this glacier.


The four people shouted out in unison. The glacier shattered. As it broke apart, it quickened a resonance with the rules, unexpectedly producing a fearful attribute – that is, everything inside the glacier would collapse with it and be completely destroyed.

This was an ability similar to the annihilation of the world fragments.

But what a pity, while Qin Yu couldn’t resist the destruction of the world fragments, this glacier couldn’t kill him.

Puff –

Puff –

Wounds appeared all over Qin Yu’s body, making his distressed appearance seem even more pitiful. But, he was incomparably gratified. Because he was sure that if he hadn’t suddenly attacked, wounding one person and then doing everything in his power to kill Lian He, he would be facing an even stronger version of this joint attack. In his current condition, just one more person would have made this nearly impossible to withstand.

Since he hadn’t died, then no matter how despairing the current situation was, there was always a chance to survive.

Chai Yin stared at Qin Yu with hatred in his eyes. Seeing how the joint power of four people still wasn’t able to kill Qin Yu, his heart began to tremble.

As part of the troop, he understood the joint attack technique controlled by their group of six. Although he hadn’t tried it yet, he was confident that as long as the six of them worked together, they could survive even if they faced an Origin God level opponent.

It was because of this that after they learned of the Severed Heaven Abyss opening, they had a brief discussion and decided to enter it to begin their hunt.

As long as they didn’t set the Origin God corpse as their goal, then in their opinion, there was no risk to their safety.

But imagination was always different from reality. Lian He had been killed and Chai Yin was severely wounded. Even four others working together weren't able to kill him.

This was the joint strength of four people…

Even a peak God boundary expert would find it difficult to resist. This person’s cultivation clearly wasn’t that strong, so how did he achieve it?

Chai Yin couldn’t figure out the reason, but there was one thing he knew for sure. They had to kill Qin Yu today, otherwise there was bound to be great trouble in the future!

He took a deep breath and his eyes fell on Zero. In the moment the battle began, she retreated far away. And, her aura…there was clearly a problem.

Chai Yin didn’t know what connection there was between Qin Yu and Zero. In his opinion, since Qin Yu was willing to directly engage in a slaughter for her, he must highly value her. If he could capture this woman, then wouldn’t Qin Yu just lower his head in defeat?

With this thought in mind, Chai Yin lifted his fingers and thrust down at his body, using a secret art to temporarily seal his injuries.

He tried circulating his cultivation. Although his strength was greatly weakened, it should be enough to capture that woman.

Shua –

Light flashed around his body. Chai Yin sneered and rushed forward, grasping out with his hand.

The air thundered. He intentionally released this sound because he wanted to distract Qin Yu and divert his attention.

He glanced at Qin Yu. Right now, Qin Yu was in the middle of the four others and didn’t even glance his way. This caused Chai Yin to wonder…had he misjudged things?


This person must be deliberately trying to fool me! How laughable! Do you think I’m going to fall for your tricks?

I’ve set my sights on this woman. I’ll see just how long you can put on a front for!

But in truth, Qin Yu wasn’t afraid at all. When he saw Chai Yin move, he didn’t believe that Zero had no strength to resist.

Everyone had a hidden card in hand. Just like him right now. Even if he was in a dangerous situation, he could easily kill them all and escape as long as he unsealed the silver moon sword intent…as for Zero, how could someone as mysterious and formidable as her not have a hidden card?

And Qin Yu also wanted to know what kind of strength she was hiding.


There was a pitiful scream. The sneering Chai Yin’s eyes widened with fear.

He wanted to take back his quivering palm, but it was like he had been caught by a large invisible hand.

The temperature in the air began to fall at a dramatic speed. Chai Yin’s face was flushed red, and white mist appeared above his head.

His eyes grew larger and larger. Blood vessels bulged all over his body and his face violently twisted, as if he was withstanding some great pain.

Then, flames drilled out from his body.

That’s right. It was flames that could bring warmth, but that also carried the power of destruction. They drilled out from Chai Yin’s body and wrapped around him.

He was like a lit candle. But, the flames he released were too bright and the fire too intense, causing him to burn down way too fast.

So Chai Yin was burnt down at a speed visible to the naked eye. After several breaths of time, all that remained of him was ashes.

Hu –

A breeze blew past, whirling away the ashes. Then, in this world, there were no more traces of him left behind.

Zero slowly looked up. Her eyes fell on Qin Yu for a moment. After a brief pause, she looked at the four other cultivators in their joint attack formation.

“You people truly are disgusting.”

As she spoke, she casually raised a finger and pointed.

The complexions of the four changed. They screamed in their minds. In the perception of their souls, the world had turned hot red.

This wasn’t blood, but endless flames. It wrapped around their bodies and left no gaps.

After four pitiful screams, the world quieted down once again. Qin Yu could only hear the sounds of panting in his ears.

Zero looked at him, her eyes faint. “You aren’t afraid I will kill you?”

At this moment, her expression was cold like an asura…her terrifying aura was without end!


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