Chapter 951 - Blood Phantom

The blood phantom roared in pain and blew apart, turning into an endless fog of blood. Then, it started to evaporate as if it was being burnt by raging flames. If this were anywhere else, Zero’s great sun sword intent would have been enough to kill the blood phantom, but this place was currently the blood phantom’s home court.

A loud rumbling lingered as countless bulging blood vessels on the earth exploded. Raging waves of blood surged out and were drawn in by an invisible strength where they were then integrated into the blood phantom.

He shook and distorted, soon condensing into reality. With a roar, he stabbed his hand into his chest and tore out a mass of light.

This light was bright and dazzling, like a miniature sun. It hissed as it was fiercely corroded and annihilated.

The blood phantom spread out his arms. The skies roared as endless blood fog gushed out from nothingness, gathering together.

It tumbled without end like a boiling sea of blood. It released endless cruelty and destruction, as if it would drown the world.

“Boundless sea of blood…” The blood phantom muttered. Then, he grasped tightly with his hands and pulled down.

Rumble rumble –

The vast and inexhaustible blood fog in the heavens began to fall as if it really were a sea. All the sea water roared as it came crashing down. The dreadful waves soared up, crushing and dissolving everything in front of it until it was a part of the sea of blood.

With her hair rising around her, Zero began to release light. Faint traces of brilliance were emitted from her pores, as if a genuine sun was sealed within her body.

Lifting a hand, the sword of light in Zero’s hand started to cry. The temperature in the air rose dramatically, like an invisible inferno was blazing all around.

Qin Yu quickly closed his eyes. But even though he responded quickly, he felt a bitter pain as tears directly fell.

In the next moment there was a thunderous crash. It spread into his ears, reaching into his heart. It sounded like it came from the distant past, the world-creating blow that split apart the heavens and earth!

The stuffiness in his chest loosened and a coppery taste filled his senses. Waves of cold and hot hair rushed over him, lifting him up and sending him flying away.

In midair, he forcibly endured the pain coursing through him. He opened a slit in his eyes to see that the inexhaustible blood fog in the skies had disintegrated into countless pieces. Each piece was being wrapped up by flames and wildly burnt away.

Zero stood in the world, strong winds lifting her skirt and outlining her perfect physique. But in Qin Yu’s eyes, she seemed especially delicate and fragile right now.

Mm…it had to be an illusion. How could someone as formidable as her be ‘delicate’ or ‘fragile’?

Before this thought disappeared, Zero began to fall. The great sun sword in her hand also extinguished.

An impulse gushed out from Qin Yu’s heart. It was powerful and direct, making the decision for him before he could do so himself.

With a roar, the two hearts in his chest beat wildly, forcing blood energy through his body. He flushed forward, like a giant fish swimming against the stream!

Kacha –

Kacha –

He could hear the sounds of cracking flesh and blood in his ears. They were dense and numerous, impossible to count. Qin Yu bitterly smiled but there was no other choice he could make. He reached out and swept Zero into his arms.

Thump –

With a ringing sound, Qin Yu’s vision flashed black. He felt as if he wasn’t holding onto a petite woman, but a giant mountain that crashed down from the heavens. At this moment, his arms were broken into several pieces and his ribs were mostly crushed.

Puff –

He spat out a mouthful of blood, much of it landing on Zero’s face, forming a stark contrast against her pale complexion. Combined with the scene of blood fog disintegrating all around them, it made everything seem especially soul-stirring.

But what a pity, Qin Yu had no time to appreciate this. He only had one thought in mind – big sister, you really are heavy!

Bang –

The two people crashed into the earth. The ground caved in, forming a massive pit.

Qin Yu’s eyes widened. He used up a great deal of strength to swallow back down his pitiful moans. He gasped for breath in great heaving gulps.

As if washed by the hot air coming from his mouth and nose, Zero returned to consciousness. Her ears were flushed red.

At this time, Qin Yu discovered that the Zero he first saw had come back.

“Thank you.” She quietly said.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched and he revealed an ugly smile. He thought that if he was able to choose, he really didn’t want to have met her. He closed his eyes, stimulating his blood energy. He borrowed the powerful attributes of the Ancient race’s Undying Body to heal his wounds.

Zero turned and sat down at the side with a blank expression. Looking around, she seemed worried and frightened.

Thinking a bit, she flipped her hand and took out a red stone. “Perhaps this can help you restore yourself quicker.”

Qin Yu opened his eyes. He nodded and received the stone. With a thought, billowing blood energy gushed out and fused into his body.

His damaged flesh, blood, and bones immediately cheered in joy. It greedily absorbed this strength, causing a faint itching feeling to spread across him.

This stone unexpectedly contained the blood of a powerful life form. In fact, the reason it was crimson in color was because it was integrated with the blood.

After determining that this blood energy wouldn’t harm him, Qin Yu started to absorb it wholeheartedly.

At this time and in such a strange and dangerous place, it was best to ignore any curiosity he had.

Recovering from his injuries was what mattered the most!


Qin Yu frowned. He opened his eyes and put the stone away in his chest. He looked at the puzzled Zero and said, “Some people have come.”

Zero’s complexion changed, “How is your condition?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “We’ll have to act accordingly and try to delay for as much time as possible.”

The stone was in his chest and the blood energy within constantly flowed into his body. With each breath of time, his injuries were restored that much more.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The sound of breaking air approached. Several figures wrapped in light appeared at the end of his line of sight.

Qin Yu stood up. While pain wracked his body, he didn’t reveal any of this. He pulled Zero behind him.

This woman was not in a good condition. While she appeared normal, in truth she was extremely weakened.

It was clear that thoroughly defeating the blood phantom had caused serious losses to her.

Shua –

Shua –

Six figures, though they were still some distance away, had already landed.

The light gathered to reveal the figures within. Their eyes swept around, widening with shock.

It was clear that they had sensed the aftermath of the battle between Zero and the blood phantom that had yet to fully disperse.

In fact, the reason these people appeared here was because they were drawn in by the fighting.

Their eyes gathered on Qin Yu and Zero. They furrowed their eyebrows in unison as they started to size them up.

After a brief silence, one of them asked, “Fellow daoists, may I ask what just happened here?”

Qin Yu said, “There was a battle.”

His gaze was faint and he responded to this nonsense with nonsense. He glanced around at the six people.

“Now, do you have any other questions?”


The six others clearly hadn’t expected that Qin Yu’s answer would be so cold and impolite.

The cultivator who spoke smiled, “We are all cultivators of Great Chu. Since we came to the Severed Heaven Abyss, we should help each other out. I can see that fellow daoists have been wounded. How about we travel together? We can even look out for one another.”

Qin Yu said, “You’re not wrong. We are indeed wounded, but that makes it even more so that we cannot trust others.

“How can you not understand such a simple truth? Or, are you intentionally probing us and planning on attacking us?”

The cultivator’s smile froze and he frowned. His eyes locked onto Qin Yu. “Fellow daoist, you are overly suspicious of others.”

Qin Yu reached out a hand and grabbed Zero. He took a step forward, “Make way.”

At the same time, his thoughts stirred. The sun and moon force field dispersed, wrapping around them.

The cultivator’s complexion changed and his pupils shrank. It was clear he was shaken.

After a brief silence the person coughed and took several steps back, “Since fellow daoist is so cautious, then I won’t stop you. If you will.”

Qin Yu and Zero started to walk forward.

“Hold on!” Another cultivator spoke up. He lifted a finger, “This fellow daoist may leave, but she must stay behind.”

The air turned deathly silent. The temperature drastically fell.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes and sighed gently. As he thought, bluffing wasn’t always successful. At this time, the cultivator who spoke had a calm expression, but there was a mocking look in his eyes, as if he had sensed something.

Even if Qin Yu was willing to abandon Zero, there was no way he could leave here safely.

Since he couldn’t leave, he could only fight his way out. As for whether or not he could succeed…that would depend on his luck!

He lifted a hand and pointed a finger. The world began to thunder – this was the shaking of the rules.

An invisible strength condensed in the air, crashing into the person who spoke.

Since he had chosen to attack, these six people were all enemies. To Qin Yu, dealing with any one of them first was the same.

If so, he would certainly choose one that was particularly loathsome.

“You dare…” This person was enraged. He clearly never thought that Qin Yu would attack so directly.

Just as he spoke, the anger on his face froze, transforming into panic.

Since Qin Yu chose to attack, there was no need to hold back. If he was able to directly wound or even kill one of these people at the beginning of the battle, that was certainly the best result.

So what Qin Yu chose to use was the Blue Finger, his strongest single-target offensive supernatural art. With his current strength, even a God boundary powerhouse would find it difficult to retreat unscathed.

Of course the reason Qin Yu chose to flip the table over was because he had another hidden card in hand. If the situation completely spiraled out of control and he fell into a hopeless situation, he could unseal the silver moon sword intent. Even if it meant that some greater peril might arrive.

So when he spoke of his luck at the start, that was not whether he could withdraw, but whether he could avoid the gaze from the blood moon.

Bang –

Space twisted in the attack and the Blue Finger struck the cultivator. Blood spewed out from his nose and mouth as he was sent hurtling backwards.

Between his eyebrows, flesh and blood cracked open to reveal pale bones. One could even see the dents covering them.

Even if he resisted with all his strength, he wasn’t able to completely block the killing might of the Blue Finger. Just a little bit more and his head would have been blown open.

After his initial shock and anger, his fear could be imagined!

In Chai Yin’s life, he was known as a genius. Although he didn’t have a particularly noble family background, he was selected by his master at a young age and carefully cultivated. His life had been safe and smooth, and he had never encountered such a dangerous situation.

Just now, as he thought about his brush with death, his mind shook, causing his face to distort. “Kill him! Kill him!”

Qin Yu had attacked and both sides had completely torn apart any pretense of face. And in the Severed Heaven Abyss, tearing apart all pretense of face was equal to facing a life or death situation. Either they died, or the man and woman died. Their bodies and souls would be torn apart, without any traces of them left.

Of course, in the eyes of Chai Yin and his companions, the ones to die today would be Qin Yu and Zero.

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